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Review #1, by Pixileanin Chapter 4

31st January 2013:
Hello! I hope school is going well for you. I'm back for another chapter!

Silly Dorcas. ALL of the rest of your life will be spent battling with Death Eaters. Unfortunately. Well, that is my guess, anyway.

The fight scene you constructed reminds me of the villain/hero showdowns in those action/adventure movies. Very fast paced, with lots of verbal sparing thrown in between the moves. It was pretty fun to read, except that Bellatrix kept bringing up stuff about Dorcas' sister and creeping me out.

I think my favorite comeback had to be, "Probably had something to do with having a soul. Does wonders for the complexion."

I think you had some great lines in there. The insults may have gone a bit too long towards the end, but I really liked how Dolohov was rising to the bait and had a hard time disengaging from the confrontation because of Dorcas' big mouth.

The brief respite Dorcas had with her sister was sweet. And then a cliffhanger! Oh no!!! I hope they dodge it in time!

I will definitely be back for more.


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Review #2, by adluvshp Chapter 9

23rd September 2012:
Another well-written chapter. I quite enjoyed reading it. I wonder what Bellatrix has in store for Dorcas. Keep writing! Eagerly waiting for the next!


Author's Response: Aw, I'm so glad you liked it! And it certainly is the big question, isn't it? Next chapter should go in the queue in the next day or two!

Thanks for your review!


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Review #3, by AdeleShare Chapter 3

21st September 2012:
Hey again! Sorry it's taken me awhile to get back again. I've had a rough week, so I am sorry if the quality of my review is lesser.

I am still enjoying yous story, and liking Dorcas more and more. She is a very believable character. Her flaws make her seem very human, as does her attachment to her sister. I would like to hear a little more on her parents though. You attempted to explain her mothers disdain for the wizarding world, but I'm not sure you got it across. I am confused. If she disliked it, why did she go to Hogwarts? She married a Squib, so she must have known that mixed with her Muggle-born magical blood and his magic-born Squib blood, there was a pretty darn good chance that she'd have magical children... She seems sorta suprised by this? Or expecting it, but, as I said, disdainful. I don't think we got enough info about her. Why didn't she like magic? I could get if she had married a Muggle and was hiding it, but when the girls came of school age, the father'd need to know where his children were getting sent for school anyway. I don't know, I just didn't think you gave enough to the reader about this. Please don't think I'm being harsh, that is not at all my intention. I would just understand better if these kinds of thing weren't just glossed over.

And at the end there, with Bella's letter! Gahh! Nothing can happen to Amber!!

Anyway, I still think you're doing a bang up job :D


Author's Response: Any review is a perfect review! Besides, you gave some CC which is always good. Hopefully RL gets better soon.

I'm sorry that the information I was trying to get across about her mother didn't come through that well for you. I'm going to try and clarify it now and then I'll have to take another look at the chapter to see if there is a way to make it more clear.

Mrs. Meadowes is a muggleborn witch. When she first found out she was a witch, she didn't have any aversion to it and was actually quite excited. She went through and graduated fine from Hogwarts, but as more and more time passed, she found herself getting more and more homesick in the wizarding world. As fascinating as she finds it, she doesn't view it as her world. She missed her muggle way of life and after graduation she returned to it. She felt no desire to continue to utilize her magic, so she didn't. She married a squib instead of a muggle because while she wasn't enamored with the wizarding world, at the time it was an undeniable part of her, and she wanted someone who would understand while still being willing to dwell in the muggle world with her. Her disdain for magic didn't come until later, when Dorcas all but abandoned her family in favor of the muggle world. She resented the world that she never felt like she fit in but that so readily stole her daughter away. It certainly didn't help when Dorcas became so involved in the war, putting herself in constant danger. Mrs. Meadowes saw the wizarding world stealing her child's youth and future, and her feelings towards it went from indifference to complete disdain. So while she definitely anticipated that her children would be magic, it was difficult to anticipate that she would have a child like Dorcas who would so readily give up the world she grew up in, because Mrs. Meadowes herself struggled so much to do the same thing.

I hope that cleared it up a little, though it is a bit long. Like I said, I'll have to look and see if I can make that clearer within the story.

Ahh, the letter! I agree :D

Thanks for the review!


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Review #4, by AdeleShare Chapter 2

17th September 2012:
Hi! Back with your review!

I really enjoyed this chapter as well! I feel we are getting to know Dorcas alot better. But I don't see her being the apparently grumpy all the time girl that she was described as previously. I'm not sure that I want her to be that way, but as she was described like that, a bit of continuity on the point would be good.

THere were a few sentences that could have been structured better, but I'm not going to get into that unless you want. I didn't notice any blazing grammar or spelling errors.

I am getting really into this story. I think you do a great job setting up the plot line in this chapter and I can't wait to see what's going to happen.

Please re-request if you want :D I'd be happy to oblige again :D


Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm glad you feel like you're getting to know Dorcas better. I'll have to look and see if I can find any way to clear up the misconception I apparently set up in the first chapter. While Dorcas can be rather grumpy and doesn't particularly want relationships with new people, she isn't a miserable person. There are moments in this story when she is happy. Soon, her mood begins to fluctuate depending on the sort of situation she's in. I'll have to see if there is a way I can make that clearer from the beginning, so thank you for pointing it out.

I still haven't really edited this story at all, so I don't doubt for a second that's the truth :P

I'm glad you like it. I will definitely be back to rerequest.


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Review #5, by adluvshp Chapter 8

16th September 2012:
Wow. Nice chapter as always. Good work! Looking forward to more!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm hoping to finish up the next chapter today and stick it in the queue!

Thanks for reading!


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Review #6, by AdeleShare Chapter 1

12th September 2012:
Uuggh! I was almost done writing my reveiw and something happened and it all disappeared! I hope I remember what I wrote.

Hi, AdeleShare here with your review!

I thought this was a great story, I liked it for these reasons:
-I love stories about obscure characters (Dorcas was mentioned in HP, right? Or am I confused)
-Plus, the style of telling the story was neat. I liked the sort of 'fading' in and out of the moments touched on in the story.

I liked the character of Dorcas in the most part, except the description of her being grumpy all the time left alot to desire. Is there a reason behind this crabbiness? Is it just to her fellow Aurors in training? Did something happen to cause this? Hopefully this is broadened in further chapters.

Also, I loved Amber. She's just a lil cutie and I think I'd die if anything happened to her :(

Two teesy things I noticed. I'm not trying to nit-pick, but I'd want to know if it were my story:

(Quote) " “Of course I came you silly little ladybug, why are you so surprised? Dorcas asked, walking into the room still holding Amber, " (end Quote)

Missed a ' " ' after the question mark.

(Quote)" “Mummy is silly.” Dorcas said, taking the less is more approach. She would have to speak to her mother later about that later. " (end Quote)

I think you have an extra ' later ' in that sentence.

So, all in all I really enjoyed reading this! Feel free to re-request for further chapters!


Author's Response: Oh no! I hate it when that happens.

Dorcas is indeed mentioned in HP. You aren't confused. I wanted someone who I could have a lot of leniency with while also staying canon. And I'm glad you liked the style. I usually only write one shots so those short scenes kind of just come more naturally.

Dorcas is rather grumpy, yes. And while she's not like that all the time, she is most of the time. As the story continues, you get to see more of her emotions, though admittedly, she will never be a cheerful outgoing person. Her grumpiness comes from a hard life and introversion, though she can't completely escape the people in her life.

I love Amber too :) She's absolutely adorable. I think Dorcas wins for loving her the most though. She throws everything about herself into that little girl, and her whole world revolves around her.

Thanks for pointing out the mistakes! I knew there were some in there, but I always have the hardest time finding them when I look, so when I edit I will have to use this as a reference to find them!

Thanks for your review!


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Review #7, by Aether Chapter 7

31st August 2012:
Wow! Great chapter. I love how Dorcas decided to get her revenge against Bella, and the note was a nice touch. I think, in a way, Dorcas has a lot in common with Bellatrix now, as scary as it sounds. She's even copying Bellatrix's methods in her revenge. At this point, it feels to me that Dorcas has been consumed by a selfish rage. She says she's doing this all in Amber's name, but really, vengeance has become her method of healing. Throughout this story, though, she's shown a sort of self-absorbed pig-headedness about things (including the big-mouthed name-calling that led Bella to Amber in the first place). Now, it's all about her revenge. It's in Amber's name, but I don't think Amber would have really wanted her sister to throw away her life.

The conversation that Dorcas had with her mother was also very well done, and I really like how the Ministry is just as incompetent as they are in the fifth book when Voldemort rises a second time. Wonderful chapter! I'm really enjoying this story. :)


Author's Response: I love this review.

I honestly feel like this says you took everything away from this chapter that I wanted the reader to.

I was really hoping that the reader would be able to see Dorcas' descent into a person that she, honestly, wouldn't want to be. And one that her sister certainly wouldn't want her to be. This is a lot more obvious in the next chapter, but you're ahead of the game in seeing where I was trying to go, and I'm so happy you did.

It seems to me like the Ministry seems to be almost always incompetent, no?

I'm glad you liked his chapter! I'm working diligently on the next one (though I will admit, it doesn't want to be written)!!!

Thanks for taking the time to review!


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Review #8, by lilypotterfan123 Chapter 6

29th August 2012:
I love this chapter, the best part was the note Dorcas left to Bellatrix. It was a great touch, and it shows that Dorcas isn't coping very well. You wouldn't though really with your sister dying. However most people make it so the character gets over things too quickly. You've nailed the grieving process quite well.

Mad Eye is down to a T as well! He's very by the book yet he's really powerful and does really risky work. He seems like he's traditional yet has the sort of power that appears to make it as if he could bend rules if he wants!

With Dorcas I'm not sure whether to be excited or scared for her, if Voldemort's going to pay, it can't all end well for her can it! Yet I want her to get justice for her sister, but she can't die!

Overall I really liked this chapter and can't wait for another Cassie, so kudos to you chick and I will definitely stick with this story to the end, even if it doesnt end well for poor Dorcas.

Sorry this review was so short,

Author's Response: Hi! I can't even tell you how much this review made me smile!

The grieving process for Dorcas will never be over, no matter how long she lives. She would spend her entire life seeking vengeance for what happened to her sister, and I'm pretty sure that in her eyes, no retribution would be enough.

I love that stupid letter, I just had to throw it in there as a final touch.

I love Mad Eye. I expected him to be one of the hardest characters to write, but really he isn't. He's something that just kind of comes naturally.

Dorcas. Well, I honestly don't think she would let herself die at this point, if that's even possible. She has to have at least one more trick up her sleeve, right?

Thanks so much! I'm working on the next, but school is definitely slowing me down.

Your review was lovely!


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Review #9, by adluvshp Chapter 7

29th August 2012:
Hey, I quite was interested in your story and decided to continue reading. I am absolutely liking this. Haha Dorcas' revenge especially the letter was cool.

Good going, do update soon!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm honored that you liked it so much that you decided to keep reading.

I had a lot of fun writing that revenge, and the letter too. It was my favorite part of this chapter.

I'm working on an update now, but I'm pretty sure my professors are trying to kill me!

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #10, by adluvshp Chapter 5

27th August 2012:
Aw its awful that Amber is dead. You wrote this all very powerfully. Your narrative was clear and straight-to-the-point which created a larger impact. The description of Amber's sudden death and Dorcas' grief was very well written. I was truly captivated while reading this chapter. I think you fulfilled the guidelines of my challenge completely in this chapter. I liked it, it was well-written with so much emotion and action. You have done a nice work with the story.

Best of luck for the challenge results, I shall notify you when I release them! Good going!


Author's Response: Isn't it so sad? I had the hardest time writing this chapter.

This chapter was heartbreaking to me, I cried during the whole second half.

Thank you so much for your compliments! I'll be sure to look out for the challenge results!


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Review #11, by adluvshp Chapter 4

27th August 2012:
Ooh interesting turn. I was going to stop reading after this chapter but I think I am just going to read the next and then stop! You have quite an interesting story here. I am liking it. Good work going!


Author's Response: Of course it would work out that my only cliffhanger is the one that you were planning on stopping on. Though I must say, I'm glad you're going one more! I think it will help really illuminate parts of your challenge!



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Review #12, by adluvshp Chapter 3

27th August 2012:
Woah. An interesting turn of events. I am getting more and more interested in this story. I think you're doing a good job writing this. I quite like it. Amber and Dorcas' relationship is simply beautiful, and I liked the littler interaction between Dorcas and her mother too. Bellatrix is as deadly and insane as ever, and I like it. All in all, good going! I can see how this is in line with my challenge requirements, so good work there too :)


Author's Response: This definitely is an interesting turn of events!

I absolutely love Amber and Dorcas, and their relationship holds a special place in my heart. I struggle a bit more to write the interactions between Dorcas and her mother, but I'm glad they don't come across too badly.

Bellatrix, I think that those are both very good adjectives for her.

I was hoping you would see the connection between this and your challenge!



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Review #13, by adluvshp Chapter 2

27th August 2012:
Still going good. I am liking your story. Dorcas' character is strong, and I liked the way you narrate your duels. I wonder if something eventful will happen soon. Moving on to the next chapter now. Good work!


Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! Eventful things are certainly coming up!


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Review #14, by adluvshp Chapter 1

27th August 2012:
Hello. This is AditiDraco95 from the forums with your challenge review! (I am reading and reviewing all challenge entries before I judge them).

I am going to be reading and reviewing first 3-4 chapters of this fic :)

I liked the way you started off, the insight into Dorcas was detailed and yet not dragged out. Her relationship with her sister was also well crafted. I liked her demeanour as an auror too, I think you have created her well.

I can see your plot building here, and I think I can say it is headed in a good direction that I like. Your scene flow, characters, and narrative over all was quite good. There were hardly any grammar mistakes too. I would just suggest to fix up your spacing issues as they can be slightly distracting.

Apart from that, this was a very nice opening chapter and I quite liked it. I am now moving on to the next!

Good work!


Author's Response: Hello!

I was so startled when I signed on and saw I had five new reviews for this story! Thanks for dropping by :)

Thanks so much for your compliments on Dorcas' character. I put a lot of thought and effort into her and her actions, and I'm glad you appreciate them.

The plot of this story is what got the whole character of Dorcas going in my head, so it's good that you can see it.

I've just finally worked out the spacing issues (I don't know how that happened in the first place, but it did on multiple chapters) and I'm sorry I know it can be distracting.



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Review #15, by Forbidden Moonlight Chapter 7

10th August 2012:
i love this story please keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review! I'm going to try to get an update up as soon as possible!

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Review #16, by Pixileanin Chapter 3

9th August 2012:
Hi there! Sorry it's been a while, but I promise that I haven't forgotten about your story! Busy business and all that.

This chapter definitely put a few things in motion, as far as your plot was concerned. Firstly, the tentative relationship that Dorcas has with her mother and her mother's attitude towards magic are going to contribute a lot of conflict in the future. I can feel a lot of frustration and blame coming up... I like the way you wrote dorcas' confrontation with her mother. I only wish you would have worked a little harder to incorporate her mother's back story in with the scene, instead of giving it to us as a prelude. I like to discover things about the characters as we go along more than learning a bunch of it up front.

When Dorcas found that letter on her desk, I just knew it had something bad in it, just like Dorcas did. She's finally realized how serious Bella is about getting her revenge and I hope that Dorcas doesn't hide this from the rest of her coworkers... though, the way you have set up her character, I'm guessing that she's not going to want anyone to know about it. Harumph! Stubborn girl! Reminds me of another stubborn girl... haha!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for continuing to come back, no matter how long it takes!

Yeah as you get further and further into the story, it gets more and more unedited and I don't restructure anything (hopefully it isn't too noticeable :/) When I edit I'll have to see if I could work it in a little bit more.

Why on Earth would we tell other people? That would just be silly. Who needs backup when you have a wand. Don't be crazy.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #17, by luciusobsessed Chapter 6

1st August 2012:
This chapter made me tear up so badly. I could so vividly see Amber lying in the casket, her purity, her innocence, all of it taken away :'(

And for Bellatrix to have the nerve to send a note! That woman is really up for my distaste in this story.

I'm so glad Dorcas quit. I mean, I'm upset, but I'm also happy because I knew the Ministry would hold her back from seeking revenge.

I'm so excited to find out what happens next. Please update soon xx

Author's Response: This story has been killing me emotionally lately.

Bella is crazy. To her, this is one great big game. So to her mind she is just adding to all the fun.

She had to quit! The Ministry definitely would have held her back, and she couldn't have that.

I'm working on an update, but it's been slow coming! This story is getting hard for me to write because I'm having a hard time accepting unavoidable truths.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #18, by lilypotterfan123 Chapter 5

30th July 2012:
AMBER! This chapter was beautifully written, I just wanted to cry and cry and cry for Dorcas and her sister. When she was holding Amber in her arms, I could just picture the scene unfolding and all the angst coming to life.

I think Dorcas trusted her little sister a bit too much with that task, and put her in too much danger. If she had seen her instead of leaving her with a dissolusion charm to run round the place maybe things would have gone better. But in this situation it worked so I just blame Dorcas a little bit.

How will her Mother take this news?! I see a family argument coming in a chapter soon... well that's what I predict, I guess I'll have to read on to find out won't I!

Mad Eye, he even found a way to seem emotional which is weird but it was surprisingly in character! I am really impressed with how you managed to do that.

So btw, I hope you don't mind what I did. I'm a DA digest editor over at TDA and they have a recommendations page in the digest and that was my job. So I recommended this fic as it is my absolute favourite at he minute and I could think of nothing else!

10/10 again and such a hauntingly beautiful chapter,

Bex :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the AMAZING review!

I know, poor Amber! I feel so badly for Dorcas as well!

You know, I bet there must have been a better plan for getting Amber out, but Dorcas didn't see it at the time. So instead she hid her sister and told her to run away. I think that her true mistake was telling Amber how dangerous the green was, especially knowing how intelligent the little girl is. So when she saw it heading towards Dorcas, she only knew that she didn't want her sister hurt.

Her doesn't all really come to a head next chapter, but it does eventually. I have that scene all written, it was one of the first ones I wrote of this story!

I didn't want to make Mad Eye all super emotional because that's just not him, you know? But he also couldn't be completely cold. I'm glad you liked the balance.

Oh my goodness, I'm so honored that you like my story that much! I appreciate it more than you could ever know!



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Review #19, by Forbidden Moonlight Chapter 6

23rd July 2012:
i relly love this story. please update again soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'll try to update soon!


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Review #20, by manno_malfoy Chapter 1

23rd July 2012:
Hi there! I'm here with you requested review!

Unsurprisingly enough, this is the first story I ever read about Dorcas! You've chosen to focus on a character that has only been mentioned once and you've decided to fill in all the obscurity with such an interesting and thrilling back story! Even though my knowledge isn't very extensive when it comes to Marauder Era fics, I know for a fact that we rarely see the war from the point of view of many women other than Lily. I'm pretty sure that Lily wasn't the only one who had someone she would sacrifice her life for. And I'm glad you made sure to include such an aspect in this story. Dorcas seems to be such a lively character and I can't see what else you'll be doing with her.

I also admire how you've established the close relationship between the two sisters. You've shown us how Dorcas always loved Amber and how Amber always had a preference for Dorcas. It makes the Dorcas determination to protect Amber from Bellatrix, around the end of the chapter, very believable.

Despite that, I felt that, honestly, the execution could be improved. You've incorporated so many different scenes and varying emotions, and I felt that you've jumped between them too quickly. Like, I'm reading this one scene and I'm finally starting to comprehend all of the emotions and see things the way Dorcas is seeing it, and, all of a sudden, there's a horizontal line break and we're moving onto a completely different scene. Also, I found myself slightly confused by how, in the beginning, Amber was speaking in jumbles of words -I loved that by the way- and then a few scenes later she was rather fluent.

I wish you could find a way to let the different scenes combine gently instead of separating them and starting a new scene the way you would start a completely new chapter. Because, honestly, this story is wonderful! It's thrilling and eventful and you went right into all of the action, making things interesting and getting me eager to see what's going to happen next. I can definitely see your Dorcas going extensive lengths to protect her little sister.

I also loved the way you've characterised Mad-Eye Moody! The little scene between him and Dorcas was very thrilling and it moved the plot forward wonderfully! It was my favourite scene in the entire chapter!

Anyway, I really am enjoying this story and I'm hoping to see more of it! Good luck with the rest of the story and keep on writing!


Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for dropping by!

I agree that there had to have been a lot more women besides just Lily involved in the war! I loved the concept of being able to fill in the blanks of Dorcas' life and involvement in the war.

I can totally understand how sometimes the scenes can be a bit choppy. I've been trying to think of ways to work on that, or to, at the very least, make it clearer. I'm considering adding more scenes, or slowing down the ones already there to clarify the time changes. Over the course of the chapter about 3 years pass, which obviously could be made clearer. Later chapters are only one or two scenes, instead of five like this one was.

Needless to say, I'm definitely going to work on slowing down and fixing the things that you mentioned! Thanks so much for the CC.

I'm glad that you did like my characterizations though! I love Mad Eye as well :)

Thank you so much for your help!


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Review #21, by Pixileanin Chapter 2

22nd July 2012:
Hey! I made it back for chapter two!

Dorcas is very feisty and reckless here! Look what happens when you give someone talented and powerful the authority to use it...

I think you've set up the reason for her "popularity" among the Death Eaters very well. She definitely has that "cocky Auror" attitude going for her, as well as being a competent duelist, and I like that her sister is her weak spot, so well done there. And I also like how you've managed to show the way that all of these wizards and witches knew each other, or at least knew of each other. It seems to be a small world out there for the magical community, so that makes sense.

I also liked how you described her strategy for fighting Dark Magic, and that your fight scene wasn't simply a volley of hexes thrown about. You did Moody pretty well too. I'll have to come back for chapter three, though it might take a bit. RL has taken over again.

This was a fun read!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you!

Oh yes, she's feisty. It quite often gets her in over her head.

I find it hard to believe that these kids went to school together for so many years and didn't know at least of each other. I know I only went to high school for 4 years, and though I didn't know everyone well, I could tell you most people's names.

Fight scenes are one of the things I have struggle the hardest with, so I just stuck something in there that isn't so difficult for me. I'm glad you appreciated that though.

I look forward to seeing you back :)


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Review #22, by Aether Chapter 6

21st July 2012:
Yay! An update. :) I think the way you portray Dorcas's transformation after the death of her sister is really realistic and believable. I can really feel for her. This is beautifully written!

If you're still having trouble with formatting, there are some posts in the forums about it, I think. Also, there's an author on HPFF called 'Staff' that was created to show tutorials. They have a new tutorial on formatting that might help.

Great chapter! I'm eagerly awaiting the next. :)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much for your review!

Dorcas definitely had a transformation after Amber's death. This was only a taste of it honestly. The last few chapters it gets worse and worse.

I'm having a bit of trouble with formatting, but I think I might have a solution. If that doesn't work, I will definitely check out that tutorial, thanks! I knew they had tutorials, but I didn't know they had one for formatting.


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Review #23, by Analesh7 Chapter 5

19th July 2012:
I just can't. I am so so sad. And angry. And sad :(

Like said in my last review,i have a sister in the same age and we have a really close bond. So I can relate to the what Dorca has. But I just can't imagine loosing my own sibling. Especially if she sacrificed her life for me. It's so sad. Omg.

You are an amazing writer and I have to acknowledge the strength you had to write this because I know I never would be able to.


Author's Response: Angry and sad. That's about right. I cried.

That's why I sometimes wonder if I am insane for writing this. It was so difficult to sit down and write the scene of Amber's funeral and then color a princess picture with my own sister. It wreaked havoc on my emotions, I can tell you that for sure. I can't imagine it either, but I had to.

Thank you so much. This story almost killed me. But you know what they say. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

An update is in the queue now!


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Review #24, by Analesh7 Chapter 4

19th July 2012:
No way!!! I'm making this review short so that can't move on to the next chapter asap!

Dorcas is just so daring and so reckless. I mean talking that way to Bellatrix *shivers* but i have to admit, she has comebacks lol!

Gha., I'm so anxious to read the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Everyone seems to want to move right on to the next chapter. I wonder why that might be :P

Reckless...that word fits Dorcas quite well. Bellatrix and Dorcas, well, they just don't see eye to eye either. And that's Dorcas' personality. She loves to go back and forth.



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Review #25, by Analesh7 Chapter 3

19th July 2012:


sorry, i just had to vent that out.

Time for the review. I'm glad we got to see more of Mrs. Meadowes but I just don't like her! she's so uptight and ugh. And i understand why she wants to be distant from magic and how she's jealous of the relationship of Dorcas and Amber. Amber is her only chance for a normal mother and daughter relationship without the interference of magic. And it must be hard to even connect with your children since they are mot of the year off at school, living their own lives. So she wants to make all that time up with Amber but I think he shouldn't hide that side away from Amber. She is what she is.

The plot is just getting better, i can just see it happening. I just don't want baby Amber to be hurt :(

Author's Response: Vent! I have no one to vent to when writing this story, you can't even imagine what it does to me. So everyone should feel free to leave reviews in all caps.

Mrs. Meadowes is a different character. She's honestly a nice person, but like anyone else, she has her flaws. I can understand why you don't like her though, and I think my subconscious didn't want anyone to hahaha. Though the story isn't written in Dorcas' POV, it's kind of written from her perspective, if that makes sense. And Dorcas and her mother DO NOT always see eye to eye.

I'm worried about Amber too.



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