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Review #1, by Guest Chapter 3

11th February 2014:
Hey there,
Honestly I think I've never written a review before, but I actually really like your story and would love to see it continued so I thought a little review would be a good motivation ;)
It's really fluent written and I love how it is funny and and sad at the same time. Good work!

Author's Response: Hi! thanks! Im so flattered, sorry that it took so long to reply to your review, I did see it, i just never got around to replying. But im so touched that you decided to post a review for the first time on my story. I really do hope to go back to writing this one, especially now that Im on holidays, so hopefully there will be a new chapter up in the near future. BTW, i know you said you've never written a review before, and again im so flattered that you decided to write one for me, but please do review as much as possible (not just mine but everyones), I know it seems like nothing but it really does make a writers day, like you have made mine today. Its the best feeling, so I do hope this review is the first of many for you on this site

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Review #2, by Courtney Dark Chapter 1

1st October 2013:

I have to say, I was unexpectedly surprised with just how much I enjoyed this story. I'm very picky with my marauders era stories, and don't usually like ones that are mainly from an original characters point of of view, but I actually really enjoyed this first chapter!

I really liked Serena's character. It's a little too early to tell, but it seems like she has a lot of depth to her, and clearly has an interesting backstory which I'm not eager to discover. She also seems like she has a good sense of humour, which isn't too over the top - I especially liked the bit when she saw Sirius at the train station, flirted with him for a bit before flipping him the bird and stalking off.

I think you set up this chapter really well with the shower scene at the start. It definitely triggered my curiosity, made me eager to know more.

Woah, I was not expecting Serena to say that her last name was Snape! That was definitely an interesting twist - I don't really like stories about Snape having a long lost child, but this is something I've never read before, and I'm eager to know more!

Overall I think your writing was very good in this chapter although there were a few grammar and spelling mistakes here and there (though it's a bit rich of me to point these out, as there always seem to be mistakes in my chapters) and occasionally your comma use felt a little over-done. But that is me being very nitpicky.

Great first chapter!


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Review #3, by randomwriter Chapter 1

30th September 2013:
Hi there :)
REVIEW TAG brought me here!
I saw that you had stated that you need some encouragement and help, so here I am! Ta-daa! :P

Anyway, straight off the bat, I don't do AU apart from an odd story here and there, but this was an exception. I really enjoyed this piece here :)

I really liked the characterization of Serena's grand mother here. She's someone we can all relate to because we all have grandmothers like that! Sweet, caring and concerned. So special. There's this unique sense of warmth that she exuded, very grandmother-ly. So I really liked that :)

Also, we don't see much of Sirius, but how ever much you revealed, seemed very in-character. I liked that. Remus too seemed to be in character, with him being ever ready to help the new girl out.

As for Serena, I don't know how much I can say about her because I'm suspecting that there's a lot more to be revealed about her. As of now, I'm on the fence with this one. There were certain parts where I liked her and enjoyed the way you'd written her. In other parts, she came across as cocky and overly confident, in a very aggressive way. However, I liked her devil may care attitude to some extent.

SNAPE?! My my. That was HUGE. I never expected that, nor did I expect Snape to ever have such a warm grand-mum. He might have had one actually, but the idea is just so weirdly funny :P That's some odd food for thought there :P

Anyway, that was a shocker! I'd like to see how you take the story forward from here. And about CC, I noticed that in a few places, you'd made some basic grammatical and punctuation errors. You also missed a couple of capitalizations. Another thing is that you seemed to have altered J.K.R's physical description of Sirius, and that bothered me a little, but that's one of my issues. I prefer to stick by what she's written. That's just me. That's all :P I hope you don't mind the CC. I won't dwell on it. What I will do, however, is tell you to write more. This was really good and I think you're a pretty good writer. Just proof read this once and you're good :)

Great job! :)

Author's Response: thanks so much!! i replied more in depth on the hpff forum so you'd actually get it, im just replying on here too so my account will stop telling me that i have an unanswered review :P haha so annoying D: anyway THANKS AGAIN YOURE AMAZING

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Review #4, by SiriusPotterhead Chapter 4

12th July 2013:
I'd suggest you proof read each chapter before posting just cos there's a few mistakes like 'was' instead of 'wasn't' which makes it kinda hard to read.
But other than that, its a really good story :) x

Author's Response: You're absolutely right!! I do proof read a lot of the time but most times either the chapter is really long or im too excited about uploading that my proof reading is slack :/ but I will pay more attention next time and go back and fix them :p thanks again!! Much love x

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Review #5, by PurpleMoors Chapter 4

11th July 2013:
Omgomgomg! I can't believe there's not another chapter to read! haha

This is just so addictive! I love how feisty Serena is. It just makes her so interesting to read. I also really really want Severus to be a good guy in the end and make up with her! I hope they do cause I always feel like he's under such a lot of stress from other people to act a certain way meaning he just makes all the wrong decisions and I feel so sorry for him all the time.

Keep writing cause I'm just loving this!

PurpleMoors :)

Author's Response: Omgomgomg I love that you loved it so much!!! Ahah I've been a bit busy, but I'm going to write and put the next chapter for validation today so keep a look out!!
And I totally agree about severus! I've always felt sorry for him too, he just keeps screwing up, ahah and yes, I hope he makes up with everyone but I havent decided yet so kep reading ;) ahaha xxx

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Review #6, by PurpleMoors Chapter 1

6th June 2013:
Just reading the first chapter and I already love it! The bit with Snape I never saw coming until she almost said her name! Good twist!

I will definitely carry on reading!


Author's Response: I love that you read the first chapter and still reviewed even though there were more chapters, im so glad you like it, please do carry on and keep reviewing, I appreciate it so much. Much love x

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Review #7, by teeheemarauder24601 Chapter 3

31st May 2013:
Loving it!! Keep up the good work!! :D

Author's Response: Aaw thanks so much! And thanks for reviewing, it means a lot :) x

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Review #8, by SiriusGal Chapter 2

20th May 2013:
Great chapter! I'm really glad she's friends with the Marauders...I'm excited to see how that works out with Snape being her brother. Update as soon as possible please!

Author's Response: Hehe im glad you like it, I shall update asap, Keep reading!

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Review #9, by ExplosiveBlunderbuss Chapter 1

17th May 2013:
Ooh, interesting. I love that Severus has a sister!

I know you said you already edited this, and though it's well-written, I have one little suggestion that you can ignore because I don't want to seem like I'm criticising when I'm actually just fussy, but the first line "it was like a moment of complete serenity" would probably be better as a metaphor "it was a moment of complete serenity" however, like I said, you can ignore me. I can't wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Hehe please honey, I have a lot I could improve, so all constructive criticism is welcome, and I think your suggestion is great!! It actually sounds so much better, im going to change it as soon as possible :) thanks lovely, keep reading ^_^ x

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Review #10, by Cathycorkers Chapter 1

17th May 2013:
I love this so much!

Author's Response: thanks cathycorkers ;)) youre a babe

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Review #11, by SiriusGal Chapter 1

17th May 2013:
WHAT!! Such a cliffhanger! Great story so far, I can't wait for another chapter! I also really like the way you portray all your characters, I was smiling at Sirius so much :)

Author's Response: and im smiling so much at your comment, i honestly had to tell myself to calm down.
ahah im glad you liked it!! Im putting the next chapter up tonight so hopefully it will be past validation in the next few days :P please keep checking, and then tell me what you think. Reviews drive me to continue the story

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Review #12, by HPFlover<3 Chapter 1

16th May 2013:
Are you going to write more? cause if you do i am totally reading it!

Author's Response: Heheh, yay well if you will im totally writing it ;)
Ahah im almost done the next one I'll put it up today and it'll hopefully be validated in a few days. Hope it doesn't disappoint you :p let me know what you think when it's up :)

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Review #13, by emma Chapter 1

17th June 2012:
lovely chapeter, i loved the banner and the sirius description

Author's Response: thank you so much (: i wanted to see whether this chapter would get any reviews before i continued, and you've inspired me :D the banner IS beautiful, all credit to magpie @tda xx

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