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Review #1, by lindslo2012 Chapter 1

29th May 2014:
Hello there! Here from review tag!
You have been tagged ;)
Anyway... let's get to your amazing story here.
I was hooked from the very first sentence actually and wanted to keep reading on! Lately I have really been enjoying Marauders era stories and I know I am going to enjoy your's too.
I like how your plot was put right out there in the first chapter and it is an amazing one. I wish I could write like you! I sort of laughed at the thought of Remus having to meet the two professors there naked. I bet that was kind of traumatizing. I feel so very bad for Remus because of what he is having to go through to get to his wolf form and how much he hates it.
It is sad to hear how much he really despises turning into a wolf but I am sensing that he is soon not going to be so lonely as a wolf as he felt like he always was going to be. Maybe his best friends can help him get through this- and my goodness they are some good friends for being so brave to attempt trying to interfere with him while a huge wolf. I really liked the POV of the wolf, that was really cool. It was also very unique and I loved it. So I think when I have time I want to come back and see what happens!
Thanks so much for the good read. Awesome first chapter!!

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Review #2, by maryhead Chapter 1

22nd April 2014:
As you've probably guessed by my penname, I'm here for the review swap you asked for in the forum. I know I said I wouldn't have had time until next week, but... I love werewolves stories too much, I couldn't resist!

Anyway, let's focus on this chapter. I liked it a lot! It's interesting the fact that Sirius, James and Peter decided to become animagi before actually being sure that Remus was a werewolf, and not after as in most of the fanfictions. I am curious to see Moony's reactions after the moon... Will he freak out? Be grateful? Frightened? The questions are many, but that's good.

I have to say, I found myself sympathising for the wolf! The fact of being trapped in a body that's not yours, the pain of seeing the Forest but not being able to run and hunt freely... It's an unusual point of view, a good contrast with the first part of the chapter.

Not that my heart didn't break when poor Rem repeated 'I am human" while transforming! The transformation was probably the part I preferred, actually, because I could feel Remus' pain.

Mmmh... Not knowing exactly what you look for in a review, I think I'll stop here, for now. I overall really liked this chapter, and I' m curious to see where this story will go. I'll surely read the next chapters, and then I'll probably give you my opinion about the characterisation, since now I don't have enough elements.

Keep up with the great work :)

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Review #3, by CambAngst Chapter 7

5th April 2014:
Hi, Rosie! I'm here to write my 1,000th review on HPFF, and I wanted it to go to someone who's always been wonderful and supportive to me. You've read and reviewed so much of my writing, always filling them with encouragement and good thoughts. You'll probably never know just how much I appreciate it all!

On with the review!

Poor Remus. As if it isn't bad enough to be sitting in the dank confines of Grimmauld Place, he's also plagues by the ghosts of the members of the first Order who sacrificed everything to try to bring about Voldemort's downfall. I'm sure it's really difficult for him, since he lost so much personally.

Sirius's reemergence into the Order was brilliantly played. It was very disarming to allow all of the unaware Order members to voice their disgust with the house, only to be left to feel awkward about it once Sirius revealed himself. But he downplayed it perfectly, coming off as humble and approachable. Well done!

You did a great job writing the substance of the Order meeting. All of the characters -- Dumbledore, Hagrid, Sirius, Moody -- felt perfectly in character and had the right voices. Your interpretation of the events surrounding Fudge's attempts to discredit Harry and Dumbledore were spot on.

Hahaha! I love Snape's witty repartee. Don't get me wrong, I'm not usually one to root for him to get the best of Sirius, but in this case it really works.

Now they know about Voldemort trying to get the prophecy. The ball is rolling downhill into the events of OotP.

“How much danger is Harry in now?” -- I love how she phrases the question! Harry being in danger is such old hat that it's only a matter of the degree changing.

And... Dumbledore is sending Remus back to the werewolf packs again. It's one of the saddest aspects of Remus's disease, in a way. Even his friends wind up imposing on him to face the thing that he blames all of his life's misery on. And they do so earnestly, because nobody else can do what he's able to do.

“You could be sending Remus to his death!” Sirius pointed out with an alarmed tone. “He can’t go alone. I’ll go with him.” -- Yay, Sirius! Somebody needs to point of the obvious here.

“Now, speaking of Harry, I would like for you two to understand that I’ve cared and will always care for him. And with that in mind, I have an important request: do not tell Harry of the prophecy and of its contents.” -- Sorry, I'm in that mode where I'm parroting a lot of your own words back at you. But this one is just too good to pass up on. THIS is the Dumbledore that sells people on Manipulative!Dumbledore fics. The keeper of secrets, the puppet master, the old man spooning out only the information he sees fit to share with each of his followers. Remus is too deferential to Dumbledore to see it, really. This comes on the heels of Remus agreeing to put himself in mortal danger to retrieve information for the old man, of course. Not really one of Dumbledore's shining moments.

“Harry is not James, Sirius.” Dumbledore’s statement took us by surprise. -- Well, I guess it is good that there was somebody around to remind Sirius of that small fact. Dumbledore does actually make a reasonable bargain with Sirius in the end.

Wow. So Tonks more or less changed into Bellatrix to get Sirius to recognize her. Creepy...

I laughed. I couldn’t help it. “Snuffles?”

“That’s what she used to call me when she was four…” muttered Sirius as his cheeks turned scarlet.
-- Bwahahahaa! Everyone has deep, dark secrets...

Ah, their first dinner date! I can't wait to see how this goes. Well, actually I already know, don't it? ;)

So there it is, review #1,000. Doesn't seem possible, but I was pleased as could be to be able to do it for your story. Thanks for all of the support and laughs along the way!

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Review #4, by kenpo Chapter 2

2nd January 2014:
Hey, back for your second review.

Once again, this is really good. It's beautifully written, and I really enjoyed it.
Some things I particularly enjoyed:
-The back and forth between Wolf's mind and the world is very well written. The dialogue breaks up the long paragraphs well.
-The reasoning of Wolf was really interesting, and made a lot of sense. He feels threatened in the unfamiliar territory, and that effects his actions.
-The interactions between all the guys is really enjoyable, and seems very natural.

Now to nit-pick. . .

Right in the first sentence, you should have a comma between "scents" and "hoping". The way it is right now says that the scents are hoping.

You need a comma, "Gavin, wait for me!"

I couldn't help but grin at that, "I'm sorry, I'll definitely try to tell him that next."

Two things. Should that be "next time"? Also, you need to either say
I couldn't help but grin at that. "I'm sorry. . ."
I couldn't help but grin at that, saying, "I'm sorry. . ."

Really, there wasn't much for me to say because I didn't see many errors. Watch the dialogue; it was mostly correct but there were some places that a comma was used when it should have been a period.

This is really really good.

Oh, I think I might've forgotten to sign in before posting the review on Chapter One... that was me.

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Review #5, by kenpo Chapter 1

2nd January 2014:
Hey, I'm here with your requested review!

First thing... I'm really excited that this is about Remus.

I really like how this is written... I like that Remus identifies the werewolf part of him as a separate being. The characterisation was spot on! You asked for more nit-picky things, so the rest of this review will be more negative (I can't really do the positive/negative thing and say, "I like the way you used the opening quotation marks, but you're missing closing quotation marks."). Don't think that it means I didn't enjoy this. It was awesome.

There are times that you could've used a stronger word. For example, right in the first sentence, he says, "with every step I got myself to take."
Did he really just get himself to do it? Or did he have to force himself? Urge? Compelled?

"I shuddered under my robes, the October air was becoming chilly as the sun began to set for the day."
Should be, ". . . under my robes; the October. . ."

I could sense her heart beat increase.. heartbeat should be one word, or say something like, "the tempo of her heart.".

"four-poster bed and took a whiff, the place smelled of a combination" Make that comma either a semicolon or a period.

"became longer and melted into claws" I like that imagery, but you used "melt" earlier to describe the transformation of his legs, so I'd chose another word for one of the instances.

Sometimes you say "the Wolf" sometimes you say "the wolf" and sometimes you say "Wolf". Personally, I like just "Wolf"; it makes it seem very much like his identity. If you treat it like "Wolf" is his name, then I see how "the wolf" would be a descriptor (Like if you said "Gabby walked to the store. The girl wished she'd driven when it started to rain."). That gets confusing, though, so I'd consider changing it to "the animal" or "the carnivore" when you're using it for that purpose.

That's all I really saw. There might've been more, but the story itself was so captivating that I didn't even notice.

Really, great job.

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Review #6, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 8

30th December 2013:
I had nothing to live for so I might as well die for a cause I believed in. - You insist on making me cry, don't you? Go one, you can admit it. *Sniffles as she hugs Remus*

I was shocked to see Andi and Ted shooting curses at Sirius and warning Tonks to stay away from him and Remus. Not because of what they were doing, but because it was just so sudden. They're very prepared, very quick - one minute everything is quiet, and then BAM, curses. However, the actual shooting of curses, I can see happening, or at least, having wands drawn. Given that they don't know the truth yet, and Bella - moving away from Bella, I never would have imagined that happening until now, but I like it, it makes sense - they have every right to be prepared.

I also feel a little more sad for Tonks' childhood than I used to.

Aww, Tonks and Remus in the kitchen - I love their moment together, it was so sweet, so... normal, even if the topic wasn't Remus' favorite. But helping with the spell and the dishes, I just wanted to hug them and push them together and rejoice in the Remus/Tonks love.

Charlie! Ah, I love Tonks and Charlie! Conflicting emotions; she can't be with both. :P I love Remus' jealousy. He loves her! I can't believe he managed to hold in his jealousy while Andi talked about Tonks marrying Charlie! The nerve! :P

*gasp* Tonks! RUNNING WITH REMUS! That was so cool! So, this is what she meant in the kitchen? I'd ask if she's an Animagus, but given what she said about her metamorph abilities, I'm gonna say she can change her appearance to more than just human looks. Which I think is awesome! And believable, I could see that happening - I mean, she changes her face into a duck in Order of the Phoenix, so why not everything? (Side note: I think I said this to another who wrote something awesome about this? Dan's Remus/Tonks! Have you read it?)

Anyway, I was just waiting for Remus' reaction the next morning and whoa, swearing! Understandable, given his hatred of it. But him and Tonks are just so awesome and he should accept it and Wolf likes her, so she's... mostly safe. :P

I hope he lets her continue to run with him. It would be an awesome opportunity for them to get closer and marry and have Teddy. Yay!

I loved this chapter so much! I can't wait for the next one!


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Review #7, by AudenPenelope Chapter 1

16th December 2013:
This is excellent. Remus has always been my favorite character and I cannot wait to read more!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much for your kind review!!! :D Remus is my favorite character too! Haha! I hope to hear from you again and your thoughts about the fic in the later chapters! :D

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Review #8, by Leonore Chapter 7

28th September 2013:
Liking the story so far, especially Wolf's POV. Just one small thing - in this chapter, Dumbledore said Harry saved Ron and Gabrielle in the 3rd task. Wasn't it the second? (The third was the maze)

I will be back to read the rest,


Author's Response: Heya!! Thank you so much for the review and specially for pointing out that slight mistake. It's been fixed. Haha, I can't believe I had that small fact mixed up. Hahaha. Anyway, once again thank you for your review and so sorry that it has taken a while to get back to you.


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Review #9, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 7

28th September 2013:
Back... It's back... AH!!!

I'm so excited, it's riddikulus - see what I did there, Remus? *nudge* - but I don't care because it's awesome!!!

I've always wondered what the first Order meeting would be like, meeting Sirius again - I love the way you wrote it, I can totally imagine it going that way. The comparison between the Prewitt twins and the Weasley twins made me kinda sad, they sound so awesome and to die must have been really hard on Molly. I imagine that's one of the reasons why she's so protective, because I imagine them being younger than her.

The wolf packs! I love the idea of a fight to the death to be leader. I think that would be right, too. Good luck with the packs, Remus. *hugs him*


I love the interaction between Tonks and Sirius, it was adorable and such a lovely family moment. It's nice to have that, even during war time. And then Remus is just like 'er...' and blurting out what she is instead of just saying hi and being all cute and lovely. Ah, I love them!

And, of course, Wolf! Even when it's like this, Remus's PoV mentioning the Wolf, it's like he's a separate part of himself, as though Wolf is its own person, and I love seeing the similarities and differences between them. Always. :D

I loved this chapter so much! I can't wait for more!!!


Author's Response: Heya! So sorry that I've taken forever to answer your review! But I'm here and better be late than never, right? :D

This meeting was kinda hard to mold because I was handling characters that I've never thought of writing. I mean, Dumbledore? Kinglsey? Snape? McGonagall? They were difficult but thanks to Dan's help I managed to stick to their personalities. You know, I always thought that the Prewett Twins were older but looking at the family tree it looks like they were younger. So yeah, it makes this just a bit more sad for Molly.

Ah, the Wolf Packs. Those will be fun to write! I already have something planned that I think you're going to like.

The whole Tonks/Remus moment was something I've been looking for to write. And at the same it its very heart breaking, you know, because we know what is going to happen.

Thank you again for your kind review!!! It made me smile again as I re-read it to give you a response.


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Review #10, by Lady of Tears Chapter 2

13th August 2013:
Review #2!

I stick by what I said in my last review: I think this is such an interesting take on these particular events, and I applaud your writing from the perspective of a werewolf. For most of the chapter!

The name Wolf worked better for me in this chapter. It's growing on me!

One thing that I found a little off was the word "pup," used by Wolf to describe Ivan. I feel like "pup" is such an endearing word, and also coincides with wolf/dog hierarchy. So for Wolf to call his tasty victim pup seemed strange. Especially when Gavin is an "invader."

I thought your details in this chapter were wonderful. The way things smelled, looked, and felt were described so I got the full picture. The interchange between the characters in the second half was funny, and a conversation I could see them having.

My only other suggestion would be to break up big blocks of text a little more. All of the italics and large paragraphs made it a bit hard to read.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

-Lady of Tears

Author's Response: Wolf is not a name but a being. He's this side of Remus that we rarely see and I wanted to show! In a way he's not Remus, but a separate entity; a roommate in Remus's body so to speak.

I'm glad that you liked the details and description. Writing for someone who doesn't technically speak, from an animalistic POV, was hard. Specially when you wish to move the plot forward. It worked, in away, and I'm uber glad that you liked it.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #11, by Lady of Tears Chapter 1

9th August 2013:
I've never read something quite like this before. I think you're very brave for taking on a werewolf transformation like this. We normally cut out at a very clean, friendly place. I felt like you were very real to the horror of it all, while also being perfectly true to the voice of a teenager.

I think that is one of the things I liked the most about this chapter. So often a younger Remus is written with as much wisdom and maturity as the canon counterpart. But I felt like this was more of a younger voice, and I enjoyed that.

I'm not sure how I felt about the "Wolf" as the noun used in the second half. I felt like "the wolf" would have flowed more smoothly. But it's not a big thing, more of my own personal preference.

I am excited to read more, and I think this is a fresh take so far on this time period.

Author's Response: Heya! Finally giving you a review response! About time! Haha! XD

Happy to hear that you've never read something like this before. I always try to go for uniqueness in my stories. I wish I could take credit for the whole transformation idea but this is all thanks to Carrie Vaughn's Kitty books. Those books are the ones that inspired me to show that side of a werewolf.

I honestly believe that Remus became this fountain of wisdom and patience through his suffering during his Hogwarts years. Also, I wanted to show that he would do anything for a friend not because they were his friends but because he was afraid of loosing them. He would let them slide, would look the other way and had to control his anger towards them out of pure fear.

I'm glad that you've enjoyed this!!

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Review #12, by Jchrissy Chapter 6

16th June 2013:
Finally! Sorry, RL has been killing me lately!

Okay, I absolutely loved seeing canon events from this perspective. We're so busy with Harry in the books and watching him, we don't really take the time to wonder what everyone else was doing during the times. Of course, now in the venture of FF we can do all the wondering we want and have perfect people like you to help us answer questions!

I never wondered how Remus felt when he heard the Harry news, and oh my gosh this was just the perfect way to introduce all that. I loved how protective Remus is, even just in his own head, when they start questioning Harry at the cafe. It honestly would make sense for people to think like that though. I mean, Harry did to amazing things from the start, and know one really knows how powerful he is. Not that it's right for them to start suspecting a young kid, but it does make sense. Still though, the fact that it irritated Remus so much was perfect.

THE BOY. HAHA Poor Sirius! You're a good puppy, yes you are. I loved the humor you used between them, it felt very fitting!

And now we're back to the world's most depressing house. You did an awesome job making that all feel very canon, and Mrs. Black was every but as terrible as she was in the books. Or portrait her, at least.

This entire chapter gave me such friend fuzzies and I want to hug these two. There's so many exciting and chaotic events coming up... I'm so anxious to see the through Remus's eyes!

Author's Response: Jami! Ugh, 3 months later I decide to come and give you a response. So sorry my dear!!

Yay! I'm glad that you liked seeing cannon from a different perspective. And you're right, we rarely stop to wonder "Well, what were the Weasleys doing when this happened? Or what is Remus doing during this?" That's what helped me continue with this story. That Remus is out there but we don't know what he's up to...I just fill in the holes with what I think he's up to.

Remus must've been through so many different emotions. Anger for not being there, sorrow for Cedric's death, worry for Harry and the future. I honestly thought people thinking that Harry was the next Dark Lord was a nice touch in cannon. People are afraid and by this point not willing to see Dumbledore's truth. They just want to blame Harry and call him crazy. They of course begin to think that he's powerful and evil...and killed Voldemort to not have any competition. Sadly, that paranoia starts with one takes one person to spread that fear to the rest of the community.

I HAD to add a bit of comedy to relieve the tension and you and I KNOW for a fact that Sirius likes being a dog more than human. Hahaha!

Ah yeah...Grimmauld place. We're back! The good thing is that its not for long. Mrs. Black was fun to write and so was the argument she had with Sirius. I wanted to show that what Regulus did was just to get her mother's attention...which is what really feels right. Regulus wasn't evil...just dumb!

Thank you for your review, Jami! Without them my life wouldn't be filled with fuzzy warm feelings! XD

See you in the next chapter (which is soon to come!)


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Review #13, by Rainpixie Chapter 6

28th May 2013:
I didn't realize at first that this story is a wip and I thought that it was over with this chapter. I was so disappointed for a second! But then I saw that there is more to come and breathed easy. I love the idea of lupin referring to his wolf side as a separate person! I would have liked a chapter from the time the 4 were in the first order, but I'm not complaining. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Heya! Yeah! HPo4 is a WIP! And yes, there is more to come! The whole story is planned out and the next chapter almost ready to go. Remus and Wolf are two identities by this point sharing one body. Neither one really likes the other but they cooperate in order to survive. To be honest, I should've done a chapter about them being in the OotP BUT by the time I realized that it was too late. I'll perhaps do like "the missing chapters" after I'm done with this. Haha! Thank you so much for taking your time to review!

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Review #14, by AlexFan Chapter 3

19th May 2013:
It's been a while since I read this! Anyway, I'm hear to leave the review that you requested. It'll probably end up being short because I don't have anything to comment on so I'll just gush for this one.

Again, I love the idea of seeing things from the Wolf's point of view as it's never done before. I love that we get to see what the transformations are actually like instead of them just being vaguely mentioned.

I was so excited to see that the part where Snape almost died. This part is rarely mentioned in fanfictions and I can name on my fingers the amount of fanfictions that have this part in them (and in case you were wondering, it's two).

I actually thought that James, Remus and Peter would've actually been even angrier with Sirius than they were. I mean, I get that James is mad at him and Remus can't even put his rage into words but what Sirius did was big enough to destroy their friendship. Can you just imagine if you were Remus and one of your closest friends did this to you just to get back at someone? I don't know about you but I would be beyond mad, that friendship would be pretty much destroyed for me.

Anyway, personally, this has been my one problem with Sirius. The fact that he thought telling Snape to go and find Remus while he was transformed as a lesson to stop following them around. He could've just as easily gone to Dumbledore and said that Snape is always trying to snoop around and find out what Remus does every full moon (without giving away the animagus secret).

Anyway, I enjoyed the chapter and I think you did an awesome job on it. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Heeey! Ugh, so sorry that I took forever to come and give you a response. :( Boo! So sorry about that!

The transformations are getting hard to write! Hahaha! I want to show a different part each time, a different struggle Remus goes through but at the same time I can't think of anything else. We know he's in pain. We know what we goes through...I just don't want to get too repetitive with it.

The whole prank was a bit hard to write. It would've been a lot easier if it had been through James's or Snape's POV but was through Wolf! Haha, of course I give myself something hard. XD However, I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

Remus is mad at Sirius but he can't show it because he's afraid of losing Sirius as a friend. If he does lose Sirius, James could eventually go. And wherever James and Sirius are...Peter is. So it's a chain of reaction that Remus doesn't like/is afraid of. The reason why we didn't see James's anger is because we saw this through Remus's POV. He lived a very lonely life, so I'm sure that
their friendship means a lot to him.

I get what you mean though! When I read about the whole prank on Snape I just though "What if Remus did get to him?" I honestly think it would've driven Remus to suicide. He couldn't have been able to live with the guilt.

Thank you so much for reviewing this!! I really appreciate your thoughts!

Until next time


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Review #15, by hopelessDREAMS Chapter 1

8th May 2013:
Hey there!

I don't have that much to say except for the fact that I love the originality idea of this story. I always wondered how Remus became a werewolf; I knew that he was bitten by Greyback, but how and what he was doing before, I didn't. Nobody did.

I love how Remus fought through the transformation and didn't let it get to him, how his friends and Professors were there for him throughout the whole thing and wouldn't abandon him. That's what friends SHOULD do in a situation like that.

I really enjoyed the first chapter and am going to favorite your story because of it's originality, and feel free to re-request the next chapter as I'm interested in what happens next!

Author's Response: Heya!

I've been thinking of doing a one-shot within HPo4's universe with a young Remus before and after he was bitten. It would be interesting to write about his very first transformation.ideas, ideas!

Remus is afraid of giving up his humanity. He's been raised in a society that believes that werewolves are animals and therefore they should both be feared and be outcasts. They're not 'proper' wizards let alone 'proper' human so why treat them like so? He just wants to be a normal person, that's why he fights the transformation with all his might. He knows that he can't beat it but he still does it; the less time he spends as werewolf, the better he'll feel.

It makes me happy that you enjoyed this so much that you added it to your faves! :D That's what keeps me writing, not the amount of reviews. People like you rock! XD

I would like to apologize for taking forever to answer to your review though. At least you didn't have to wait some 5 months to get your response! Haha, life has been super crazy but I'm slowly getting it back on track.

Anyway, I hope to see you around again!

Until next time


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Review #16, by CambAngst Chapter 6

7th May 2013:
Hi, Rosie! It has taken me ages to sit down and make the time to write this review. I really hate real life sometimes.

The strangers that Remus interacts with in the cafe were a clever way to introduce all sorts of situations and ideas for this chapter. It didn't take any time at all to place the events on the timeline of the book and to get an idea of how poor Remus is faring at this stage of his life. It made me sad to see him hungry and impoverished, but I guess that was how things were after he lost his job at Hogwarts. Stupid Snape! It's too bad that he's such a proud man, because I'm sure that Harry would have happily shared all he had if Remus could have shared more stories about James and Lily. Lots of lost opportunities in the books. :(

What is this about Sirius sneaking up on him? Is Wolf slipping in his old age? At least Remus has fun with it. Sirius seems to have a bit of fun as well.

I thought you did a great job with the conversation between Sirius and Remus. I could feel the frustration and bitter anger simmering beneath Sirius's barely-civil exterior. The idea that Wolf wouldn't tolerate being stared down was really clever and a good reminder that Wolf is still there, even in this chapter where he doesn't make an appearance. Sirius really steals the show, though. You ran him through a gauntlet of very appropriate and realistic emotions, from anger at Dumbledore and the others who allowed Harry into harm's way to fear and sadness at the idea that he might not live up to the trust that Lily and James placed in him. All-around great stuff.

An unspoken understanding hung in the air. If we needed to put down our lives for him, then so be it. He was our family, our brother’s son. A member of our pack. No matter what, nothing was going to happen to him. -- Hear, hear! About time somebody was stepping up to the plate for Harry!

Your descriptions of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black were deliciously awful. I could almost smell the must, mold and decay as I read about the entrance hallway. Good old Walburga is there to greet them, too! I don't blame Wolf, she would freak me out, too. Again, I thought you nailed Sirius in this section. It's just like him to argue with a portrait as though he's going to convince her of anything. And the way he abuses and berates Kreacher... one of the most difficult things to like about the guy is he's the quintessential "do as I say do not as I do" mentor to Harry. He advises Harry to be kind to his "inferiors", then makes a costly mistake in his treatment of Kreacher. He begs Harry to be careful, then rushes into a situation that gets him killed. Such a tragic character...

“Master has brought a werewolf,” Kreacher said as he sniffed the air, his tiny eyes fixated on me. “Mistress will be angry with Master for bringing filthy animals to her Noble house.” -- I do love the dry humor you brought to Kreacher, though. That was a nice touch!

Once again, sorry to taking so long to get to this! It's great setup material for the sad events that we all know are coming soon. I'm really looking forward to seeing your version of what was going on at Grimmauld Place while Umbridge was tormenting Harry and his friends at Hogwarts. Until next time!

Author's Response: Dan!

I think you and I need to form a club titled "Real life bites" or something along those lines. Sorry I took forever to leave you a response but right now is literally the only free time I've gotten all week. And it's Wednesday! Well...officially speaking its Thursday but same thing.

I wanted to show that there are people out there who have never been convinced about Dumbledore's sanity. Even before the Prophet starts to slander both Harry and Dumbledore, there are those that never really liked/trusted Dumbledore. Let alone a boy who vanquished the darkest of wizards at a young age. I can sort of understand their point of view considering Harry and their wariness towards him but nonetheless it still ticks Remus off. This is Harry. He knows that he's a normal boy with a tragic past and not the future dark lord as people like Eustace and Martin like to think. Anyway, poor Remus indeed but it's all Umbridge's fault! She's the one that started the anti-werewolf laws so it's her fault that he can't find a job. You know, she's the only character that really, REALLY angers me. Voldemort...Bellatrix, Lucius, Draco...absolutely nothing but Umbridge. I just want to punch that woman!

Alright rant over!

Wolf IS slipping into old age! Hahaha! I mean around this time Remus is 35 so if you were to do it in dog years (since he's a canine) Wolf would be 245 years old. Man, he's ancient! But still has the heart and energy of a young pup, hahaha!

I really owe you for Sirius's anger here. You were the one that pushed it for more, to be more believable and more Sirius-esque. I definitely plan on having more of that anger in the next chapter but this time it'll be up against Dumbledore AND Remus. Wolf doesn't doesn't like being stared down nor being told what to do. He's like a Sgt. Major at the Marines; don't cross him or you'll be sorry.

I had to add Walburga here. And of course I wanted to Sirius to go over the edge! After the rough night he's had and the lack of sleep after Dumbledore's errand, he's bound to just explode emotionally speaking. Even if it meant him arguing against the portrait of his dead mother. I honestly think that he went to jail with a lot of unresolved feelings towards his family, especially Regulus. He always struck me as this man who shrugged his shoulders and had this 'meh, whatever' attitude towards all of them but they were his family nonetheless. Regulus was his baby brother and his death HAD to hurt despite the fact that he made the wrong choice. I'm almost sure that Sirius tried to make Reggie see some sense but failed. Perhaps he even feels guilty after all these years, like an older sibling would, so that's why he just unloads on Walburga. I have to agree with you, Sirius is such a tragic and his death had to be tragic as well.

Kreacher is such a fun character to write, so I'm excited to bring more Kreacher in the next chapter.

Don't worry about taking forever to review it! You're my Beta so you have like this 'review late' pass. XD

Thanks for everything!

Until next time


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Review #17, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 6

25th April 2013:

It's so sad that poor Remus thinks that even a sweet old lady will turn on him if she knew what he was. Maybe that's true, maybe she'd have surprised him, but I get why he wouldn't, even though he's stuck without a job. It's just sad. It makes me want to hug him... And never let go. *squishes Remus*

Haha, I love that little boy. The ugly dog comment had me laughing for a good couple of minutes, just imaging the snarl from Sirius and the kid running away, then Remus continuing it. It felt... more normal, compared to everything that has and is about to happen. I liked that bit of humor before the anger came out.

Speaking of the anger, you just write werewolves so well - I am envious. You don't forget what Remus is when he's human; even now we see the traits, big and little, that reminds us that, even though he keeps Wolf separate, they are the same. He can't avoid it even if he still doesn't like it and you're just awesome are conveying that. I love Wolf and I love Remus and I love this story.

The bits about Reggie made me very sad, I have to admit (I love everyone else, but Reggie and Remus are my two favorite people in the Marauder era and it's sad that pretty much everyone in that era died eventually, but they hit me the hardest, especially when you find out what Reggie did... Off topic).

This was a great chapter, I can't wait for the next and to see Wolf again. I'd continue to ramble, but I just got caught being sad when talking about Reggie dying and my mother now thinks I'm crazy. :P


Author's Response: Heya! Thanks for being the first one to review this new chapter! :D

Yeah, Remus right now is struggling. Mostly due to Umbridge and her anti-werewolf laws that she has. Remus is just afraid of telling people his secret. He's been alone most of his life so he cherishes every bit of 'friendship' from other people. He doesn't want to give them a reason to be afraid of him.

I had to add a bit of comedy but unfortunately I believe that's the last bit! This story is fixing to take a dark, ugly turn. :( Anyway, I have a feeling that Remus would call Sirius an ugly dog just for his reaction and have a laugh about it.

This chapter I think was one of the hardest to write because Wolf wasn't present. So for me it was a bit hard to add the wolf parts showing in Remus alone without him sounding too animalistic or even silly. Also, it helped that I was reading the new Kitty Norville book so I was able to refresh my memory when it came to werewolves and their mannerism.

Ah Reggie. You know, I honestly believe that Sirius cared a lot for his brother, despite his stupid mistakes. I doubt that he shrugged off his death and moved on easily without bothering to find out what happened. Blaming his mother for Reginald's death seemed very realistic to me. Because who else could he blame? His dad is dead and the only other person is himself. So of course he had to take out his anger on Walburga. Reginald's death is very tragic because up until the very end, he thought his brother was a coward and a death eater. He never knew of his bravery.

Haha, you'll see Wolf soon. Not in the next chapter (unfortunately) but most likely the chapter after that and the one after. There's a lot of fun things fixing to happen!

Thanks for sticking around and for reviewing this chapter!

Until next time!


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Review #18, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Chapter 3

14th March 2013:

Gosh it's been so long since I've had a spare minute to review this story! Apolagies for that - RL is annoying!

I loved the start of this chapter, it felt really tense as we can see how close Remus is to transforming. I also thought that, even though McGonagall was worried at how close a call it was, she wasn't afraid to be near him. Or she didn't appear to be anyway.

When Sirius said about a surprise for Remus alarm bells started ringing here. I was worried it was going to be the night he send Snape down after him and it was. I really loved that you told this bit of the story - your take on it is great.

It actually made me smile quite a lot when Wolf couldn't get free from the trousers and saw them as such a threat that he had to rip them to shreads. The way you write wolf actually makes him really cute and loveable in my head. Like how he sees the other marauders as his family and how protective of them he is. It comes shining through in this chapter as he wants to protect James.

Even though I knew it would all work out okay, you had me really panicing as I was reading the part where Snape and James are fighting. Wolfs thoughts are so vicious and all I kept thinking was how awful Remus would feel if wolf got out of control like that.

Oh, I can't tell you how much I love that you've got Peter as part of the group! He was a marauder and an important part of the group and way too many people forget that! He could see the issue from everyones perspective and could understand how everyone was feeling. I like your version of Peter.

Poor Remus, he wasn't having a good day was he? I don't blame him for wanting to hit Sirius, he was being stupidly reckless but when he was worried about losing him as a friend my heart went out to him! Then Lily has worked out his secret and he has to allow another to know the truth. The whole scene with Lily was actually really sweet though. She's really understanding and everything I expect her to be. I loved the hint of her and James getting together too!

Just one typo - this sentence didn't quite make sense: 'I tried to undo my belt but I lost it completely by the time to my trousers' button and zipper.'

Great chapter though! Can't wait to read more!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Heya!

You know what, I totally agree with you. I rarely have time now to read and review let alone to answer to the reviews people leave for me. BUT I'm here now!

I've always thought that McGonagall was a person that showed courage no matter what. I'm sure that she was afraid for Remus and the students, even for herself but she's not going to show it. She doesn't want to make Remus feel guilty or bad for something he has absolutely no control over. So the less afraid she appears, the better for everyone. Then again, you have to think that if she were to show fear, it'll only make Remus lose control a lot faster. It could agitate him in the end.

Wolf sounds cute and lovable but he's not! Hahaha! It's hard to not make him sound too much like a regular dog. He's suppose to be a feral animal, a beast...not a pet! XD However, just like you pointed out, he becomes vicious real quick when his family is being threatened.

It's hard trying to not be so mean to Peter. I have this dislike towards him but I have to get over it, you know. Just like you said, he was part of the Marauders, he was their friend so of course he is important.

Sirius is very reckless in his whole life. Like Dan pointed out in his review above, he tells Harry to be careful but he then rushes to danger. He's this man who doesn't stop and think of the consequences. He just does whatever he thinks is 'right' or funny. Lily on the other hand is a smart witch, she just needed a push towards the right direction. At this point she kinda likes James but she still feels iffy towards him.

Saw the typo and fixed it! Thanks for pointing it out!

Until next time!


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Review #19, by soufflegirl99 Chapter 1

2nd March 2013:
This is an absolutely brilliant story!! It has you hooked right from the very begginning, and just doesn't let go. I love the way Remus refers to the Wolf as "we" - that's very clever and original - as well as calling the wolf "Wolf" and describing it as another thing entirely, just trapped inside his body.

You put in a perfect balance of description - it really sets the scene and makes it realistic. The way you describe the wolf's actions, and the dynamics of the fight through real dog terms is very effective at gripping the reader - e.g. "being submissive and accepting Wolf as its leader." That's brilliant and makes it even more engrossing and enchanting.

I love the description as he turns in to a wolf - you portrayed his helplessness and hatred so well, especially including how he argued with the wolf, playing even more on the idea that he's being possessed, and can't control the beats inside him, e.t.c. The POV change does make it even more genius - the way you make Lupin have his very human thoughts and worries, and then we see the wolf's thoughts and how different they are.I don't have any criticism - this piece was brilliant!

Overall, an absolutely thrilling and unique read that I enjoyed immensely. Very perceptive of Dumbledore's position, Lupin's friends, and of course Lupin himself. Awesome! :D

Author's Response: Heya!! :D

I'm glad that you liked this story and that it hooked you from the very beginning. That's what I was aiming for.

I honestly had to do a lot of research when it came to wolf/dog mannerisms. Even watched a bit of dog trainer shows to get some ideas! My goal was to make Wolf believable so I'm glad that you thought he felt realistic.

Glad that you really enjoyed this! However, I really do apologize for taking forever to give you an answer. It's been months! Life is crazy sometimes.

Thank you for taking your time to read and review!

Hope to see you around again,


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Review #20, by The Misfit Chapter 3

6th February 2013:
Hello! I'm back! XD

I really like how you plunge us right into the action in the beginning of this chapter! Ooh, and the way Remus wonders about whether McGonagall's ability to lie stems from her Hogwarts days is really fun! It adds depth to Remus, and is very realistic - I'm sure we've all wondered what our teachers' out-of-school lives were like more than once! XD

I really like how you have Remus understand how Wolf feels and what makes him want to go running - it really emphasizes how they're connected. And yet at the same time, you remind us that they're very different with Remus being reluctant to assert authority over Sirius. Reading this story, I'm actually inclined to say that there are actually five Marauders, not four! :3 (Oh, and I love your description of the way Sirius smells to Remus, haha!)

Awww, that transformation was so painful! You do an excellent job of describing it so that I just want to glomp Remus and tell him that it'll all be okay even though we know it won't be. ♥

I really love how Wolf behaved in such a canineish, wolfish fashion. I've often felt that clothes are evil sometimes and I actually know what they are, but Wolf doesn't and it's really fun to see that - you're really awesome at balancing out the angsty bits with sprinkles of humour! :D

Ugh, Snape. He's a real idiot at times, isn't he? So's Sirius too. >.< The way you described James and Severus' fight was really believable, and the way you described how Wolf wanted to fight Severus and protect James was fantastic, especially when Severus won the duel and began approaching the Whomping Willow. It was a really realistic portrayal of animalistic behaviour, so kudos to you! XD

I really liked the addition about the Whomping Willow shuddering (is that even a word?) inside its tunnel as it moved its branches. It's something I've never thought about, but it sounds really believable and if someone bred / grew the Willow for the purpose of concealing people / werewolves / whatnot then it would make sense to have an internal warning in case someone did actually get past the branches. The way you just pick up on those little details is amazing, Rosie!

I love how you portrayed Peter as a reasonably sensible person, instead of making him mysteriously disappear as a lot of Marauders' authors do. (I have a feeling I mentioned this in a previous review...?) The way he sees the whole situation and puts it into perspective and really highlights why Peter's a part of the group. AND YOU BROKE MY HEART, ROSIE. The way Remus wanted so badly to punch Sirius for what was sheer stupidity but was too afraid to in case it ruined their friendship... omg major feels. You make me want to hug Remus more and more each chapter - he's going to run out of oxygen if this continues, you know. ;)

Awww at the Remus/Lily scenes. They have such a cute friendship. :3 I'm really glad that you didn't make Lily completely in the dark as to where Remus disappeared to monthly, as I'm sure she would've noticed the disappearances, and it's incredibly believable that she didn't figure it out until pushed in the right direction... it's kind of how she didn't want to consider the idea of Remus being a werewolf until Severus made her actually look at the evidence, and I think that's really true of people in RL who tend not to notice the flaws of people they care about. ♥

I did notice a few typos, and once again I'll list them:
"I lost it completely by the time to my trousers’ button and zipper" < I think you mean "by the time I reached my trousers'"? :3
"piece of clothing before he pouncing" < the "he" isn't needed here.
"unmoving along with man with a long beard" < it should be either Man (as in human) or "a man".
"“Sirius is very crossed with James,” Peter said as he scribbled rapidly on the parchment while not looking at me. “Thinks that James betrayed him by protecting Snape. Meanwhile James is crossed with Sirius" < twice here you've said "crossed" - it should be "cross". :)
"that Grayback thought of biting me" < his name is spelt Greyback with an "E" - although I know Americans spell grey with an a, and I don't know if the US edition spells it Grayback. If it does, feel free to ignore me. :3

Minor typos aside - they didn't really detract from the story that much, I just notice them without actually looking for them - this was yet another fantastic chapter, and you really keep it to the wonderful standard that you set in your first two chapters, so congratulations. Honestly, Rosie, this story just gets better and better - you're a really talented author! ♥

Author's Response: Dun dun dun! Last review to answer!

McGonagall lived a pretty interesting life! I'm sure that she broke plenty of rules when she was at Hogwarts. Remus is a smart man, I'm sure he kinda knows of Minerva's 'revel' streak.

You know, I never really thought about it but I guess there were five, not four! Hahaha! Wolf has slowly become this OC within this story. I wasn't really planning on it but he's a completely different character than Remus. He has no qualms about asserting his authority over Sirius. Remus, on the other hand, feels bad if he gets mad at his friends. He feels like he might lose them if he does. Sad but so true.

I'm gonna have to agree with you...clothes are evil! Specially during the summer! XD

Sirius deserves to be punched. More than once I'm sure! But yeah, Remus is afraid of losing him as a friend, that's why James is the one that gets angry for him. He's the one that puts Sirius in his place even though it wasn't up to him. James here showed a lot of maturity by trying to stop Snape. He was the only one that thought of the consequences. How was Remus suppose to feel if he were to bite Snape or another student? It would drive him mad! Sirius doesn't think about that.

I don't think Lily would've noticed much without the right push, just like Hermione. I mean, she would've suspected something was wrong but nothing like being a werewolf.

Those typos are going to be the death of me. Let me fix them. *Several minutes later* Done!! All typos fixed.

Thank you so much for the compliment! I feel super bad that I took forever to respond to your reviews so I'm going to head over to your page to read something.

I hope to see you around again! Thanks for everything!


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Review #21, by The Misfit Chapter 2

30th January 2013:
AH. I loved this chapter so much; I was literally on tenterhooks whilst reading it! I really enjoyed how you broke up Wolf's sections with the dialogue of Gavin and Ivan to avoid an overly long descriptive section, which was an excellent move. I liked how you accurately portrayed Wolf's feelings; how he was initially afraid of attacking the two of them because he was in unfamiliar territory and didn't know what to expect. It was very realistic to read! :D

I did get slightly confused during the scene where Ivan was trying to get away from Wolf - Gavin's dialogue indicates that Ivan has his back to Wolf and doesn't know he's there, however at the end of the same paragraph you have Ivan "backing away". That indicates he's walking backwards, facing Wolf, which conflicts with Gavin's dialogue. You might want to take another look at that. :)

I enjoyed how you described Gavin and Ivan as being members of the same pack, and the way you called Gavin's wand a stick - you really delved into Wolf's mentality here, and you did it fantastically. :D Although I don't like the fact that Gavin tried to kill my poor Remus! D: It must have been surprising for Gavin when Sirius/Padfoot suddenly went for him though! That really highlighted Sirius' protective nature and how he would - and did - risk his life to protect Remus. ♥

BAHAHAHAHA at how James had trouble getting through the window with his antlers! (Now we know why Prongs fits him so well! XD)

Remus' initial reaction was completely believable; I really liked how he was concerned about being able to taste blood and how he blew his top when he discovered his friends sleeping under the same roof as a "monster" - you really have characterized him so well!

I loved the reference of Remus' lycanthropy being mistaken for a girl's time of the month; it's a comparision I've made myself but I can't remember actually reading it in fanfiction before. The way you included it also provided amusement, as James' declaration that he wanted to be called Mr Hooves - that instantly gave me a mental picture of a cartoon stag on a dancefloor for some reason! XD

Reading through the conversation between the Marauders, I can understand why they became Animagi before confronting Remus about his "furry little problem" - and while I'll admit it doesn't fit my head-canon, I applaud you on making this fit into actual canon and creating such a believable scenario! *claps loudly*

And that ending. THAT ENDING. Rosie, you are wonderful at endings. Despite knowing what happens in the future, I was still sucked in by Remus' happiness at finally being accepted, and caught up in the same wave of euphoria as Wolf when Remus told him that they had a pack now. ♥

I did notice a few typos / missed or extra words, and for convenience I've put them all in the one place. These don't detract from the story greatly; I just notice them really easily and anyway, I'm just probably nitpicking. :3

"The name McGonagall stirred a thought on Wolf’s mind but quickly dismissed it." < There should be a "he" between "but" and "quickly".
"dog’s fur for his dear life" < The "R" is bolded?
"as I tried to take everything they were saying" < There should be an "in" between "take" and "everything".
"wondering why they hadn’t gone and to their parents" < You don't need the "and" here.
"Meanwhile if werewolf is never introduced" < There should be an "a" between "if" and "werewolf".
"to becoming an Animagi" < It should be "become".
"I preferred them in stews" < Again, this should be "prefer". :)

I'm really sorry for how long the above paragraph is; I just find it easier myself (and I know some other authors do) when people point out the specific typos. I re-read my chapters obsessively, sometimes 50+ times, so if I hadn't spotted typos then having a reviewer tell me that they're there isn't really helpful, if you know what I mean? XD

But typos aside, this was a wonderful chapter and I really am looking forward to reading the rest of this story! You're a very talented author in that you can get your characterizations so spot on. Additionally, you delve so deeply into your character and convey their emotions so well that I could feel as if I was in Wolf's/Remus' head, completely understanding the reasons behind what they did and didn't do and how they felt, and that's wonderful to see in a fanfic! ♥

Author's Response: Finally working on my reviews! :D Yay, I feel accomplished! Haha! Again, I apologize for taking forever to respond! I mean, seriously...5 freaking months?! Bad, bad me! :(

I definitely had to add Ivan's and Gavin's conversation otherwise, just as you said, it would've been overly descriptive and boring. Glad you enjoyed it though!

I see what you mean and went ahead and change the line up a bit. Thanks for telling me about that!

Gavin was just afraid so of course he was going to try to kill our Remus. But yeah, of course Sirius was going to be the hero here. I tried to get into an animal's POV which, in reality, is a bit hard. I didn't wish to bore people to death but at the same time, a werewolf/wolf/animal doesn't have the same common sense we have. What we would call brother/sisters, Wolf considers a pack members. The books I've read, Kitty Norville, have really been an inspiration to the whole werewolf mythos. It's thanks to Carrie Vaughn that Wolf feels realistic!

Remus had to drop the f bomb when he discovered his friends sleeping under the same roof as him. He tried so hard to keep his secret well...secret from them but there they were, just sleeping like nothing matters. And it doesn't, not to them. That's why I changed up the canon a bit. It just shows a lot more support that the Marauders have for Remus. They're willing to do all of this for him and they don't care what 'problem' he may have.

*hugs* thank you so much for pointing out the typos/mistakes! I went ahead and fixed them so it should be good! I even read my chapters over to comb out the mistakes but I guess my brain reads one thing but understands another. XD But that's why I get reviews! So I can get help from others and sharpen the chapters to the best they can be!

It makes me all warm and fuzzy that you enjoyed this chapter! Specially the emotions and characterization. That's what I was going for! :D

Again, I'm so sorry that I've taken forever but better late than never, right? :)

Thank you so much for your kind words and help!

Until next time

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Review #22, by The Misfit Chapter 1

29th January 2013:
Hello there, Rosie! :) First off, I'd like to apologize for this review being a few hours later than planned - I woke up to a leaking roof, which got progressively worse over the day and literally became a waterfall in our lounge. (And it's a two-week-old roof! -.-) But anyway - onwards with the reviews! :D

I really loved this story; you delve exceptionally well into Remus' POV! Your characterization is spot on - Remus' fight to preserve his humanity, and his anger, is just so Remus, and it's really good to see that.

I loved your description of how Remus was a "passenger" when he was transformed, and that he could only really remember what happened after he turns back into a human if he "becomes one" with Wolf, and that he doesn't want to - you really get a sense of Remus' turmoil there. And you also get into him in depth - that recital of hated things to keep Wolf at bay is a wonderfully unique quirk and with one line, adds so much to his character.

McGonagall is characterized well; the way she feels for Remus and pities him, but still treats him like any other student is done excellently, and reading this, I could really believe that this is the same McGonagall that we see in the books, so well done! :D

I did spot a typo: "if someone were to get wind that the Headmaster of Hogwarts had allowed a werewolf, everyone in the staff would get sacked" < I think you intended to include "to attend Hogwarts" or similar after the word werewolf? :)

*runs off to hug Remus tightly* *comes back* Ohmygosh, those transformation scenes! You really captured Remus' feelings incredibly well, and my heart was breaking as I read through it - I could really empathize with poor Remus. The way you included how he had to remember to take his clothes off so that he wouldn't have to greet McGonagall and Flitwick naked as he did during the last full moon not only indicates how much Wolf affects him, but stirs a little curiosity in me as to what happened last full moon that caused Remus to transform so quickly he didn't have time to undress.

“I am a human being.” My voice was now a wolfish whimper, < THIS LINE GAVE ME ALL THE FEELS. You really highlight the contrast between Remus and Wolf here, with twelve simple words, and that's just amazing. ♥

I loved the way you showed Wolf's point of view. I've read a lot of Marauder fanfics, and none of them have ever depicted Remus' transformations - a couple of them did, actually, but from the others' POVs or a third person POV, which doesn't really count - so the fact that you tackled this and wrote it beautifully is admirable.

I especially enjoyed the scenes where the Marauders entered the Shack in their Animagus forms. It was interesting to see how Wolf became confused by how their scents were familiar and yet so wrong, and reading how Wolf viewed James as "the largest piece of food he had seen walk right into his territory" brought a smile to my face. Wolf is just so completely different from Remus, and the way they view a familiar person/animal so differently just serves as a reminder of that.

"He growled loudly hoping the invaders would go away, or serve as a warning." < This sentence doesn't sit very well with me, although I'm not certain why. If I were you, I'd consider rephrasing it. :)

I loved how Remus was able to exercise some small control over Wolf, and the fact that it happened after some fighting had occurred was fantastic, as it gave the illusion that Remus was mentally miles away, and only "checked in" on Wolf occasionally instead of remaining in his thoughts all night. XD That you wrote just a few sentences later that Wolf was ignoring Remus' screams just after obeying him was the moment where I just read it and really felt Remus' powerlessness. It must be so awful for the poor boy to never know when Wolf will obey him, and when he won't. :3

And that cliffhanger has left me wondering what will happen next; how will Remus cope with the consequences of escaping (because even if he doesn't kill / hurt someone, he might have and he'll worry about that, I'm sure) as well as whether Wolf will hurt or kill someone.

The only real critique I can think of is the spacing - this might just be me, but I find it much easier to read a chapter when there's a simple line break in between chapters rather than the amount of spaces you have here. :)

This is a fantastic chapter; you've introduced us to the setting and to the characters so wonderfully, and the way you've ended it leaves me wondering what happens next. Thank goodness the next chapter's already validated! :P Again, I apologize for the delay in reviewing - a crystal ball / psychic abilities are top of my birthday list - but I hope that this review made up for it. I have to get some dinner now, but I'll be back to review the second chapter tonight and I promise I'll do the following three just as soon as I possibly can. ♥

Author's Response: You wish to apologize for your review being a few hours late? I would like to grovel at your feet and ask for forgiveness for taking months to respond to it! :S I'm so sorry that I've taken forever! My life sort of took a spin out of control but I think I have a grasp on it.

Remus always struck me as this man with a lot of patience. At least the older Remus that we saw in the books. I order to be a teacher you have to be patient in the first place. But somehow I didn't get that idea for a young Remus for patience is something we learn, not something we just have.

I think he suffered a lot in his young days and I think that's where the self-hatred comes from. He tries so hard to remind himself that he's human because he lives in a society that think of his kind as low animals. They're both feared and hated. So I had Remus but fear and hate himself when he was young. That's why he chooses to keep the werewolf at bay for as long as possible and to keep ignorant of Wolf's doings. He just doesn't care. He wants absolutely nothing to do with his feral side mostly because he's, in a way, disgusted by it.

McGonagall is such a hard character to write! So I'm glad that you thought of her as a believable character!

Remus's transformation was the best part to write. Wow...that sounded horrible from me! Every time I read a Remus werewolf fic, the author never really explore the process so it was fun for me to sort of look into that and wonder how the bones would melt and readjust to that of a wolf. It sounds painful too, I won't deny it but yeah...XD

I'm very happy that you liked the Marauders's first scene. I mean, I'm not saying that this is how it happened in the books but for me, it's a lot more meaningful for them to show during the full moon to show Remus that they care and support him and that they don't care about his problem. Remus is there but you're right, he's just 'miles away' and checks in on Wolf. However, when Wolf started to behave out of the norm, Remus decided to check into him to see what was getting him riled up. The scent helped him realize what had happened so he had to put a stop to Wolf before he managed to eat James.

Thank you so much for the critique! I went head and reduced the amount of spacing and fixed the typos/grammar issues.

I once again apologize for taking forever with giving you a proper response. XD

Until next time

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Review #23, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Chapter 2

23rd January 2013:
Hello again :)

Gosh - such an amazing chapter once again! You have such a gift for writing Remus and his werewolf side. I know I told you in the last review but the way you keep them so separate but then allow them to talk to each other at the important moments it's just fascinating to read. I'm so hooked on this story!

You have an amazing grasp on how the pack works and how both the wolf feels and reacts to the situation around him. From protecting his territory to protecting Sirius when he felt he owed him a debt. It makes it so interesting to read and you write stuff I'd never really considered before but then when I read it I'm like, well of course that must have happened!

I think my favourite bit of the chapter was when Sirius stopped the wolf biting Gavin but then when wolf was being attacked he protected him! The loyalty and friendship was just so clear even in animal form and it was just amazing!

Then you changed view again and we're right back with typical Remus, panicking that the doors open and he can taste blood. You have both Remus and the wolfs characters down perfectly.

Remus' reaction to seeing the boys downstairs was great, from being angry and unbelieveing, to then being confused by their acceptance to just being down right happy. It was lovely to read, and as I've already said, a typical Remus reaction!

I love love love that you gave the nicknames an orgin, and through doing that you showed how much the boys struggled to do what they did for Remus! It wasn't easy and Sirius getting stuck was a nice touch. Hooves made me laugh so much though! I almost wish that was what James had gone for in the end!

The way James worked out that he was a werewolf as Peter said Remus was like a girl was hilarious and from now on, this is the exact way I will think of this. It was just so great and funny!

The boys though are so cute and lovely! When they were telling Remus about all the research they did and that they were hoping to be friends with wolf Remus as Animagi. I just wanted to give them a big hug! It was lovely!

Two things I liked that you mentioned, McGonagall getting proposals from that man and the bit where Sirius tells Remus he likes his rabbits cooked. Just passing comments but they really made me smile.

Three tiny little typos:

'The name McGonagall stirred a thought on Wolf's mind but quickly dismissed it' I think it just needs to be 'he quickly dismissed it' or 'was quickly dismissed'. Your just missing a word basically.

'The dog did the same as Wolf as he carried the rat, which seemed to be clinging on the dog's fur for his dear life' the 'dear' has a bold 'r'?

'James gave me a cheeky smile and a wink just as I looked at my down on my bare shoulders' the end bit doesn't make sense. You either need 'I looked down on my bare shoulders' or 'I looked at my bare shoulders'

Just minor tiny tiny things but I haven't really got anything in the way of CC as I love the story just as it is so wanted to be helpful in some way :)

Another amazing chapter though, looking forward to reading more soon!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Waaah! I can't believe that I've taken forever and ever to come and respond to this! :(

Wolf is such a fun character to write. To be honest, he slowly became an OC of his own without even trying.

Whenever I was reading the book of Kitty Norville, they had pack moments and behavior and I started to wonder about Remus. And how it must have been with him and the rest of the Marauders. I sort of had a moment like you of "of course this must've happened!"

Remus's reactions were fun to write. In fact because of that f-bomb I had to bring of the fic rating but it wouldn't have been 'normal' if he didn't say it! I mean, he just found his three friends in the raggedy shack. The three people that he's been hiding the secret from are there, like it's nothing. Of course he was going to drop the f-bomb and be mad!

I'm super glad that I made you laugh with those moments because I think I'm horrid with comedy! I at least got someone to chuckle at my silly jokes! XD

Thank you for pointing out the CC. I went ahead and edited those parts so they should be fixed now. :D

Thank you so much for reviewing and once again so so so so sory for the delay! I feel bad! But man, real life has been kicking me in the behind lately! :(

Anyway! On with responding to your other and everyone's reviews! XD

Until next time


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Review #24, by patronus_charm Chapter 1

19th January 2013:
Hello, I'm here with your random review, and yay it will be the 100th one as well ;D

I loved how you talked about Remus and the wolf being seperate, as I think of them like that as well. Because it showed his split mind really! I loved the fact that though he was a wolf he was still so human. So you kept the 2 sides seperate yet merged them at times as well, which was a really great idea!

I liked the mention of the Marauders in the animal forms, as I really love reading them being animals, as it's such a cool perspective.

I thought this was a really good chapter, and I'm off to read the others as well! Sorry about this review being brief, I just want to read the next chapters ;D

Author's Response: I finally got around to answer this! Ugh so sorry I've taken forever!

I'm glad that you liked both Remus and Wolf. They're definitely two different characters with their different tempers, likes and dislikes. Leadership is a big difference between the two. Remus tries really hard to feel human but sadly he doesnt realize that he IS human but with a furry side.

The Marauders are always fun to write about but let me tell you...writing from an animal POV is hard.

I hope you had the chance to read the other chaptets!

Thank you for your kind review and so sorry that I took forever to give you a response!


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Review #25, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Chapter 1

18th January 2013:
Hello! Laurenzo7321 here with your requested review :)

Oh, I'm so glad you requested this story! I've heard nothing but praise for it but with RL getting in the way and other requested reviews I haven't had the chance to get round to read it. It really hasn't disappointed either, I loved it!

The way you split Remus and the wolf up but they were still in contact with each other was amazing! Remus was so full of pain in the first bit, I loved how he refused to give in and give up his humanity. It was just... very Remus. You have his character spot on and it was honestly just so good to read. You then completely contrasted this with the wolf's instinctive personality and anger at being kept caged up, giving us the split personality and it worked so well. It made it feel so real.

The line you write about his heightened sense helping him sneak around with the other Marauders was great - it made me smile! I love little one liners like that!

I think your description of Remus transforming was written really well. I had vivid images the whole way through. You really got across the pain and the reluctance of the whole transformation across so just a huge well done to you!

You really wrote the wolves perspective well too. I like how he saw everything in terms of territory and packs and instantly singled Peter out as the 'runt'. My heart was literally stopping when he wanted to kill James! I liked how the combination of Sirius finally taking the submissive position and Lupin telling the wolf they were friends stopped him from doing any bad. I think the 'nagging voice' just reinforced that Lupin does still have some restraint over the wolf which was good.

I haven't really got anything in the way of CC as I loved everything the way it was. The one thing I would perhaps mention is McGonagall repeated 'Mr Lupin' a lot at the start but then using 'Mr Lupin' was in canon for her.

Amazing chapter anyway, I honestly loved it. I hope you re-request but if not I'm sure I'll be back around to read more as soon as possible!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Heya!

Finally here with your response! I'm going to keep it short unfortunately...a cut on my finger is making typing very hard and painful. Hahaha, silly knives like human blood! XD

Remus's humanity is very important to him. He grew up in a society that viewed werewolves as uncontrollable animals and not as a human beings with a problem. With every transformation, Remus has to remind himself that he is, indeed, still human...just with a furry little problem. I never imagined myself writing a werewolf story let alone dwell deeply into just one character however, writing about Remus has been quite fun! Specially Wolf, who is just the opposite of what Remus is. They may share the same body but that doesn't mean they actually like each other.

JKR said that being a werewolf was like a disease however, I couldn't ignore the myths behind werewolves...I had to give him at least advanced hearing and sight!

Hahaha, James did indeed almost become a meal. Can you imagine if that had happened! Oh, not only the guilt but it is quite nasty...wonder if that would still be called cannibalism...Sirius is the only one Wolf identifies and trusts first because he's another canine. He had to become submissive otherwise he too would've become a meal or at least attacked very badly. Remus is still sorta there...he just shuts himself away from Wolf mentally speaking. However, thanks to the scents he was able to recognize his friends so he had to intervene.

I'll definitely be going back and taking another look at Minerva to stop her from repeating herself. XD

Thank you so much for your review! I already re-requested so I hope to see you soon!!! :D

Until next time!


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