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Review #1, by PunIntended Curiousity

19th August 2012:
Hi! PunIntended here from the Fairy Tale Challenge! Sorry for the ginormous delay! (school and work blah blah blah)

Super super entry! Thank you for participating! This story definitely hit this challenge in the eye. It captured Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and melded it with Harry Potter perfectly. I love the random magical mood of the whole piece. I loved how the marauders played Lewis's characters. I really like that you used the black lake as the rabbit hole. The end was especially cute too.

Super job!

Author's Response: Hello there, challenge-master! Don't worry about the delay - I'm occasionally known for those, too :p

Seriously? Thank you! I honestly didn't know at first what to do when I got Alice in Wonderland, but suddenly I just realised that the banner was soon going to be placed off hold so I had to write something and churned this sweetheart out in a couple of hours :D

This was such a sweet review and thank you for all of the compliments! Even if I don't win, it was still an awesome challenge and thank you for thinking it all up :)

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Review #2, by Phoenix_feather123 Curiousity

25th July 2012:
That was weird and random!! :)
I liked it though.

Author's Response: This was a weird and random review, too, ha :) It is still a lovely compliment, though, so thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by MagicalInk Curiousity

11th June 2012:
Oh Merlin. It was amazing. How to review without getting as random as the story? Haha, I just enjoyed very aspect of it.

Okay first off, I don't care it's not exactly Lewis Caroll's style, because it is yours and it was still amazing.
You pretty much captured what he did with Alice in Wonderland, or the base of it all per say. And that is, the randomness of life and such. How you switched scenes just like that, breaking them with "*" when they really flowed in well and your words were perfectly chosen to make it all just a great one-shot. You adapted Lewis' world to HP's magical one so great I loved it.

Your characters were the funniest probably. I loved how you introduced Lily's closest friends as the ones that seemed to help her the least but actually did want to. And the house elf! My favorite one has to be Dormouse because I loved his philosophical random lines, but all the Marauders were just great. Maybe they were slightly too childish for 13 years old, but I loved that Lily couldn't remember what she had been reading and tie the pieces together because that made it all more fun.

I feel like I'm not helping at all with this review because I'm just rambling over how random and great this all was, but that is because I'm a really random person and so sort of felt "me" all over this piece. The only advice I could give you would be to guide your story as if something was actually going to happen, and then stumble it all down to drive it into the absurd. But I just love it how it is and the whole ‘wee little girls should ne’er listen to the ones they trust the most’ was actually pretty interesting. There were some little structure mistakes but nothing too distracting so that was also great.

Okay so, I probably didn't say anything interesting to you through all this rambling, but it's just that I loved it ever since I read your preview on the forums and so had to share the love.
Please keep writing randomness like this it is really enjoyable and refreshing!

Author's Response: Aww, you're way too sweet *blushes* Was it really? I didn't even dare to attempt Lewis Carroll's style, but that is a /lovely/ compliment, so thank you. I agree, I adored the Dormouse, too - his weird sayings were ridiculously fun to write.

While typing this out, I've thought of a reason why the Marauders seem so childish - that's how Lily sees them, completely childish and infuriating, and thus, that's how they appear in her mind/dream/reality thing.

A stupendous thank you to you, love - this was such a lovely, heartwarming review that made me flail and blush like a Weasley, and I'm glad you enjoyed this :)

- Linn

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Review #4, by UnluckyStar57 Curiousity

7th June 2012:
That was clever!!
The incorporation of aspects of Hogwarts with aspects of
Wonderland was quite good, and it all flowed very nicely
from one thing to the next.
Peter was funny. He actually made me laugh aloud. :)
I was a little puzzled by seeing things from the book AND
the movie, because they are quite different from each
other, but the consistency of the story wasn't affected
because of that.
Good luck in the challenge! :)

Author's Response: Why, thank you! I loved writing this - it tested my brains to see how familiar I could make Alice in Wonderland, and for once in my life I adored Peter and his strange, but true, sayings. Oh, yes, my silly brain can't quite tell the difference between the two yet, but I'm still glad you liked it and thanks for reviewing! You're my most faithful, did you know that? ;)

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