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Review #1, by manno_malfoy Splintered Roses

18th July 2012:
Hi Naida! Since I have missed the reviewing fiesta today, I thought I should go ahead and party on my own anyway! And I found myself on your author page! So...

This certainly is different from what Draco/Astoria stories are generally known for. It's such a bold move to take on such a plot.

The overall tone that's dark is very well-executed that it's almost agitating to see Draco in such a light. Although I would normally inch away from stories that overly-dramatise things for Draco after the war, yours seemed special and skillfully composed, consistent with tone and descriptions that it kept me going on, wanting to know what's going to happen next for him.

I liked the semi-symbiotic relationship between Emma and Draco. I suppose that, indeed, seeing what someone else may be suffering from and how they take on what comes their way may make us change the way we deal with things ourselves. Despite how dramatic most of the story seems to be, this bit seemed so realistic and natural, gleaming with authenticity. And after all, it was Emma's daughter who helped Draco recover, even if not completely -which is also realistic. I could imagine that after being broken the way you had portrayed Draco in the beginning makes it hard to have him fully recover and be left with no bitterness towards the past.

I really liked the descriptions all over the story! They make up a huge part, showing us things through Draco's eyes and how things changed around him.

Also! I like how you've described Astoria. We never saw her in the books and, like we needed to see Draco's dreadful surroundings and his prison, we needed to see his saviour. I especially liked how you didn't overwhelm us with details about her physical appearance at the same time, but rather offered us a few more descriptions every time you made her appear. I think that I can clearly see your Astoria in my head.

The part that made me shudder was when you said that he buried her under the apple tree. Although I can see why he did it and the symbolism and the emotions behind it all, it still leaves me with a weird feeling of discomfort. But it's an action that fits your Draco.

And, in contrast to all the dark drama comes the finale. Drapple. When I saw that the first time, I frowned and had to reread the line before it before laughing like a mad person! I think if Drapple wasn't such a well-know (and also despised) pairing, this would've been quite the ending. Nonetheless, since many of us know it, it just makes things so funny!

Anyway, you're such an amazing writer and this story, despite its having originated from a joke, is so artistic and beautiful and I love it!

Never stop writing, Naida!


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Review #2, by Miss Muggle Splintered Roses

30th May 2012:
I like how you show Draco and how he feels after the war. I can tell how out of control and lost he is. I think you show the light and dark contrast in him very well. Kind of war and love. But true love makes everything better! ;) I also like how she pulled away when he suddenly kissed her instead of acting like it is normal, like in a lot of fics.

Drapple. This made me giggle. But since the story is more drama and angst, the line kind of takes away some of the drama at the end. I do think it is an excellent way to slip Drapple in there, though :)

I like the way you used the Hades/Persephone legend. I can see where it is the same and where it is different. Perfect adaption of the myth. When I read it through and he handed her the apple and she bite it then stayed, I thought 'hey, that's like Persephone' and then it was!

Thank you for entering the challenge! (especially for being the first entry!)

Author's Response: I'm so so sorry for taking forever to respond to you! This was such a lovely review ♥ Draco was fun to write in this, and I'm so glad you liked the contrast. Yes, haha, if some random person kissed me, I'd definitely be creeped out :P

I know what you mean about the Drapple; that was my guilty pleasure at the end xD

I'm really glad that you got the Hades/Persephone myth! I wanted to adapt it and use it, so it's nice to know that it came through.

Thanks for your review! :)


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Review #3, by Manga_girl Splintered Roses

29th May 2012:
Naida!! This is really great - I love the description and detail in this. Also, your characters have great names *cough*Emma*cough*!!

I love how you made Drapple work. Seriously, you're a writing legend. I just love your writing so much!!

Emma xx

Author's Response: Hi Emma! Thank you so much for reading this :D lol you must have been on my mind when I wrote this or something xD Well...Helen made me do it, but I'm so glad you like it. /Legend/? Really? Wow. That's a huge compliment :D

Thank you!

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Review #4, by maskedmuggle Splintered Roses

29th May 2012:
NAIDA!! Oh my goodness, this was seriously such an amazing story to read! I saw this on the recently updated list and couldn't resist! WHY ARE YOU SO AMAZING? I actually meant to read this later - i saw this, was going to bookmark it and read it later, but after reading the first few sentences I was instantly hooked in. I mean, I knew it was a Draco fic, and the start was just so intriguing and really made me want to know more.

His feelings about never feeling normal, and how he was kind of twisted inside, hence the therapist, was actually very realistic for me - I think a war of that magnitude could definitely affect someone like Draco that badly. And I loved how Draco just remained silent - that in itself sends such a strong message. Ahh the whole story just fit in so well, with Emma, losing her daughter Daphne and Astoria coming in too! I would love to know what Astoria was thinking throughout this.. she seems like such a unique character, accepting an apple as an apology.. and I would love to know more between the "I suppose I could stay a while" and her very sad burial. In one way, it was perfect, but in another way, some small part of me feels like I just missed out on something big during the big gap. and actually, i'm just very curious to know how they got from there to there. :P

I loved this: ďThe garden here used to be beautiful, you know. Vivid colors and soft grass. But itís all grey now. Grey and dead. I want to make it beautiful again. But I need help. I need someone beautiful to help me." Aww Draco! & YOUR WRITING THROUGHOUT THIS was just brilliant! So beautiful, conveyed so many emotions, feelings.. and generally, the idea of the apple throughout this and how Draco calls her my apple.. :L ♥ THE LAST LINE WAS JUST brilliant! Haha, it was like BAM end of story. I loved this new take on Draco/Astoria - I don't believe I've ever seen them written like this - usually they're portrayed as still being posh, rich and high-class but slightly excluded from society, but here they're just living a simple life and it's so beautiful! And I love how you incorporated Drapple into this and really made it into something meaningful - you didn't just throw in the nickname, you built a whole story around it, which was just so great.

I LOVED THIS! It's just such a unique piece, I really need to read more of your fics! Great story, amazing writing! :)


I pretty much died when I got this and I'm dying again right now. GAH. You're much too lovely to me. Yup, I always thought the children in the war at the very least would suffer from some kind of PTSD. In that kind of a conflict, it's only natural. I'm glad you liked Draco remaining silent as well! (no, of course that wasn't because I didn't feel like writing dialogue :P) Astoria was fun to write as well. I had actually got insipration for her by browsing photomanips on TDA :P There were all these fantasy type manips and I just wanted to make her seem otherwordly, in a way. The big gap was there because I didn't want to end it with her saying she could stay, but I also didn't want to end up with a 10K one shot :P It'd actually be fun to expand this into a novella...NO NO PLUNNIES GO AWAY xD

Eek, so glad you liked that. I know canon Draco would like NEVER say that but hey, this is fanfiction. Ironically, the last line inspired the whole story (which was originally supposed to be humor, stupid muse). I would think Draco would be done with being high class, to be honest :P I mean, Rowling said he was never a nice man (which I tried to convey~ish) but I don't think he'd have the same lifestyle of his father. I felt like there had to be some story with Drapple, so here it is.

You're just too amazing. And I know this response can never live up to your review, so just thank you a gazillion times ♥


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Review #5, by AC_rules Splintered Roses

28th May 2012:



But see, I cant' find it fully funny because it really was a beautiful piece of writing. In my mind I was going to be able to roll up here and find it really funny but NO IT WAS GOOD AND I REALYYY ENJOYED IT.

For one, I loved that when you have Draco lunging forward and kissing Astoria she isn't like 'oh, okay, that's cool' and she's more like WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! So many times in fanfiction you just have one character randomly kissing the other and the other person just going with it. Honestly, if some random person I'd met twenty minutes ago tried to kiss me I'd... (oh Merlin, I'm getting a flashback here)... well, I'd be very very very very very very very creeped out. SO YEAH her reaction made a hell of a lot of sense, but I was also pretty down with Draco acting kind of out of control and like WHAT AM I EVEN DOING because, hmm, I think you caputured the desperation of it all pretty well there.

And the Drapple thing. Perfection, my dear. Yup. Loved it.

Thanks for letting me persuade you into writing this :P



All credit goes to you. *nods*

YES SEE I was all ready to make this funny and light hearted know what me and humor don't get along well. Actually, it's my muse's fault. I've recently discovered that she only wears black and emo makeup and she's just a big ball of angst angst angst. So it's not my fault really. Blame it all on her. I try and write thing humorous but then she's just like NO IT MUST BE TRAGIC. So yeah. Tragedy galore :P

YES. THE KISS. PEOPLE AREN'T OKAY WITH THAT. Y'know, if Draco actually did lunge forward and kiss me, I'd be pretty okay with that because DRACO FLIPPING MALFOY would be kissing me, but still. Normal people don't react like that. Glad you liked it!

Hah, it was one little sentence at the end instead of an entire story...BUT hey, whatever, it counts, right?

Thank you for persuading me :P


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