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Review #1, by sillylion Day 3~Calla Lily

3rd January 2013:
oh! Good third chapter! I hope to see loads more! You really did make a cute and romantic mystery for us all to slove!

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Review #2, by sillylion Day 2~Stargazer

14th December 2012:
Wow. That lily I have to admit seems a tad creepy... Will this be a Lily and Scorp???

Author's Response: I agree haha! I can't tell you that, it would ruin the surprise :) Thanks for the review!!!

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Review #3, by sillylion Day 1~Double White Lily

14th December 2012:
Wow! Great first chapter and I cant wait to see how the rest of it goes!

Author's Response: Well thank you so much!! I am so so sorry it has taken me forever to respond, I have taken a little break recently due to a lot of stress with school work but hopefully I will get a chance to start writing again! I haven't got a lot more for you to read, but if you stick with it I promise there will be more soon! Thank you so much for your review, it means a lot to me! And gives me inspiration to start writing again!!

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Review #4, by Sail with me into the dark Day 3~Calla Lily

2nd August 2012:
Ooh, Colin Creevey is so adorably adorable! Just...awwee!! I really hope its him!

Love this story a lot! I cannot wait to read more of it or any of your stories, really!

Author's Response: :) Thank you so much! I love Colin too…I don't know! I guess you will have to keep reading! But thank you for your review! It inspires me every time to keep writing!

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Review #5, by Sail with me into the dark Day 2~Stargazer

7th July 2012:
Love the chapter again! This is getting so adorable, I can't wait to read more and see whose giving her the flowers!

Also, her friends are really cool, they remind me of my friends! lol did you model them after yours or something? They just seem super realistic is all.

Amazing job! I cant wait to read more of any of your stories!! :D

Author's Response: I am glad that you like it! I love writing this story, it is such fluff but it is fun to write, so I am glad you like it!

Yeah, her friends are kind of a mixture of all of my friends, and traits of other people, maybe a little bit of me, but I think that all their little quirks are fun to write :) Mostly inspired by real people. I am really glad that you like them!!

And thank you so much for all of your reviews, they are so inspiring. They make me want to write, actually, I might go write now! :)

Thanks again!

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Review #6, by Sail with me into the dark Day 1~Double White Lily

14th June 2012:
Great first chapter! I really love this story so far, amazing job! I hope you update soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I have the second chapter written and now that I am back from my trip, I can update! It is just waiting for the queue that is always hard! Especially with three stories that I am working on...haha but I am so glad you liked it! It means a lot to me that you reviewed! I hope you keep reading!

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