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Review #1, by Cirque Du Freak Introducing: The Trained Agents

30th June 2012:
I am absolutely loving the idea of James and Lily in the MI5! Its absolutely brilliant and I enjoyed every minute of reading this.

The idea of them being Muggles (are they really?) is totally plausible in this case and you've alterred it in a way that makes this pairing interesting. I detest reading Jily, but this is one od the few fics I think has great potential. You definitely deserve more reviews.

I love your characterization especially the scene between Sirius and Lily (can't deny a bit of Sirius).

Whilst the breakup between Jily and their interactions are similar I'm completely thrown off with the whole Muggle aspect of this and I can't picture entirely of where this is going and its so refreshing to find!

I also think it was a really good idea to have Sirius as an ex-agent because it adds even more to the mystery of the story and also creates loads of tension for when you swap between Jily and him!

I love Minnie the cat and Moody being the boss! I think its a great idea to keep all the fab characters, and you even brought in Tom the bartender! I also can't wait to see how Remus and Peter turn out as the back up. Gaaah, the amount of different things you have going on is so exciting! Its definitely a delightful surprise. I can't wait to read the next chapter.


Author's Response: Thank you :) it's getting tricky to put all of the major and minor characters into a role where magic isn't involved but it's also quite fun haha. Hope you keep reading :)

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Review #2, by Absolutely Indecisive Moving Day

30th June 2012:
what a cliff hanger! who's at the door? I think it's Lily, but I need to know!! I really enjoyed reading this, you write really well, and I definitely want to find out what happens next. I'm also looking forward to seeing Lily and James living together!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Hopefully you won't have too long to wait (I'm awful at getting the rating right... not managed yet to get a chapter validated successfully the first time haha!) before the rest of the story is up.

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Review #3, by starryskies55 Introducing: The Trained Agents

9th June 2012:
This ...wow...

so amazing. Really, fantastic. Genius. Can I enthuse about it some more?

Such a clever idea, and your writing is fantastic. Honestly, I'm super amazed this isn't mega popular. Wowow.

Words aren't enough. I love action, James Bond and Marauders, it's really amazing. Well done!


Author's Response: Aww thank you for your lovely review :) I'm so happy you liked the writing style as well as the plot, this is actually my attempt at a re-write of this story because I felt my writing wasn't really up to scratch the first time around!

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