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Review #1, by missclaire17 Chapter 2.

5th March 2013:
I loved this!!! Though it was only a span of a couple of days in Ron's life, I think you portrayed Ron very well and showed just how human he was and the types of insecurities that he must have felt as an incoming first year. there were already the fears of starting as a first year and added on the pressure of being the sixth kid and his insecurities didn't make anything easier.
I liked how you wrote about Harry and Ron's beginning of a friendship and how they eased themselves into a wonderful friendship on the train ride. Ron wasn't sure of Harry until he saw the little gestures that Harry did that told Ron how good of a friend Harry can be.
I loved the way you portrayed Ron and I think its amazing (:

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. I apologise for the slow response!

I'm very glad to hear that you enjoyed Ron's portrayal here - it was important to me that he felt like Ron! And although he's insecure and has his problems, he's a good kid really.

I enjoyed writing it very much.

Thanks again!
Athene xo

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Review #2, by CambAngst Chapter 1.

7th December 2012:
Ho, ho, ho! This is your Holiday Review Swap Thingee review!

You know how much I've enjoyed your portrayals of the Weasley family, and this chapter was no exception at all. Poor little Ron! I thought you did a great job of capturing his fear and anxiety about starting school. It made perfect sense to see him want to have something, anything to take with him to school that would help him begin to step out of the shadows cast by his older brothers. When that doesn't happen, all of his feelings of inadequacy turn into anger. I'm sure his outburst was hard on his parents and even his older siblings, but the fact that he immediately feels badly about it brings him right back into character.

Molly was so sweet to him. She doesn't let him off the hook, but she's able to cut right to the heart of what's really bothering him. It's such a motherly gesture, managing to reprimand him and comfort him at the same time.

He's just adorable, modelling his new school robes in front of the mirror, practicing his introductions, dreaming of what life will be like. And then Fred and George come along. Oh, my, I sure hope he's smart enough not to actually try any spell that they would give him. You did a really good job writing the two of them, giving us just enough insight into their behavior to make me pretty darn sure that they're up to no good.

Percy is... well... he's Percy. No harm done, but not a great deal of good, either. I'm glad that Ron looks at him and sees a possible future he's not eager to embrace.

Mr. Weasley was definitely the most calming influence on things. You wrote him with a lot of subtlety. The complex mix of sadness and pride and disappointment and affection was really well done. It all comes through in various parts. He really understands what Ron is going through, and he's able to find just the right things to say to comfort his youngest son, at least for a while...

The ending was sad. Unfortunately, he did try the spell that Fred and George gave him and he's probably the only person in the world who's surprised that it didn't work. It was a really cruel thing, but that's sort of the life that Ron's been accustomed to. His disappointment and anxiety were really touching. I think we've all been there at some point or another in our lives.

Your writing was really lovely in this. I didn't see any typos or grammatical problems, and everything flowed really smoothly. It was easy to lose myself in this for a while. Nicely done and Happy Holidays!

Author's Response: Hi Dan! I have to begin with an apology for being so slow to reply to this lovely review. Life, eh?

I’m glad you chose this story to review (I think you’ve pretty much reviewed everything I’ve got!) because little Ronniekins holds a special place in my heart. Poor little Ron indeed! Ron has a reputation for being a hothead, sometimes seeming very unreasonable, but you’ve put your finger on it - his feelings of inadequacy become anger. I think that’s very much what I wanted to show here. His instant contrition is also very much a part of who he is, and I think JKR shows us that quite often, in moments where Ron goes to speak again but then decides to stay angry. The poor thing gets himself into such a state sometimes.

‘Reprimanding and comforting’ are two word that I think capture Molly pretty well!

It’s really tricky writing Fred and George, as I don’t want them to be clones of each other, or just jesters. I’m glad you think I managed to write them okay!

And Perce. I feel sorry for him, but he is a total prig at that age (and for a few years yet) but I do try to make up for it by making him that bit more relaxed in the Growing Gathering of Weasleys. I suppose being a rule follower and a know-it-all is just his way of trying to distinguish himself amongst his siblings. In that way, he’s quite similar to Ron. And, in fact, the polar opposite of the twins.

I love Arthur Weasley. I find him calming to write! Haha. Thank you so much for all of your kind comments on this chapter, but particularly for what you said about the way I wrote Arthur.

Yeah, the ending was sad. But the next chapter shows him meeting Harry, which was as much of a turning point for him as it was for Harry, I believe.

Thanks again for your wonderful review, I always find your comments so thought-provoking and helpful.

Sarah xo

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Review #3, by Ginger Lust Chapter 2.

16th August 2012:
I loved this story. Very expressive. Great insight to the young Ron. And so in character also. You really feel for Ron.
Very entertaining.
Plus, you write well. I have read several of your stories and always enjoy them.
Keep up good work.

Author's Response: Thank you, for reading and reviewing, as well as your encouraging words. I love Ron! I'm glad you are enjoying my stories, I am enjoying writing them.

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Review #4, by broadwaykat Chapter 2.

30th July 2012:
There were so many little one-liners in here, that it's hard to pick a favorite - which is what I seem to do with a lot of your stories. This chapter was just adorable - and I total envy your ability to write like eleven year old boys with such an apparent EASE. I write them too, but I always freak out and wonder what I'm doing wrong. I'm wholly jealous.

I think the biggest thing I take away from this moment is the interactions, or the first thoughts, of Ron looking at Harry in those first stages of their friendship! I mean, you introduced us to his family in the first chapter, and his interactions with them - but Harry really becomes that 'lost brother' to him! So it was like you showed his real family in one chapter...and his extended in another. And that's just awesome, really.

It really makes a reader think - because here we have seen Ron, who has a HUGE family and lots of love, but he's stuck with his little grey rat. And then we have Harry, with the owl of Ron's DREAMS - but no family. A kid who's so desperate to HAVE that family, too. I was waiting for Ron to wake up and REALIZE that, and I can just picture him starting to get real hints of that with other scenes we know that's to come in the books - like with the mirror or Erised.

You break my heart, girl!

I'll hilight my two favorite lines - not the funny ones, specifically, but the ones that really got me - just because I like doing that when I find 'em.

Ron stole another glance at the boy sitting next to him in the boat. With his knobbly knees and thin shoulders, Harry didn't look like he'd ever had much to eat. That he'd share his chocolate frogs with a relative stranger showed a kind of openness and generosity that Ron reckoned he'd value in a friend. Ron. It's like 'Yeah - he shares his stuff with me. I think I'd like him as a friend'. It's that first friendship stuff - you don't really focus TOOO much on the fact that hey, he's just a really nice guy so I should stick with him. He seems I reckon he's okay.

'Harry Potter had conquered death before he was even out of nappies. Ron Weasley was about to start at Hogwarts and he hadnt even conquered his fear of the dark.'

I just...okay, I can't even distinguish why I love this line so much - but it just ENCAPSULATES Ron. It's all those insecurities and jealousies he continues to show when he's older in big, bad outbursts all caught up in eleven year old insecurities. I love, love, love it.

Author's Response: I love eleven year old Ron. I love writing him; what does it say about me that I'm more comfortable writing from a child's POV than a teen or an adult?!

Once again, you have written an amazingly thoughtful review and I'm again astounded by the perception you show in your reading! (also you keep making me look cleverer than I am) Are you an English lit student!?

So, your comments about Ron's 'lost brother', about the owl and the rat and the families, and the mirror of Erised. Well, it's just lovely to read your reviews. You should open a review thread, your insight is so valuable.

'Yeah - he shares his stuff with me. I think I'd like him as a friend'. - hahahaha, this IS so Ron. Not just ickle Ron, but Ron.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to do these reviews, and thank you again for giving Pop Goes The Weasel 1st place in the Daddy Dearest challenge. The inspiration I got from that challenge was fab... you sparked what's going to probably be a novella!

Thank you thank you thank you! (and get well soon!)

Athene xo

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Review #5, by broadwaykat Chapter 1.

30th July 2012:
I always want to hug ickle Ron. Your Ron is no exception - because he's sooo perfect it's just. Him. I always feel like an idiot trying to explain with your stories how wonderful you are with characterizations - but you are. Wonderful.

The moments with the family here are just darling - everyone's reactions are too a 'T' and I love how they all try to cheer him up in their own way. Even Percy - who I think in this moment is my FAVORITE sibling of all of them. He's so full of himself but he does it with such love that you just can't smuck him and tell him to go calm down. And there really is SUCH a connection between him and Ron, different ends of the emotional spectrum but in so many ways they both want the same thing - to be distinguished and different.

Another thing I have to comment on, because I've seen it a lot in other Weasley stories is - Way to not go overboard on the twinspeak! Yay! You have Fred and George as two individual who indeed do not share one brain and thought patterns between each other like weird simese psychics! Brava!

To finish up, I do have to say that I think my favorite reference out of this entire story is to Percy teaching Scabbers to be a quill sharpener. That's absolutely brilliant - and even though I know he is indeed a scary, bald and evil little man beneath those cuddly whiskers I just, like...It's honestly like the feelings you get re-reading the innocence of the first book and forgetting about all that...ugliness. Scabbers was the perfect starter-pet for ron...and neither of them turn out to be just 'ordinary grey rats', do they!

Author's Response: I wanna hug ickle Ron too. He's such a little soul. I don't really know how to respond to such kind words (especially about the characterization) other than to say thank you thank you thank you!

As I said in another response, I love the link you've drawn here between Percy and Ron. You're very astute, you know!

I did find writing Fred and George tricky, but from what you say it turned out alright! They very rarely actually end each others sentences in canon, although they do often say what the other is thinking!

Ahh, you've picked out my favourite little bit in the whole chapter. Scabbers the quill sharpener. It was hard to write Scabbers as this innocent, rather sweet little pet, knowing what he really was... but I just had to remember the way we all saw him until the end of the third book (/film, whatever floats your boat). Before we knew about Peter, we thought Scabbers really was just a lazy, content little creature who stood for the Weasley's poverty (and Ron's pride).

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Review #6, by Jchrissy Chapter 2.

2nd July 2012:
Yay Im here Im here! Okay, Im pretending you are one of my review requesters so I can make an actual coherent review and not just gush. Here we go!

I love the tie in with the ink on Rons nose! Love, love, love it! I was giggling at the idea of him throwing wrappers (you have sweet, I think you meant sweets) and magazines over the towel. I remember doing things like that, so that is a perfect and relatable incident. The starts of this is perfect, I loved imaging a little 11 year old Ron!

The line about the thought of his mothers Christmas turkey giving him a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach- Brilliant! Ron really would be one of those, his heart is through his stomach, types!

The first meeting through Rons PoV is so great. It made my heart happy to remember that part of SS/PS. I love the way Ron almost have enough courage built up to talk to him, then loses it because of the owl. We know how shy he is about money, so it makes perfect sense.

Okay. Im mad at you. Rewind, get off the boat, and get yourself back on the train, missy! I want to know what Ron is thinking when he learns its Harry, and when he meets Hermione trying to find Nevilles toad.. and when he is in awe of Harrys gold and when Harry gives him sweets. Sarah, I want all of it! Get back on the writing train asap!

Okay, now that I have continued reading, I do see you are sneakily slipping in here. you might be forgive. *blushing*

I love Rons first idea of Neville and Hermione, and I think its extremely accurate! I was giggling at the different names he was guessing for Hermione. The descriptions is wonderful so far, Ive witness each scene perfectly!

Rons apprehension is so precious, and I like that he decided maybe Hufflepuff wouldnt be too bad. I also enjoy that youve given a bit of the characteristic of the houses through Ron, its so much fun to be in his little eleven year old head!

Ahh I love that Ron has already decided hes going to be in Hufflepuff when he thinks the part about there not being much of a change of the boy who lived being sorted into Hufflepuff. Its great! You are filling my heart with way too much warm fuzzy right now!

Thats it? Youre done?? Why! Why are you stopping? There is so much more eleven year old amazingness you can fill my warm heart with! Okay. I want you to write an entire HP series from Rons POV. You know him so well, you know all the Weasleys an amazing amount, so just write all 7 books from Rons PoV and I will be the happiest girl in America! Please! Or at least write how he feels being sorted into Gryffindor :)! PS I learned that we can ignore the coding for our reviews we do in a word program! It will still show the weird codes during the preview part, but as soon as you hit submit review they go away!

This was amazing, so much for not gushing!!

Author's Response: Well, hello Miss Impatience 2012! :P

Do you know, I spent so much time thinking about that smudge on Ron's nose while I was writing this! How did it get there? What is it? The first book really should have been called Harry Potter and the Smudgey Nose, it's such a mystery.

I actually do mean sweet wrappers ;) It's like saying 'car tyres' rather than 'cars tyres' or 'guitar strings' rather than 'guitars strings'.

Ron definitely has his heart in his stomach, bless him!

I actually LOVE it when you get mad at me, haha! I'm going to have to keep writing chapters with plenty of misdirection, some time jumps, maybe the odd twist and turn, just so I can get you cross and then cheer you up again. Heehehehe *rubs hands together in a dastardly fashion*

However, I am glad to see I made you happy too by then flashing back in Ron's mind!

I actually found Ron's 11 year old head very fun to be, you're right. Maybe I *will* continue. just not all 7 books, you nutter :P I think this story is finished but I think I just got pounced on by a plunny for little Hogwarts-era Ron, so watch this space.

Thank you ever so very much for the review and all of the support & encouragement you've given me. You and your reviews make me really happy, you know!

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Review #7, by Keira7794 Chapter 2.

2nd July 2012:

I'm just popping in to read your fabulous entry for the 'Ronald Weasley Challenge'. I'm so glad that you decided to carry this story on - I was completely hooked!

Your characterisation of Ron is brilliant - from his temper tantrum, to his swearing, to his fears of inadequency. Ron's always been left out, in my opinion, and I think you portrayed this brilliantly by him recieving Scabbers off Percy - who had just recieved a new owl - and also your mention of having a hand-me-down wand as well (which of course was convieniently broken in the following book, meaning Ron got a wand of his own ;).)

The twins slightly mean humour came across very well; I love the back-story of the 'turn this stupid fat rat, yellow'. I also really liked how Ron was immediately remourseful. If there is one thing that is present throughout the entire series is that Ron acts on instinct - but then immediately feels guilty. You showed this really well!

One of my favourite parts was how aware Ron is of his money situation and how Harry wouldn't want to be his friend - not because of who he is, but because Harry has an expensive owl. It shows so much about his character and his future decisions. I also liked how he was certain that he would be a Hufflepuff - in my head Ron's loyalty would have been a key factor in his sorting and it wouldn't suprise me if the hat was indecisive. :P

Overall, a fantastic entry and hopefully the results will be up soon! Keira :)

P.S. I've just had a sudden brainwave - I can't believe I forgot! I never did the changes for that banner, did I? I'm so sorry - I'll get right on it (if you still want it) - if not then feel free to reequest on TDA :)

Author's Response: Keira! Thank you for giving this story 3rd place in the Challenge. As I said, I really enjoyed writing it so thanks for the inspiration!

Really glad you enjoyed the second chapter, and thank you so much for reviewing it so thoroughly. Sorry this response is a bit short, my brain is frazzled today. Speaking of which- your brainwave! I sort of thought you'd decided not to do the banner which is why I didn't contact you about it again, I didn't want to bother you! I'm currently unsure about a banner for that story. I've been umming and aahing about what I want on it! But please do whip something up if you're feeling inspired :)

Athene Xo

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Review #8, by Jchrissy Chapter 1.

2nd July 2012:
I love the chapter summary. I was giggling my butt off. Okay, to warn you, I will be trying to avoid apostrophes as much as possible because they form some weird code when transferred from my pages document to the review tab. So, if I seem to be using no contractions, that is why. It is a huge pain to go through and take away all the apostrophes them replace them with ones once they are in the review box.

SO! Anyway, I love the start of this. I dont know I feel worse for, the Weasleys who already felt horrible for not being able to get him a new pet, or Ron for being so excited thinking of what it could be.

I love that you have Ron feeling so ashamed, I think it is perfect and I think his entire over reaction followed by his regret is perfect. That is the exact way Ron would act, you know him so well!!

Oh! Oh! I am loving Fred and George so far! Your Weasley clan is so perfect my dear, I do not know how you can write families so well. And the introduction to the turn your fat rat yellow spell! It is the perfect tie in to one of the best parts of the first book. That very first meeting between Ron and Harry.

I love the thought process you have Ron going into school with. It's so completely real that he would want to be noticed, but terrified of being noticed and being rubbish at the same time. He wants to have the attention devoted to him, but only in a good way, of course. So maybe it is better to just blend in until he knows if he has something to stand out about. Little did he know he would be best friends with Harry Potter...

Bill cried all morning, the day he started at Hogwarts. - Oh my gosh. This is perfect. Precious and absolutely perfect!

Wow, you managed to turn what could be a very boring first chapter idea into something amazing. Its intoxicating! The feelings that go through Ron, the complexity of the entire family dynamic, the reminder of what a real family this is and the glimpse of Rons life before Harry and Hermione. It is all amazing. You are so talented, Sarah.

I will continue onto the second as soon as possible, this a beautiful and perfect read!!

Author's Response: Ugh, those apostrophes drive me crazy! I write all of my reviews in Word and then have to go through the whole thing again looking for apostrophes and hyphens so that I can change them!

Thank you m'dear for the lovely review, I'm very happy that you enjoyed this; I'm fairly certain it's not my best writing, but oh well! I tried!

I find writing Fred & George quite difficult, they really had their own brand of mischief and humour and trying to capture that can be tricky. But you seemed to like them, so I hope I got it right!

And yeah, I thought that bit about Bill was sweet. He may be incredibly cool and devilishly handsome, but he was also the first Weasley child to go to Hogwarts and was only 11 years old!

Glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #9, by BoOkWoRm24 Chapter 1.

28th June 2012:
Hi here with your requested review

So I thought this was a very good start to your story. Your characterization of Ron was great. You asked if I thought you made him too angsty and I don't think that you did. Ron has always been a moody character, and being when you mix that with the immaturity of an eleven year old it makes complete sense that he would feel this way. I mean if I were eleven and going to hogwarts it would be pretty disappointing if I didn't get at least something new. The one bit that I thought was off was towards the end. You put that sentence "I am a grey rat" in there. I see the point that you are getting across here, but I don't think that Ron would have thought it that way. He wouldn't be that philosophical if you know what I mean. If you added something in there like a 'he was just as ordinary as the stupid grey rat' it would seem more in character and appropriate for who Ron is.

I thought the pacing and flow of this was also really good. There were a lot of different scenes packed into here and you transitioned from one to another flawlessly.

The description in here was subtle, but it worked. You didn't waste time telling us in legnthy detail exactly what everyone looked like or what every crevice of the burrow looked like which I thought was good. We already know things like that and you didn't dwindle on them. Instead you injected small amounts of details like that in places that weren't already addressed in the books. For instance you described Scabbers the way he looked after he had eaten the pudding.

Anyway great start to your story and keep up the good work


Author's Response: Thank you for the review.

I agree with you that the bit where Ron has this slightly grown up thought is a bit off (I think it's just pointing out the obvious), I stared at it for a good while before publishing but went with it in the end. But you're quite right.

Thank you very much for your comment on the transition between scenes, thinking back that's something I was concerned about whilst writing it - I had a lot of characters visiting Ron's room to fit into one evening!

Thanks again for the review! :)

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Review #10, by caoty Chapter 1.

24th June 2012:
Hi, I'm here from tag~

Ron is generally not a character who's explored much in fic, and especially not eleven-year-old terrified!Ron. However, you've managed to explore him while keeping him perfectly in his canon characterisation - neither romanticising him nor demonising him, as so often happens to fandom!Ron, so well done with that. Even his dream is perfectly IC. How you do it I have no idea.

It's interesting how you draw parallels between Peter and Ron with the phrase 'an ordinary grey rat'. It makes the reader realise how much Ron could potentially be like Peter; the least brilliant of his group of friends and constantly reminded of that fact, he could just give up and betray them for the sake of having what he wants, for once.

You know you're reading a good fic when it turns you philosophical.

Overall: well done! (Especially for the lack of technical errors - I couldn't possibly articulate how much they irk me.)

Author's Response: Hey Caoty, thanks for the review... I know you're a discerning reader so I'll admit to a few nerves when I saw you'd tagged me!

I absolutely love your philosophizing and to be honest, I hadn't thought about the Ron-Peter link to that extent. It's just another testament to the true strength of Ron's character that he doesn't behave like Pettigrew, but remains loyal and brave. I love him. And, I agree with you on all points, about fandom!Ron and technical errors. I find it extremely hard to read fics filled with errors... I have to admit to losing respect for the story itself! *snob*

Glad you enjoyed this :) (Glad! Smiley face!)
Athene Xo

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Review #11, by OctoberBlueMoon Chapter 2.

19th June 2012:
This is great! You've shown a real flair for writing - expressive, humorous, and very interesting. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you! What a lovely thing to say. Athene Xo

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Review #12, by charlottetrips Chapter 1.

13th June 2012:
Aww, a Won Weasley story. He can be so adorable despite how hot-headed he is most of the time. I think youve really captured him here. I like that you caught him in the middle of one of his selfish moments and then show us how he kind of learns from that. The little visits from the family show that they really do care about Ron and it kind of makes my heart ache that he doesnt quite see that fully.

There was a little bit of a typo in that at the beginning somewhere Ron thinks of his wand as Charlies and then when hes talking to his dad he says its Bills. I dont remember myself who the wand was handed down from but just thought I should point it out.

Youve gotten the feel of being nervous before ones first day away from home. The talk from Arthur got me feeling a little choked up because you got dad so perfectly nailed. Even to the point where the father is all emotional himself but the kid misses it. It feels so nostalgic and Im not a dad or even close to being a parent!

A short but sweet one-shot.

Author's Response: Hey thank you for reading and reviewing!
I'm really glad that you feel I've captured a bit of Ron here, that's a lovely thing to say. I know what you mean about his family caring about him so much... to me, the Weasleys are essentially about love, despite the odd tears and tantrums! And it's ok, we know that Ron gets there in the end!

Oh my, nice catch with the typo! It's meant to be Charlie's wand. I would never have caught that one, have edited it! Thank you :)

I just know and remember the feeling of leaving home- I went to boarding school when I was 8 years old - so I tried to capture some of that feeling in Ron's evening before Hogwarts.

Arthur means a lot to me- in fact, all dads do, and Arthur is the epitome of a good father- so I'm glad you feel I got some of his 'daddiness' here!

And baby, this ain't no one-shot. Chapter 2 is in the queue as we speak :)

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! Xo

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Review #13, by Siriusgirl Chapter 1.

26th May 2012:
That was really good! I think you have Ron perfectly portrayed. It must have been a disappointment to get a second had, old pet rat as a pet, when he was expecting an owl, because the big reward went to his brother. And not getting any of his own new stuff. No wonder he was always so sore about how much Harry could afford. Love this, even gave it 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind review! I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the story. In the next chapter, he's going to meet Harry and perhaps the green eyed monster will raise it's head again... but Harry might just make Ron think again ;)

Thanks for the 10/10, very good of you!

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Review #14, by TheGoldenKneazle Chapter 1.

26th May 2012:
Ohmygosh I loved this so much!

I just LOVE how you wrote Ron so perfectly - he was so in-canon, and he seemed so very real, with his worrying about not standing out and accidental anger outburst about Scabbers. You got the perfect balance between guilt, worry and anger, which just put me so much in Ron's place!

In fact, you wrote ALL the Weasleys perfectly. Mr and Mrs Weasley were very much the concerned parents, but I love how they related to each other by telling Ron what the other was really thinking. Ginny's reaction when Ron was presented with Scabbers was brilliant, it seemed so natural and it painted such a vivid moment of tension that really stuck with me.

The emotion of the evening all seemed to develop really naturally, too, and you built the nervous atmosphere up so well. And I liked how this had the beginnings of a plotline - with Scabbers and how Ron was trying to prove himself - because once Ron had accepted Scabbers, I thought that it would all be over, but you brought Fred and George's spell into it too! Yay! I thought that it was really clever to do that :D

I adored your style of writing in this, too, as it was descriptive but not too long-winded. It just a perfect atmosphere and I loved it all so much! :3 I honestly haven't felt that much in tune with Ron (especially younger Ron, who's just cuter and easier to empathise with) since I read JKR's actual books! It all just seemed to have that certain feeling, with all the characters perfect and your descriptions so right-on.

Ahh you so deserve more attention for this! 10/10 from me, and good luck in the Ronald Weasley challenge :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your really, really kind words. I came over all funny when I read this review. This gave me palpitations: "I honestly haven't felt that much in tune with Ron (especially younger Ron, who's just cuter and easier to empathise with) since I read JKR's actual books!"

I'm really glad you felt that I got the balance right between his anger, guilt and worry. if I'd gone too far one way or the other, it just wouldn't have felt like Ron to me! He's a good person, he just happens to react to uncomfortable feelings by lashing out. I was a bit like him when I was a kid, so maybe that's why I feel such a connection with him!

Writing (and reading!) the Weasleys is one of my favourite things ever, I'm glad you think I got them all right! Your comment about Mr and Mrs Weasley really made me smile, as I hadn't even realised that's what they were doing.

It definitely felt weird writing Scabbers as an innocent little rat, knowing what he would turn out to be!

Thank you so very much for your lovely review and for recommending An Ordinary Grey Rat on the forum :) It really meant a lot to me. I had written chapter two, but now I see I have a lot to live up to I think I need to go over it again!

Athene xo

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