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Review #1, by Maelody Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

8th April 2013:
Oh my word! Is a space hopper one of those balls that you just bounce around on? I hope so because that's what I pictured. XD That just seemed so hilarious to me! I actually laughed out loud (and not the typical 'lol' face you get on the other side of the screen). It was a very nice sense of imagery and they humor was very nice! I really want to read Muggle Studdies now, though I'm reading all of you works so it may take a while. :) Great job!


Author's Response: YES IT IS MY FRIEND. Ah, wow, it's a real honour to have made you laugh! So glad you liked it and Muggle Studies is more of the same. Reading all my works??! Wow! THank you very much and GOOD LUCK! :)


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Review #2, by AlexFan Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

4th April 2013:
That was brilliant.

Archie's girlfriend sounds absolutely awesome judging by the note and I wouldn't blame him if he started laughing while talking to her during Easter Holidays. The image I got in my head of her dragging a space hopper was quiet hilarious.

The part where Dom and Freddie start chasing after Skively though was hilarious and especially the last part where the space hopper went crashing towards the grounds and towards Headmistress Sinistra made me fall off my chair laughing.

I can just imagine Archibald going "if anyone asks, we were never here," and then the class running away.

This is definitely a 10/10.

Author's Response: Hi there AlexFan!

I certainly wouldn't put up with having to struggle across to the post office with a space hopper involved, this is for sure, but I couldn't quite get over how hilarious the image was.

But, I'm so glad you liked it and that this made you laugh! :)


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Review #3, by Cirque Du Freak Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

29th December 2012:
LOL. Just... LOL. Okay I honestly don't know what to say about this except that it was actually really very hilarious and one of the few muggle studies incident secrets is finally out!

I feel like there's loads of in-jokes and secrets in Muggle Studies that we, as an audience, aren't privy to know about because...well, that's the magic of it right? They belong to Archie and his students and the few Professors that are still there and stuff.

I love your dialogue as you know, but especially in this because - 'Can you give us a demo, sir?' and 'Wow, I want to be a muggle child!' and 'You could always pretend your milking it'.

Fabulouso no? Yes.

Anyway this is short and kind of rubbish, but I want to help and I need to be fast and stuff so yeah.

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Review #4, by Crescent Moon  Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

25th August 2012:
Haha!! I loved it!!
Incredibly funny as anything you write with Archie narrating is. And of course add in Fred and Dom and it's practically impossible to stop me laughing.
I really can't wait to see what's going to happen with him and his students next.
Loving your writing as always.

Author's Response: I just love Fred and Dom. Considering all his pupils are supposed to only exist for a couple of chapters and not be in all of them, they've more or less taken over things by just being that cool. Thanks for all your lovely reviews! You know how to spoil an author :)

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Review #5, by Manga_girl Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

16th August 2012:
Helen!! I'm determined to get you to 5000 reviews!

This is hilarious! I never thought that a space hopper could be brought into fanfiction but it can be and it is brilliant! I miss being a child now. :P I randomly had a vision of Voldemort on a space hopper... Anyway, 10/10!

Emma xx

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Review #6, by DreamAsh Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

9th July 2012:
Oh. My. God!!! That was like the funniest story everrr! I was almost dying with laughter towards the end. Who knew Barbie could get that excited about a hoppity hop? And the part about the headmistress was pure genius!

ps: i've read the Muggle Studies so far and can't wait to read more. Fred and Dom are really entertaining...i wait rather impatiently to see them in each chapter. And Archie is sooo awesome! It is an absolute treat to read that. Kudos on some great work. And pls do write more!

pps: oh and i don't think we have space hoppers or hoppity hops here(in India) but i so wish we did just after reading your description. maybe someday i'd get to "ride it" too ;)

Cheers! :)

Author's Response: Hey DreamAsh! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! I've had loads of fun writing this and WHO KNEW Barbie would get so excited?

Ahha, oh dear Archie you need to sort your life out, right? I love Fred and Dom too! Its tragic how many people aren't aware of how amazing Space Hoppers are. its been really upsetting me. But, I'm so glad you enjoyed it and they'll be more soon :)

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Review #7, by Spell_it_out Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

15th June 2012:
Not gonna lie, I was really curious about the Incident while I was reading the other story. I am so pleased that I know now! Wasn't as dramatic as I originally interpreted though...probably just my overactive imagination!

Author's Response: Ahah, I love making reference to this in the other story and, yup, now you'll never have to wonder again! Maybe I should havet thrown in an explosion or two? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Hope's Mom Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

9th June 2012:
These toys (at least in the US currently) aren't called space hoppers. I imagined what they must be from your description and then googled the term to check my guess. This was one of my daughter's favorite toys when she was little. Sometimes the simplest things are the most fun (my kids also loved empty large boxes). The ending description of the hopper sailing through the window and heading for the Headmistress was really funny! Thank you for an amusing extension of "Muggle Studies"!


So, I thought that Space Hoppers were like a common knowledge thing and I've had so many people say they didn't know what a space Hopper is and I'm like WHAT HOW SERIOUS. But, yeah. AREN'T THEY WONDERFUL THOUGH?

Thanks for this lovely review though! Glad you enjoyed it :D


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Review #9, by Mazz Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

8th June 2012:
oh my gosh I absolutely love it. It was so, so funny! if this had happened the other day when I was riding one (*insert immature snigger here*) I...I don't even know.

" you could pretend you were milking it" yesyesyes I'll do that too.

Oh this was just amazing and fantastic and hilarious and oh I am crying here

Author's Response: Heheh! This review really made me smile there, Mazz. Hence why I'm taking a revision break to come reply to this.

The milking it has to be one of my favourite lines. This is what I get from just staring at a picture of a space hopper for inspiration.

You should check out Muggle Studies, if you enjoyed this, as it really is more of the same. Thanks for a lovely review :D

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Review #10, by LittleWelshGirl99 Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

6th June 2012:
So it's been a while.

A criminally long time, in fact, since I reviewed or read anything of yours.


And so naturally, the first thing I'm drawn to is the shiny new one-shot on your page! Yumyum!

But wow, what a way to make me laugh until my sides hurt and I'm sort of spazzing all over the sofa to the point when my younger brother looks at me weirdly (he's usually too absorbed in his lego bricks). God forbid he gets disturbed from his lego :P

But I digress. (I love that line- I see it used in so many stories!)

ARCHIE IS SO ADORABLY AWKWARD> A.A.A stands for awkwardly adorable archibald, okay? Cool :D

“You ride it.”


Love it.

Author's Response: HEY ANON.

I'VE MISSED YOUR REVIEWS YO. Seriously, this made my day and it was lovely to come back to my computer after revising for hours and find it waiting for me all shiny and the like xD

AAA. Love it. Luves itt.

OHMYGOSH. Archibald would love Lego! Yes. Definitely going to write Lego into something Muggle Studies related. Reviews have such good ideas!

Ahah, thanks for such a lovely review xD


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Review #11, by TheGoldenKneazle Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

6th June 2012:
(Let's try this again... also I'm pretty sure that the original review was even more spazzy, but since this is just as hilarious the second time round, there's lots of laughing-Lottie!)


Ohh Helen, I was absolutely creased up at the end, because that was just so freaking hilarious - THROUGH A WINDOW HOMG :'D and it almost hit Sinistra?! Tehehe the poor teachers, forever terrorised by Dom and Freddie!!

AHH I JUST LOVED ALL THE CHARACTERS AND STUFF. It was SO that-class-esque, and I just looove how Miss Barbie was the one that made it all happen, but also because of Dom and Freddie's complete silliness too! :'D Also, that quote - (rated right up there with the jigsaw and the electric whisk) is just pure genius. I so want to see Archie trying out his electric whisk with the house-elves now, I can just see Hugo turning up to help, bless him.

But a generally brilliant job! I can definitely say that the Space Hopper Incident was as legendary as it's been said!! 8D 10/10 for all the laughing!


Ahha. I just love to imagine the awkward conversation in the staff room when Sinistra's all "So how did your lesson with your fifth years go, Archie?" And he's like... "er. good? Not as planned?" and secretly /if it went to plan it would have hit you on the head, damnit it/.


Lol. I love Miss Barbie. She's actually become one of my favourites. I think that's evident by how many chapters she shows up in. She's just so fabby. And Dom and Freddie, of course.

OHMYGOSH. ARCHIE TEACHING THE HOUSE ELVES PLUNNY. You have so many good ideas, ahha. I'll get on it very shortly.

Thanks for another lovely review! :)


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Review #12, by justonemorefic Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

3rd June 2012:
Ooh, space hoppers and jigsaws and electric whisks. Archie has good taste.

Boris would totally have the most dulcet whine.

OH *THAT'S* what a space hopper is. Hah, I'm not kidding the entire time, I thought it was a spaceship hopper. I imagined this rocket ship-barbeque grill combination. It's... definitely not what a space hopper is, according to wikipedia. YEAH THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'VE HEARD OF IT.

Oh god this cannot possibly go where but totally wrong. Archie's attempts to be cool shall go to failure in 3...2...1... (blast off!)


Author's Response: I don't think I can explain to you how utterly stunned I felt upon realising that, apparantly, a significant proportion of the population does not understand what a /space hopper is/.

I mean, seriously. I was shocked. I'm thinking it's a british thing? But is definitely an awesome british thing, ahha.

ARCHIE FAILURE IN... 3...2...1.0. Pah. AHA. You were right all along. You do know things.

I love your reviews :D


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Review #13, by GrangerDanger76 Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

1st June 2012:
“YOU WON’T CATCH ME!” Shelly yelled, heading towards the furthest end of the corridor at top sped.

First off, I totally laughed out loud at that, but second you spelt "speed" wrong :P

Anyways, this is really good. I quite enjoyed it, and it makes me want to read the actual novel, because I've heard quite a bit about it over in Ravenclaw land on the forums! :)

This is GrangerDanger76 for team BLUE :)

Author's Response: Blasted typos getting past my editing! -goes back to change this immediately-

Thanks for pointing that out :P

Ahha, you should definitely go check out Muggle Studies. It's one of my favourite stories to write! :)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

28th May 2012:
"You ride it."

^ Oh. Archie. How did you become a Professor?

Can you give us a demo, sir?

^ That actually made me blush.

"They look like the udders of a cow," Fred said helpfully, "so you could always pretend you were milking it."

^ That was my favorite part. Two things!


I actually had to google what a space hopper is because for the life of me I was like 'well, must be some sort of english thing because I've never heard of it' and then when the pictures stared loading...well...I saw a picture of Darth Vader on a space hopper.

And now I can't breathe.


I'm so sorry about my other review for Muggle Studies! I saw on the forums that you couldn't respond to it because I forgot to close the italic command. Sorry! Many apologies! My reviews have been a little wonky lately, so sorry. :D

Author's Response: AHAHAH. Silly Archie. He was shockingly idiotic on that front, I'll agree.

He just got excited about the space hopper!

OKAY... wait. Do you actually not have space hoppers where you are? TRAVESTY. Space Hoppers are exceedingly awesome. Seriously, they're wonderful. I want to buy myself one.

Oh no, it's okay! Don't you worry about that. It was just some weird un-understandable side effect. Not your fault at all! But, well, that's why that one is without a response :)


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Review #15, by Jen Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

28th May 2012:
That was indeed "awesome".
You have no idea how much I've missed you over the past week. I have become quite pathetically addicted to your updates.
Loved this little side story - thanks :)

Author's Response: JEN! I've missed your reviews too! There should be a whole host of updates heading in your direction soon. And then, when the summer comes... you just try and stop me.

Thank you! :)


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Review #16, by Mihali1432 Wish-there'd-been-more-space hopper.

26th May 2012:
"You ride it." Thank you for that line. Thank you. *chuckles* Also... "You bounce." Italicized. Ahaha. xD Omg... When it fell... Sinistra screaming. Hagrids Hut, the "Favorite hippogriff" Ahahah xD I want to know what happened to the poor Hippogriff... Anyways, I loved this! Miss Barbie. xD Aha. Awesome Helen :P And sorry this is a confusing review xD


Author's Response: AHAHA. I couldn't resist. Silly Archie not thinking before he opens his mouth... with a bunch of hormonal teenagers as an audience, no less. He should have known better.

I know this was highly cracky but I enjoyed writing it stupid amounts, hehehe. Thanks for such a lovely review! It wasn't confusing at all :)


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