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Review #1, by adluvshp Oh my my my my

27th July 2012:
Here for Pass the Parcel!

Aw this was a very sweet story. I really liked reading it. I am not much of a Teddy/Victoire fan, preferring Teddy/Dom instead, but this was a story that appealed to me. I like the way you showed the transition of their relationship - from childhood friends to lovers to husband and wife. It was really very sweet. The song lyrics you used were also quite fitting for the story too. I also love how Remus/Tonks had a place in this story. It was all very well woven.

All in all, good characterization, good plot, wonderful flow, and nice ending! Good work!



Author's Response: Hey there.

I love Teddy and Victoire and as soon as I heard this song I knew it was the song for them. I wanted to show the progression and I think the song showed that well.

Thank you so much

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Review #2, by Shortie Oh my my my my

25th July 2012:
Ugh I reviewed at that time but we had a very long power cut *very mad* I'm sooo so sorry Summer :(

This story is very very cute *Squishes* This one shot has done everything a very long novel would have done, only more efficiently and artistically. I mean, a whole lifetime is written here but it's not at all crammed up. The flow is very smooth.

Very successful one shot, in other words :D

I love your characterization, choice of words and expressions, and the way you've used the song as a part of the story without making it stand out awkwardly.

Love you Summer. And Victoire. And Teddy :D


Author's Response: I know you did! Don't apologise!

I'm glad you love the story, I love the story too! I keep being told I change novels into one shots, I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing though you did say its a successful one shot right!

I'm glad you love the characterisation!

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Review #3, by lizmusic45 Oh my my my my

22nd June 2012:
I loved this, I thought it was so cute, you did such a good job capturing the too, and I really, really liked it! Thank you so much for joining, I loved this little one-shot, and I love Taylor Swift songs :)


Author's Response: Hey Liz :D

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked this one shot and I'm glad I entered your challenge :D

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Review #4, by LunarLuna Oh my my my my

18th June 2012:
aww! ^^ That was so adorable! :D I loved the begining with Teddy and Victoire as small children, I thought itr was so cute and sweet^^ I love how you integrated the lyrics too (I love that song! ;) )

I think the only thing that should've had a little more work on was the love declaration, it sort of happened too... quickly. I mean, Victoire's "I love you" really could've passed as a "you're my best friend how could you leave me a lone you evil person!" so I though it might've been fun to dwell on that scene a little longer :)

Other than that, I love the characterisation^^ Victoire is so sweet and loving and Teddy is awesome :) I think you really managed to let their personnalities shine through such a small one-shot! :D

All in all, an awesome fic, great job on this! Seriously, if you write fluffy-romancy stuff this good in all your other fics I might just get addicted xD



Author's Response: Hey thank you for this review. It was a sort of spur of the moment plunny I got from the One True Pairing Challenge so it was wrote very quickly which means I probably should go back and look it over again!

The song is very easy to work with as it was written by such a fabulous artist and the lyrics mean so much in their own right that I thought it would be quite easy to add to them and I hope I did that quite well!

I'm glad I managed to shine their personalities through! Throughout this I managed to hate both of their personalitys and make them very whiney, particularly Victoire but I think I got there in the end!

Thanks for the review :D

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Review #5, by Siriusgirl Oh my my my my

18th June 2012:
This was so sweet! I love how you portrayed them as childhood friends, then falling in love and marrying. It's so realistic and believable, since they likely did know each other before starting school. Love this 9/10!

Author's Response: Hey :)

Thank you so much for your review. I'm really glad you liked it and thought it was sweet, that was exactly what I was going for!

I always imagined Teddy and Vic as childhood friends and then developing even though they may not have been as close when they were younger. I'm so glad you think it was realistic and believable

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Review #6, by Jchrissy Oh my my my my

28th May 2012:
I don't usually read song-fics, but I loved Snatched before my eyes and 'til death do us part, so I figured I would give this a shot. You did not disappoint, this is wonderful!

I'm so happy that it has a sweet ending, after your other two one shots I was relatively scared ;). I think you do a good job using the song lyrics to help paint a picture, not using the lyrics to write your story. I have read a few song fics that basically just repeat what the song said, you stayed within the context of what was happening in Mary's Song but added an entire plot to it. I also really like how sweet, loving, and down to earth Vic is, and that you made Tonks and Remus part of this story. They had such a tragic ending, I hate when they are left out of anything involving next gen/Teddy.

Author's Response: I really don't write song fics... They usually send me running for the hills because I have never believed I could write them, however after much persuasion and internet chocolate cookies passed to me by the several friends I have on the site I decided to try it just once.

I'm glad you think it was wonderful! I'm a very...strange writer in a way because I write death a lot but I also write so much fluff it is unbelievable!

I take no credit in using the song lyrics well, Taylor Swift has made them into so much of a story already that it was so easy to just expand on them and create something which seemed to work really well.

Song fics on HPFF aren't allowed to effectively repeat the lyrics although I liked creating sort of my own story by using the lyrics as a simple base for the expansions. Vic is just one of my favourite next gen characters because I love to make her and Teddy very in love with them both very beautiful!

Remus and Tonks have always wormed their ways into the works that involve Teddy and Vic, I don't think there is anyway round it!

Thank you so much

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Review #7, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Oh my my my my

21st May 2012:
"but it still meant having to get more security and making sure people weren't going to come and confess their undying love to the super sexy Teddy Lupin in the middle of our vows!"

^I love that line because I love Teddy so much I'd do the same, because he is super sexy. He just is... :P

" Our son found a man who loved him too."

^And this one for slash... Yay! You're gonna get addicted. I know from experience. :D

This was amazing. So cute, I just wanted to go awww all the way through it. You picked an awesome song for your first song-fic. :)

Author's Response: Hey Sam :)

Haha I love that line because he can be super sexy if he wanted to be!

I just wanted to include more slash in my fics even if it was just like that :) It is so cute :P And yeah I love my first song fic!

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