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Review #1, by AbraxanUnicorn {promises}

30th October 2016:
Wow, this story really got under my skin!
I love how haunting it is.
Please continue with it? I don't want Lily to stay forever in this moment of the story

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Review #2, by Val {promises}

17th December 2014:
I think this story is written so hauntingly and amazingly. Lily is developed so well and I can't wait to read more.

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Review #3, by rebecca_riddle_ {talking}

13th May 2014:
You know, going back and reading what you have of this story (yet again) made me see something,
was the book she was reading "Game of Thrones"?

anyway, love the story so much. I do hope you will care to update it (i have to admit this story was on my mind a lot when i was in a very close predicament to it)

please keep updating!

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Review #4, by AlmostInvisible  {promises}

15th August 2013:
This story is creepily beautiful.
Intruiguing plot synopsis, haunting memory scenes, not entirely romance centered, and a mystery.
I'm looking forward to the rest.
Fantastic job so far.
Keep it going.

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Review #5, by HedwigAndDobby {promises}

7th June 2013:
I really like the way you shape Lily as a character and what she is going threw. Is the voice what she thinks Harry thinks of her?? It would be interesting to read about what Harry and Ginny are going threw and what they think of all that's been happening to Lily. I love this story!!!

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Review #6, by intothether {sectioned}

24th May 2013:
If I have to be completely honest I'll admit that the first thing that caught my eye about this fic when I was scrolling through HPFF, more than the banner or the summary that goes with the story, was your username. Pretty awesome actually, I wish I could steal it for myself. :P

As for the chapter, I think it's quite well written. Lily doesn't seem too pretentious or fake like most characters in fanfictions dealing with mental problems or depression do. Her misery seems quite justified and well, I had a friend who was dealing with depression and suicidal instincts once(shes better now) and II can identify Lily's cynical, unbelieving attitude with hers quite a bit.

All in all, it's quite a clean introduction to the story. Moving on to the next chapter :)

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Review #7, by free elf 25 {promises}

23rd May 2013:
Ooh. I swear that voice is getting more and more evil by the chapter. Update soon, okay? I wanna know all the latest gossip from the mental ward!

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Review #8, by ~ {spotting}

20th May 2013:
Wow what an introduction for the Malfoy's! Can't wait to read on. :)

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Review #9, by darker side of happy {diagnosis}

19th May 2013:
I found this story to be refreshing! It's a different take on Lily Potter II and as a fan of her character I'm always looking for an interesting and different side to her. Hope you update soon!

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Review #10, by myriamoto {diagnosis}

19th May 2013:
UPDATE PLEASE ! This story is so intriguing and well-written !

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Review #11, by Megnog {diagnosis}

25th January 2013:
This story is so emotional, and Lily's character is just perfect. The way she reacts to what others say and how she interacts with others makes her so believable.
Please update soon!!!

Also, I LOVE Panic! at the Disco!

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Review #12, by Anonymous {diagnosis}

15th January 2013:
Happy Birthday!
I don't usually read dark fanfics, but I'm really enjoying this one and I hope you continue with this story, as it is very well written.

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Review #13, by Lucy {diagnosis}

6th January 2013:
Omg, finally, a story about insane people! :) ;) :P. I've been looking for a decent one for ages and this one is PERFECT!!update ASAP can't wait until next time!!

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Review #14, by noname {diagnosis}

6th January 2013:
Oh, wow. I hope you put up the next chapter soon!

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Review #15, by Shindig(not signed in) {spotting}

12th December 2012:
Wow. I really, really like this story. It's fantastically realistic and I'm really loving the plot. The stuff that goes on in her head is just so realistic. It's really amazing and has great potential.
Shindig :D who can't be bothered to sign in.

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Review #16, by PhoenixPulse {spotting}

9th December 2012:
Yes, and update!

I've honestly waited so long for this chapter, and the ending...Oh, gawd, I need more!

I like Lily's little hostility towards Florence going on in her head. It makes things realistic, and honestly, through everything she's going through so far, I want to reach through my computer and hug her.

And Florence. She's so bitter, and it kind of annoys me that she refuses to accept help. I can relate to her in some ways, yes, but her bitterness...I guess it just unleashes the reality of mental sickness. Not everyone can be helped.

I liked Cheyenne and Florence's bantering in the beginning. It's true. Being in a mental hospital myself, there is a fair share of squabbles that can get pretty nasty, but for the most part, everyone does try to hold each other up.

I just...I don't know. This story really does hit it home for me. Thank you for the update, and I shall await the next. :)

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Review #17, by stfunavi {spotting}

8th December 2012:
You're a very skilled emotive writer. Make use of it as often as you can - you already do, but I definitely picked up on it being a strong point in your writing. Absolutely fantastic. It makes the reader examine their own feelings, question their own thoughts...
So. I'm totally excited for the next chapter of this. Will you let me know when you update it? Thank you for filling my evening with such a wonderful literary piece.

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Review #18, by stfunavi {listen}

8th December 2012:
I love asylum-fics so much, just because I like to see how the author can get into the character's mind and build on what their audience have limited knowledge of. You know? It's so interesting to see people write about things that you don't generally understand having not been in the situation.
You do this very well.

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Review #19, by stfunavi {sectioned}

8th December 2012:
Lily's destructive explosion of emotion was written so calmly, but I could picture everything as if she were a wild animal trying to escape from a cage. So excited to read the rest of this, omg omg omg.

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Review #20, by WildCat {talking}

8th December 2012:
This is a really interesting story! I normally wouldn't read anything like this, but I'm fascinated by it! Update soon!


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Review #21, by Voldys_Moldy {talking}

2nd December 2012:
Insanely good. It's amazing that you can take such a serious topic on with such grace. Honestly, I don't care if this is a romance - it feels like it shouldn't be. I feel like it should just be about a girl who's not broken, just bent, learning how to fix herself. Lily is...sad. She's very sad. And I really hope she gets better because depression is an awful thing, and so is self-loathing. I'm interested in the familial aspect of her illness. That's definitely a different spin on it. Usually all the Wotters are perfect, Mary Sue types. I think Lily can't see herself and I hope she learns how to. I really want to know who she is and what went wrong. Also, that first chapter? Wow. What a tearjerker. I was swallowing a lead lump in my throat. The way James found her and how he and Albus said goodbye? Jeez. Right in the feels. Thank you for writing about this. It's a difficult thing to do, particularly in the generally fluffy realm of NextGen fanfiction, and I think you're doing it beautifully and quite well. Your representation of the other patients is very nice, particularly the difference between Hailey and Florence. Please write more soon, this is excellent.

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Review #22, by rainstormsatnighttime {talking}

3rd November 2012:
I love this story so far :) It's brilliantly written, especially the way that you manage to get into such a heartbreaking mindset, to write like someone who's so broken. I love Lily, I like that she isn't in denial and she wants to get better. I like Hailey and Doctor Moon too. I think that you're painting a very accurate picture (not that I'd know, but I'm definitely hoping it's this welcoming), and I'm looking forward to more :) Keep writing, this is very good :) P.s I love your username :D xx

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Review #23, by danni {talking}

23rd October 2012:
i really like this chapter! and i love the closing quote :)

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Review #24, by Molly {talking}

8th October 2012:
I love this! Its really different (in a good way) than alot of the other stories about the kids. Keep up the good work!

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Review #25, by PhoenixPulse {talking}

6th October 2012:
Hello again! I'm rather pleased to see that you have updated, because this story means much to me!

You did a great job with te portryal of what goes on in Mental hospitals. Especially with the peopl. How would I know? Because I've been stuck in one myself, and this is pretty accurate. Kids there help the newbies learn the ropes, and there really always that one kid who deosn't want to heal--always in denial. Wow, just reading and reviewing brings back fresh memories...

And as for Lily's point of view towards Harry, it's understandable. After being the last born in a family full of greatness, it's hard to pick it up and continue striving to be the best. It's hard enough being the last born out of three. But Lily really does need to understan that her parents love them all the same. But in pure honesty, I really can relate.

And as for your author's note, I think you're doing the subject justice. Everything is portrayed acurately, and I give kudos to you for writing a powerful piece of fiction. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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