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Review #1, by Chasehound Chapter 2 A questing we shall go, and shopping too?

30th September 2012:
I like how things are flowing so far...I was wondering if they would be able to go back and forth between worlds if you will, to be able to get items that might help learning the arts needed. So far a pretty good start into this series without it dragging on.

Author's Response: Well in one book Mat finds a wand, I think it was the second or fourth book which worked to direct and focus his magic so having a wand from a wand maker like Olivander would be just a touch more powerful I think, I intend on writing more just wanted to get a feel for it first.

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Review #2, by Chasehound Chapter 1 Sir Mathew Mantrell meets Sir Harry Potter

30th September 2012:
Very interesting view of a alternate universe. I like how things are starting to mingle in with all characters. I am looking forward to seeing how this is to play out.

Author's Response: Just thought I would see how it would feel at the start because if it felt too far out there, I know it wouldnt work. Have to have your main characters from both worlds ease into the thing, the potters having to learn old world customs I think would be easier because the magical community is steeped in enough of it, and the Mantrells welcoming in someone from Mats universe from a community that he never knew existed.

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Review #3, by fatal2tyb Chapter 1 Sir Mathew Mantrell meets Sir Harry Potter

19th May 2012:
I love reading Wizard in Rhyme, Read all of the Stories. So this is a good xover, on par with Bobmin356 a hp / Dragons of Pern

Author's Response: I've never heard of "Dragon of Pern" will have to find that thanks. And thanks for the review both of these two series are my favorites to read.

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