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Review #1, by LizMalfoy Playing house and baseball

23rd December 2014:
In the morning note you wrote that they were to live the day as muggles but they used magic throughout the day. I would suggest removing that part of the note, replacing it with having to cook the muggle way, as it would be annoying to change the rest of the chapter. Otherwise, your story is very well written and intriguing.

Author's Response: Sorry I was unaware of that, but please take note that the ending of Surreal will be changed, the ending is rather terrible. The story will also be edited once I finish my current story 3 Years After

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Review #2, by janepotter Epilogue

6th October 2013:
you made me cry!!! :'(

why??? why not make Draco and Andy/Hermione a couple!!! it hurts!! :'( :'(

Why not give them a happy ending???

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Review #3, by Broken heart Epilogue

30th August 2013:
I understand u want a twist ending but this was TERRIBLE Draco and Andy were supposed to get married and live happily together forever but sweet, handsome Draco had to go cheat?

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Review #4, by Mrs_H Epilogue

6th July 2013:
Oh, dear. Can I have the last few hours back, please? Not only was the grammar atrocious, but the plot made absolutely no sense. Every time I thought there was hope for this muddled-up story, the author took it in another direction. I do so hope that the writer is a pre-teen, so that there is hope that the basically good ideas floating around inside his/her head can someday be turnd into readable prose -- after much more education and practice.

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Review #5, by Rose Ravenclaw Epilogue

13th June 2013:
i wish draco and hermione got together the should and i bet athat a lot pf.people agree

Author's Response: I was trying to stray away from the cliche but I may add an alternate ending later on

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Review #6, by SlightObsession Epilogue

30th May 2013:
I found this story to be very...i dont know the word, but i thought the characters were not how they are like in the books or films, i feel like this is more your own characters, than the characters that they are meant to be, especially when you changed Hermione's name, yes, that bit was good, but changing her name and appearance was a bit too much...i dont know how i feel about this story, there is more room for improvements.

Author's Response: sorry about that, and i am going to start editing the story in a few weeks and i will be changing, adding and deleting some scenes, but what i also intending was for the war to change everyone in different ways such as why Luna sort of acted normal at the beginning and draco being nice to hermione

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Review #7, by Dramione <3 Down

1st April 2013:
I can't wait to see what Draco's idea is! Excited for an update now!

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Review #8, by GinnyWeasley_HarryPotter A Christmas full of Surprises

27th February 2013:
Oh why!?!?! Why did you have to do a cliffie?!?!?! Update soon please!?

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Review #9, by iloveyourstory!!!! A Christmas full of Surprises

13th September 2012:

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Review #10, by Char Playing house and baseball

10th August 2012:
Can't wait for the next chapter! Love this story!

Author's Response: thanks and the next chapter is coming out soon :D one more day of validation! lets hope it gets accepted

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Review #11, by Diamond Not the Same

9th August 2012:
COOL! NICE SO FAR! l love the chapter its really good! AWESOME!

Author's Response: thanks!! :DD the next chapter will be up in two days :D

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Review #12, by steph Playing house and baseball

8th August 2012:
Great great chapter !!! Loved it !!! Does harry get with Luna... When does Andy and Draco get together I'm dying here lol thank you for an amazing story so far :)

Author's Response: im not gonna give all my secrets away (haha see what i did there??) but yeah some new pairings will show up soon next chapter is coming out in 2 days (its being validated)

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Review #13, by heart_of_a_slytherin Not the Same

19th July 2012:
Okay so I think your plot is good but slightly cliched although I don't know where you will take this. In your second paragraph you have a run on sentence "Hermione was still dating Ron and knew that he was contemplating marriage, but she didnít want him like she used to, she no longer loved him like she used to, finding out about her parents death had changed her completely, she had lost weight from depression, her eyes no longer had a spark in them and she had many sleepless nights filled with grief and nightmares." You should separate it to make your writing flow easily such as: Hermione was still dating Ron, who she knew was considering marriage, but since she no longer loved him, she wasn't into the idea and didn't want him like she had before. Ever since she had found out about her parent's death, she wasn't the same. Depression caused her to lose weight and her eyes no longer sparkled the way they had used to. Many of her nights were fretful due to her grief-filled nightmares.
In another section it says " I jumped onto the edge of the tower and danced precariously from there. I felt a sort of excitement from here because I could fall off and die at any moment." Notice how both sentences begin with "I" you should combine those like this: I jumped on the edge of the tower, dancing precariously, and felt a sort of excitement filling me because I could fall off and die at any moment.
I love your way of portraying Draco and thought the food fight scene was cute and funny. McGonagall coming in was hilarious. You have a great start with a little work your story could be fantastic!
Hope I wasn't harsh!
Love, Lyla

Author's Response: thank you so much, and i will take those thoughts into consideration :D

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Review #14, by Zyii Battle Partners and other Problems

15th July 2012:
Ooo I like this very much, I can't wait to read more (:

Author's Response: thanks so much ^_^

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Review #15, by Zyii Not the Same

15th July 2012:
Interesting start to the story, I'm intrigued to see where this goes (:

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Review #16, by Timechild Not the Same

18th June 2012:
Interesting start.

I like how the story is going. I hope you don't go too fast on the relationship.

I am keeping an eye on this one.

Overall: Nice job

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback :) it means alot

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