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Review #1, by November The Hospital

30th January 2013:
This is so good and since this website won't let me make an account so I can follow your story, I have to check up on it every now and again. :)
Please upload another chapter soon so I can read it. Please? I really like Hollie and James. Even though they aren't really SUPPOSED to be together, they are perfect... like spaghetti and meatballs. Like birds and worms. I guess that example isn't that good, but you get my drift. Right? Anyway, yeah, please upload soon!

Author's Response: hey! Thank you so much for the review! I've been taking a short hiatus from writing fanfiction, but I think I'll upload the next pre-written chapter soon then :) I know what you mean about Hollie and James, that's a really good description! xx

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Review #2, by SiriuslyLily The Hospital

6th January 2013:
cool story.
check out ma new one called The Power of Tea by SiriuslyLily. Which is me. I think.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I might check out your story if I have time xx

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Review #3, by SiriuslyLily The Big Boom

6th January 2013:
1-Anyone find Annie adorable? Yes.
2-Determined to get them together? NO.
3-Why Teddy was asleep? He was tired. (obvs)

Author's Response: Ahhh but is it that simple? ;D Thanks for reviewing!! xx

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Review #4, by slytherinchica08 The Collecting

7th December 2012:
Very interesting story idea. I think the whole thing that emotions can be collected is a rather original and cool idea! I can already tell that things are going to happen in this story that are going to make me laugh out loud as I was already tempted to a few times in this one. It's interesting seeing other Potter/Weasley children being in Slytherin as I've only ever thought about Albus being in Slytherin, I thought that all the rest would still be in Gryffindor. Your MC seems rather interesting and I think that you have done a great job setting up her characterization along with Dom and Eve's. I think this first chapter does a great job of setting up your story and also leaving your readers interested in finding out what is going to happen next. I really want to know which other emotions they have to collect and if their idea does actually work and they can create love between two people. A very interesting idea! Geat Job!


Author's Response: Hehe yes it is a pretty out-there idea, and at first I was thinking how on earth am I supposed to write this with any hint of realism?! But I guess I just went for it ;D. It is meant to be largely humorous, yes, but hopefully not to a cliched extent! :p Hmm well considering we hardly know anything about the potter/weasley children in canon, I figured it was possible for them to be in any house. :)
Thank you for the review, it was lovely! :3

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Review #5, by ValWitch21 The Hospital

4th December 2012:

This chapter was fabulous: of course Dom would contract whoopolaria and organise a fashion show. Of course.

I want Hollie and James together though... But Annie is so nice, I'd feel bad for her.

Anyway. This was a lovely chapter - loved your Fleur by the way!

Please update this soon?


Author's Response: Hi Val!
Whoo you're welcome! You're the person the rest of my readers need to thank though, you booted me into action with this chapter :D

Haha, of course Dom would do something like that. In fact, I'd be surprised if she didn't do at least one weird thing per chapter. ;D

Annie is VERY nice, yes, that's the problem :P Thank you so much for reviewing, it was a lovely surprise for me! I'll update as soon as possible!!

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Review #6, by HorseMad99 The Hospital

3rd December 2012:
Hola my dearest mugwump, may I offer you my most sincere congratulations on producing such a truly spiffing chapter, haha love you RhiRhi x

Author's Response: Aww thanks Beth what an... original review :P I'll get round to your stories soon, and hopefully make the top of that leaderboard!! ;)

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Review #7, by TimeSeer The Hospital

3rd December 2012:
A fashion show? This should be interesting, especially with Dom and Victorie's clothes. And james! I love James! He is awesome and I just love him! I'm glad that Fred is alright along with everyone else. And Hollie and Dom going to the Potters' house? Interesting as well, especially with Hollie's 'physical attraction' toward James. Anyway please update soon!

Author's Response: Hi! thank you for reviewing again! I love your reviews so much :). I love James too! I want a James Potter for christmas. xD Ahaha yes, Hollie's 'physical attraction'. Of course it is. ;D I'll update as quickly as I can!!
LWG xx

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Review #8, by East The Waiting

25th November 2012:
Ohh!!! Please update quickly. Love the story. It's so interesting. Love James. He's too cute. Him and hollie would be the perfect couple. Can't wait to see what happens next in the story.

Author's Response: Hiya! Sorry I'm a little late responding... but the story is officially updated! I'm pleased you think it's interesting an not just a big ball of cliche ;D I agree, James and hollie are adorable!! Thank you for reviewing! xx

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Review #9, by November The Waiting

18th November 2012:
Hallo!!! Please write more, I have been reading this for a day or so and please write more. I am seriously worried about Lily and Fred. PLEASE!

Author's Response: Hey! Aww thank you that means a lot to me that you'd spend time reading something I've written :3 I will get the next chapter up ASAP!!

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Review #10, by WildCat The Waiting

16th November 2012:
Finally! Hollie starts feeling something for James! I feel like I've been waiting for this moment for FOREVER! :) Annnyway, update soon!


Author's Response: HEY! Thank you for reviewing again, your penname reminds me of the story so much its unreal! xD And I know! Huzzah! Hollie sort of likes James! Although is it really that good if you think about how it could affect the people around her...? *mysterious smile*
I'll update asap!

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Review #11, by TimeSeer The Waiting

14th November 2012:
Yay! New chapter!

I love Hollie! Have I ever explained to you how much I love her? She is absolutely hilarious and amazing.

And now they are all in the snow... I could never jump into the freezing snow like they did.

And Hollie getting all those "feelings" for James! So exciting. I can't wait for more action for them.

Anyway great chapter and please update soon!

Author's Response: Hiya! I love your reviews so much; they really keep me going. Thank you again and again until my throat hurts from saying thank you so much!

I love Hollie too. I suppose she's the kind of person I've always wanted to be - popular but kind of ditzy at the same time, girly but good fun. Hmmm... yes they are in a bit of a pickle aren't they!

More action a-coming up asap!

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Review #12, by asdf The Collecting

13th November 2012:
wow this is awesome! it seems so ninja and badman i love the girls and stuff. i was laughing a lot by the end! clever idea i love it!

Author's Response: Haha thank you! Ninja, lol :D Not exactly the word I'd use to describe clumsy Dom but ok! xD

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Review #13, by marlita1311 The Discussions

12th November 2012:
hi there honey!
loved this chapter too; i'm getting to know the characters more by every chapter.
the thing with the testaments was a kinda weird way of having fun but i liked it!:)
i'm beginning to hate savvanah and her minion; and i wish james had stood up for hollie but i guess he thought they weren't worth it; good for him.
can't wait for more!

Author's Response: hey marlita lovely! thanks for another review! :) It's good to know you're enjoying it all. The next chapter is in the queue!

Haha I got the testaments idea from something a friend and i did at school a while ago and it was hilarious.

Aww well james was sort of standing up for both of them

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Review #14, by marlita1311 The Name Game

10th November 2012:
Cakemongasoar..that's hilarious!
i really missed your style..!studying kept me away from fanfiction but i'm officially back! and this story is the first i'm reviewing..!
i'll be reading the rest of the chapters, and i'm quite impressed by the progress you've made on your story!
once again, i love the characters in the story; now i really want fred and eve together (i fancy the idea of the shy,bookworm eve and mr.outgoing fred).
i'm sensing a Hollie/James (or should i say 'worthy bob') moment coming up soon.
i enjoy reading your style'cuz it's just so much fun and relaxing and trust me it does take my mind off
my uni homework..(in a good way; i don't expect D on my papers like Hollie; although i'm kinda lazy like her now that i think about it... eight out of ten times i choose fun over work)
i have so many favorite lines in every chapter and this particular one is no different; but i find the names the girls come up with to be truly genuine. Like Cakemongasoar, or Frogspawn Warthog Ducklington..hah
Have i mentioned that i think it's a nice change that the characters you portray are slytherins? and quite lovable too? :)

Author's Response: Hello!
I really missed your reviews! So I'm very pleased you're back again. :3 And gah I know the way studying can drain all energy and happiness from you don't worry. xD

Awwh thanks! I've written quite a few chapters ahead (up to 12) so if I get a spare moment I'll update but I'm currently struggling through NaNoWriMo and yeah that's pretty time-consuming. But it's lovely to know people are reading this story and enjoying it!

Eve/fred you say? hmmm. ;D And yes there may well be a hollie/james moment coming up.

This review had made me so happy i just can't even say! You are an angel. Looking forward to any more possible reviews!
LWG xx

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Review #15, by peanuts11 The Force to be Reckoned With

8th November 2012:
really loving this story atm. I especially like how James and Hollie aren't together yet. Review soon, I feel like the storm is going to unleash some tumultuous emotions. great so far...

Author's Response: HELLO AGAIN! Thank you! And yes the storm is definitely a crucial part of the story emotions-wise. xD

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Review #16, by peanuts11 The Laughing

6th November 2012:
I'm loving the characterisation of Eve, Hollie and Dom. You already see hints of their differing personalities. Although i really like the girls, I do get the sense that they are slightly immature for 17/18. That being said, I love their, especially Hollie's naivety because it makes me like her even more. I also like the slow progression of her friendship with James.

Author's Response: Hiya! Thank you so much that's really encouraging. :D I'm pleased you like them. I suppose that they are a little immature but remember that Hollie's actually only 16! And I want room for her to develop, so that's sort of why I made her see shallow/immature at first. :) Thank you for your lovely reviews!!

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Review #17, by peanuts11 The Collecting

6th November 2012:
I really like the potential of this story. I like the relationship between Dom, Eve and Hollie as it seems natural but i think you could do a little more to develop the characters a bit more. This is a fantastic first chapter, though.

I'm not sure about phones and electronics in Hogwarts because of all of the magic but it's nextgen so it's not completely out of place.

I do think it's a little bit cliche but it's mostly well written, which makes up for it. With the characterisation of Savannah, I think there needs to be something more redeeming about her character so that she doesn't appear to be a 2 dimensional character.

However, I think the plot is quite original.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a bunch for this review, I've really enjoyed reading it! :)

I've worked quite a lot on the characterisation of hollie, Dom and Eve actually because I really wanted there to be obvious character traits and differences between them. But it shows up a little better in later chapters!

The only real reason I wanted them to have phones was because it would make the 'matchmaking' operations a lot easier to co-ordinate and more professional even? Idk, maybe it wasn't a good idea, but like you said - it's more plausible seeing as this is 2017+ we're talking about.

Hmm... the dreaded cliches! They're hard to get around really because, well, they're everywhere!! Thanks for your feedback on it. You're right about Savannah, I'll work on that...

Thank you!
-LWG x

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Review #18, by a fan The Force to be Reckoned With

1st November 2012:
I love it please update soon!?

Author's Response: whoo thank you! Will update as soon as possible xx

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Review #19, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLove The Force to be Reckoned With

29th October 2012:
I totally loved the chapter! I was excited when she started wanting a boyfriend and love because i mean im rooting for james and hollie. but anyways i also saw perks a while back and i totally agree with you. It was amazing! im kinda sad you wont be updating for a while, but its worth waiting for!
Love Always, Isa

Author's Response: Hey! I'm pleased you liked it. I'm rooting for them too, but hollie has to stop being so stubborn first. :P Ah perks is just perfect. I had so many shivers and feels after watching it! :)
Aw, thank you. I'll see if I can update sooner but I can't guarantee I'm afraid! :(
Annon x

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Review #20, by Mandy :3 The Force to be Reckoned With

29th October 2012:
Argh wow! That was such an exciting plot twist! I hope Fred's ok and I really want Dom and Ryan to break up! Please update as soon as possible in December!!! :)

Author's Response: Hehe glad you think so! It wasn't actually planned, but just kinda... happened. xD I'll be as quick as possible!

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Review #21, by TimeSeer The Force to be Reckoned With

28th October 2012:
Great chapter! I am sad we won't get any updates in November though... Anyway a huge storm coming and there being no light? And Fred missing? And Ryan being a jerk? And two more emotions to collect? And James and Annie being official? And Hollie still being okay with it? And Fred still not showing much interest in Eve? And Zoey also being in Hogsmeade? And I think that is all the questions I really have...

Anyway great chapter and please update soon!

Author's Response: Hiya! Thank you for another lovely review. Well, I'm doing National novel writing month for november, but I MIGHT be able to finish the next chapter before December - I'll see how things go! I definitely want to. ;D Haha you have loads of questions! It makes it seem more exciting than it probably is, although I shouldn't really say that. :P

I have some time today to work on chapter 10 actually, so you might get it sooner than expected!

Thank you for reviewing it means so much to mee

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Review #22, by countrymusicfanatic The Quidditch

13th October 2012:
UGH I HATED THE ENDING! I liked Annie in the beginning but now she's on my hate list and it's all the endings fault.

But aside from that I LOVED this story so far. I just started reading it today and it is seriously amazing. I love how you have the girl obsessed with romance have a personality and I just think the way you've written it has been done really well. I am seriously obsessed now and I absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter so UPDATE!


Author's Response: HI I HATE ENDINGS TOO! Aww no it's not Annie's fault...well it kinda is a bit... but she's so sweet!

Anyway, I'm so happy you like this silly old story :) This review is so amazing! I promise I will update as soon as possible - hopefully before NaNoWriMo begins in november! :/

thank you xxx

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Review #23, by WildCat The Quidditch

10th October 2012:
Really Great Chapter! I loved it! Hollie is so funny! I love her! Anyway, Update soon!


Author's Response: hi! Haha your penname has immediately made me think of Dom's cat Pythagoras lol! coincidence huh?! Thank you for reviewing! ;) xx

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Review #24, by TimeSeer The Quidditch

10th October 2012:
Ahhh I love the chapter. It was just amazing per usual. I don't know where to begin... I guess the beginning would work...

The quidditch game was really good, and your writing was perfect so don't feel bad about it because it was great.

And what is up with Ryan? Cue the curious face...

And Dom? She is an interesting creature...

And the party with Annie being drunk (I did not expect that one).

And Eve's crush on Fred! Adorable!

And James with his quidditch issues. I am so happy to know what his actually issue was with quidditch.

But James kissed Annie. Which is just not right. And Hollie being okay with it. Also not right. Please make Hollie and James get together already.

P.S. thanks for the shout-out thing!

Author's Response: Hi Becky!!
My writing was perfect?! WHAT!? Okay that is so flattering and definitely not true. :P Ahha Ryan, what a mysterious bloke!

ikr, Annie drunk? She's too innocent! WELL THAT'S WHAT THEY ALL SAY >:D

I knew you'd be pleased to finally find out more about James's Quidditch issues :D

Ahh, yes, well... Hollie is okay with it for now, but later on she REALLY isn't!

Thank you for your reviews I look forward to them so much and they really keep me going!
Annon xx

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Review #25, by Talia The Quidditch

10th October 2012:
Ohh bless her she's so oblivious and so aware at the same time! Hope she notices exactly how perfect James is for her before it's too late, and hope you update soon :)

Author's Response: Aww thank you! Sorry for my late response - but, er, the next chapter's up now!!

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