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Review #1, by EnigmaticEyes16 When Minnie Sat for NEWTs

17th January 2013:
I enjoyed this. I like how in the beginning you focus in on different characters, from each of the four houses, and gave a preview into their thoughts or conversations.

I also loved how Minerva took this as an oppurtunity to relieve the stress of the students and give them something to laugh about. I love how she allows them to call her Minnie, it'll definitely be something for most of them to look forward to when their done.

I especially liked the bit about Draco. He was so stressed out to prove himself, and her story probably meant the most to him, and showed him that the tests don't matter as a much as what he'll contribute to society.

All in all, I thought this was a lovely one-shot. You did a wonderful job.


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Review #2, by chocolatelover314 When Minnie Sat for NEWTs

13th June 2012:
This story deserves more attention that it does.

Minerva is one of my favorite characters to write for and I loved the fact that you added a little bit of her experience into this! That's absolutely fantastic - the students might actually believe she's actually human :P

It's a great one shot and I hope more people give it a chance :)

Author's Response: Thanks for that! I don't worry too much about a lack reviews for one-shots. I know that these sorts of one-shots are generally reviewed less (plus, I don't have a banner!), but I enjoy writing them anyway. I feel it's great practice in writing, and I do get some great reviews from people like you! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it. As a student, I know I'm always guilty of imagining my teachers as bionic beings that only teach. :p I thought it'd be nice if Minerva tried to set that reputation aside, now that they're not her students anymore. Thanks for the review!


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Review #3, by parashar_harry When Minnie Sat for NEWTs

18th May 2012:
wow amazing one-shot and also very realistic.
the starting of this one shot is really superb ^_^.
right now i am also a student and in final year, whatever preparation we have done before the exam, it seems always less just before the exam.
i was laughing when i was reading each and every character's description. they have just fought a war against the dark lord but it seems long forgotten when exam comes in picture. ^_^
my prayer is for draco, i wish u all the best brother( lol), really he is so desperate to achieve good marks for proving himself.
what about Luna, she is typical :), nothing can distract her from Wrackspruts (lol),even though its NEWTS. but here just one thing i didn't like ( i am sorry its just my point of view ), u have mentioned mitosis, its a biological term from muggle world, how come Luna can compare wrackspruts with it.
that four five lines on trio is really fantastic. i was just imagining their expression and it make me laugh.

i was little curious why ginny is not with trio but when i came to next paragraph, the doubt was gone. lol, u paired up ginny with neville to make hannah jealous and hannah expression make justin jealous, if i am not wrong, rally amazing, hats off to u :)
comming to minerva, me too have always pictured her from a pureblood family, i must admit that i was little disappointed when i read in pottermore that she is half-blood :(. u have created pureblood minerva flawless. and her struggle during study also seems very realistic. in past, its true that boys were always treated superior than girls. but i was shocked when i found out her newts result.
lol, i love her nickname minnie, its common thing to give our professors nickname ^_^.
P.S.- i read this one shot 2 times. :)

Author's Response: Hi again! Yeah, the part with Luna comparing Wrackspruts with mitosis... hmmm. Whoops! I'll be sure to fix that. Originally, I think I just assumed she'd have weird knowledge of things like that, but in retrospect, she's grown up in the middle-of-no-where with very little exposure to Muggles. I will definitely fix that. Thanks for the tip!

She's a half-blood? Hah, hah. Well, JKR should have included that in the books! I can't deny that i'm a little annoyed that she didn't include this stuff in the books, or leave it to readers to fill in the blanks. I have trouble keeping track of all her post-book canon tidbits.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this one-shot! Thank you so much for all the wonderful reviews you've left. They always make my day. :)


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