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Review #1, by Gosia The Precaution

11th August 2017:
Minerva McGonagall. ❤
I always liked the woman. And for so many reasons.

It feels almost surreal that I've already finished the second book and now there's only one left! (Apart from the oneshot you've posted. And oh, is this news on your Author's Page up to date? I mean, is it happening?)

Why is it that I always either get almost overly emotional or hardly able to voice any thoughts at the end of a book? (Not to mention that it happens to be both at the same time sometimes.)
I don't think I can pick favourite one from the trilogy. Of course now it's In The Red, but it's always like that, you know. It's always the one I've just finished. :>
So, Breaking Even it is, then!

Oh, I've almost forgotten about one thing and it's kind of amusing, soÖ!
I don't know why it works this way, but whenever Severus is around Beth or just by himself my mind gives me a picture of that young, well, handsome Snape - generally very close to your headers and stuff. And Conor, yeah, let's not pretend he's not at least tiny bit alike. :x
But! Whenever there is disgust, lip-curling, aloofness or coolness involved, especially when it's got something to do with Marauders (Sirius, mostly, this lovely guy), like when he enters the headquarters in the last chapter, THERE IS NO WAY my mind would let me 'see' anything else but our beloved Alan Rickman. Because who cares this Snape is 20, NO, YOU'RE NOT PICTURING HIM ANY DIFFERENT.
So yeah, kind of like "from hero to zero" in a split second or whatever. X)

Author's Response: Now you know how I felt writing it! Don't ask me how I wrote three book in two years. I don't have a good answer for you, other than no life and lots of coffee. And it's still weird for me to think of these as three books, somehow -- they all blend for me. So they can all be your favorite! :P

I love how the Snape images flip in your head!! It's definitely hard not to be influenced by Alan Rickman while writing him, even though he's so young in these books. Alan Rickman was too perfect. ♥ But at the same time, any time I see a picture of Conor, it is TOTALLY Snape, no denying it. :P

Gahhh, your reviews. ♥ I apologize if these seem nonsensical and all over the place! It's so hard to respond to such lovely sentiments. ♥ Now I remember why I dreaded answering reviews -- it's so hard. But I do truly appreciate them!!

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Review #2, by Gosia July 31, 1980

11th August 2017:
Oh, oh. This chapter is like warm and sticky syrup pouring over our broken little hearts. How good it feels! ❤
And Harry, yay, he's so cute!

Author's Response: I felt it was prudent to give warm moments after super emotional ones -- I did this in most of the books, actually, now that I think about it. Like planning Lily's wedding right after the big Beth/Sev miscommunication. :P Maybe it was my own coping mechanism?

Aww, wee baby Harry. ♥ I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

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Review #3, by Gosia The Remembering

10th August 2017:
I don't think I'll ever be able to properly review this chapter.
Their kiss, their tears, Sev's request and justÖ this breaks my heart on so many levels.

ďPlease remember meĒ and his breaking voice...
It's too much, just too much.
This chapter yet again made me cry so much that it was hard to read.
But I love it with all my heart. It's so special.
I lack words, just lack them even though I've taken my time to recover at least a bit (probably an hour or so, can't tell actually).
I would like to tell you much, much more than this but just words fail me every time I try to write something. It's something I cannot express, though I would so love to.

Author's Response: ALL THE HUGS FOR YOU ♥ I am so honored that this chapter evokes such emotion in you, though, as weird as that may sound. I am deeply, deeply touched -- it just means a lot to me that someone I've never really met has connected with my writing in that way!

You have done more than enough, though, believe me. ♥ I appreciate these reviews more than you know -- I've had a really hard go of it lately with writing, for a lot of large and small reasons. I want to jump back into it, but have been kind of afraid? And these reviews are giving me the courage to do so. :) So thank you, truly, from the bottom of my heart. ♥

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Review #4, by Gosia What Severus Told

10th August 2017:
This chapter is so brilliantly written.
I mean, I literally feel as if I were standing next to Sev in that room, as if Dumbledore were right next to me; all those emotions nearly palpable, the changes in atmosphereÖ And his eyes, oh his eyes expressing more than wordsÖ
And this:
"Was it still suicide if it didnít destroy life in its simplest definition, but merely shattered any hopes of living life as you had been doing for the past twenty-odd years?"
This is justÖ I don't want you to know how accurate such considerations are, but trust meÖ Are you sure you were just 17 when you wrote this? Because this is so mature, so real it stuns me.

And the voice inside Peter's head.
"You will be the destroyer of all that is good in your life. You are destruction, Peter Pettigrew, destruction."
Another perfect piece. It really makes me feel like I could be in Pettigrew's mind, among all his thoughts, doubts, self-loathingÖ
And so here I am, diving headfirst into a Sneth angst well. Hello, Ch. 32, my old friend...

Author's Response: ♥ ♥ That is EXACTLY how I wanted you to feel and omg, it is just so lovely that even after all this time, you still get that feeling! I am quite sure I was seventeen when I wrote this -- possibly eighteen at this point, depending on when I wrote the chapter versus when I posted it, but I am blushing all over at your compliments. Even now! ♥ (I sometimes wonder if I was wiser back then, but hopefully I'll get some of that wordsmith-ing back!)

I am so bad at answering reviews, I swear. Words aren't enough to tell you how much I appreciate and am humbled by your praise. ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you so much, Gosia, really -- the fact that you came back to this story means so, so much to me at this point in my life.

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Review #5, by Gosia What Severus Told

10th August 2017:
I want to read it.
I don't want to read it.
I want to read it. I don't want to read it.
I don't want to want to read it.
I want to don't want to read it.
Oh geez, how do I read it.
I just so want to read right now but don't want to read it until night falls at the same time.AGH.
What do I do? ;-;

Author's Response: THIS CRACKED ME UP. ♥ I got a scrunching feeling in my stomach because I know exactly what you're talking about -- but let me tell you, that angst FUELED this. I wrote these books solely for those heart-crushing moments, and the big dramatic things. I live off that, man.


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Review #6, by Gosia Worth It

10th August 2017:
No. No, no, no.
Geez, how could I have forgotten this chapter was here with its content... One tear shed, and now I'm really worried it'll take me a year and a half to tap that button to go from chapter 31 to chapter 32.
I'm devastated, thank you. I'm a freaking Sneath masochist, I love this so much.
And oh, sweet Merlin, HE KISSED HER ON THE FOREHEAD ❤❤❤
SIRIUS WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. (Yeah, I still love him.)

Author's Response: I am 100% a masochist -- I wrote this stupid thing. ♥ It gave me life, I tell you. AREN'T THEY PRECIOUS.

*smashes their faces together*

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Review #7, by Gosia The Prophecy Unearthed

9th August 2017:
Oh, how much do I love these Sneth moments... And the bracelet theme!
It's just that Severus is so different around Beth. So, so different. And not even only around Beth, he just... grows as a person thanks to these feelings. And the way he slowly realizes that she means so much to him or how his smiles become more and more often and natural... It's so adorable and just, aw, I don't know what to say. Warm feelings. ♥
And good old Sirius is back! Yay! Though I'll definitely need to read that happy!Sirius fic you've recommended. I'm glad that fic writers are here to redeem J.K.'s cruel canon.
I haven't done as much reading lately as I would like to, but it's just that it is so hard to tap that "Next Chapter" button already. :( And it's getting worse each time. Yeah, this is definitely the less exciting part of re-reading In The Red. Chapter 32 incoming. ;-;
Still, T-shirts! Sweet geez, I'm freezing when I think about it! But it's just another cute thing about them both. There is this sort of, well, clumsiness that does not even get close to annoying. ♥

I know I am repeating myself for like a millionth time, but I feel absolutely flattered by your words. ♥ And I'm always happy to leave a few of mine here! It just feels natural, given how strong and various my reactions are.

Also, I tried to wrap my head around The Dark Arts. Because I'm definitely telling you all about Conor's show! I'm just not too sure this is the best place, I mean, it's not too BBT-related, even less than my previous review... which I'd also like to refer to (and your response, which is lovely beyond measure) in some way. Though, to give you a sneak peek, it is going to be mostly writing "thank you" a hundred times in a row, because it was so, so lovely. And it's not flattery, it's just true.

Author's Response: This is why I selfishly wrote a Snape/OC in the first place -- in canon, we never see anything more than a bitter, self-loathing Snape, and I know he has to be more dynamic than that. All he needed was Beth. ♥ Yay, warm feelings!

They are so awkward though, omg. Which is fair, because I was 17 and unkissed when I wrote this (thankfully no longer true!) and the whole concept of romance was awkward to me.

You are the best. ♥ I don't deserve all your kind praise!!

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Review #8, by Gosia Down Knockturn Alley

5th August 2017:
Iím not quite sure where to start, Iím not even sure I am sane Ė writing this to you. Iíll do it, I think itís something you should know. But Iím sending you two and a half a dozen hugs right nowÖ in advance. Just in case.
And yes, I know I've read awfully little today, but that's what you get when 'life happens'. I'm sure I'll catch up on that on Monday. ;)

What I really wanted to tell you is how much this story and pretty much everything about it means to me. How emotionally attached to it I am. This summer is some kind of a strange psychological loop nearing full circle. Thereís a lot of things happening again, just like those four years ago Ė same with reading this wonderful trilogy. It was something I just couldnít help doing.

What truly makes me feel that itís something more than a strange coincidence is what Iíve been through. I wouldnít like to make you feel burdened with my words Ė what Iím going to write is just pure explanation, something well buried (I hope) in the past now. Letís cut to the chase, though, because thereís an awful lot of rambling incoming.

Four years ago, exactly that time when I was devouring your books for the first time, a very unpleasant journey started for me Ė one to the very bottom of everything (I canít even escape quoting Conor, can I). I think Iíve mentioned it Ė thanks to you I got to know Conorís brilliant music.
Thanks to whom, in turn, I realized what was going on with me.

And now thereís two things, both equally important:
1) Chapter 32 - ďThe RememberingĒ Ė this chapter had been the very first thing in years and years that made me cry, which led to me finding out that I am capable of crying; an unquestioned catalyst.
2) Conor Oberstís music, which I would never have found if not for you.
Why are they so important? Theyíve kept me alive. And itís no metaphor - they really have.
They let me ease my emotional pain, let me release some of my sadness and other negative feelings, live through those dreadful nights. I knew I could cry and this has helped beyond words.
Also, your always so kind and loving words in responses meant a whole world to me Ė they made me feel worth something, made me feel that there was at least one person in the world that cared.
Thank you.

Now that itís all behind me, now that I am starting to live my life to the fullest, that Iím becoming more and more certain that there will be a lot of good things, good people on my wayÖ I just wantedÖ even needed you to know how much youíve done for me, probably completely unconsciously. Two weeks ago, staying a few nights under the same part of the sky as four years before, I decided that that very bad time is now just a closed chapter of my life, something Iíll learn from but never go back to. And from that night on Iím growing more and more confident that I was absolutely right. Even the world seems to agree on that. Something so very close to an inner compulsion to re-read your trilogy. Tomorrow Iím going to Conorís show, which Iíve only just found out about. It just feels like a general restart to my life, the more similarities Ė the more thorough it is going to be.

I think I could go on like this forever and everÖ But I donít want to bore you. Itís just that Iím indescribably sentimental about this story and everything related to it.
And, of course, I truly cannot express how grateful I am. And how lucky I feel to have found your works. And to still find you here.

I think this explains why I suddenly reappeared here a few days back. Why I keep coming back to this site from time to time despite the time that passed. Why it makes me feel a bit said that there arenít many people around here anymore. New people, at least.
This really means a world and a whole lot more to me and I feel like showing this place to everyone in the world. To see and appreciate.
You have won a special place in my heart that day ( 6th July 2013 Ė still canít believe how long ago it was) and itíll be yours forever, whatever happens. Youíve changed my life, saved it, no matter how either trashy or pompous that sounds, and thatís not something Iím ever going to forget.

And oh, reading your responses makes tears prick my eyes every single time. It seems that pieces of both our lives are tied to this trilogy and itís such a warm feeling to be looking at them again from a completely new perspective, isnít it? No matter whether life was good or bad at that time.
Also, I am so very glad that my little reviews stir up such positive and important emotions and feelings. Itís the least I can do to repay you for everything. :)

Author's Response: I can't even begin to formulate a proper response to this review, except to say that I am truly, truly honored that my stories have meant so much to you. ♥ I am beyond happy that you have found some comfort and knowledge that you aren't alone in here, and in Conor Oberst's music, and I am touched beyond words that I could help do that for you. (And I hope you loved Conor's show -- please tell me all about it!) I can barely comprehend the fact that something I wrote did that for you, but I will never, ever forget this review, or just knowing that I touched someone that deeply. Thank you so much for sharing -- I am so, SO glad that you did. This means the world to me. ♥

Now I'm crying! It really is lovely to see you here again, and please know that I did care about you -- all my reviewers, but especially the regular ones, and you were one of the kindest. I want nothing but good things for you and am beyond thrilled that you see that they are coming. Your reviews are absolutely the best things. :)

There aren't enough characters in this stupid response box to properly express how I feel. Bowled over, to say the least, and humbled and teary and just very proud of you. :) If you ever want to come find me over at The Dark Arts/TDA, I'm nancy drew. over there and still quite active! I can always take the time to talk to you. ♥

I pray for loads of good things for you, now and always, and will always be here (in story form if nothing else!) to help you. ♥ Thank you a thousand times over for leaving this review and telling me all of these things. I cannot express my appreciation and love enough!!

♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #9, by Gosia Montgomery Park

4th August 2017:
My, oh, my, it's so much fun!
It's going to cover a few chapters, because, well... because, I guess.
I think that by now everyone around me have reconciled themselves to the fact that I'm mental. My face should totally get sued for insubordination. I just can't help grinning, giggling, wincing, covering my mouth (my hands are traitors, too), making all sorts of weird faces and noises when I'm reading! So, SO much fun.
I love these little Sneth moments to bits! They are so adorable.
And poor, naive (or maybe actually just desperate and hence this make-believe naivete he wanted to be real?) Sirius! It always makes me sad when I think about his life - so lonely and lost in his adulthood, the most loyal of friends thought to be a ruthless murderer... I always wished he had found someone who would have loved him, cared for him and made his life just a teeny tiny bit better. :c
And Sev is the real hero, if it weren't for him, they would've never sorted it out. So glad he stopped Beth from walking away a few chapters back. And oh, his Patronus, such a brilliant idea to make it a thestral and thus link the change of form to the initiation and murder...
Lovely, lovely, lovely. All their little meetings here and there...
Though there is one funny thing about this chapter (the one I'm leaving this review on) and I couldn't quite put my finger on it until earlier today! So, thing is - it's January. In England. And they are in T-shirts! I'm such a genius, lol. But who cares, no one's going to tell them what to wear. I know, I'm probably the last one to realize that... Still feels like a victory to my blonde mind.
Anyway, a great read, just like I said. :D

Author's Response: I make faces when I read, too!! Especially fic, and especially angsty/drama fic -- is it weird to do that to my own stuff? Oh well! -- or really built-up moments. If you're mental, we're all right there with you. :')

I totally get what you're saying about Sirius, too. He totally got shafted in canon, and it's so unfair. "Curious Happenings at Number Twelve" is a great happy!Sirius fic by my good friend Sarah, though she'll hate me for recommending it, if you ever get bored of Sneth. :P

They are in T-shirts! Beth and Sev are totally inept at picking out Muggle clothes, basically. :D That's funny that you caught that, though!

Thanks a billion for leaving this review, and all of them. Seeing your name and new reviews pop up in my inbox makes my little heart so happy. ♥ Thank you so much for coming back and sharing your thoughts with me once again!!

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Review #10, by kissmeimdrunk The Patronus Charm

1st March 2016:
Wonderful chapter!! Loved it. Loved everything about it :D

I love reading different versions of how people envisage the death eater ranks. I like how you have incorporated a certain amount of proving allegiances to your story, which I suppose is more logical than me originally thinking they just signed up, got their mark and toddled off to jinx muggles.

The potion scene was great. I loved how he saw the truth in his worst memory, brilliant! I knew Sev wouldn't have any trouble resisting, our boy is clever ;p

His new patronus... Amazing! Never read of that one before, perfect.

I love that all 3 books are written so I can just devour them lol


Author's Response: I can't even begin to respond to the nice things in this review! I'm just super happy that you're enjoying the books so much, and my take on the world of the Marauders (which, admittedly, was written before most of the Pottermore facts, so who knows how accurate the trilogy is anymore?).

I'm happy you're devouring my books! :) I hope you continue to enjoy them as much as you have so far. ♥ And again, I truly appreciate you taking the time to leave reviews for me! I read every single one!

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Review #11, by kissmeimdrunk Somewhat Reconciled

1st March 2016:
Loved this chapter! So happy they're talking again.

BUT I have no idea how Beth's gonna take Sev's new out of school activities! He's being very naughty of late :( She needs to show him the light!!

I thought their conversation was spot on, awkward and wanting and suspicious.

Thanks xx

Author's Response: Their conversation is me, really: awkward. Severus is quite a nasty boy in the second book, isn't he? Don't worry -- I do promise that it gets better!

Thanks again for taking the time to review! I truly do appreciate it so much, and I love knowing that people are still reading and enjoying my writing. I hope you continue to enjoy the rest just as much! ♥

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Review #12, by MuNition An Overdue Conversation

30th June 2014:
Not quite capturing the wartime state of mind here. The word "love" wouldn't have entered Sirius's mind at all. During war, the thought is that the polar opposite of death and destruction is sex, the ultimate celebration of life. The emotional side of it gets pushed aside to when you're on your huge amounts of spare time waiting while it's someone else's shift to end so you can go back to patrol (and hence, falling in love becomes extremely intense under those conditions - one letter can mean more than an entire night of romance).

So far, enjoyable, though Sirius is surprisingly coy about this. Combat soldiers on duty learn that things like guilt, shame, lack of confidence, and basically every non-primal morality gets it's volume turned down quite a bit. I'd expect him to be *far* more forward, perhaps awkward as hinted by his coyness, but he's definitely not the type for subtle. As for Severus's "love" life, I'd love a scene of him and his Death Eater buddies in a seedy pub-crawl including awkward scenes in toilets, brawls, and the such. Or perhaps more *refined* celebrations involving somewhat darker tastes. The Death Eaters as an organization seems conductive to either scenario.

So far, so good. I'm really hoping to delve deeper into the full spectrum of people in the DEs (Bellatrix on one side, people like Snape/Regulus/etc on the other).

Author's Response: Well, again, I was still in high school when I wrote this -- and also, the characters are still pretty much teenagers themselves at this point in the story. Was it real love? Doubtful.

I don't know if you ever reviewed more (it's been a while and I have a lot to respond to), but thanks for reviewing up to this point. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

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Review #13, by BettyBlack The Precaution

7th February 2014:
I know I'm *very* late to the party but I just had to say - absolutely love your writing! I stumbled across 'In the Black' while looking for Sirius fics and this has just -unexpectedly - reignited my love for all things Snape. You have developed a side to his personality that is lacking in many other stories - you write him in a way that is so human, and my heart genuinely breaks for him and Beth at times. Throughout their meetings in "In the Red" I found myself screaming "JUST KISS HIM/HER" at either one, at various times... But genius prevails!

Author's Response: This review just made my entire day -- thank you so much! I'm actually rather honored that you came across this fic looking for Sirius and stayed for Snape. They are arguably my two favorite characters in this trilogy. ♥

I'm so happy you find Snape to be so human, too! I strove very hard to make every single one of my characters human -- nobody wants to read about someone who isn't, in my opinion -- and I'm so happy you found it to work.

THEY REALLY SHOULD JUST KISS, THOUGH. IT WOULD SOLVE ALL THEIR PROBLEMS. Thank you so much for taking the time to review!

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Review #14, by Rumpelstiltskin The Precaution

9th October 2013:
Oh my god.

I'm so flooded with emotions right now. I don't think I know exactly what to say...or even how to put the way I feel about this into words!!

All that I can think is Oh. My. God!

I HAVE to start reading the next book RIGHT NOW or I may actually keel over in anticipation!


Author's Response: EEK. ♥ I'm excited that you're excited! You are reading these books so fast, and I'm so grateful for it -- not to mention jealous. I wish I could read so fast!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review and for being so enthusiastic! It's a slump period for me right now, and I needed that boost to make me keep writing. You're fantastic. :)

Hope to be hearing more from you soon!

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Review #15, by Courtney Dark The Precaution

16th September 2013:

I am dying to go ahead and read the first chapter of the next book, but I am going to exercise a little something called self-control because it is late and I may or may not have two exams tomorrow. And instead of studying I have been reading and writing fanfiction, making graphics and watching Supernatural all day. Whoopsies.

There were so many bits of this chapter I loved.

Baby Harry being passed around just turned my insides into goo because it was so perfect and adorable and Sirius was so perfect and adorable (yes, I just used those two words twice) being all over-protective and AHH! I just love him so much!

And then James broke my heart when he made that comment about when Sirius has kids because SIRIUS NEVER HAS KIDS! HE PRACTICALLY HAS NO FUTURE! And I'm actually starting to get teary eyes just writing this...the things your story does to me...

And then Severus comes in and looks at Beth and she's wearing the bracelet and HE STILL DOESN'T REMEMBER HER! I mean, I knew he wouldn't BUT IT'S JUST SO HEARTBREAKING!! I wasn't expecting all these people to know Severus is a spy for Dumbledore though - I always thought only Dumbledore knew.

And then that ending...OMG PERFECTION! Honestly, overall, In The Red is one of the best fanfictions I have ever read - you should definitely be proud, and I am jealous of your writing skills!


Author's Response: Ew, self-control. Ew, studying. ♥ But I cannot fault you for doing either, because both are more important than this silly thing of a story, and I've just decided that we're best friends because you waste your days making graphics and watching Supernatural. LONG-LOST TWINS, AMIRITE.

Ah, wee Harry. Still love him. ♥ Still hate that he has to grow up without all these people that already love him to absolute bits and pieces -- life is very cruel. AND YES, THAT COMMENT WAS ON PURPOSE. I've mentioned this before, but I'm rather fond of little barbs like that...

He really doesn't remember her. :( It's so sad and ugh. Just ugh. I still have so many emotions about this, especially because it doesn't feel like all that long ago that I was writing and/or posting this chapter.

I am so, so, so extremely flattered that this is one of the best fics you've ever read. ♥ That seriously made my day all over again! I loved writing these books and posting them for others, and really, they're a huge part of who I am. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

THANK YOU for being such an awesome reviewer, and yes -- I'll respond to all your reviews eventually! I promise! ♥

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Review #16, by Courtney Dark July 31, 1980

16th September 2013:
This is going to be yet another extremely short review because I just so badly want to read the last chapter!

This chapter was absolutely perfect. I don't think you could have written it better because BABY HARRY! Oh my god, it was so weird to read, even though I've been waiting for it for ages. And James and Lily and Beth and Sirius - they were just all perfect! Sirius and Beth as god-parents! Perfect!

Alrighty, onto the last chapter - how exciting! And then I still have a whole book to go, lucky me!


Author's Response: Run, Courtney, run! Short reviews are always accepted (because you're reviewing at all and that's awesome), but doubly so when you're racing to read the next. ;) Baby Harry! ♥ As you've probably noticed by now, I just adore writing him. Can't get enough. And writing Sirius and Beth as godparents -- couldn't get enough of that, either!

I'm so pleased you enjoyed this chapter. ♥ Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #17, by Courtney Dark The Remembering

16th September 2013:
Before I forget! The word happening in the last review was meant to be expecting! GRR! I spotted that just after I posted the review and it really irked me and...sorry. I can be a bit of a perfectionist and I make a LOT of mistakes when typing fast. Anyway, I should probably scroll back to the top of the page and read the chapter now...



I honestly don't know what else to say. HOLY CRAP! My mind is seriously whirring. SEVERUS AND BETH KISSED! BUT THEN HE'S GOING TO FORGET ALL ABOUT IT!

My brain is not functioning. Must go on and read the next chapter.


Author's Response: No worries at all! I mess up so often when typing reviews and/or review responses, and I didn't even realize you'd messed up until you pointed it out. :P So much for my reading skills, huh?

OH MY GOD. ♥ Ah, this chapter. And because I feast on readers' tears, it's probably one of my favorites in the entire trilogy. But you predicted it! THEY KISSED AND HE'S GOING TO FORGET ALL ABOUT IT AND BASICALLY I'M AWFUL.

*hugs for your poor brain* ♥

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Review #18, by Courtney Dark What Severus Told

16th September 2013:
Oooh, I wasn't happening all this to happen so soon, meaning that I enjoyed this chapter even more than usual!

I honestly didn't think, at the end of last chapter, that this was what Severus was going to do. I thought he was going to try and make himself forget about Beth or Beth forget about him or do something even more drastic like turn her in to the Death Eater's or something. So GO SEVERUS is all I really have to say, YOU ROCK!

Oh, and you wrote Dumbledore perfectly in this chapter! I could seriously picture him in my mind, studying Severus like he was an open book.

And I loved Peter's point of view, too! I'm glad that you felt bad, Peter! Although that does not make up for the fact that you are a dirty, nine fingered (toed? It's confusing when you're a rat and a miserable excuse for a person) rat. And that last line just wrapped the chapter up perfectly!


Author's Response: It's time for the enacting of canon events, yes! And oh MAN, your predictions... I can't say anything about them even though you know what happens already, but were you on the money or what? I think you're the only person without foreknowledge who predicted that! Severus, you really do rock. ♥

I'm glad you liked Dumbledore too! I've found him generally easy/fun to write, because I can tap into him pretty easily, I think. Voldemort and Bellatrix... not so much.

I think he's nine-toed? Who knows, really. He is a very miserable person, but I somehow have sympathy for him, after writing these books. Not a LOT, but more sympathy than I had before writing them. Which was none. :P

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by Courtney Dark A Decision and a Dilemma

16th September 2013:
I really enjoyed the marauder banter! It was definitely nice to see the gang back together again - even Peter. Well, not really, but I'm trying to see him from Beth and Sirius and James and Remus' point of view and I'm sure they were all glad he was there. Anyway.

I'm not sure I've said this before (I've left too many reviews on this story and the one before to remember everything I've written) but there is something so unbelievably sad about these young adults sitting around laughing and talking and playing Exploding Snap when we know their lives are going to start going seriously downhill. Soon.

But anyway, I loved the conversation between Sirius and Beth as always and James talking about Baby Harry and Lily was just so sweet! And I'm guessing Sirius DOESN'T tell Dumbledore about them being Animaguses, seeing as he managed to break into Hogwarts...

But that's all in the future!

I enjoyed Severus' point of view too, mainly because of that cliffhanger. What on earth is he going to do?

Great chapter!

Author's Response: I miss writing Marauder banter! Definitely one of my favorite parts of this era. :) And yes, Peter's still very much a part of the group at this point -- even if we as readers are suspicious of his motives...

This era is VERY sad, and it's emphasized by such a forward-looking attitude toward the carefree future. It's easy to think this could be them in 20 years, playing Exploding Snap like always, but reality has something else planned for them.

You've probably answered the Animagi question for yourself at this point. ;) Since I'm so dreadfully behind on review responses! But I really am so happy you enjoyed this chapter, and all the others. Knowing I've entertained people through my writing is one of the best feelings. ♥ Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by Courtney Dark Worth It

15th September 2013:
This chapter was full of so much perfection that I don't really know where to start!

Pfft. Of course I do! THAT ENDING! THE KISS! Well, it wasn't quite a kiss but we're getting there! And it was just so sweet and perfect!

And Beth is secret keeper as well? I did not see that coming! And now my mind is whirring and I'm wondering how everything is going to work out with Beth/Sirius/Peter/the betrayal? Does something happen to Beth before Peter betrays them all? I hope not! But then if it doesn't...does she go to Azkaban too? Or flee the country? Does she obtain a fake identity? Is she really Madam Puddifoot in disguise?

I think my theories are becoming a little unlikely.

I loved the moving in to Godric's Hollow scene. Seriously loved it because IT'S GODRIC'S HOLLOW! But there is something so sad about reading James and Lily, when their death is rapidly drawing nearer and nearer. HOLY CRAP! I just realized there's only just over a year until James and Lily died and Sirius goes to Azkaban and Peter rats out and eventually ends up with the Weasleys and Beth becomes Madam Puddifoot! Wow...

When that letter arrived, I actually felt scared, because it reminded me so much of those times I was called to the deans room at school and didn't know whether I was about to be rewarded or reprimanded.

I forgot that Dumbledore can be quite a scary dude. But that scene was absolutely perfect, and I felt so nervous for Beth throughout the whole thing!

Amazing chapter - probably one of my favourites!


Author's Response: The almost-kiss! ♥ Took long enough to happen, right? I do like taking my time with this romance, apparently... but oh well. We'll get there in the end, to tweak what you've just said!

She is indeed a Secret-Keeper, at least for now, and I apologize in advance for the great muddiness of the whole Secret-Keeping thing. It's never clearly outlined in canon, either, and it's very difficult to make canon events happen based around the little that J.K. Rowling told us, so I tried my best to provide some explanations for why things happened as they did. But all of those sad things, should I choose to include them, are very much far away in the future!

Dumbledore can be VERY scary. I have mixed feelings about him, which sometimes got written into these books. :P But he's not that nice, genial, everybody's-friend sort of guy that a lot of people portray him as. He's got a dark side, for sure.

I'm so glad you liked this chapter! Thank you for your review!

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Review #21, by Courtney Dark A Suspicion Confirmed

15th September 2013:
I love Sirius, I really do, but sometimes he can be quite, well, stupid! Oh, Sirius:( I feel like I say that a lot.

I really liked the start of the chapter, and I totally thought it was a build up to what was going to be a light, fluffy chapter.

I love you add random little details into your chapters, like Sirius' conversation with the man on the stairwell - that made me laugh, and just seemed so Sirius and, again, made me sure that this chapter was going to be fluffy.

The first thing that came to mind as I read the start of Sirius and Beth's encounter, as Beth rustled about in the kitchen, was how different it was to the conversation between Beth and Severus in the last chapter. Beth's relationship with Sirius seems so much easier and she obviously doesn't have to think about what she should say next or how she should act...but then everything started going downhill. Why must the two of you argue so much? You're breaking my sad little heart!

And then the letter! I was so not expecting that - why Sirius, why? I think I know what it's got to do with but I am definitely curious as to what Minerva's suspicions were - and I loved the Dumbledore point of view, by the way!

I told myself I was going to stop after this chapter, but I think I'll just have to read the next one now.


Author's Response: Sirius can be very stupid at times, you're quite right -- and largely because, I think, he doesn't imagine the full consequences to his actions. He thinks he's doing the right thing by Beth, but he hasn't ever really stopped and thought about it, and of course it blows up in his face.

Beth has a very different relationship with "her boys" than she does with Sev for many reasons -- for a start, the Marauders know much more about her, and as a second reason, she's not really trying to impress them. She wants to show Sev her best front, of course, but with the boys she can be 100% herself without any potential repercussions, which is what everyone needs with their friends. And, as you see here, that can sometimes lead to head-butting. :P

Thanks for your review, as always! ♥

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Review #22, by Courtney Dark The Prophecy Unearthed

15th September 2013:
Ooooh, interesting chapter, not what I expected at all!

Oh, Beth! I loved how nervous she was before Severus' arrival, because it just felt so normal and so Beth. And this is kind of random, but I love that she has this habit of rubbing her nose when she's nervous or anxious. Hehe, and I can just imagine Sirius and Peter (I have to keep reminding myself that he's already the rat, grrr) getting out of their quickly when she declared she was having feminine problems.

The conversation between Severus and Beth was perfect - again, I loved the awkward atmosphere between them. And then I really wasn't expecting Severus to tell Beth he'd overheard the prophecy! I wonder what she'll do with the information? And then their hug was a perfect way to end!

And then the James POV at the end was a lovely way to wrap the chapter up - I love getting these glimpses into James and Lily's life, especially with Baby Harry on the way!


Author's Response: I think a lot of Beth's nerves/anxiety came from me, because I have an anxiety disorder -- she's quite anxious a lot of the time, but then again, meeting Severus would freak me out too. :P Her nose-rubbing thing's a habit of mine, too! She's a lot of me put together, and also things I wish I were, if that makes sense at all.

Severus and Beth exist almost solely on unsaid things and awkwardness, but it works for them. ♥ I really do miss writing about them so much, more than I imagined I would (and that was already quite a bit).

Baby Harry! One of my favorite parts of the whole trilogy, as I'm sure you've gleaned by now in BE. He's really too adorable NOT to write, though.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Courtney Dark Sirius and Severus

15th September 2013:
Great chapter!

I really enjoyed the Order of the Phoenix meeting because (I've got a strong feeling I've said this before) I find it super interesting and fascinating finding out what's going on during the First Wizarding War, how all the canon characters are involved, and you do a really good job of writing it! I love that you manage to include so many canon characters, and that we got to see a little more of Marlene in this chapter. I haven't really thought much about Marlene, to be honest, but for some reason I really enjoyed Beth's conversation with her.

And the bit from Severus' point of view was great! The encounter between Severus and just wrote it so perfectly! I could practically hear the tension sizzling, and it kinda reminded me of the argument they had in PoA. You really nailed their characters in this chapter! And I am also very surprised at the end of result of their encounter - and quite proud of Sirius for showing so much restraint!


Author's Response: I know I've said THIS before, but I'm so glad you enjoy Order chapters as much as you do! They weren't ever my favorites to write, with maybe a few exceptions, but of course they were necessary anyway. These books were a very hefty balance of canon and AU, figuring out what needed to fit and what I could throw out for Beth's sake. As it turns out, not that much! (Marlene, I admit, fell to the wayside, as did Mary, which is largely why she crops up here... but I'm glad you liked their talk too.)

SEVERUS AND SIRIUS. ♥ They play so well off each other, in a bad way for both of them and a good way for me and you. ;) I was inspired by PoA in writing this scene, and it makes me happy you saw that!

Sirius knows what'll make Beth happy, and he wants that happiness for her enough to allow it to be with Severus. :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by Courtney Dark Missing

14th September 2013:
Aaagh, another amazing chapter! I am so sad that I can't keep reading now, because everything is just so perfect and delicious and fantastic! Those probably weren't quite the words I was looking for but, once again, I am writing this very quickly.

I really, really enjoyed the scene from James' point of view, and how many of the things we know about he and Lily and their life pre-Harry is starting to come together. It's very exciting!

And then the scene from Severus' point of view was great, too. I wasn't sure who that haughty man was going to be, and now I really, really don't like Travers for spilling that piece of news. Then again, I REALLY like Severus and he spilled an even bigger piece of information. I should probably get my priorities straight.

I also think you wrote Bellatrix really well, especially because we know that she and Severus don't get on, from the HP books.

Great chapter!

Author's Response: I promise I'm going to respond to all of your ITR reviews today! ;) You keep leaving them so fast, I'm dizzy trying to stay on top of them! Not a complaint, of course -- I really am grateful. ♥

I'm glad you like James! I'm always happy when people do, since he is my favorite, and I wonder sometimes if that showed in writing him. :P Ah, and this was the point when you didn't know what was yet to come... but I digress, and anyway, you know now, eh?

Bellatrix is a total witch. In the worst sense of the word. Which trumps the fact that I find her intimidating to write, and makes it fun!

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #25, by Courtney Dark Among Friends

14th September 2013:
Of course I enjoyed this chapter!

I actually love filler chapters, because they remind me so much of my life! And that just made me sound incredibly boring and dull, but we'll ignore that little fact, shall we? Anyway, my point is people's lives aren't super exciting all the time and I think Beth's life reflects this - although admittedly her life is a LOT more exciting that mine. Oh, how I wish I was a witch. Although perhaps not necessarily during the First Wizarding War. Although there are several perks. Sirius, for example...

Enough with my waffling! The relationship between Severus and Beth is just perfect, and I actually love how long it's taking to develop. And that letter from Sirius just made me grin all over!

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Filler chapters always make me very nervous, because there's always the potential for boredom or restlessness there, you know? So it makes me very happy to hear that you enjoyed this nonetheless! You're very right -- not every chapter of a person's life can be dangerous missions or heated kisses or eavesdropped conversations, or anything like that. Sometimes there are lulls, and for someone like me, who strives to write realism, it's important to include both. I'm seriously SO glad that you recognize and see this! ♥

Severus/Beth. I seriously don't think it's allowed to ship your own pairing so much, but then again, I hardly care. It'll just be that much more satisfying at the end! ;)

Thank you for reviewing!!

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