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Review #1, by patronus_charm develop, stop, fix

7th January 2014:
Hey Julia! Here for the 12 days of reviewing and not because I love stalking your author page or anything :P Also can I just this banner is just like ♥ ♥ ♥ It almost looks like a coin except the head doesnít have a crown and all that jazz.

Ah you already got me at the first line with this ĎThere are no photographs of Colin Creevey because he was always the one behind the viewfinder.í Seriously, it made me cry because itís Colin and unlike everyone else who has photographs to turn, Dennis doesnít.

This was such a beautiful piece of writing overall though and there could be so much more I could quote but then that would be the whole review so Iíll try and something more specific and coherent because everyone loves that :P

I thought that you wrote Dennisí grief really wonderfully. It was almost restrained in a way, but restrained in a nice way because Dennis had a different way of dealing with it other than sobbing all day long, and I really liked how you bothered to show grief in its varying forms and not just one.

The style of writing in the one-shot worked really well with the sudden small and choppy sentence because it was almost as if Dennis suddenly realised his brother wasnít there and that was the shock of it all.

Dennis honoured his brotherís death in a really lovely way with the care he took to make sure that those photos still lived on and werenít damaged in the process of that. Ok I canít really express what I want to say but I thought that the way you wrote was just lovely and really beautiful and I keep on repeating myself so I will leave it here but an amazing one-shot!


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Review #2, by Jchrissy develop, stop, fix

19th April 2013:
Wow this was a very moving one shot. Colin's death is one that never really made me sad before Fan fiction. I think because, among the ones we'd lost, he wasn't really the top concern. Of course it was sad but nothing compared to Fred or Remus or tonks.

But this little piece really brought my sads out. I can't imagine how hard it would have been for Dennis and his family, especially when the parents knew next to nothing about the world their children lived in, the move on alert Colin's death.

I loved how you captured so much of Colin through the photographs. That's what he was. A boy behind the camera Honoring him the way Dennis is, and Dennis giving himself the chance to heal whatever he's able of his own broken heart, was such a sweet thing to write about. I love how long it took him to finally look through his brother's things. Then even longer to find a photo of him.

The ending, with Dennis recreating the self portrait Colin has, of my gosh. I wanted to cry.

Beautiful story, m'dear!

Author's Response: Awh! I'm the opposite - being small, annoying and obsessed with cameras myself, I took Colin's death a little personally :P

I'm really glad this story did manage to move you - I sometimes worry that my writing is too clinical and matter-of-fact, especially with this piece.

Thank you for the lovely review! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #3, by adluvshp develop, stop, fix

1st January 2013:
Review Tag!

This was such a sad and heartbreaking one-shot. I liked your plot - there are so little stories of Dennis and Colin. Your descriptions were really good and I was completely engrossed while reading the whole piece. The emotions in the story were well highlighted too. I liked the whole concept of "develop, stop, fix" as well. I think all in all this was a well-written and well-structured story and I really liked it. Great work!


Author's Response: hey!

awh, thank you so much! I wrote this on a whim and I'm delighted it's had such a positive response from reviewers. Being small, annoying and obsessed with cameras myself, I'm pretty intrigued by Colin's character and would actually like to explore it more :3

glad you liked it, and thank you for reviewing! ♥

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Review #4, by hedwidgeon develop, stop, fix

18th June 2012:
This is beautiful. For a long time after DH I didn't give Colin a second thought but he sort of crept up on me, and I've been thinking about him for quite a while now, with the result that I wrote him a little fic of my own, but this one is just so beautiful. I've read a bit into some of your other fics and this is quite a different style but you write it wonderfully; it is just as difficult as it should be considering the subject matter but it doesn't get bogged down by that. I really enjoyed this, thank you. (:

Author's Response: thank you so much :3 I've always had a soft spot for colin and I'd been tempted to write him for so long, but it took me ages to get anything down onto paper. I'm really glad you liked it and thank you so much for reviewing ♥

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Review #5, by ariellem develop, stop, fix

18th May 2012:
I'm back for another story, as soon as I saw the camera bit I had a feeling it was a Colin story and I love Colin, I've been wanting to write him for quite some time now.

so a jumper embraces a cauldron, a textbook lies face down with its spine cracked under a pile of balled socks. The clothes are unwashed and the scrolls of parchment are crammed with unfinished notes

I don't know why but that sentence hit me hard. I was very close to tears with that sentence and the rest of one-shot was just irking the tears forward. When Dennis was going through all the pictures Colin took I was heartbroken. The part where Dennis told his mother that Colin never took a picture of himself just of the others. Of the thousands of pictures Colin took he only had three of himself, and he never got to develop his last pictures.

Alright you have convinced me of your obvious talent, now why are you so intent on making me cry?

Author's Response: ooh, I love colin too! I feel like he's totally my fic counterpart, given that we're both irritating, small, and obsessed with cameras, haha.

I'm so...not happy, but, well, I'm actually quite moved at the reaction this little drabbley fic has got. it was a really quick write for me, very spur-of-the-moment, total zero draft, and I wasn't quite sure what people would make of it. I'm the sort of person who's always the photographer, never in the actual photo, and it seemed like an interesting thing to explore.

baww, don't cry! I'm glad you liked it (well, in an angsty way, haha) and thank you for reviewing ♥

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Review #6, by Siriusly3 develop, stop, fix

18th May 2012:
Wow. Just wow. This is so beautiful, so hauntingly sad and just..Oh gosh I loved Colin so much and I'm crying my wee eyes out at this. Dear me, poor poor Dennis.

The way you've tied everything together with the photographs, and your style, is just amazing and I love the way you write!

Well done!! :D

Author's Response: thank you so much! I'm actually quite moved by the responses I've got for this fic...I didn't really anticipate people would feel so strongly about it :3 colin's one of those characters who's intensely annoying but, at the same time, so lovable. and, bring a bit of an amateur photographer myself, it felt like a good way to, er, connect with a fic? if that makes sense, haha.

anyway, thank you for reviewing, and I'm really glad you liked it ♥

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Review #7, by CloakAuror9 develop, stop, fix

18th May 2012:
Hey there!

This is such a bittersweet story. I really love your summary, though it kinda got me all teary. Colin was an under-appreciated character, at least in my opinion, and to read a one-shot centred around him is just...fantastic, really.

I thought you did an awesome job with the story! You were so good at describing how Dennis felt about his brother's death. It was so straightforward and believable. I also love the fact that Dennis didn't go snooping around Colin's trunk instantly, I know I wouldn't be. Gah, the story is just so perfect and so beautiful ♥

You are such an amazing author!

CloakAuror9 xx
Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: hello!~ I'm very fond of colin and I felt I was long overdue a chance to write about him (heh, being small, irritating and an amateur photographer myself, he's like my fic double). I'm really glad you liked it and thank you so much for this lovely review :3 ♥ ♥

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Review #8, by HufflepuffAlex157 develop, stop, fix

14th May 2012:
Aw :'( this is such a lovely one-shot! It always really bothered me that they stopped featuring Colin after the second film, and Dennis was never introduced, but this really is great (as always!) Alex :)

Author's Response: colin's a character I'm very fond of and I was a wee bit upset when he was spontaneously cut out...and then jkr just had to go and kill him off, didn't she? ;~; thanks for reviewing & I'm glad you liked it ♥

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Review #9, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap develop, stop, fix

10th May 2012:
There are no photographs of Colin Creevey because he was always the one behind the viewfinder.

^ INSTANT TEARS FLOWING FROM MY EYES. This was so sad and I just can't even write a proper review because that's all I have to say. WHY COLIN! WHY? Why did he have to.there was no...HE COULD HAVE LIVED! So unfair that he had to die, so unfair.

This was beautiful. You are beautiful.

Author's Response: baww don't cry! and, yeah, first thing I'd say to JKR if we ever met (beyond my initial agdvfdsdbsgfd and fainting fit): WHY DID COLIN HAVE TO DIE?

thank you so muchhh ♥

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Review #10, by Toujours Padfoot develop, stop, fix

10th May 2012:
Julia, this was so sad! I knew it would be, of course, because it was about Colin, but the way you wrote it just made everything all the more poignant - the tense you used, the simplicity of the style, the straightforwardness. And I must say that your photography know-how was impressive and helped the story absorb me while I was reading. The trunk collecting dust and the way his belongings had just been jumbled carelessly inside of it, and the more recent pictures of Hogwarts that brought Dennis renewed pain just gave me so many feels. I feel so awful for poor Dennis. I think the very worst bit for me was the part mentioning donating Dennis's cauldron and things and that they were only keeping the robes to use as hand-me-downs, but Dennis would never wear them. I can't imagine I would want to, either. At the end of the story, I got the feeling that Colin will go on living through Dennis - that he'll never truly be gone. This reflects on what you said earlier about how the dead don't always stay that way in the magical world, so in this respect you perfectly captured the sort of strange magic in death that Potterverse has.

Very touching, somber one-shot.

Author's Response: soroh! ah, it was a bit of a purge of feels to write - I basically typed it all in one go then peeked from between my fingertips as I posted it (I didn't even proofread...I just knew that, if I did, it would never find its way to my author's page as per). so it's been a bit overwhelming to read the responses this has got and, eee, your response is making me a bit giddy. in the books, colin and dennis seemed very much alike so, er, yeah~. um I'm not sure I can formulate a coherent response to this but thank you so much for leaving this beautiful, beautiful review ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #11, by Cirque Du Freak develop, stop, fix

10th May 2012:

Just to point this out first and foremost: I love Colin so so so so so much. THIS MADE ME WANT TO CRY. Eurgh. No. He's been my ultimate favourite when he arrived as an annoying little brat in Second Year and aw aw aw.

I love how you did this from Dennis's POV because no one really thinks of how he would be affected ot how his family would be either. Actually they don't think much of Colin (I loathe what JK did with his death he deserved so much more considering the amount of time + energy he spent in supporting Harry).

The last sentence is oh-so very poignant and its like he's trying to bring Colin back through himself but he cant and argh I don't make sense and I'm just fan-girling too hard over this to properly review. I JUST LOVE IT TOO MUCH OKAY.

I'm going to go before i mention eternal love and kaleidoscopes and random animals. Yup.
< 3

Author's Response: hehh, nice keyboard smash there :3

I love colin too! he's annoying, but he's a lot like me in that respect. we also have a shared love of cameras, so it sort of felt I was long overdue a shot at writing about him.

if I ever meet JKR, I promise, on behalf of both of us, that I will slump to my knees and clutch at her like a banshee and wail 'WHY DID COLIN HAVE TO DIEEE' as a general summation of my feelings about DH.

thank you so much for reviewing and I'm so glad you liked it ♥

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