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Review #1, by DragonPoxPixie The baby is born

1st March 2016:
Hello and wow- That opening is one heck of way to get someone interested in the story right of the start! A baby-Bellatrix! Poor girl! I liked how you had Bellatrix smile at her, for a moment I could almost imagine her as a human being *wink* and then you went on making Voldemort sound selfless as well! That seriously is one creepy set of parents and makes me very curious to learn more about what should be a very interesting main character!
I really liked how you wrote "The Dark Lord had been gone for half an hour when the owls started flying", it's a really nice way to summarize and describe what we all know happened that night. The scene before it feels a tiny bit rushed but still paints a nice picture of the first months of the baby's life. In a creepy way it sounds almost like two sisters sharing the care for their children as they go about their regular jobs instead of helping a dark wizard rise to power even further!
The interaction between the sisters after the Malfoy's were cleared was very touching and I felt like it was very in-character with how we know them. I really like how three-dimensional you made them all in this first chapter alone. Also, I loved how you had Bellatrix distrusting Snape just like she will later on in-canon!
The idea of having a character not just attending Hogwarts but actually growing up in the castle is super intriguing, I'd love to read all about her experience doing so and seeing all of it's wonders through the eyes of a young child. The combination of who her real parents are combined with those who raise her also left me very curious and eager to read more. A very good job for a first chapter of your first story! Keep writing!

- "the end is only the beginning" Team Ouroboros; Operation Green with Envy (a forum reviewing event brought to you by the awesome House of Slytherin!)

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