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Review #1, by Stephanie Orr I'll fight with you.

5th January 2013:
Good insight into what Harry might've been thinking while on the horcrux hunt, but I'm not so sure that it needs the "M" rating.

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Review #2, by Aphoride I'll fight with you.

13th July 2012:
Aww, that is so sweet! :D Okay, first off, I have to admit that I chose this story primarily because I saw aim.moon had done the banner for it and I love the graphics she made (it was really hard to choose which one-shot to review, they all look so interesting!) so I picked this one. And I don't regret it at all!

I love how you've used first person to tell it, you know, how it's Harry talking to Ginny even though she's not there, or writing her a letter or something. But, any way, it's him to her and it's such a good way to do it. Honestly, I hate first person so I'm pretty amazed you did it so well and it seems so easy for you! *is jealous

I really liked how you characterised Harry as well. You made it clear that while there are numerous reasons for why he's fighting and numerous people he's fighting for as well, he's secretly fighting for her and wishes he wasn't. It's just... the whole idea of him wishing he was fighting for the 'right reasons' is so Harry. It's just absolutely him.

Also, I really liked how you pulled in the whole 'I don't know what I'm doing' thing as well, because Harry's still human and will have had moments where he just wonders 'what am I doing?' and I thought that came across so well, and you explored that really nicely.

Oh, and Hermione was lovely! I liked how it was only a brief moment - it kinda seemed like it could be a scene from the film when they're in the forest, you know? - and they only shared a short conversation. I also liked how it was her comment which set him thinking because that's often how things work in real life and it was so realistic and true to both characters the way you portrayed them.

Eh, I think I rambled a lot :D In short, I liked it very much!

Aph xx

Author's Response: Aim. Moon is amazing, she just, there is no way I can explain her graphics, I know the feeling. :) Thank you though, I got very worried about this one, but I'm really happy you liked it.

Recently first person and I broke up, I mean I had written in first person so much, for some reason my mind just wanted me to write in third person all the time. So don't be jealous, but thank you for all the nice things said.

Thank you, I get worried sometimes that people think that Harry is to much in love with Ginny, but then I think that's a good problem, there really is nothing wrong being so much in love with someone.

Harry is still human, and sometimes people forget that, and there is nothing wrong with just being human.

I love all your rambles, it made my whole year, thank you so, so, so, much!


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Review #3, by kjp I'll fight with you.

3rd July 2012:
aw so cute, I love all of your Harry/Ginny one shots, your a gr8 writer.I've also added you on the dark arts as a friend, i hope u dnt mind :) (god I sound like such a stalker- i'm not btw ;) )

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you like all of my one-shots, that makes me so, so, so, happy.

Oh no you don't sound like a stalker at all, I haven't been on the dark arts much so I'm glad you told me, I would have never known.

Thanks so much again,


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Review #4, by Aurorofthelight I'll fight with you.

19th May 2012:
Up to 45 pleases now are we? As usual, none are necessary when it comes to reviewing one your marvelous stories, LittleOne!! This one is another favorite and I loved it alot! You don't see many stories that touch on what Harry's thoughts might have been while on the mission!
I am impressed that you tackled this idea and even more impressed with the magnificent job you did on it! Keep them coming LittleOne! You are a uniquely talented writer! :):):)

Author's Response: Yes we have moved on from the boring old 43 or 44, it wasn't doing what it had before, time to change.

On a more serious note, It's good to hear from you again, the lack of conversation has been my fault, but I swear I'm going to post more.

I'm glad you liked it, I don't like it as much as I did before, and I think I'm just going to work on the other ones that I want to post, but I thank you for your kind words they never fail to make my day.

Thank you, thank you very much, my writing would be lost without your kind reviews :)


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Review #5, by academica I'll fight with you.

16th May 2012:
Hey Liz! I'm here with your requested review :)

Overall, I feel like this was a nice one-shot, and it does a good job of reverberating the same themes I see in most of your work. I do wish it had been a little bit longer; on the one hand, I think the message is short and sweet, and so the length makes sense, but I think you could add a little more by expanding on some of the themes you've introduced. For example, I would have liked to see more about what Harry used to like about the cold, and maybe a little more about "all that has happened" to change his views on the cold. I mean, we obviously know what happened to make him feel so miserable in this moment, but it would be nice to hear it from Harry's perspective, even if it was just for the purpose of filling this out more.

I think you did well with the emotion, and even though the "I don't know" and "I can't stop" phrasing seemed a teensy bit repetitive, I clearly gleaned the desperation Harry was feeling from your repeated use of those words. In fact, I think this piece would benefit from including some more "plot" to go with the emotion; for example, you could bring Hermione back into it at the end, asking whether Harry is okay, since he seems so lost in his thoughts even with her and Ron nearby.

I certainly don't think this is stupid, but I do prefer the pieces you do where you try to expand a little more on Harry's adoration for Ginny and how she fits into his overall mission and life. Here, I felt like you were telling me that she means the world to him, but I didn't get as much of a sense of why she is the one thing he is really fighting for, considering all that is staked upon his victory over Voldemort. As a result, other reviewers might argue that you're not accurately portraying his motives. I really admire your love for Ginny and Harry, and I think you could make the argument that Ginny is his primary motivation, but I feel like if you want to do that, you need to really make me (and any other readers) believe it when I get finished reading one of your pieces. That would be a powerful thing indeed to behold, in my opinion. (A good way to test this ability might be to run a story by a friend who you know doesn't ship Harry/Ginny, and then ask them for their opinion. Has your work at all changed how they feel?)

I did like this piece, even if it isn't my favorite of yours, primarily because I think it was daring for you to admit that Harry's motivation might be selfish, and that it could be "the wrong reason" to fight back and carry on. It's those little touches of raw honesty that will help you make your case for Harry/Ginny. I didn't notice any major technical errors, which is great, and the piece seemed to flow well. The only other addition I would suggest is to consider adding in some imagery at the beginning, just to make the reader feel how cold it really is. That would also help to fill this out some.

Nicely done! I hope this review is helpful :)


Author's Response: Hey again.

I wished it was longer too, but I didn't know what else to add, and this one-shot felt so confusing, but I feel like every now and then I have to take these little risks with my writing, and I don't know sometimes I get just worried about them.

I don't know if I really like this one-shot. I really thought I did when I was posting it, but I think instead of trying to get more of people's thoughts on it, I'm just going to post something else.

I like the one that comes after it more for some reason.

I'm sorry I wasted your time.


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Review #6, by CloakAuror9 I'll fight with you.

16th May 2012:
Hello there! :)

I think the story was really well done. I love the way that Harry fought the war for Ginny, a really nice spin in the story. I don't think he would've completely just fought it for Ginny because there are other characters he probably was fighting the war for anyway, but Ginny will probably be the 'focus' of his attention.

I think Harry was very canon; he didn't know what he was really doing at this point in the books and you made the readers realised that fairly quickly into the story. Also, the way you made Harry's life centre around Ginny was fantastic. The way you described his feeling for her, gah! I melted! :P

Anywho, I thought this story was really well written, but something's missing though I'm not too sure what. In any case, you really did a good job writing the story! :D

CloakAuror9 xx
Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: Thank you, I am really super happy that you liked it, but can I just say that was really, really, really nice of you to give me this free review, I hope you know that you really, really made my day.

I just wanted to say thank you for that, and all the nice things you said in your review. I hope you go through life knowing you made someone happy.

Thank you.


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Review #7, by Random writter I'll fight with you.

13th May 2012:
So bittersweet! Can't say anymore.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you thought so :)


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Review #8, by Phillip I'll fight with you.

13th May 2012:
I hope school doesn't drive you TOO crazy! 44 'pleases' and 1 'pleas' :)

Author's Response: Ha-ha thanks, I'll fix that one day or another. :) Hope your doing well :)


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Review #9, by worship the nargles I'll fight with you.

12th May 2012:
I LOVE THIS STORY! its so nice and sweet!!! one of the reasons i love your story's is because you stay true to harry's character by still thinking about him as the sweet, selfless, boy in the cupboard that we all know and love. :)

Author's Response: Oh thank you that was very nice of you to say, I really like writing Harry and Ginny so having people like them it makes my whole year.



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