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Review #1, by ImposedWriter Caught in the Act

6th June 2012:
Three words
Seriously, I think that this was really good. 'Walls of Stone' is of to a really good start. But (if you really knew me, you'd be sick of my suggestions)... I kinda liked the other chapter better. I wasn't disappointed, but felt like there had to be more to this chap.
Other than that...
Lol "Not an easy feat, with all of those fangirls following his every move, but I'm a Ravenclaw. I'll manage it somehow."
I dunno why, but that last sentence cracked me up. And yes, I agree that Riordan is quite the author. :) Keep writing!

Author's Response: First of all: THANK YOU SO MUCH! This review made me smile :) I'm sorry the chapter wasn't enough for you . . . I'll keep that in mind for next time I go to post a chapter of this :) Thank you sosososo much for this review :)

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Review #2, by Harry_Potter_345 Caught in the Act

22nd May 2012:
Good but really short :/

Author's Response: Heheh thank you. It'll be longer next time, I promise :)

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Review #3, by xxDobbyX Caught in the Act

22nd May 2012:
Love it... Can the next chapter be longer though? Please update soon... xD

Author's Response: Thank you! I promise the next chapter will be longer, and I'll do what I can on the updating front :)

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Review #4, by Harry_Potter_345 Walls of Stone

14th May 2012:
Awww thats so sad... :(

Author's Response: i know :( thanks for the review, though!!

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Review #5, by ImposedWriter Walls of Stone

13th May 2012:
I love how you used the wide gaps between each line. It gave the story a certain power and emotion that pertained to the events placed (I really hope that they weren't an error and that you purposely placed them there). This is pure genius and you should keep writing. It would have been good as a one-shot until you gave the cliff hanger of 'Then sixth year happened'.
Two suggestions though:
1. I'm not sure about the WHOLE entire background of Elizabeth. Does her new family not like her, or are they strict? Not that it would matter, but I'd like to know the relationship like Harry Potter and his family.
2. Is Rose supposed to be so optimistic? I don't know... It just seems strange to be so outspoken. Well, Rose doesn't really have a certain personality that J. K. Rowling herself has explained (except for her brilliance in schoolwork).
Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you Thank you for the long review!!! It's so nice to get one that actually gives feedback as opposed to just a couple of encouraging words (although a couple of encouraging words are just fine (:)

Yes, I did purposely space the lines. It's a certain trick that my friend uses when she writes, and I decided to try it. Obviously, it worked well :)

More Elizabeth background will be exposed in the next chapter. I know it's kind of difficult to tell now, but it's her aunt who's dysfunctional. Her cousins sort of are okay with her, but she did block herself out from the beginning, so they didn't have a whole lot of reasons to try and get to know her.

And yes, first-year Rose is that optimistic. I'm planning on making her character more believable as she grows, though. I just thought that first-year Rose would be that bouncy, you know? It's just something I do with eleven year olds.

Thank you for the review, I hope that cleared up your questions!

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