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Review #1, by fifi_98 Planning out my Birthday

27th May 2012:
hey :) i love how you show Rose's inner thoughts (its pretty funny) as well as the tantrum she throws. i love it- its almost exactly what i do :P the hugo-rose brother-sister bonding moment was really cute too :) cant wait till the next chapter :D

Author's Response: hahahahhahahaha yepp ;) :D WE GOT 34 READS FOR THE OTHER STORYYY!! :D

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Review #2, by Dmlong Planning out my Birthday

25th May 2012:
Oh I loved this chapter!! Your image at the beginning seriously made me laugh.

Rose and Hugo's relationship was so sweet, I just loved it. Normally in all the Next Generation stories I read about Rose, Hugo is just there and never really interacts with her. So I love that you showed they really care for each other. :)

Oh and I just loved how hard Rose tried to get out of inviting Emilie to her party. I died. She is clever, unfortunately not clever enough to outsmart Hermione Granger (or Weasley).

Also, dont think i didn't notice Rose's little stutters when she said Scorpius' name. Am I sensing a little crush? I'd like to think so!!

I really hope you update soon. I'd love to read more!! Fantastic job so far. :))

Author's Response: Thankyou so muchh!! :D

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Review #3, by Dmlong The Doll From A Muggle Shop

25th May 2012:
GREAT start to the story! :)

I hate to say it, but I already seriously dislike Emilie. She is way to "proper" and in my opinion she seems a little fake and just super annoying.

I love Rose though. All her little snide remarks and comments made me smile. :)

I'm excited to see where you take this story. I definitly look forward to reading more. In fact i'll go and do that now. :))

Author's Response: Thankyou! Im glad the message to hate Emilie is getting across :D keep reading!

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