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Review #1, by quick_quotes_quill The Awkward Meeting

17th July 2012:
I really enjoy this story so far! I just wanted to let you know that you spelled "muggle" as "muggel" in the story summary. Other than that, I think the plot is interesting and the characters are good!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! I won't be updating this for awhile, but feel free to take a look at some of my other work :)
Thanks for pointing that out, I'll be sure to change that ASAP!

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Review #2, by HallowsAndHorcruxes The Awkward Meeting

21st June 2012:
I love how even though they have been watching each other for so long that they are so awkward around one another as it's so sweet and innocent. I also like how you incorporated Mrs. Figg into the story having her as Summer's grandmother as it's ingenious and I would have never thought about that so well done!

I also find it nice that you keep bringing the character's back to the same place as it is if this place is theirs or will become their's. I find it nice that there is a common place of interest. Again I can't wait to read more and look forward to the next chapater.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
Haha, yeah the Mrs Figg thing. I don't really know where that came from, I just kinda wrote it on the spot, if you get me :)

I'll let you know when the next chapters up :) Thanks again :) xx

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Review #3, by HallowsAndHorcruxes Summer's Secret

21st June 2012:
I think it's nice that you decided to do this second chapater from Summers pov as it let you knw what they are both feeling and shows you both side of a story and I really love stories that do that.

Again I was able to picture what was going on and imagine myself there in the field as if I was a bystander watching the event. I also like what I have seen of summers character so far as it seems like she could turn out to be an interesting person so I can't wait to find out more about her.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You'll learn more about her soon, I've got something very special lined up for her which may lead to a sequel :)

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Review #4, by HallowsAndHorcruxes Love At First Sight

21st June 2012:
Hallows here with you requested review.

I must say it is a nice little chapater giving an in sight to how Harry first met Summer which I think is charming. It is really a nice little summery chapater which I quite enjoyed since it pretty dull where I am at the moment. So it put a nice little smile upon my face.

I also like the flow and pace you have here as it just seem to bob along nicely and you also set the sence of this field exquistley which allowed me to picture things clearly in my head. It is a wonderful little chapater so I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I'm glad it put a smile on your face, it's pretty dull where I am too :(
Thanks again and I get wait to read your other reviews :)

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Review #5, by luciusobsessed The Awkward Meeting

18th June 2012:
Harry's responses were making me cringe up the entire time! He really did make himself sound like a creeper, so I'm guessing he likes her a lot and was super nervous.

I've noticed that Harry compares a lot of things to Ginny. Does he by any chance have feelings for her as well?

Great descriptions and dialogue, made me laugh. Notify me when the next chapter is up :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I hope you read the next chapter when it's up!
You'll have to read on to find out :D
I'm glad I made someone laugh! :) xx
Thanks again! :) xx

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Review #6, by luciusobsessed Summer's Secret

18th June 2012:
So tell me why I wish I were as bold as her? From the last line of this chapter, I've inferred that Summer's going to approach Harry. I hope she inspires me because I tend to do the opposite of approach!

I love how you described Harry from her perspective. You didn't just describe how attractive he was, but you also noted the state he was in, with his ragged clothing and messy hair, showing how poorly the Dursley's treat him.

Excellent chapter! On to the next :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
Yeah, I'm the same as you, I do the opposite of approach! :) xx

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Review #7, by luciusobsessed Love At First Sight

18th June 2012:
Once again, a wonderful story with meticulous descriptions and captivating flow! I love how you describe the emotional effects Summer has on Harry. I'm guessing that this won't be the last time Harry sits outside, if you know what I mean. I hope he makes a move next chapter! Can't wait to read it :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :) xx

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Review #8, by HPluvergirl The Awkward Meeting

18th June 2012:
I really like it! By the way, more chapters of my first story is up.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll be sure to read and review asap :) xx

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Review #9, by WhispertheRavenclaw3 The Awkward Meeting

30th May 2012:
I love this story :) It's so well written. Wow, I never would've guessed Summer was Mrs. Figg's granddaughter! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I hope you read the next chapter when it's up :)

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Review #10, by CassiePotter The Awkward Meeting

29th May 2012:
I love how insecure Harry is when it comes to girls! It's really cute, I think. Especially because he saved the world when he was only a baby, and every year after that since he came to Hogwarts. I loved that Summer was Mrs. Figg's granddaughter, and that she had that little connection to Harry, because they obviously both know her. So her name would be Summer Figg, then? Because she's Mrs. Figg's son's daughter? Overall I loved this chapter and can't wait for the next one! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Oh my God, Summer Figg, that's sounds awful! I never thought about that. ;)
Thank you so much Cassie! The next chapter won't be up for awhile because I'm not really sure where this story is going any more and I don't like it :( But love story should be up soon once I've finished the next chapter :)
PS I'm still reaaaly HYPER!! jdndhfjhjjnjnfsmn s df :D HeHe!!!

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Review #11, by HPluvergirl Summer's Secret

23rd May 2012:
Omg loved it! Awesome!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much. I hope to see you in the next chapter, it's alraedy in the queue.

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Review #12, by CassiePotter Summer's Secret

17th May 2012:
I loved that we got to see what Summer thinks of Harry! She's a really sweet character, and I really loved how you've developed her from the first chapter, even though it was in Harry's point of view. Also, I really love the fact that she doesn't notice his scar. It's something that he's known for, and people always look there first, but she doesn't even see it. She's intruiged by everything else about him. I can't wait for more of this and Love Story! Do you know when the next chapter of either will be up? 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it and like Summer.
You know, I had compleatly forgottan about his scar! Terrible, isn't it? How could anyone ever forget about Harry Potter's scar?
Chapter 2 of 'Love Story' is in the queue and should be out either tomorrow or Sunday and as soon as that is up, I'll put chapter 3 of this in the queue, so I hope you read and review.
Thanks again :) xx

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Review #13, by CassiePotter Love At First Sight

13th May 2012:
I love love love your descriptions! I can picture everything perfectly!and the way you word how Harry is feeling is amazing. I can already tell that this is going to be a sweet story, and I can't wait to read more of it! Also, I love the idea of Harry falling for a muggle, because once he finds out that he's a wizard, he's so wrapped up I Hogwarts that you would never see this coming. 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! I'm putting the next chapter through the queue as soon as the first chapter of 'Love Story' is valid and I've already requested a banner, I can't wait to get it!
Thanks again and I hope you stick with it!
ps. please update The Fourth Daughter soon!! :) xx

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Review #14, by HPluvergirl Love At First Sight

8th May 2012:
I love it. It's so awesome.

Author's Response: Thank you, I hope you stay with in to the next chapter all though it might be for a while, I'm concentrating on another fic at the moment called 'Love Story' so feel free to check that out when it's up. should be some time this week. :)

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Review #15, by Terry Love At First Sight

7th May 2012:
This story sounds really good. I hope u add the next chapter soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I've already written it but I'm concentrating on another fic called Love Story at the moment so it won't be out for awhile!

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