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Review #1, by maskedmuggle Poker Face

9th May 2012:
This was a nice, interesting one-shot :) I do like the song Poker Face, and I love Glee, hehe. I liked Emmy - she really was quite a unique OC, and definitely very assured of herself, and of course, I loved that she won! I'm a bit curious about the plot - especially with how Charity seems like she doesn't fit there, so i wonder how she got there in the first place :P

The guys were all nice, it was like the Potter-Weasley gang, but I liked Johnny and the little interaction at the end where Emmy explained what was happening and why. Oh, and the bit about being proud and happiness was sweet. A nice one shot :)

Author's Response: Ahh thank you so much! :D I'm so happy you enjoyed reading this and that you like Emmy! :) Haha, how could I NOT let her win? She was so fun to write since she's kind of out of my comfort zone.

Ah, Charity, yes. I'll probably go back and make that a little clearer (ugh, when will I find the time and determination?).

I'm so glad to hear you like my OC's! Thanks so much for such a sweet review! :D

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Review #2, by dobbys_socks Poker Face

8th May 2012:

This was AMAZING! Absolutely amazing. I think I told you I had high expectations as Poker Face is my all time favourite Glee song, but I wasn't expecting this at all! You've just made my day.

I love how Emmy played 'hard to get' with the boys, which is always a favourite of mine. But poor Charity! She reminds me of this girl at my school who always confronts the guys with her 'annoyingness', then is always pushed aside when someone they like comes along. Anyway, I suppose it had to happen, and it fit perfectly.

The main thing I was looking for is that your fic worked with the song, and now I'm stuck with a massive problem because everyone's stories worked perfectly, especially this one. I liked the description and just the whole... aura of the piece.

Well done, very well done! This is the last story I had to read so right now I will go and write a blog on the forums with the winners in it, so please look out for it. Amazing job and I can't wait for more.


Author's Response: OH MY GOODNESS, STOP! You're incredibly sweet!

I've made YOUR day? Imagine me reading this comment! This has definitely made MY day! :D When I read your blog post, I freaked out a little bit (cuz I'm such a dork), and THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Writing Emmy playing "hard to get" was SO fun. (I wish I was that cool...) Charity was kind of every desperate girl I've ever met/seen on TV mushed into one. But that poor girl... (The one you know, I mean.) Anyway, I'm so glad it all fit together :)

Ahhh, I'm just...oh my gosh. I'm so happy that this worked and that you like the "aura" of it! :)

Thank you SO much! This was really fun to write since I got to listen to "Poker Face" a million times ;) Thanks, again!

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