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Review #1, by AriesGirl40 For a Lifetime

20th June 2012:
Not a shabby beginning at all, makes me want to see what comes next :) see you next chapter Gin-gin

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D see you next chapter AriesGirl

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Review #2, by Mischief_manged18 For a Lifetime

8th May 2012:
Ah!! Alex Pettyfer is bloody brilliant. And he's definitely my Scorpius. Haley Ramm is my Rose. She has amazing eyes and gorgeous red hair. You should check out some of her pictures, because she's so beyond beautiful. Goodness dear, I love you. I'm getting so excited for your stories! I can't wait to read more of both of them. And as I said previously, I'd be more than happy to help you edit. Shoot me a message with your email on your formspring if you want me to. I'll still review when you update ;P
Love you missy!

Author's Response: Mischief! Im so sorry for not responding sooner! It was the last last week of school, bv now Im free, so yay! Ikr! He looks the part. I just looked up Haley Ramm, and she so looks like how I imagine Rose. I cant wait for you to read them either. As much as Id love your help I want to surprise you dearie. But if I need help youll be the one Ill go to. Love you too, missy. :D S2, Gin-gin

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Review #3, by Mischief_managed18 For a Lifetime

7th May 2012:
Gin-gin!! My love! My dear! My amazing writer and friend!
I love you. Just sayin'. So excited that you're writing a Scorose now. You can take over for me since Fallin' is almost over :/
Anyways, getting off topic. I love that this is from Scorp's perspective. Absolutely love it! I'm so in love with this kid already so good job on that ;P Question, who would you use to portray Scorp? And Rose? Curious.
I can't wait for stuff to start happening :D that ending already has me hooked. I can't wait to read the next chapter so WRITE WOMAN, WRITE!
A few typos here and there so you may want to either go over it yourself or have someone edit it for you *cough* me *cough*
Anywho, lovely story! I love you and I'm excited for this story!

Author's Response: Mischief!!! I love seeing when you review missy! :D I love you 2! I still cant believe its nearly over. Im gonna have to read it again after its done. I love him too, hes such a sweetheart! Yay Im doing good! :D *happy dance* Hmm... I see Scorpius being Alex Pettyfer (hope thats how its spelt) and I dont really know who I would use to portray Rose cause I always think of a redhaired Hermione. Who would you use? I KNOW I CANT WAIT EITHER! IM WRITING, IM WRITING! GBut, Im going to update In Time first. Im so excited that your excited! I love this story. :) More soon, Gin-gin

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Review #4, by mairi:''''"> For a Lifetime

6th May 2012:
hot fudge brownies?omg i love brownies
i will be waiting for the next chapter:)
sorry if this review is short cause i'm kind of speechless right n0w:)

Author's Response: mairi:'>, I love them too! Im updating my other story first, so the next one will hopefully next week. the shortness doesnt matter if I made you speechless. More coming soon, Gin-gin

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Review #5, by Siriusly3 For a Lifetime

2nd May 2012:
Ooh titanic! Ive never ever read a hp/titanic fic although was thinking of writing one, love that she's called Rose, wish Scorpius was called Jack! This was written oretty well except you have a few spelling mistakes, i would suggest a beta. I think the story is good and i think that scorpius pretending hedoesn't love her is a great idea, with his coverup, I think it's original. He seems sweet but obviously part-Draco, i like his character. I also am looking forward to the next chapter and want to know who this man is! Poor Rose, can't wait for the update xox

Author's Response: Siriusly3, you're my first reviewer yay!! :D

I love Titanic having practically watched it since birth, and hp is my favorite seris! I've only read one titanic/hp It's a dramione, but the author hasn't written in a while! I'd like to see what you'd do with yours if you wrote one.

Oh, Rose's name was like the spark of it all. I was just crying my eyes outafter watching the movie and decided to check my account when it hit me and I was like yay!

I don't know how to get a beta reader, but they sound like a blessing.

I'm so glad you think it's original. It means the world to me! Hehe, I love that kid. He is definently sweet but with that Slytherin streak running through him

As for the next update, I've working on chapter two and three, but will have to update my other story, In Time first. It's a dramione if you're interested in them.

Ooh, I just want to beat that guys face in, though he sadly will show up later... ;)

thank you so much!

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