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Review #1, by pickingupthepieces some velvet morning years too late

15th September 2012:
This was amazing. Am I sensing some Teddy/Victoire?

That's adorable.

And ALBUS. I LOVE YOUR ALBUS. I love the jealousy and resentment and journalism and stress.

Any chance of some hidden ScoRose?

Ohwell. This is awesome anyway. Please update.

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Review #2, by meghna some velvet morning years too late

15th September 2012:
Oh my god Dani I love this! The part with Remus and Neville was so sweet and wonderful and nice and just ugh it was perfect! And also Albus. I love your Albus oh god. I'M SO GLAD I COULD FINALLY READ THIS because your writing is bitter and wonderful and perfect and it captures a gazillion emotions to aptly with such few words and so little drama. It's clean, golden writing. MOAR.

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Review #3, by meghna the ghosts you draw on my back

17th June 2012:
But I don't understand WHY DID YOU STOP? Tell me it's not a one shot? Oh god Dani you're writing is just so different, you know. It's so bitter - bitter with humour, bitter with angst. And it's just perfect. I've rarely read a fic that has managed to capture (let alone balance) both elements and the descriptions are all just perfect. I think the most endearing bit about all the characters -- and especially the central ones -- is that they seem so human, with their mistakes and behaviour and Rose's whole thought process is so confused but crisp at the same time like, how do you do that? And the Teddy/Rose conversation was just perfectly written and oh god I don't have any other words except for perfect, perfect, perfect. Keep writing or I'm coming after you with an army of Hulks. Please? Okay.

Author's Response: i've actually spent the entire day today thinking about how to respond to this?? because this is the first review i've gotten that's moved me more than i can even express into words and i don't know what to do with myself. or you. mostly you. you're too nice. look at how much i'm blushing.
this is actually a huge rewrite of the first two chapters i had originally posted a year and a half ago, so i've had tons of time to just think about each character and try to make them as realistic as possible. i have this embarrassingly huge word file that i call the 'master classic rat pack' where it's just a bunch of random paragraphs and lists of words and character traits ._. but yeah, i'm beyond happy you mentioned that about the characters seeing as this is next generation and there's really no preconceived notions, like there would be with a trio fic. although maybe there are. rose/scorpius fans are probably running in the opposite direction.
ahaha, no need for the army of hulks, the second chapter is halfway done at this point! but i'm sure i'll need them sometime along the way.
meghna, wah. this makes my heart hurt. no one's ever complimented my writing in such a way, and i appreciate it so much. you've inspired me to keep writing this :')

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Review #4, by imaginary lines the ghosts you draw on my back

24th May 2012:
hey there! i love the plot idea, with all of these inner working plots intertwining with everything! i do love the interaction between rose and teddy; i can almost feel the pain. my only suggestion would be to make the time warps/character conversation thingy (because i have no idea what its really called) more obvious. but i really do enjoy the plot and enjoy the interaction between many of the characters!

Author's Response: ahh thank you so much! their conversation was so hard to write though, it was like everything in the chapter led up to it and that section took the most time out of them all. i'm really glad you liked it though, i guess all that time i spent on it paid off! and actually when i had this posted a year and a half ago people also told me i should make the sections more obvious ._. so that's something i really need to work on, honestly thank you for pointing it out. i guess i always just think that the readers know the characters as well as i do and can tell their voices apart when obviously that is not the case. sigh. anyways, thank you so much! this a wonderful first review :')

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