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Review #1, by diyame Yellow

16th May 2013:
pls post sooner
want to read on scorlil together

Author's Response: Hi! I'm really happy that you've enjoyed my writing so far but unfortunately this story's on hiatus at the moment :( I have a lot of things going on in my life right now, and don't have time to write something I'm only half-interested in. Sorry :( Thanks for reviewing, it made me smile :)

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Review #2, by HorseMad99 Blue

5th October 2012:
Ahh! Love it, love you, love how Scorpious is there

Author's Response: thank youu!! love you more xxx

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Review #3, by soufflegirl99 Red

4th September 2012:
This is such a good fic! I fully support the lily/scorpious pairing and I love how original it is with being expelled from Hoggers and having colours for chapter names! It's immensely gripping. I love your style as well, t's extremely fun and awesome. Great ideas and originality! This is amazing. This is catastrophically stupendously amazing. WOO! Keep up the awesome work! ;)

Author's Response: hey! thank you! quite a few people have told me they're not fans of lorpius (D:) so i'm pleased the pairing doesn't put you off! you're amazing too :) so pleased you stopped by!

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Review #4, by PhoenixPulse Yellow

20th July 2012:
Oh my gosh, this is so amazing! I love Lily's character, she seems like an awesome person to hang around with! You capture everything perfectly from the characters to the setting, and I'm just flabbergasted by the humor and light-heartedness of this piece. And I also like the way you title the chapters of the story, it suit's Lily's character, you know, because her personality's so colorful. (At least, that's how I view her.) Please update soon? I want to read more!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for this review, you inspired me to get a move on with the next chapter ;D. yeah, Lily seems fun and cool and rebellious- i'm pretty sure that anyone would want to be her friend. but of course, she is a little odd too :P Yep, it's the fluffiest, most light-hearted thing i've ever written with like no angst (well, at least not yet :P)! I don't think I've ever written anything as crack-y as this before actually. I'm pleased you like the chapter titles! They were originally going to be appropriate yoga poses, haha :D

Will be updating shortly! -LWG

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Review #5, by Aphoride Yellow

18th July 2012:
Ah, a rugby-centric chapter. One was bound to turn up sooner or later! ;)

I'm so glad Lily knows nothing about Rugby - completely realistic, of course, considering that she's a witch from an essentially pureblood family - because I know next to nothing about Rugby and so anything technical would have gone straight over my head. And Lily's. I think her lack of understanding made it funnier, though - particularly when Ocean told her she's done a 'groovy' job. Haha, she has no idea if she has or not! :D Also, Scorpius Malfoy playing Rugby = just brilliant. I'm not sure if he passed out at the end or not, lol... yeah, I'll say he fainted ;) More manly :D

Ah, gosh, this is just so exciting! I do love this. The characters are all pretty much mad and should probably not be allowed out in civilised society for their own safety, but I can't help but adore them all!

Ocean is amazing. She's just so... /her/ if you know what I mean. She just is. She's so realistic and so oblivious - more so than Lily - and it's just wonderful. And hilarious.

I'm with Lily on the warm beer front - it's weird. But warm ice-cream isn't too bad.

Caris is evil! I don't like her! For some reason, even though she seems a bit like the stereotypical blonde-evil-girl-character, she doesn't come across that way and she isn't annoying at all. I dunno... somehow you're making it work! Kudos to you!

This story is amazing. It's so funny and so odd it's unreal. I love it!

Aph xx

Author's Response: Rugby, rugby, how the welsh love rugby. Like ducks love water. Like socks love feet. Like umbrellas love rain...
SCORPIUS PLAYING RUGBY. I could not resist the calling to write such a scene. Hahaha I had a nightmare about it once actually! Um, yeah, Lily turning into referee wasn't exactly planned, but it was funny I suppose (and I wanted to add some more bulk to the chapter!!).

The characters are extremely mad and should be kept confined to Eglentine Copse! Or my head.

I actually planned a story about Ocean before I wrote this, so I might get that up eventually... I'm not sure whether it will ever be written though :p

Thank you Aph! I've loved these reviews so much xxx

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Review #6, by Aphoride Pink

18th July 2012:
No, no, no! That's just so not fair! You can't do that to me! No! You can't! No - ahem. Sorry about that. I just... you were about to say why Scorpius was there - and why his parents can't ever find him there - and then you didn't. So unfair. Next chapter, maybe? Please? :P

Okay, this is just so good! I love the idea that everyone in the village has failed in one way or another (or, considering it a bit more, all ways) and that she's not really alone with what she did and having moved away. I love how everyone mingles in the pub - there's not really a 'young people's scene' and an 'older people's scene' it's just everyone and they all talk and get on and things. It's lovely.

I loved her internal monologue, btw. It's just so funny when she goes off on tangents internally, thinking about something completely different but which has followed a logical thought process to get there. It's so realistic as well.

No daffodils, though. I'm kinda disappointed. And no sheep! There should be sheep... :P (Yeah, this is pretty much the limit of my knowledge about Wales and Welsh culture. Daffodils, rain and sheep)

Anyway, this is really good and I'm really enjoying it - keep going! :D

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey!
Sorry about that! You will find out eventually, when Scorpius and Lily become a bit more *ahem* friendly. They're not exactly best buddies at the moment, haha!

It's a rather starnge idea, but I've enjoyed writing it thus far! Personally, I'd LOVE to live somewhere like Eglentine Copse. It sounds like heaven. But that's just the sort of thing I like :)

Daffodils will appear soon! And sheep? Now there's an idea.

I like your knowledge about the Welsh culture. It's basically correct (along with rugby, leeks, welsh cakes and patriotism)

Thank you!xx

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Review #7, by Aphoride Blue

18th July 2012:
Ooh, Scorpius Malfoy! What is he doing in Wales? No, seriously, what is he diong in Wales, because I honestly have no idea! Please say he speaks Welsh - because that would be funny! :D I've never imagined Scorpius Malfoy speaking Welsh... hm... interesting...

Ah, I loved this chapter as much as the last one! Lily's utterly stubborn, completely reckless, doesn't think things through at all, has no idea about anything and is somehow almost oblivious to everything on top of it all. She's a truly amazing character!

Haha, teapot! It's really funny that was the first thing she thought of when trying to think of a surrogate surname, you know. Even 'Smith' might have been a better try ;) But that's what makes Lily Lily, lol.

Birdy seems like an interesting character, too. I can't really decide if I like her yet or not because she hasn't been around much... still, though, I like how she's already been pretty nice to Lily. The village seems adorable, btw :)

The rain sounds a bit scary, though. Does it really change that quickly? O.o Weird...

I loved how you made her parents still want to see her, though. It was a pretty bittersweet moment when she actually left.

Oh, and the part where she was in the airport with Harry was hilarious! :D

I'm enjoying this so much! Keep going! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Aha! Now if I told you what he was doing in Wales i'd be ruining all the lovely jubbly surprises now wouldn't I?! :P Hate to disappoint you, but no he doesn't speak Welsh D:

Well, I logically thought of 'pot' at the beginning of 'potter' and then stuck a 'tea' on the front! Isn't it epic? I doubt that anyone real actually uses it as a surname but it does nicely for lily :)

No, the weather doesn't /usually/ change that quickly in Wales - but it has happened a few times! It certainly rains a lot! :D But this story is NOT a realistic Wals representation. It's sort of a spoof !!

So pleased you like it, thank you for reviewing

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Review #8, by Aphoride Green

18th July 2012:
Aww, this was such a sweet ending! Lily has already grown so much in this fic - she's actually admitted to herself that getting expelled from Hogwarts wasn't a good idea and that she couldn't actually buy a flat. Before another crazy idea came along and smacked her in the face :P

Eglantine Copse is a wonderful name for a little house, by the way. So cute and countryside-ish, if you know what I mean :)

I love how you've characterised both Hugo and Albus. Hugo was just... Hugo. He's sensible and pretty clever and doesn't like talking about feelings much, refusing to admit he'll actually miss her that much when she moves/isn't at Hogwarts with him. He's so realistic. And Al. I really liked Al, even though we didn't see much of him. He seems a bit like the typical older brother - kinda over-protective, a bit awkward. I like how you described him as 'hyper', though, and I'd love to see more of that in future chapters!

Aww, she cried! It's really sweet! I have no idea if she's going to leave or not, fyi, but it doesn't matter because I know you'll tell me next chapter! Mwahaha! :D

This story is so good! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey! I'm really sorry about how long it's taking me to respond to these lovely reviews :cry: I've just got so much on!!

I'm definitely aiming for Lily to grow as a character- it was quite hard to write that she was suddenly moving to Wales and sound even vaguely convincing/realistic!

I CANNOT remember where I got the name Eglentine Copse from. It's crazy :P

I like Hugo too! I've always seen Hugo and Lily being close, considering they're the youngest of the next gens.

Thank you Aph!! xx

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Review #9, by Aphoride Red

18th July 2012:
Hey there, Annon! So, I read your Author's Note at the bottom of the chapter and I'm so so glad you decided not to go down the angsty 'I got expelled from Hogwarts, oh no!' route because this is just hilarious.

I love Lily. She's completely shameless - she sold the Marauder's Map! How could she? - and seems to lack a filter, plus her conscience seems to have been sleeping for a lot of this chapter :P She's such a breath of fresh air and although I'm not a Lily/Scorpius fan, I'm going to keep reading just because she's a fascinating character.

I also loved the idea that they passed a law saying anything which helped defeat Voldemort was under Ministry possession and couldn't be sold. I'm not sure if it's entirely realistic for the Map, tbh, considering it is Harry's possession, technically, but hey, I'm really not bothered! :D

I thought you described all the Weasley-Potters so well. All their reactions were so normal and so /them/ that it was just so good.

Also, I would just like to point out to poor Lily that she might make a good lawyer, but technically she broke the law so she couldn't be one anyway :P

Seriously, though. Loved it!

Aph xx

Author's Response: Aph!! Thank you so much for reviewing :D I can't tell you how astonished I was to see all these lovely reviews from you, and I'm sorry I've taken a while to respond *hides*!

Oh, I agree! This is pure fluff and light-heartedness. No angst allowed. Although, there was a teeny tiny bit right at the beginning but apart from that it's all good. There will be hardly any more. Hopefully. Lily wouldn't cope well with angst- it would crush her wild spirit.

I love Lily too! She just sprang into my mind one day, all crazy and funny and odd. And shameless too. I was trying for ages to think of a reason she could've been expelled for, and the Marauder's Map is what I came up with! It's not that realistic, but it'll do. :P

Huh, you're right! But secretly, I think Lily would be a rubbish lawyer- she's too batty :P

Thank youu :3

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Review #10, by chi:)... Yellow

16th July 2012:
dnt stop writing, i mean dnt abondon it in th middle of a story... its really gud :)... culd u plz show more of scor-lily thng...??? thr luv & thr fights...

Author's Response: Hey! Don't worry, I'm not gonna abandon any more of my stories :D Thanks so much for this review! There'll definitely be some more Scor/Lily coming up.

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Review #11, by TheGoldenKneazle Yellow

27th June 2012:
I SEE HOW YOU BROUGHT YELLOWNESS INTO THIS 8D THIS MATCH! PURE AWESOMENESS. SO MUCH WELSH WIN. ALSO LILY IS MADE OF WIN. AND OCEAN. Scorpius is possibly made of win, it's hard to say when he's dating a blonde bimbo (she's everything that wjalisycuu /doesn't/ stand for! but clever twist with her as the landlady! also, SO MANY KUDOS POINTS FOR GETTING TOWIE IN THERE) but I liked seeing more of his character in there.

It's great that Scorpius is getting involved a bit more and interacting with Lily; it seemed very casual and weirdly comfortable, which was really nice!! But hell, what's he doing with CARIS? I hope we get to have a nice sit-down with lots of these characters, because I have the inclination to like (loljk ABSOLUTELY FANGIRL MASSIVELY OVER) these characters but Lily's wild lifestyle has thus far prevented sit-downs and chats ;) I can see why, though, since if I were her tea would be taking a backseat in my mind. But then I guess tea is always in the backseat for her!

ANYHOO, I LOVED THE WELSHNESS!!! RUGBY!!! BLOW-UP DAFFODILS!! (I want one SO much, they're the coolest things since unsliced bread 8D) NOBODY REALLY GETTING THE RULES AND WARM THINGS THAT SHOULD BE COLD!! 8D Ahha it was all so brilliant, I love the vague randomness that sails through your chapters in a style reminiscent of Starving Artists before emotions got properly involved (best bit, frankly. But if blow-up daffs start getting thrown by a mopey Scorpius I'll know where you got it from ;P )

ALSO JUST NAME ME NO.1 FANGIRL!! It makes me so happy to be mentioned as youf fangirl 83 AND WHEN SOME SHIPPINESS HAPPENS I WILL BE HELPING YOU WITH SHIP NAMES (other than "I will go down with you" since that's just a bit of a WHUT? ship name) Yes, Imma stop rambling now. PLEASE WRITE LILY'S JOB SOON, I sense amusement already in bucketloads, and also I'd like to say how refreshing and gorgeous your style of writing is! It's different from anything else I've read and I luuurve it all, please carry on writing forever and ever :D

Toodle pip,
Lottie Fangirl Lewis ;) [I haven't forgotten our wedding, you know]


Oh no, Scorpius is NOT dating Caris! Nononononono. She is just this weird stalker. I'll have to make that more obvious :P OH YAY I'M GLAD THE TOWIE REFERENCE WASN'T WEIRD. I've only episode...ever...and hated it. So I don't know whether Caris actually /is/ someone who could have stepped right out of towie or not...But anyway.

You're very right-- I need to focus more on individual characters instead of frightening away potential readers with showers of random, eccentric and towie-like people all at once :P FEAR NOT, I SHALL TAKE YOUR ADVICE AND SIT DOWN AND TALK AND GET TO KNOW ALL THE CHARACTERS. That was a very tremendulous way to subtly/cryptically tell me what needs work while fangirling at the same time by the way. -huggles-

Blow-up daffodils FTW, ahh. I do have one. It's awesome. And called Bill.

Starving Artists was definitely a massive inspiration for parts of this :D I just love peppersweet's style so much, I wanted to try it myself! :3

Ah I lurve you so very muchly ♥ -tackle hugs- And thank you for this review!! Squee!!

Love you lots like jelly tots,
Annon lottiefangirl Cumberbatch [I haven't forgotten either ♥]

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Review #12, by TheGoldenKneazle Pink

12th June 2012:
THE GANG RULES, BLATANTLY. So much epic-failiness!!! And I love how Lily was only accepted once she owned that she was going to have to beg, borrow and steal everything 8D

The atmosphere you described in this is great, it really made me feel a part of the Black Pig to have everyone laughing away. Also, I hope socks become a random feature that pop in now and again! Because socks rule, as we saw in Sock: The Adventure (oh wow, I'm even cross-referencing your stories. I'm proud as an Annon-fangirl!)

WOW, who got Scorpius so grumpy? I want to know his secret O.o but it's nice to have a chipper MC without a mopey Scorpius, having read too much peppersweet and marinahill recently, you might be able to see what I'm getting at :P I like where you're going with him, anyhow, it's original for this set-up and such and I just love it all :3 Especially their history! HAHAHAHAHA OH LILY, SILLY GIRL XD (I so hope Rose finds them one day!!)

Also I lurve BBM already, and I can't wait to start getting to know The Gang a bit better and start SHIPPING EVERYONE TOGETHER. It seems a bit early still, somehow :D and Ocean is awesome!

YOU MENTIONED ME/ :'D Oooh I feel very flattered and special. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS STORY-SHIP, since I ship Deep Breaths/me. Yup. (Did that just can-can-dance on the side of creepy?)

~Lottie xox

Author's Response: THE GANG ARE LOSERS AND FAILURES. And that's why they rule :P

OMG CROSS-REFERENCING MY STORIES? I AM VERY PROUD TO /HAVE/ A FANGIRL. I am officially your number one fan as well. Just saying. :D Socks are very groovy too, and I'm a fan of them. They must have a hard life, being on people's feet all the time. You have to treat them with respect!! :')

Yup. Scorpius is a funny one in this. Ahaha, I know what you mean about mopey Scorpius but of course no-one can write him believably like that but peppersweet&marina :). In this, he's sort of just generally grumpy and unenthusiastic. AH GOSH ROSE SHOULD SO FIND THEM.

Bahaha, I can't wait to see who you ship together, especially knwoing how crazily all these characters are going to be developing. But yes, of course, the ultimate ship will be Lottie/Deep Breaths because that is very normal :P

Oh and of course I totally mentioned you because you're my Lottie and I lurve you and you've been way too awesome about this rambly story of mine :3


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Review #13, by TheGoldenKneazle Blue

12th June 2012:
HOMG DUMBLEDORE QUOTES FTW. Lily should seriously keep them up, I can feel inspiration sinking into my bones 8D

Hehehe I loved Lily's departure and her aeroplane ride! The people she was sandwiched inbetween and the general dangers of airports were wonderfully written, you made the whole stressful situation seem humourous and full of relief to be over with :D

WALES IS DESCRIBED SO ACCURATELY, it's almost like you live there! Weeeird :o Seriously, I think you set the scene and the changeable weather perfectly! Plus I hope we get better acquainted with that bakery, omnomnom.

Aah the Englentine Copse folks are brill, I already am growing to love them - bad Annon for Scorpius cliffhangers! (I secretly have a torrid love/hate affair with cliffhangers, since they're too clever for their own good and I love guessing what'll come next but hate waiting.) But I like Birdy, though I hope we see her quirkiness soon, and I wonder where name-inspiration came from? ;)

~Lottie xox


Mehehe, I wrote short story a while ago for some competition where someone said the word 'bomb' in an airport and all sorts of shenanigans ensued. It was a complete parody, and so a teeny bit of the inspiration (SANK INTO MY BONES!) from that story ;D. Also, I may or may not have done that soggy-sandwich-under-seat thing (hides)

OMG ME? GO TO WALES? Nah. It's my incredible descriptive talents of a country I've never, ever been too (like Sweden!) :P

Oh, you have to have a bakery. It is a crime for any village to not have a scrummy bakery. Fact.

Cliffhangers are so fun!! And yep, I know what you mean :) OH YEAH I WONDER WHERE BIRDY CAME FROM! I should probably disclaimer that... maybe... I don't know, I'll check. IT'S SUCH A FUNNY NAME I HAD TO USE IT! :P

AAH THANK YOU LOTTIE MY LOVE :3 :3 :3 :3 xoxox

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Review #14, by hetty Pink

8th June 2012:
Everyone in Eglentine Copse is just so amusing and wacky! It just gets better as each chapter goes on and I'm still completely in love with this helps me release my inner 1/4 of welsh-ness haha.

But I really like Scorpius and BBM and actually just all of them and it's so funny how it's a village for epic failures, I think it would be interesting to know what fails the other villagers have done :)

The ending was just...woah, I wonder why Birdy looked sick?! I have a vague idea of what it might be but I'm probably wrong :P

Anyway, sorry for the slightly rambly review but this was, like every other chapter, brilliant and funny and I absolutely loved it

- hetty :)

Author's Response: Releasing your inner 1/4 welsh-ness is a very good thing to do indeed :D Yep, the Eglentiners are a very interesting bunch of people, I can't deny that! I love BBM too! He was originally going to be called 'Hairy Biker Man' but it somehow morphed into 'Burly Baker Man' Yeah... ;D

Never fear! we'll find out why Birdy looked so sick, and lots of stories about the villagers.

I'm so, so pleased you love it~ you've no idea how much I look forwards to your reviews! Thank you -huggles-
-LWG x

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Review #15, by Maya Pink

7th June 2012:
I actually really like this fanfic! I think its well written, quirky, and could develop really interestingly. I'm wondering why Birdy looked sick? Hm.
Also, Scorpious seems to have a story.
So many possible plots!
I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: I'm pleased you like it!! Trust me, it's got an extremely wacky plot ahead. We'll find out about Birdy, Scorpius, Ocean and all their stories. There's a lot of history in Eglentine Copse ;).

Next chapter will be soon! I've already nearly finished it.
Thanks for taking the time and reviewing!

-LWG x

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Review #16, by Yvonneeii Pink

7th June 2012:
OMG I actually adore this storyy! How are you so awesome? The Eglentine Copse people are hilarious :') I'm Welsh too by the way! :D


Author's Response: You're Welsh? That's brilliant, I can see why you might enjoy this haha :D Thanks for the review Yvonne!
-LWG x

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Review #17, by Lizzie Blue

31st May 2012:
Um i love this story write more GAH SO FUNNY

Author's Response: Hi! Haha, I'm so happy you like it :D Have a nice day
-LWG x

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Review #18, by TheGoldenKneazle Green

20th May 2012:

...I'm sort of assuming she will anyway, but I hope she gets to go soon! The house she found sounds sooo cute, I just want to go there right now and be a batty Welsh-cake-consumer with hundreds of cats for the rest of my days :3

I loved Lily and Hugo's trip! And being an engaged couple?! baha, you've written all of Hugo's reactions so brilliantly, I love them! They just have a brilliant relationship as cousins, though I can't wait to see more of Hugo since he's pretty darn funny and I'm still in disbelief that he actually paid for Lily's house (silly boy ahah!) :D

Aww I do feel sorry for Lily too, though :( and it's nice to see some Potter lovin', even if it's all a little bit crazy and possibly-backfiring (which is why I love it all :3 )... and the Welsh dictionary is very sweet! I like how it's a nice gesture, but that they'll realise that most signs are translated anyway (although I guess that they mught not be in the tiny villages... wait... I'm not sure really).



There is indeed a lot of batty welsh-cake-consuming stuff ahead...and sort of with cats...maybe more like kneazles... golden ones, too...

-mysterious wink-


There will be more Hugo- never fear! I can't pretend he's a particularly large character though...apart from the fact that yes, he's paying for Lily's flat, lol.

I know! Barely anyone actually speaks Welsh in Wales, but English people seem to think we all jabber in a different language. I barely speak Welsh :P

-Annon xox

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Review #19, by annamariantoinette Blue

20th May 2012:
Wow, this is such a different story to all the others I've been reading lately. I really love it! Please update soon I wanna know what ScorpiuS's doing there.

Author's Response: Hello! I'm so pleased you like it!! I'll be submitting chapter four very soon.

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Review #20, by TheGoldenKneazle Red

20th May 2012:
ANNON ANNON HAI! Apologies in advance for a spazzy review, but I LOVE THIS STORY ALREADY :3

Aaah Lily is already so brilliant, she's quirky and funny and she's so the sort of person who'd you'd end up chasing dragons with a few hours after meeting her with no idea how you got there 8D But she's not annoyingly quirky, like too many stories are (remember Gina's blog about Avocado the quirky OC? She's NOT like that!)

Hehe I love how she was selling the Marauder's Map to get important money, and that's why she was expelled/everyone's angry. It's a PERFECT excuse, and I love how you've invented this Ministry law thing... I can so see them trying to lock up Lily if she does anything else wrong later on, too!

I love how you've already started characterising everyone, too. Like all of Lily's family are already forming in my mind, and they've already had their 'positions' made clear! Plus, I would totally love for Lily to turn up as one of these hated secretaries at some point :P Ahha I can totally see stilettos being thrown by her!

Just everything about Lily is awesome! But SHE DOESN'T LIKE TEA?! 8O No! I seriously hope that she gets into later on, otherwise I will potentially throw a hissy fit in the review box later on! I nearly spit out MY tea when she declared it :P


Author's Response: Hey Lottie. You're quite cool.


NAH I LIED AGAIN! YOU'RE FREAKING AMAZING! ANd this review is amazing, and the fact you like this stupid little rambly story is also amazing.

And thus, I love you. Awesome.

I'm very glad she's not annoyingly quirky! I once used to sit down and actually think up funny quirks for my charcaters. One was 'can only wear blue socks or she has a spazzy fit'. Yeah. Then Gina's blog (THE blog!) made me see how stoopid I was at charcterisation.

I still sort of am actually.

OMG you've just given me a great idea to combine stiletto throwing with Lily getting locked up...ahha...

Wow Lottie m'dear- Matt Lewis and now Deep Breaths? Tut tut :P

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #21, by hetty Blue

20th May 2012:
I loved Lily being all philosophical at the beginning and I'm so glad she changed her mind and is moving to Wales.

And yes there was the possibility of Eglentine being the most boring fart of a village ever created and me drowning in the rain of Wales, but lets think HAPPY THOUGHTS this was probably my favourite line out it all, I just really liked it and it made me laugh, :)

The last line was interesting hmm, Scorpius Malfoy is there?! I'm intrigued ;)

Another great chapter!

Author's Response: HEY Hetty! Thanks for popping by to review 8D. I always look forward to your review now!! Haha, I like that line too.

Lily's a silly philosophical bundle of joy, no? :P

Yup, it's SCORPO. Woot! He will have an interesting part to play in this story.

Thanks again! -LWG

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Review #22, by babybutterflyjam Green

13th May 2012:
Aww this was cute, i can't for the next chapter

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading + reviewing :) Next chapter is in the queue ;)

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Review #23, by hetty Green

12th May 2012:
Poor Lily! I feel so sorry for her right now and just a tiny bit annoyed at Al and Hugo for making her feel like that but this chapter was really funny too!

I love how Lily and Hugo pretended to be engaged, that was just genius and I wasn't expecting it :P

Author's Response: Hi hetty! Thanks for the review :3 Hugo wasn't meant to be annoying (he's buying the flat :P), but Al was trying to make her see sense. I always find that a parent yelling doesn't come across as powerful than a brother telling you to be careful.

Glad you thoughtit was funny, haha :).

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Review #24, by mrs_remus_john_lupin Green

8th May 2012:
Good chapter!!!

poor Lily :(( im starting to become fond of her!


Author's Response: That's a very good thing indeed then :) Thanks for the review!!

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Review #25, by mrs_remus_john_lupin Red

8th May 2012:
oh God

I feel so much disappointment in Lily

though to be fair to you, all other fanfictions have all the next generation characters all stereotyped so its lovely to read something different :) xx

Author's Response: I know! It's an awful thing to do.silly girl :P But yes, thank you! Next Gen has become a big blur of cliche to be honest, and this story is going to be very different. Thank you! x

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