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Review #1, by Ohpl Tears at Bathtime

9th October 2015:
I am so hoping you will continue this story.It is one of my all-time favourites on the site.Every chapter is written so well causing both laughter and tears. I particularly love your Hermione.She seems so true to cannon. Rigid sometimes but also loving and kind.Perfect.

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Review #2, by AUBS Tears at Bathtime

29th June 2015:
Pleas continue this story, it's excellent and detailed and I would quite like to see where this goes.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind review. I will see if my return to HPFF is successful. The Blossoming was a labour of love for me and I'd like to see it through!

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Review #3, by ANN Tears at Bathtime

21st February 2014:
This story is amazing! You keep all everyone in character and i cant wait to read more so please keep writing

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the nice review. I may return to HPFF full time one day, and if I do I'll continue this story - but for the moment my life offline just doesn't allow me the time or the mental energy that this lovely website and my beloved story require!

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Review #4, by DancingMooncalf Tears at Bathtime

9th November 2013:
Hey there,
I thought it would be nice to leave you a review, mostly because I spend every free moment of my very busy week reading the chapters that you've written so far. Problem is that I enjoyed it so much I couldn't bring myself to stop at the end of a chapter and spend a few minutes on writing a review.
But that's why I'm doing it now!

But first I want to thank you for all the lovely reviews you left on my story over the summer. It was great to read them and it made me enjoy my writing (which was pretty poor at the point) a little bit better.

Secondly, I totally adore your style of writing. You've got me wishing to be as good as you are. There is so much feeling and truth in you story, but in a subtle way. I know I tend to blow emotions up, they get out of proportion pretty fast, you keep them subtle and more real. I love that.
I also love the way you portrait the characters. They seem like real people.

When I was younger I had a crush on Ron (the way JK portrayed him) and you're one of the first writers since then who made me feel like that for him again! I think that's just amazing. Because he's one on the greatest characters in my opinion.
You also got Hermione all the way through. Her love for her work, her dedication to what she does. How she kind of freaked out about being pregnant. It so good!!

please remind me to leave reviews on the separate chapters pointing out my favorite bits.
And keep it up, I want to know what happens next!

good luck writing and thanks for the bits you already did.

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Review #5, by CambAngst Memories Amongst Mourners

22nd September 2013:
Hi, Sarah!

I was pretty surprised after this chapter. I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to see Vernon Dursley's funeral in a sentimental sort of way, but you pulled it off with style.

First off, I loved the contrast of getting the christening announcement for Percy's daughter as they prepared to go to the funeral. I vaguely -- I was 4 -- remember going to my great-grandfather's funeral. My younger brother was a little over a month old and I remember a few people talking about how Great-Grandpa Boothe's life had come to an end just as his was starting. Having Molly sign the invitation with her crayon was also a really cute touch.

All throughout this chapter, I felt like you matured Harry in a very realistic way relative to the impulsive, temperamental young man from the books. He's learned how to take a deep breath and appreciate things that other people try to do for him, even if he's still annoyed because he doesn't feel like he needs the help. He's more patient. The kind spot in his heart is also a bit more tempered. He helps Dudley out, but he doesn't make a big deal about it. He even manages to avoid any sort of confrontation with Aunt Marge.

Poor Petunia! I never thought I'd see the woman so out of sorts that she would take comfort in Harry's company. Even Dudley seems to have a bit of a kind streak in his heart. I guess blood truly is thicker than water. All that said, I liked the way you went about it. It wasn't overdone or soppy. There was a tentative, "should we or shouldn't we?" sort of quality to it that seemed very appropriate for the sort of relationship that exists between the two remaining branches of the star-crossed Evan lineage.

I really enjoy this story. You treat all of these characters with a realism and sensitivity that I don't see every day.

Author's Response: ARGH I just typed a huge great response to this and then clicked the wrong button. It was really good too! It encompassed a comprehensive apology for my tardiness in replying and an appreciation of the value of your reviews, it engaged with all of your points and was even funny every now and then! I talked at length about Harry's development as a man, particularly enjoying your point about the tempering of his goodness. And I was very happy that you feel I handled moments that could have been overly sentimental without making you feel sick. Realism is important to me! And then there was a great big thank you at the end. Here, have another: THANK YOU!


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Review #6, by patronus_charm Tears at Bathtime

22nd September 2013:

Ah, I loved seeing Hermione in action today, it was brilliant! I thought you captured what she would be like at work perfectly with her great comebacks and how she was thinking of how much she had changed the Magical Creatures lives. The comment about Remus made me all warm and fuzzy and I wished he could have seen her do all what she did.

I loved her colleagues Ė they were such easy people to hate it was a lot of fun for me. I loved the backstory to Eric and I wish I could have seen it happen because he doesnít seem like the type to take rejection easily. Then there was Mr Thornhillís stupid comment but this was an amazing comeback Ė Ď'Mr Thornhill,' Hermione said sharply, colour rising in her cheeks. 'Would you like me to list the ways in which that comment is misogynistic, archaic and inappropriate, or would you like to puzzle it out for yourself? Either option might take all day." Ď where you channelling your thoughts towards Darkwin Duck onto him?

Another thing I liked was the wizarding alternatives to ante-natal care as it made me smile a lot to see the mixture of magic and Muggle. Then Hermioneís thoughts about them were so sweet! Of course she would follow them all!

Aw, Ron heís just so ♥ ♥ The cutest thing was how he gave Crookshanks the treats secretly :P I loved his thoughts about the Prophet as it was nice to see what the others were up to, again, the mention of Scorpius is making me hopeful of Scorose spin-off of this :P

Aw hormonal Hermione made me want to cry as she was just so sweet and helpless and yeah. Hmm, I wonder what Ronís up to. Iím pretty certain I know what I just donít want to say in case I curse it. An awesome chapter!


Author's Response: Kiana! A thousand zillion bajillion apologies for abandoning my reviews for so long... I do read and appreciate all of them, I've just been having some struggles with writing, and my 'online' life recently. I'm making a tentative return now though!

You know, it was quite daunting, sitting down to write Hermione in action! She's a force to be reckoned with, and so clever... I was worried I wouldn't quite do her justice! But I was really mean and made her have a bad day at work so that I could keep up with her ;) Aw yeah, Remus. He didn't *really* have to die, did he??

Ooh, Eric Thornhill! I think we've all met him, or components of him, at some point. Slimy, icky ick. And hahah! I may well have channelled some of my old DD rage thataway!!

Oh, Hermione. Bless her. You're quite right, she would of course try and take evry single possible piece of information that's out there!

That thing between Ron and Crookshanks is based on my dad and our old dog. He would always moan and say the dog wasn't manly enough to be seen with, but then I'd see him secretly give the doggy treats and hugs when he thought he was alone! Heehee.

Ohh, you're making me think Scorosey thoughts too! I don't know if it's going to fit in to this story yet; I'll have to see how it goes. I *am* working on a dark Scorose right now though!

Aw, hormonal Hermione. I have a horrible feeling that I'm writing my own future pregnancies... I'm emotional enough anyway!

So, what *is* Ronnie up to?! I'm near to posting the next chapter, so maybe you'll see if you're right.


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Review #7, by Courtney Dark Tears at Bathtime

19th September 2013:
No! I've reached the end of what is up so far! This is so disappointing, I just want to keep reading more and more and more! To me this story already feels like what actually happened to all these characters after the war - like it's already turning in to my canon. You've written the characters all so incredibly and I WANT MORE! Not to sound manic or anything.

I have to admit, pregnant, over-emotional Hermione is pretty funny, especially because she's always been quite a level-headed person. And that Eric character is absolutely horrible! Does he pop up later on, I wonder? I liked Madam Hipp in this chapter though.

Oh Ron, with his secret stash of chocolate:) That is just so Ron! And I really liked that you mentioned the birth of Scorpius, and Ron's reaction to it, such as the thought of Draco changing nappies.

Oooh, Hermione likes roses! That was a sneaky bit of foreshadowing, there! I am really looking forward to the next chapter now - I'm assuming it will be a conversation between Ron and Harry, which should be interesting!

I cannot wait!


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Review #8, by Courtney Dark Memories Amongst Mourners

19th September 2013:
This was another amazing chapter - I honestly don't know how you do it!

I really love how you include all these details of the little parts of life, if you know what I mean, that make your story seem so much more realistic and well, normal! Even the way you described the invitation that Percy and Audrey sent to Harry, with Mop's 'signature' on it and the way you described James' chewed chocolate frog cards - I'm not quite sure why all those little details stuck out to me. Probably because I just love learning about Harry's life several years after the battle.

Anyway. I think you wrote the funeral scene really well - it's so weird to actually like Dudley! I mean, I can still see traces of his old self, but he is clearly a much more caring person, like how he came to Harry's rescue with the coffin - did Petunia really think Harry would feel comfortable doing that? She's obviously grieving to much to think, or possibly care about things like that.

I love the chemistry between Harry and Ginny, how they are so able to make each other (and me) laugh, with their quiet little comments to each other.

And the bit at the end was very sad:( I don't think I'll ever be able to get over the fact that Fred is dead. Sob!


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Review #9, by Courtney Dark Meeting the Midwife

18th September 2013:
This chapter was very funny:)

I loved the conversation between Harry, Ron and Hermione at the start simply because of the fact that you write the three of them so well, and keep their personalities so close to canon it's unbelievable! I loved how they all just sort of fit together - Harry tired and weary, Ron as blunt as ever, Hermione intelligent and a little reprimanding. Anyway, it was great!

I loved the scenes at the Hospital, too - I was definitely not expecting Astoria to pop up! And now I'm wondering if we'll see any more of she and Draco...hmm. Ron's comments about Draco being a dad were great, though. Clearly not all has been forgiven and forgotten.

And then the scene with the midwife was great - typical Ron to ask something like that. Another line that made me laugh was: ''A midwife who sets homework,' mused Ron. 'I can see that you two will get on really well' because I could just so imagine Ron saying that! And then Hermione's comment: 'And anyway, Ginny told me that she and Harry never stopped during her last pregnancy; 'at it like rabbits' was the phrase she used...' and then Ron's reaction: perfection!

Awesome chapter!

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Review #10, by Courtney Dark A Wilted Petunia

18th September 2013:
I really enjoyed this chapter (surprise, surprise!) But by that I mean I wasn't sure what this chapter was going to be like, how Harry was going to react when he met Petunia - and I think you wrote it really well.

You write Harry and Ginny SO, SO well! I just can't say that enough! And I just have to point out that I loved Ginny's line: 'Harry Potter: hero of the wizarding world, Senior Auror at the Ministry of Magic, mooing.í I really do love how fierce Ginny is, even all these years later.

You wrote the scene between Harry and Petunia so, so well, and managed to get so many different emotions in there. Clearly there was grief, but it wasn't a typical chapter about loss - Harry was clearly battling with two sides: the side that felt grief, and felt for Petunia and the side that remembered what a horrible, bullying man Vernon was towards her. I think he dealt with all those conflicting emotions in the best way that he could.

I was surprised that there was a picture of James in the house - and I really want to to see a bit more of Dudley now, see what sort of person he has turned into and more of the relationship between he and Harry - he, at least, seems like he might have turned into a decent person.


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Review #11, by Courtney Dark Harper's Hill

18th September 2013:
Yet another great chapter - I'm probably going to be saying that at the start of every review, because I seriously doubt I'll find a bad, or even slightly not good chapter here. I absolutely ADORE your style of writing. I don't really know how to explain why, except for the fact that it's so easy and fun to read, while having all this lovely detail and depth! Anyway, I just love it, like I love this story - sorry for rambling on again.

I really enjoyed the point of view from the Neighbourhood Witch! She seemed like a very quirky character and it was cool to get a perspective from someone completely random's point of view. I wonder if she'll be cropping up again?

Oh, Harry and Ginny:( Please don't fight! I was really worried for a second there, but I was so glad they made it up to each other in the end.

And then, holy crap, that ending! I was definitely not expecting that, and I am more eager than ever to find out what's going to happen next!


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Review #12, by Flying mandarin Tears at Bathtime

18th September 2013:
Wow great chapter again! I love the comparison with Hagrid and Hermione being emotional about everything was pretty dang funny. :) So Ron's got an idea, wonder how that is going to work out? Eric is a downright douche. I also like how you mentioned Scorpius birth. Again very realistic and fun to read! Know that I am waiting impatiently for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Sorry I've only just got to this! Heehee, yes it just struck me that I could bring Hagrid in here! The next chapter is nearly done, so you'll see what Ron's up to soon :) Eric is horrible, isn't he?! Yuck. Thanks so much for continuing to read and review, I'm glad you're enjoying The Blossoming.

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Review #13, by Courtney Dark Tempers Frayed and Secrets Told

18th September 2013:
I am extremely worried about Ginny and Harry after this chapter! Though I can definitely see Ginny as being the sort of person that gets a little tired of being cramped up at home - that's not to say she wouldn't be a great mother, but to me she has always seemed the sort of person who has to be doing something.

And that encounter with Dean made me wonder...has something happened between him and Ginny? Or His Harry just being over cautious and a little jealous? Or is there another reason? I guess I'll have to wait to find out! Either way, Harry and Ginny are both quite stubborn characters so I can definitely see the possibility of them getting into a few fights, sadly.

Again, your portrayal of Ron and Hermione, especially, in this chapter was just amazing. I have rarely seen Ron written better! And I really enjoyed the section from Molly's point of view - the bit about Arthur going for his walks was very sad:( I still miss Fred and to me he's not even a real person. Well, obviously I like to think of him as a real person, but for Molly and the rest of the Weasley's he actually is!

I don't think I'm making a lot of sense. It's obviously time for me to go and sleep!


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Review #14, by Courtney Dark The Humming Heart

18th September 2013:
This chapter was just all around and sweet, adorable and perfect - I am seriously so addicted to this story already, and I just want to keep reading and reading and reading! But why is it I find such a great fanfiction right in the middle of exams? Typical!

Anyway, I thought both Hermione and Ron's reactions were perfect - I was actually glad Ron didn't freak out too much, although if I would've guessed their reactions before reading this chapter, I'd have thought that Ron would have panicked and Hermione would be cool as a cucumber when actually it was kinda around the other way.

But seriously, you wrote Ron and Hermione so perfectly in this chapter - Ron is just so Ron! I absolutely loved it when they were talking about possible traits their child would end up with and also about how Harry and Ginny's relationship differed from theirs. I wouldn't know, but I would imagine having your little sister and younger best friend getting married and having a child quite a bit before you would be a little strange - and could put a bit of pressure on - then again, Ron can often be very oblivious.

Anyway, awesome chapter - and I think I have enough time to squeeze in one more!


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Review #15, by Courtney Dark Beneath a Starry Canvas

18th September 2013:
This chapter was just so good! I actually can't believe how well you write from Harry's point of view - during this chapter I often felt like I was reading a sequel written by JK Rowling herself, which is has to be a good thing! And to risk sounding like a broken record, all of your canon characters are just so, so good! I don't know how you do it!

I absolutely adore the Weasley family is which is perhaps why I am enjoying this story so much, and I always particularly enjoyed reading the big family meals, because there was always so much going on - the same could be said of this chapter, and you absolutely aced it.

I really love the way you've written Ginny's character, and Harry's point of view of her. And I'd actually briefly forgotten that Albus was on the way, so that was a nice surprise!

I'd make this review longer, but I'm too eager to go on to the next chapter. And too lazy, but we'll just forget about that, shall we?


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Review #16, by nellysh Tears at Bathtime

17th September 2013:
ahh, sigh, super, I love it, please more

Author's Response: There will be more as soon as my academic career allows! Boo for real life. But I'm very glad you're enjoying this, and thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #17, by Courtney Dark A Growing Gathering

17th September 2013:
Awww, I loved this chapter!

I thought from almost the very beginning the Hermione might be pregnant, and was glad to see that it turned out I was right! I'm even more excited than ever to find out what's going to happen next now!

You did an incredibly job with this chapter, managing to write such a great Weasley family gathering - I don't imagine it would be easy, writing all those characters into one chapter, but you managed to balance them out perfectly - giving us just enough of each character while not making it seem like you'd written them in for the purpose of having them there, if that makes any sense.

And your characterizations were just all so good! I am actually amazed, and seriously impressed - not to mention jealous of your writing skills!

Ginny and Harry and James were great - I especially liked the bit about Ginny looking at James in pride, rather than anger - because I have read quite a lot of angry Ginny's. And Harry was just so Harry - you write the Trio so, so well!

And I really liked George and Angelina, too. Angelina seemed to fit in really well with the rest of the family, and I love that George still has his sense of humour, even though it's clear that he has grown up quite a bit, and has lost his brother and best friend.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter already - I'm so glad I started reading this story!


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Review #18, by Courtney Dark Hermione's Hideaway

17th September 2013:
This was such an amazing chapter! Though we've only seen one chapter of them, I can already tell that you write Ron and Hermione so well! I could actually picture the two of them, slightly older, in my mind - it was just absolutely perfect.

Hermione was just so Hermione! Even her thoughts were Hermione-ish! (Wow, that sounded very unintelligent) And then when she was thinking about all the things Ron did to try and be romantic - like bringing home the half-eaten chocolate, cook even though he was slightly scared of the toaster and trying to listen to the house elf lectures - I actually burst out laughing. You have this awesome way of injecting humour into the chapter!

And then when Hermione was talking about how the house elves were naming their children Moany and Ninny and how Ron and Harry found it amusing - seriously, you have their personalities absolutely perfect!

Anyway, there's a lot more I could ramble on about, but I think I'll go ahead and read the next chapter.


Author's Response: Ron and Hermione are my OTP! So I put a lot of tender loving care into writing them ;) quite honestly, and Jchrissy will attest to this, Ron and Hermione here have a lot in common with my boyfriend and I. So perhaps that's why they seem quite real here! Haha.

I could just imagine Harry and Ron laughing at Hermione's house-elf efforts resulting in babies named Moany... Bless her.

Not much to say in response to your lovely review, just thank you so much for reading and reviewing... I'm glad you're enjoying it! I appreciate the feedback very much :)

Sarah xo

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Review #19, by Courtney Dark A Cake For Freddie

16th September 2013:
Hey there!

Oh wow, that was an amazing first chapter! It was seriously so sweet and perfect, and I couldn't possibly name one thing that you could improve. I haven't read any stories during the exact time period and so I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I enjoyed it.

Though we haven't seen much of them so far, I really like your portrayal of older Percy and Audrey. So often they are depicted to be this horrible, snobby people who feel like they are above the rest of the Weasley clan, so I am so glad you haven't fallen in that trap! I was actually grinning from ear to ear, imagining Percy with his daughter.

I also love that this first chapter was from Molly's point of view - and the bit with the cake and Fred's name was so sad - what has it been, eight or so years since Fred died? For a mother, that is not long at all, and you portrayed Molly's lingering grief in just the right way.

I am so excited to read more of this little gem, and I am definitely adding this to my favourites!

Author's Response: Hi! What a lovely treat to get these surprise reviews from you! I'm glad you seem to be enjoying the story so much - I just posted chapter 11 this evening, so you have even more to read ;)

This time period really appealed to me, as I was wondering what on earth it was like when this huge next gen all appeared in a short space of a few years! And the characters we know and love are all recovering and moving on, but they're not yet that far removed from the pain and loss of war.

I'd like to think that Percy definitely learned his lesson, and probably had a really tough time coming to terms with the estrangement after the war - losing Fred would really underline the time he wasted being apart from his family. But the Weasleys wouldn't want him to suffer, and I'm sure would have given him all the support and forgiveness he needed to move on and become the happy man I've written here.

Ah, Molly. There was no way, if I was writing a Weasley story, that I could begin with anyone but Molly. She's the centre of the family and I adore her!

Thanks so much for the review, I really appreciate it.

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Review #20, by Flying mandarin Memories Amongst Mourners

7th August 2013:
Wow, quite a funeral if you ask me. Your attention to detail and way of writing make it feel very realistic. I must, shamefully, admit that I almost had to laugh at a funeral of a distant family member once and I guess that is what happened to Ginny and Harry here. I don't have much to add, just keep writing and let the rest come :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Honestly, I think laughing is quite a normal nervous reaction... It's just not quite socially acceptable :P

It's good to hear that you felt this was realistic. The next chapter is underway!

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Review #21, by Owlpost68 Meeting the Midwife

6th August 2013:
that was too funny :)
I loved the Greengrass reference! Sooo, they were in the same situation as Ron and Hermione then huh? lol.
It makes sense, I can't see Malfoy truly proposing without that happening, not that he wouldn't love his son or wife, but I can see this being a big turning point for him, not wanting to be like his father.
Ron's question to the Healer was soo him! of course he would ask that lol.
I also really liked your description of the hospital too, much nicer sounding than St Mungos.
great job!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for reading and reviewing. Yeah, those naughty Malfoys... I'd love to see what Narcissa would have made of it! Your take on Draco's reaction is really interesting.

It does sound like a nice hospital, right?! I'd quite like to work there myself... Maybe I'm just building my dream maternity unit in this story! Thanks again :)

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Review #22, by Owlpost68 Harper's Hill

6th August 2013:
huh, I hadn't thought about Vernon dying... that's a plot twist.
I really liked how you managed the argument between Harry and Ginny, it would be really hard to just give up your career you loved. And it made sense that's what Harry would think about when he had the Horcrux, is what if Ginny wasn't there? I bet it would make for some nasty flashbacks running into people he thought might have tried taking her away.
Great job!

Author's Response: I felt so bad about Vernon dying as Richard Griffiths sadly passed away at around the time this chapter came out!

It's great to see that you can understand where both Harry and Ginny are coming from - neither of them is a 'bad guy' here.

Thanks so much for R&Ring!

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Review #23, by Owlpost68 The Humming Heart

5th August 2013:
D'aawww This is adorable :)
I have to say, your writing is almost like you're painting a picture, it's almost like a slide show in my head :)
There are a couple things, like the word span, I think you mean spun, the past tense of spinning?
Other than that, it's pretty darn good!
great job :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you feel like you can see the story - I like that when I'm reading a story so I try to emulate it in my writing.

Ahhh I thought I'd fixed spun/span ages ago! Haha! Thanks for pointing it out, I'll get onto that.

Thanks again!

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Review #24, by patronus_charm Memories Amongst Mourners

4th August 2013:
I am not going mad but was this a 15+ before? Itís making me wonder whatís going to happen to need the extra rating!

Yay for topical news with the prisoner voting thing! I can imagine that sort of thing would anger Uncle Vernon! It was nice to be able to get more of a backstory to his death and to see that he was still lurking around in Harryís head. It made sense for him to considering what a dramatic impact he had on his life. I really canít wait to see how thing might change Harry and Petuniaís relationship though!

I really canít wait for the christening for two reasons. One, we get to see lots of the younger Weasley members who I really love! And two, I get to see how over excited Arthur will become and thatís always something really adorably to watch!

You make the normalcy of their lives really fascinating to read! With reading about the nosy neighbour who got on Harryís nerves, who had to look to look after baby James and then over enthusiastic petting. Gah it was just so adorable to read. Even if every chapter was like that I would still relish every second reading it.

Now youíre making me wonder about the Brian part of his name! Pottermore will probably say something about it. Or I hope it does, because I am really curious now!

I know itís bad to laugh and all considering they are at a funeral but the idea of Dudley being a PE teacher still cracks me up every time! I do have to say, I really love your portrayal of him throughout The Blossoming and its exactly how I imagined Rowling to write him in post-Hogwarts era given how she left it with canon.

The interaction with Petunia was really interesting. I sensed that she wanted a reconciliation with Harry given the whole hugging thing and being nice to Ginny, but I couldnít help but wonder whether that was due to Vernon dying or not. I would like to think that she did want to be nice to them regardless of the death, but I guess Iíll never know.

The description of the church was really brilliant! I could picture it perfectly from the vicar probably thinking Ginny was just fat to Piece Polkiss. The addition of him was really great as it really reminded me of JKís writing. In fact, all of your writing tends to remind me of hers. Thereís just this special thing about it which gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling like the books do.

That chapter was perfect. ♥


Author's Response: You're not mad, lovely Kiana! Honestly, nothing super M-rated is planned in the near future, but with the building up of warnings this story is accumulating I felt it best to play it safe and up the rating.

You know, I was looking for something that might have been in the news at around the time Vernon died, and that just jumped out at me as absolutely perfect! It actually happened! And yes, we've not yet seen the last of Petunia.

I'm really looking forward to getting all my Weasels together for the christening too... Will all go smoothly? Hmm. Who knows. ;)

Can I just fall at your feet and love you for saying that the normalcy of their lives is something you enjoy about this story? Because I do worry that sometimes it's a little mundane, but then... It's just so nice to spend time with them all, getting on with life.

And thank you for your comment on Dudley! That's such a nice thing to see. I think that kid had 'PE teacher' written all over him from the day he took up boxing.

And and and. Gah. Your reviews make me so melty and fuzzy! Thank you so much for your lovely, lovely comments. You always make me feel confident and encouraged in my writing, thank you. I nominated you for best reviewer, because you totally deserve it.

Thank you again :)
Sarah xo

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Review #25, by Padfoot Memories Amongst Mourners

3rd August 2013:
Tell me this isn th end

Author's Response: It's not the end! :)

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