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Review #1, by handknittedsweaters Tea or Coffee

21st August 2013:
Poor guilty Louis and wow, Dominique really is the worrrst. How did nice Fleur have these children? Liking your story though :)

Author's Response: Haha, that's a good point. But they're teenagers - enough said.

I'm glad you like it! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #2, by silverashes Tea or Coffee

20th August 2013:
Yay! Another chapter! I really, really adore this story! Louis was being such a sweetheart. He made my heart melt into a puddle of love in my chest! Dom on the other hand...well it seems like someone twisted her panties the wrong way (every single day). But I'm going to ignore dear Dommy and place my adoration on Louis because he's sweet.

I really like how his and Addie's personalities contrast. They balance each other out, though I do wish Addie would speak more! I think she could be witty if she spoke up more! But I guess her personality is more soft spoken, so it might be a little out of character!

Anywho! I love, love, love this story! Please update soon!

xx Rachel

Author's Response: Hi again Rachel! Yes, Fleur definitely taught her son the right way to behave :D but you're right - Dominique could do with a few more lessons on basic etiquette...

I wish Addie would speak out more too! In fact, I think even Addie wishes Addie would speak more. :P

Thank you so much for being such a lovely reader! The next chapter should be up very soon :)

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Review #3, by silverashes Small Talk

14th August 2013:
Squee! I adore this story so far! It's so much different from anything I've ever read! I've never read about a Squib before, but you're doing a beautiful job. I love how you've portrayed the Weasley family as stunningly, perfect, but underneath they have just as many problems as Addie. I love Louis's character so far. You've developed him wonderfully. I think Dom with learn to warm up to Addie (hopefully). Oh, please update soon(: Lovely, lovely, lovely.

xx Rachel

Author's Response: eee you're too nice! Thanks for all these wonderful compliments! So good to hear you like the characters.

I recently submitted the next chapter but it got rejected, because I was a very dozy author and didn't add correct citations. So hopefully it will be published in a few days' time, citations and all.

Thank you so much for making my day, and I hope you like the next chapters just as much ♥

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Review #4, by BBWotter Small Talk

31st July 2013:
I adore this story and I adore you. NEVER EVER STOP WRITING THIS STORY I BESEECH YOU! Thank you so much for updating, LOL as Addie's mum would say :P xx

Author's Response: Hee you're too lovely! I'm pleased it isn't all a load of rubbish.

The next chapter it coming along pretty well, fortunately :D

Muchas gracias for the sweet review ♥

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Review #5, by Celestialbattlefield Small Talk

20th July 2013:
Gr8 story so far!! Aaah lil remmy, remus wudve luved tht!
Keep going. U shud b gettin more reviews...u hv an amazing talent Cant wait to read the next 1 . Nd luvd the LOL thng

Author's Response: Aw thank you :) heheh Remmy, it makes me think of the rat from Ratatouille...

You're so nice. Reviews are a fantastic motivator haha. I'm glad you're enjoying it and I hope you like the next one too! *coming soon to a computer screen near you*

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Review #6, by Celestialbattlefield Prologue

20th July 2013:
Amaxing!! He he the land of moustaches and baguettes LOL
Its nice ur writin bout a squib nd tht the weasleys r a pain in the arse
Maybe u cud add harry in thr 2

Author's Response: Haha, moustaches and baguettes...what? It's true ;)

Harry? Ahaa, not sure what he'd be doing in France. Saving the world from Lord Moustacheymort, perhaps? :D

Thanks lots and lots for your review :)

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Review #7, by Natalie Enchanté

14th July 2013:
Awesome work! Love the characters so far :) I can't wait for the next chapter!
When do you think you'll be able to update?

Author's Response: Hi! Aww thank you so much :)

So far I've got like 1000 words written, so I'm 1/3 ish done... I'd say it should be in the queue/posted before this time next week :)

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Review #8, by iatevoldysnose Enchanté

11th July 2013:
I enjoyed reading this chapter a lot! I could almost feel the awkwardness when Addie accidentally went into Louis', he's a bit of a snob isn't he? But I was impressed when Louis replied in both French and Spanish...I can speak a bit of French (I learn at school...but I suck)...but I wish I was fluent at it.

Dominique is pretty snobby too...but I guess I shouldn't judge just's only three chapters in right now...I hope things go well for Addie, and I personally feel sorry for her, especially when she said she "felt" like a stick in the mud... :( And I hope we get to meet Bill and Victoire...and maybe Teddy (if they're together in this story)...

You're a very good author so please continue writing! I can't wait for the next chapter...I hope you update soon!!

iatevoldysnose xox

Author's Response: Heheh awkward is definitely the right word!
He did act like a snob, but he was in a horrible mood thanks to *secret reasons* and totally forgot his manners :/. Yep Louis is our resident polyglot! I can do French to primary school standard and Spanish to GCSE standard... ;D

Dominique is unnecessarily mean. I'm glad I don't know anyone like her! But yep, maybe she has her own problems...

We'll definitely meet Bill, Victoire and Teddy in the near future :)

Aw thanks so much! You're so nice! I really appreciate these lovely reviews and I'll update really soon :)

p.s. uber cool username!

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Review #9, by iatevoldysnose Don't Forget to Smile

11th July 2013:
Hello again!
This was a nice chapter again :) When Addie's mother was sort of yelling at her at the restaurant, I felt really sorry for her, but then later on it was alright, because I think she just wanted what's best for her daughter...and her dad seemed to be putting on too much of a show at the restaurant I mean... (that's just me though...and does that make sense?)

It was so adorable how Florence didn't want Addie to sort of broke my heart, even though I know that she's going to return (well, I hope she returns...).

I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter :D Good job on this chapter too!

iatevoldysnose xox

Author's Response: Helloo!

Yeah definitely, her Mum just wants her daughter to be confident and independent and happy yadda yadda yadda, but she still created a painfully awkward moment D:

Hah, her Dad just tries to please his Missus, I guess. He didn't really see it as much of an issue

D'aww yeah. Florence is adorbss

Thank you very much for the review :D

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Review #10, by iatevoldysnose Prologue

11th July 2013:
I read this chapter quite a while ago, and I thought that I had left a review, but obviously sorry about that...and I had forgotten to favourite it too :P whoopsies!

I liked this chapter and I totally agree with Addie when she says middle names are only there for parents to use when you're getting scolded! I haven't read many stories in which the main character is a squib, so I really want to see where this goes...

I also liked how you described the Weasley/Delacour children :P Especially Louis...the psychopath haha :)
It's funny how her mother calls her a naive girl haha and The Land of Moustaches and Baguettes :D

I really like Addie's name too :D And like the story title :D Can't wait to see what happens next!

iatevoldysnose xox

Author's Response: Aww, it's sweet of you to bother to review and favourite :D

I, also, would like to see where her Squib-ness goes. :P I don't think it'll be a major plot point or anything, but I guess it adds to her lack of confidence because it's another area of her life she thinks she's failed in!

Hehehe glad you like it :D

Aw I like Addie's name as well! Adelaide is super pretty :3
Hah I'm relieved you like the story title. It took me FOREVER (literally) to decide on one. I always end of cringing at whatever I choose D: So I'm glad you like it. It's different, I guess.

Thank you soo much for the review ♥

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Review #11, by Jessica Enchanté

9th July 2013:
I loved the whole story C: Please update soon!

Author's Response: I'm so glad c: There'll be an update hopefully in the next few weeks.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Olivia Enchanté

9th July 2013:
I love this!
What did Louis do? Where is Bill?
Also how much older are Fleur and Dominique? I'm assuming Louis is around the same age...
Does she ice skate? I think it would be really cool if she were a competitive ice skater, like a really good one. You've hinted at it (the trophy, the cat it skates, when she wanted to go sock-sliding) and I've got this image in my head of her meeting the Wotters and some of them being condescending until she sees a frozen over lake and showing them how graceful and amazing she truly is and afterwoods Louis realises that they're meant to be and kisses her in the snow.
Or something.
I sound a bit obsessed.
ok byeee

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

What Louis did (dun dun dun) will become clear soon. Bill is currently at work but will appear in the next chapter :3

Addie is 15, Louis is 16, Dominique is 17/18, and Victoire is 20. Teddy is 22. Bill and Fleur are in their 40s ;)

Yes, she loves ice-skating. It's really cool that you've picked up on the hints haha :)

I love that little scene you've created! ahaha I'll have to include something similar ;)

Thank youu again!

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Review #13, by Jessica_GinnyizGr8 Don't Forget to Smile

4th June 2013:
I'm really interested to see your take on the Delacour-Weasleys. And Addie's character is awesome. Good job on this.

Author's Response: I sincerely hope you like my portrayal of the family... muy nerviosa

Super glad you like Addie!

I'm practically done with the next chapter, but I just need to find a way to finish it off. And make sure it's not total drivel.

Thank you so much for the review! :)

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Review #14, by AHeat Don't Forget to Smile

13th March 2013:
Haha, love the disclaimer. I'm psyched to meet your version of the Weasley/Delacours!

Author's Response: I keep changing what I want them to be like, agh! Hopefully soon I'll just get pen to paper (or, erm, keys to word document?) and get the next chapters done!
Thank you very much for the review! :)

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Review #15, by AHeat Prologue

13th March 2013:
I really like this! I am excited to see where it goes. The inner monologue is something that can be either really good or horribly wrong. You're doing a fine job with it!
Keep it up!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for liking it, I'm really glad you think the inner monologue is okay :D Sometimes I'm just like, meh. C-r-i-n-g-e. But it's a lot of fun haha :)

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Review #16, by BBWotter Don't Forget to Smile

20th January 2013:
This is tres exciting! :D I really like this and I can't wait for the next chapter!! I really want to know how they meet again and stuff, so yeah, I've favourited and everything, this is so cool! ^.^

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm reallly glad you like it and thanks for the favourite! :-)

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Review #17, by Ro Prologue

8th August 2012:
I love this story :) it's quite nice to see the Wizarding world from a squib's point of view actually and the Weasleys' through somebody that they aren't related to :) I can't wait for the next instalment :))

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much!

Yeah, I agree, it is an interesting viewpoint. That's basically why I decided to make Addie a Squib :)

Thanks again! I know I haven't updated in /months/ but I'm planning to get back into this story again once my others are finished, and this review gave me the encouragement I need :-)

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Review #18, by Kawaii~ Prologue

22nd April 2012:
Ahhh, I love this story so much! Adelaide's thoughts are really funny to read, and her personality is that of a spoiled brat. xD

Update soon! I want to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Aww thank you very much! I'm so glad you like it and find it funny :D

Haha yup, she is rather spoilt.

I've written about half of the next chapter so it should be up soon :)

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Review #19, by blackangelwings Prologue

19th April 2012:
hahahaha! this is actually hilarious. seriously, like i'm still laughing.

it was a really good chapter and i can't wait for the next one, UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: haha, i'm glad you find it funny :D

I'll update ASAP :)

Thanks for being the first reviewer ^^

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