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Review #1, by Keira7794 Eat Slugs!

1st July 2012:
Hello :)

I'm just come to read your fantastic chapter for the 'Ronald Weasley Challenge'. The idea behind the challenge was to make Ron's positive attributes take a role on HPFF and make the reader view Ron is a different wat to how he is often portrayed.

I LOVED this chapter! You took such a small incident throughout the series and captured Ron's personality and hidden traits that are so often forgotten.

I really liked how you wrote this from Hermione's perspective - for some reason, I really wasn't expecting it and her added opinion on what the insult meant to her just added depth to the story.

At no point did your characterisation feel out of place and you've really set up the backstory for the future plot lines - it also provides a reason for why Hermione always persists in saying that Ron just needs to focus more.

You've portrayed Ron as smart (I never realised it was non-verbal!), brave and loyal - I'm so glad that you wrote this!

The results will hoepfully be up soon, Keira :)

Author's Response: I'm so happy as I'm reading this. I've been away from the site for a while due to other commitments, so coming back to read a review like this is brilliant! I actually found this very difficult to write and had to do several drafts of different ideas until I came up with this, so it means so much to me that you enjoyed it.
I thank you for the challenge, which was more challenging than I originally thought. I hope to enter another soon. Thanks for reviewing too. =]

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Review #2, by CypressQueen Eat Slugs!

30th May 2012:

Seeing as you didn't PM me, I'll just leave your reviews on the stories I really enjoyed reading.

I found this story to be very sweet and touching. I think that you've portrayed what Hermione would have been feeling very well which is quite hard to do.


Author's Response: Sorry I've been away with other commitments, but I'm glad you decided to review ones that you enjoyed. =]

Thanks for the review. It's appreciated. =]

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Review #3, by jess Eat Slugs!

24th April 2012:
awesome stuff!! loved it a lot!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for taking the time to review, and I'm glad that you enjoyed it. =]

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