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Review #1, by Janner The giver of Hope is Born

27th May 2012:
Another good chapter Mariano however I must point out an error. The phrase: task my mentor had bequested me with:, I'm not certain that bequested is a word. So may I suggest this phrase. 'task my mentor had bequeathed me'

Harry's SPEECH ( see previous review) was first class otherwise.

Well done again.

Author's Response: Hello Janner! I'm positive that 'had bequested' is a correct form. 'Had bequested' is in fact a proper and accepted Past Perfect Subjunctive form of the verb 'bequest' while 'had bequeathed' is the Past Perfect Subjunctive form of the verb 'bequeath'. The term 'bequest' is defined as 'the act of bequeathing' which is a nice confusion in itself, given that the two terms mean exactly the same. In this case, I, through Harry's mouth, chose 'bequest' simply for its subliminal effect. I consider it a more powerful word when Harry communicates that he had been bequested with a task. The word's similarity to 'quest', in the sense of being something that had to be done through great perils sounded in my head more meaningful. I thank you anyway for your fair critic! I have been away for quite a while following a family problem but now I'm back and more than willing to make up for lost time!

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Review #2, by phoenix9279 The giver of Hope is Born

2nd May 2012:
Good speach by Harry. There is one typo in the speach though. "Never forget his followers, for they shoe what power hunger can do to a soul", I think you meant show not shoe there. Other than that a perfect 10/10. Keep it up :)

Author's Response: Awww thank you! For your kind words, for showing me the typo and most importantly for reading and reviewing my story! It's a great encouragement! I'll be uploading chapter 3 some time during tomorrow so if everything goes to plan it will be up around monday! Thanks again!

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Review #3, by Janner The Sleeper Awakens

28th April 2012:
An excellent first chapter Mariano, well done.

I especially like the idea of interring Voldemort in the grounds so that the evil he did is not forgotten.

I look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! It's a great relief that you liked that particular idea, I had the feeling that it would be a very unpopular one among readers. I don't deny feeling some disgust myself but my belief is strong in that sense, esp. since I can very much relate it to the military coup and de facto government in my country lasting from 76' to '83. There is a greater part of the population that believes in the concept of "memoria, verdad y justicia" (memory, truth and justice, especially meaning memory and truth as a way to achieve justice, since there are some of the people responsible that still are to be judged). But there is a small nucleus commandeered by the big corporate media groups (who most often indulge in printing whatever lies they want to suit any particular economic agenda they like, whether it be for or against the government, hiding its faults or inventing faults that are not there at all) that wishes to simply forget everything, leave it all in the past and never talk about it again. I feel that is a foolproof way of ensuring it will happen again, so I am totally for education, and respectful memory. 30 thousand of us died unfairly during those years, and Voldemort and his Death Eaters are scaringly similar to our de facto presidents and their fear tactics. One of them even did declare war to Great Britain over the Falklands, a war in which he sent to slaughter an army of scared 18 to 20 year old kids with old guns and no suitable clothing to a couple of freezing islands to fight one of the greatest powers in the world over a couple of bloody islands. The old "experienced" generals stayed at their warm houses away from the bombs and death. I don't blame Great Britain for the war, I blame our tyrants. How and why should we ever forget about them? Sorry for my winding up but it was important for me to explain where had my decision come from. Thanks again for reading =)

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Review #4, by phoenix9279 The Sleeper Awakens

19th April 2012:
Great start so far, I'm intrested to see where this goes. Please keep writing. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for my first ever review in my first ever chapter of my first ever ff! This might be just another review for you but it means a lot to me! I have chapters 2 and 3 already written, chapter2 is in validation but I'll try to be on top of things so I think I'll upload a new chapter on a weekly basis, so if ever I get stuck I have a little more time to sort everything out without any reader noting the difference. Thanks again! =)

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