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Review #1, by 800 words of heaven Changes

20th January 2015:
Heya! I'm finally dropping in to fill your review request which you posted all the way back in October. My motto is better late than never, but that kind of wait time is actually atrocious. Sorry :(

So I enjoyed this chapter quite a bit actually. I'm sad to hear that you've abandoned this story, but I'm here to encourage you to continue it! There definitely needs to be more George/Angelina love on the archives, and the period in their on which you've chosen to write this is certainly going to be an interesting take. Fred takes Angelina out for the Yule Ball - and she currently has a boyfriend - so that's definitely going to complicate things for poor George!

I really liked all the characters. You've nailed the Weasley boys, especially Percy. Listening to George's inner monologue was fun, especially since he's so confused about what he's feeling for Angelina. He obviously has a crush on her, but he swings from admitting this to himself and then back to deluding himself that in fact, no; they're just good friends. Angelina was also pretty cool, and I'm looking forward to getting to know her better, as well as learning about this mysterious boyfriend...

This was a lovely start, and I'm sorry for the ridiculous wait. Don't hesitate to post again in my thread for this or any other story (I'll try and be faster, I promise) or if you need a buddy to help brainstorm for this story, feel free to send me a PM!

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Review #2, by Moonyxluna Changes

11th October 2014:
Hey Gabbie here with your requested review :)

Aah, it's so nice to see Fred and George messing with Percy. It never gets old. You write them very fun here, so much like we know them to be in the books, it brings back such fun memories.

You mentioned that you had abandoned this a while back so I'll just kind of point out some little general things that I notice that might help get the story back on track, yeah?

Dialogue tags you'll wanna go over, some capitalization stuff. Probably doing a fresh read-over/edit.

My biggest bit of cc for the first part (quarter?) of the chapter is that it feels like the fun, messing with Percy does drag on a little bit. The twins are a riot and I feel like you write them as they are - which to say is very exasperating towards their mom - but as I'm reading through it I do feel like it is a little bit too much.

All of your characters so far, (the Weasleys) while they stay very close to the book, create a lot of dialogue stuff going on. They sort of adapt this persona of an exaggerated form of their canon selves that's a bit distracting? Like Molly's yelling at the twins, George and Fred are creating chaos, and Percy is complaining.. I'd like to see a little bit more depth from them in the next part.

I do love Angelina. She's just like she was in the books, a little spitfire that doesn't hesitate to put George in his place. She sort of does create that balance for George that I was looking for above.

I think it's interesting that you've set some tension up here with George and Angelina. I'm sort of thinking back to Goblet of Fire, how Fred does eventually ask her to the Yule Ball. I'm wondering if that's going to create some brotherly tension :p

I checked back at the date that you posted this and it was a few years ago. I can definitely tell, from having read some of the things you have written now, where your writing has improved.

Overall the thing I found lacking in this chapter was the actual 'meat' of it. There was a lot of very fun banter between George and Angelina but I felt like the things going on in the background got very lost. I sort of read through and got that they went from talking in the house, to the gnomes/Quidditch, to upstairs, to dinner, but the large amount of banter/prose/tangents(I guess) sort of just made all of those moments blend together. That would be my biggest suggestion, is to not focus so much on getting the next witty line out, and focus more on bringing everything together so it still tells a story. You've got the idea there, what with setting up the night before Harry and Hermione are to arrive/having dinner with F&G's friends; I'd just like to see a little bit more of prose/background description.

That's not to say the banter wasn't fun. You've got a knack for writing those banter filled, 'will they won't they' moments, and they're very entertaining.

I hope this was some help to you! Feel free to PM me if you want to ask about anything I mentioned - if this is something you're thinking about revising, the things I mentioned would be some starting points that I'd suggest.


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Review #3, by Casper The Two of Us

21st May 2013:
I love this! Angelina and George's friendship seems very authentic, it's so sweet :) I hope you continue :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Hey there, welcome back! And thanks for reading this story too, I hardly ever get reviews for it so this was a lovely surprise. But yes, Angelina and George's relationship is very nice to write, there's alot of sweetness and closeness between them. And also, a little hint of something more that I just love playing around with!
As of right now, I'm working on various other stories but I'll come back to this one eventually, but it may take a while. Feel free to check out some of my other work though, I hope you enjoy those too! ;)
You've been warned.
Much love,

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Review #4, by soapman333 Changes

28th February 2013:
Oh, is this like the prequel story to "This is Angelina?"

I'm glad I know how it all ends >:D

All right, so I absolutely love your characterisations. Each of these characters has me somewhat attached, which always makes me itch to read more to see how they develop. Bravo!

The kills me. I like everything in your dialogue. EVERYTHING! That being said, I picked out my favourite quotes for us to laugh at :D:

Fred to Percy about Bagman: "I bet you do tiger."

In George's narration about Percy's behavior towards Bagman: ". . .which one of them was going to be the best man."

Fred to his mother's discipline threat: "But I don't look good in blue!"

Fred to Lee: "Man up Lee and touch her boob!"

Charlie's reaction to the bet between Georgie and Angelina: "You monster!" he gasped.

Percy's reaction to Angelina sticking her tongue out at him: "She's related to us...I just know it."

Percy to George: "Do we need to have the talk?"

Fred to Percy: "No need to be jealous, Perce. Just go find Penelope and link pinkies or whatever it is you two do."

As always, my favourite character is Fred :P. He's just dirty enough to keep me invested in what he says.

Other things I enjoy about your writing style: Careful narration and perfect plot flow. I read everything that George narrated, which is rare for me to do in stories (some narrators just talk and talk...). Your chapter didn't seem to drag on, which is also rare on this site. Everything just moved in a way that literally had me reading and reacting to every word!

Hm, I can't really think of any CCs, but I will comment that there were very minor grammatical errors every once in a while. Maybe just re-read through it? It's not really a big deal, so don't worry so much about it.

I like your writing style. Wonderful Job!

Author's Response: Hello!

Hey there, thanks for stopping by with this really great review! *Rescues man card from the pits of Mount Dooom*
This IS a prequel to "This is Angelina", I had made it specifically to go along with it and I'm glad that you know the future. Its so bloody...
Anyway, this was actually pretty difficult for me to write. The twins and all the other characters gave me a hard time to get just right and I'm not quite sure, still, after all this time if I did a good job. They bother me! >:D
But those quotes you picked out were actually some of my personal favorites! I had too much fun dishing out the humor in this story and I'm glad that you were able to enjoy them so much! *Bows*
Bwhaha, Fred of course is getting all the love and not my precious Georgie! D':
Wow, I don't think anyone has said that I had perfect plot flow before. *Blushes and giggles* How to respond to that? George is actually my favorite Weasley to write and because I've written him before, he came off as alot easier in some degrees. On others, he's all moody and angsty and I was like, "COOPERATE WITH ME YOU GORGEOUS RED HEADED MAN!!!"
I'm glad that this chapter didn't drag to you! Again, it was actually hard to write for me and I'm getting a swelled head reading this review.
Soon, I won't be able to fit in the house! :D
Oh, yes, the grammar things. I am going to go in and clean those up eventually, eventually when I'm not in basic...when I'm not busy...or just being lazy.
Anyhoo, thanks for liking my writing style, I try to change it up with every story I write!
But that's just shameless self-promotion...
Anyhoo, thank you so much! :)
Much love,

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Review #5, by aquabluez17 Changes

12th February 2013:
Hey its Mya here! I am SO sorry about how late this is! School got in the way.

This was a great start! I loved all of the characters esp George :D Angelina surprised me a bit but I still loved her as well :D

The story flow was great and I liked how things kept moving along :P so nice to see Fred back!

Great work on the start though why did you Abandon this???! Aww I hope you will pick it up later when you are more free

Author's Response: HellO!

Hey, there, its totally cool my dear. Real life sucks and school? Man, don't get me started on that! Hahaha. I'm a horrible influence on you, I think.
Hehe, thanks for liking George and Angelina. I'm not sure why everyone's so surprised by her, I think I didn't make her as fierce as they were used to but...I wanted to keep this light.
Hahaha, I'm glad that the flow worked out, this was actually pretty hard for me to write for some reason. T-T
And I love thee.
Oh, I abandoned it because I haven't had the time and I have more stories that needed to be uploaded first. :D
I might get back to it eventually!
Thanks for reading!
Much love,

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Review #6, by CassiePotter The Two of Us

15th January 2013:
Hi Gabbie!
This chapter was so funny! I really, really loved it! George is fantastic, but he's not very good at hiding his jealousy! Haha. I dont think he knows who he's dealing with now that Terrence is thrown into the mix! But that means you can spend more time with him ;)
The scene with the ramen was hilarious! It's such a boy thing for them to do! I wouldn't expect anything less than a bet involving spicy foods! Haha. Fred's sarcastic little comments cracked me up, too! He and George have some of the best lines ever!
And the panties from Angie! That was so funny! Classic George and Angelina! I just hope George doesn't do something stupid out of jealousy!
This chapter was amazing! TFD should come in a few days, and I can't wait for your next update! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Welcome back! Its always good to get your lovely reviews and chat for a minute! I shall see you on the forums of course! ;)
I think we've known, from This is Angelina that George really isn't the kind of person to NOT show his emotions. And jealousy is such a nasty, uncontrollable emotion for him and my poor guy doesn't like that sort of thing. Poor him. Hehehe.
Yeah, I think Terrence is going to be a challenge for him and the fact that he's jealous and Fred is teasing him about it doesn't make it any better. But you'll be seeing Terrence for a while longer and Georgie too of course, he's the hero of this story! :D
I laughed too at the ramen scene because I've always wanted to picture a Weasley turning beet red like that. George totally lost too! :D
I'm so glad that the humor in this was able to come through all right, I have such a hard time writing these darn Weasley twins. But Fred's remarks were great weren't they? Hehehehe.
Yes, the panties! Sooo classic Angie and George! I wonder what he'll do with them later?
George will do something stupid out of his jealousy, rest assured. Sometimes, I forget just who I'm remember how things got in This is Angelina, right? Well. It won't be THAT bad but it'll be pretty awful. Hahaha.
On my end, I'm hoping A Force of Blaise--Wills, is up tomorrow for you so keep a look out for that. And I can't wait for TFD! :D
Much love and thanks again!

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Review #7, by patronus_charm The Two of Us

9th January 2013:
Hello it's me again!

I loved the amount of detail you went into for the restaurant as it sounded so lovely and beautiful! You wanted to be able to sit there among the pyramids and the scenes of India.

It was funny seeing how insecure George was about Angelina and Terrence. Usually he's relatively cool, collected and confident so seeing him nervous and the butt of jokes was hilarious. I like the twist as it makes George have hidden depths you wouldn't have thought he would have had.

You can see why George is so insecure as Terrence is older, more mature, intelligent and Angelina's boyfriend you can't help but want George to gain Angelina so the underdog can win.

Again I noticed a few misplaced capitals, but that's just a minor thing and easy to fix so you shouldn't worry to much!

Kiana :)

Author's Response: Hey!

Thanks for the reviews, they were really nice and you're too sweet. :)
I absolutely love that you enjoyed the descriptions of the restaurant. I tried to make it as authentic and real as I could, so it could set the scene a bit more. Sometimes I get lazy and go on and on about a building so I don't have to get back to the characters. But shssh, don't tell anyone else that! ;)
Poor George. Seeing Angelina with Terrence just sort of tore him up a little and having him put out of his element really made it more fun, for me anyway. Poor him, though. Hhehehe.
I think George has more hidden depths than anyone would have thought, which makes him so much fun and hard to write for. We know so much about Fred from the books but not enough about his twin, which was always a little unfair to me. So playing around with his emotions is going to be a journey that I'm all too happy to take. I'm foolishly in love with him. :D
Terrence is everything that George is not and I wanted to make that bluntly obvious. It makes you want to root for him though, doesn't it? You want Angelina to forget about her boyfriend and just snog George right? Well. We'll see if that happens or not. ;)
Knowing me, though, it won't.
Argh...more grammar things? I'll have to go in and clean them up! Thanks again for the review lovely!
Much love,

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Review #8, by patronus_charm Imposter

9th January 2013:
Hello! It's me again :D

I found interesting that you made Fred as the main enemy of Percy's not George as well. I'm glad you did as I found that Fred tended to be the main perpatrator of most of the crimes so that seems a good idea.

Though it was a brief mention of how Percy and Penelope broke up I'm gad you added that line in as their romance was always a mystery to me. I just assumed that they would end up together as who else would date Percy? Then you find out he's married Audrey and it's like your minds exploding!

I noticed a few misplaced captial letters here and then, but rereading it again would get rid of it. Also I just assumed from the food Mrs Weasley made and the food served at Hogwarts it was muggle food, so I'm not sure whether they would refer to it as muggle cuisine.

One thing I'm not so keen is the fact Fred and George don't seem as close as they are in the books. I think that's one of the key reasons why those twins are so popular is because they're so close and act like they're one.

I like how you include little details such as Angelina's owls being called Athena, and Athena's sign being an owl ;D

I still really like the characters and all the interactions they have with one another as I feel it's believable and genuine. I think some of my favourite scenes are the twins winding up Percy. He's just so funny when angry! Kiana!

Author's Response: Hello!

Welcome back! For some reason, I always thought that Fred and Percy had a really tense relationship, it always seemed to me in the books that they never got along. I wanted to play around with that and the fact that Fred and George are pretty different when it comes to how they interact with their other siblings. ;)
You know, I am so with you on the thing with Penelope! I always assumed that she and Percy would wind up and get married. But then she just vanishes in the books after so long and never mentioned again! I was so confused as to why that happened and then JK just dumps Audrey on us without any information! All I know is that she's Muggle but her relationship with Percy is completely unknown. Which is also why I made a story about it! :D Its called "This is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste" on my page if you want to read that but be warned, its very mature.
And there are moments of panties being mentioned more than once or twice.
Anyhoo! I'll go back and correct the mistakes made in this chapter. I rushed a little too much and didn't edit as cleanly as I should have!
And I really do think I need to point out that the Muggle Cuisine is more of a foriegn food restaurant. I don't know why I keep forgetting! >:( My fault!
I actually got a comment in another review about the twins not appearing as close as they are in the books. In my mind, personally, I wanted to make them different, as the thing with them being so much alike gets rather old.
I'm sure that, even though they're twins, they fight and argue and get on each other's nerves just like anyone else's siblings. I think playing around with that does give their relationship a bit more depth adn is something different I guess. But I'm sure that not everyone likes it, I wasn't even aware of how much of a change I'd made in them until yesterday. :p
Oh, I love details! My favorite Greek Goddess just so happens to be Athena and I had to put it in there. Hahahah. I love Greek mythology too so this may not be the end of the gods/goddess names popping up. :D
I'm really glad that you still enjoyed this, it means alot and I really loved your review! Feel free to pop in any time you like!
Much love,

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Review #9, by teh tarik The Two of Us

8th January 2013:
Hello Gabbie :) teh tarik from the forums here with your requested review!

It's been quite a while since I read the first two chapters, but I do remember clearly George's growing sense of discomfort with home life - all that tension and arguments breaking out among the Weasleys, and his jealousy and antagonism towards Angelina's new boyfriend, which you developed here in this chapter. I think you do this very well - putting George into moments where he is completely out of his comfort zone, where he is under a certain amount of pressure; I really like it when writers don't protect their characters too much - when they put their characters into tense situations and really push them to their limits. There's plenty of opportunity for character development through their responses to their surroundings and to the situations they're in. In George's case here, he doesn't seem to cope well. He really does feel inferior to Terrence and I get that sense of panic he feels that he might be losing Angelina for good. Not to mention that he is almost completely without the support of his twin brother. There aren't many fics around where Fred and George are so dissimilar and unsupportive of each other. I'll talk about your portrayal of the twins' relationship to each other in a while.

Right now, George, George. He seems to be displaying a great deal of anger and embarrassment and he isn't being very subtle about it, which makes him all the more susceptible to being the butt of jokes. This is so rare - a Weasley twin being the laughing stock of a group of people! Usually the twins are the jokes, but they're also very much in control. I really enjoy this twist on George, how he doesn't seem to have any power or control of the situation at all. As for the other characters, I'm getting the impression that Terrence is this perfect dude - good-looking, well-toned and pretty successful in the academic field as well. Angelina is the adoring girlfriend (at least in the restaurant scene) while Fred apparently admires Terrence's style and all. The restaurant scene was a very long one with a lot of banter, and with long scenes like these, I would really like to see different sides of the characters. I really would like your characters to display more varying responses - especially George since he's the main character and we're seeing things through his POV. George is angry and embarrassed throughout the meal - perhaps he could react differently to certain things? Display different emotions? He might notice things that trigger off a different set of feelings in him? Or you could really focus on his body language - what is he doing while talking? These little details will really reveal heaps about characterisation. As for the other characters during the restaurant scene, is Angelina only alternating between being annoyed with George for his unsociable attitude and being somewhat smitten with everything Terrence says? Can she have any other reactions? Do think about these things when you're putting characters together in a single scene, especially characters with a lot of friction between them :)

As for George and Angelina's nonexistent relationship, I really really enjoy this, their moments of friendship, the other quieter unspoken things between them. The private moment they have together is so lovely, and there's so many feelings buzzing between them, all the more powerful because they're left unsaid. In contrast to all the banter and the friction there are really well-written lines like these: There was only the briefest of pauses then, but it was a comfortable pressure that they'd developed over the years. Most of those times had been spent stargazing on the shore of the Black Lake, her fingertips barely brushing against his and making the queerest sensation spiral in his heart. Nothing on earth could compare to that

And this: The smile that was brightening on his face was one of pure, scalding relief that things weren't changing so quickly. Angelina was his friend, his one bright spot of calm when nothing else was working out and that was something even perfect Terrence couldn't take away from him...


I also like the joke-y-ness between George and Angelina. What is surprising is that the humour between them is rather adult and is sexually charged (but playful). But it really works well, and yes, I think the characters would probably engage in such bawdy sometimes crude jokes.

And as for Fred and George's relationship to each other - this is different to most other fics depicting the twins. It's actually made me think deeply about them...which is always a good thing! In the books we know how alike and impenetrable the twins appear to be - like a wall, completing each other's sentences, supportive of each other etc. Here in your story it did make me wonder if the twins really aren't that close to each other...that they expect each other to deal with their own problems by themselves - they aren't emotionally supportive of each other at all. More like business partners from the start rather than close brothers. Oh, this is a very unique portrayal of the twins. I love this!

OK, one last thing I really loved about your story was the level of detail you went into with Muggle cuisine restaurant setting. It felt like a real and very unique place to me. So well done on that!

OK, I think I'll leave this review as it is :) I really enjoyed this chapter, and I think you've done a great job writing it! Always a fan of George/Angelina, so I'm glad you requested! I hope I've been a little helpful with this review :)


Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much for the lovely review, I've read it about three times now, its just that encouraging and sweet! And what a monster, how on earth am I going to answer this?! D':
But to start things off, I had to put George into a situation where things were not on his side. I'm thinking that he's used to being able to control his surroundings and suddenly dealing with all the fighting at home to meeting Terrence really didn't help. George is the sort of person who is comfortable where things are, he doesn't adapt to change very well, like Fred would. He's sort of set in his ways which really showed in this chapter I think and is a flaw in his character that I made sure you all saw. I'm not going to lie and say that I don't enjoy torturing my characters a little bit, I like making them uncomfortable and tense. It makes them more real to me.
So, onto that scene at the restaurant! I know just what you mean about not giving much range with their interactions, that was actually something that I was nervous about. I'd wanted to go back and edit but I felt that this chapter was good enough on its own and that I'd explore that side of them later, I mean, Terrence seems perfect now but he really does have some things that set him up as a not-so-perfect guy. I think in this chapter, George is so upset that he's sort of exaggerating a little on what he's seeing. Hahaha. I think Fred might point this out to him later on though but not right now and as for Angelina, she did come off as a bit of a one-note. She's a hard character to get right and I think I didn't push her as well as I should have but I'll try harder next time to make these tense, awkward moments better for you guys.
But for George and Fred, their relationship I think is loving, but just not as all consuming as I've read in some fics. I know they're twins, I know they love one another very much but honestly, they do have other siblings. And they're not the same people and I wasn't aware that I'd really changed that until you pointed it out in this review! I was just going off of what I thought fit and I suppose this really did show some differences with the twins, relationship wise.
But speaking of relationships! George and Angelina's! They have a close bond that I wanted to show and yes, most of their jokes are sexually charged. Hinting at tension between them? Perhaps. :3
But then again, my George has a dirty mind anyway. Hahha.
I had such a hard time with the Muggle cuisine right, I had to edit and cry about it a little. I love putting detail into places, it makes them seem all the more real to me and I want you guys to get lost in what I write. Hopefully. :p
Thanks for the great advice too and thanks so much for coming back with such a lovely review! I'll let you know whenever I get the next chapter up! :D
Much love,

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Review #10, by graylady01 Changes

6th January 2013:
Hey, graylady01 here with your requested review. I am SO sorry. My parents carted me away for New Years without net or even phone reception! Needless to say I wasn't too impressed -.-

This was really good and I enjoyed it throughly. It was the return of all my favourite underdog characters in the books, so how could I not? In my opinion, you have hit the characterisation of George on the head and it was great to see the differences between the twins highlighted. You are really good at righting humour for this story as I find George a laugh and the teasing of Percy fights so well. Angelina surprised me a little bit but I still loved what you did with her.

The story flowed nicely though I sometimes found it hard to read. This is just a personal preference of formatting so please don't feel as though you've done something wrong - you haven't. I found that some of your paragraphs were incredibly short which distracted me at times. Only one or two sentences long. Again, this is only what I like and not me telling you that you have to change your style. I like nice bulky paragraphs of 5-7 sentences :)

But other than that, I really have no other feedback. Keep up the good work!


Author's Response: Hello!

Hahaha, thanks for coming with this requested review. I actually didn't think I'd hear from you since your thread was really full but yay for me! :D Hahahah.
Aw, thanks. I had written this story, not just for the underdogs but just because I'm secretly in love with George and I'd wanted to do a story with him. He's so addictive. :3
And for some reason, really tough to write! I'm glad that you were able to follow him though, he and Fred have to be different for me to write either of them properly. And it was so tough. :(
Someone else commented on how I had my Angelina and I think I've just toned down her fierceness alot. I didn't want her to be so fiery when there was no real reason for it yet so, she's a guy's girl and pretty darn easy going. For now, anyway. :)
Ah, my paragraphs! I know what you mean though, I'd meant to go and edit some of them but because of how the story was, I didn't. :p
This is a bad habit of mine, formatting wise and I do it in all of my stories at some point. My apologies. ;)
Thanks for the review though, its means alot and I'll see you on the forums! :D
Much love,

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Review #11, by patronus_charm Changes

5th January 2013:
Hi, it's patronus_charm with your review :)

I loved the way you personified Fred and George and just the way they thought and acted was perfect! They were so in synch with one another and it totally kept to the way JK described them. You also made them really funny as well the way they said Percy had a 'swelled head' made me laugh so much. It's hard making them funny but you managed to do it really well.

I loved how you didn't change much of how each character acted so it was really nice to be able to associate them with how you read them in the book. The only obvious change was Angelina but that worked really well though :)

On a technical side of things I thought it flowed really well. However I did notice some commas where needed in a few places and one or two times there was a slight tense confusion.

On the Brit-pick side of things there were a couple of words you could change to make this story even better then it already were 'trash' and 'ass' as they're not used that often in Britain however it didn't detract from the overal story.

You said that not many people seemed to be reading the story I could think of one possible reason. The chapter length is rather long at over 7,000 words that may scare people off from reading it. I enjoy reading long chapters as you really get into the story and it leads to lots of detail and description however I know quite a few people who don't. So possible if you did smaller chapters in the future in may lead to more readers. I don't think the fault lies with the story though as that's really good.

Overall I thought the characters were great and the issue was small grammar ones:) As this was such a long chapter I only have time to review but feel free to re-request at any time :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for the quick review! I am Gabbie, responding to your requested review and such and so, yay for me! :D
Fred and George are so hard for me to write, I had to really try keep them canon while also keeping the story going. They're amazing of coruse but what else do we know besides them than the fact that they tell jokes? I had to make them fit together really well while also giving them their differences, I hadn't been able to do that well in the past.
I keep hearing people say that about Angelina and I wonder why? I suppose the way I have her written just fits for the other stories I have with her but I didn't want her to be so fierce and tense. I mean, she's just visiting her two friends at the Burrow and being hit on by Charlie, she needs to relax! Hahaha.
Argh, my American ways! I don't know much about Brit-slang or anything to be honest so I just wrote what I knew, I'm glad that you were still able to follow the story though. :D
My long chapters! They will be my down-fall! Hahah. Most of my chapters for other stories are quite long and I LOVE writing a detailed chapter but I've realized that alot of people don't. They either skip them and go to a shorter chapter, so I'll most likely go through and shorten them in the future. :(
And my grammar things will have to be taken care of too! I have a ton of them, even though I have gone through and edited. Sigh. Cna't get them all! Hahaha.
Thanks for this review, it made me feel better about this story. You're too awesome and I may just re-request soon so be on the look out for that!
Much love,

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Review #12, by WitnesstoitAll Changes

30th December 2012:

I finally was able to get onto the forums and saw your response to my review swap status, so here I am!! I thought that this was an incredibly enjoyable and funny chapter. I thought that the beginning felt a tad bit force, but you really hit your stride about a quarter of the way into it and the rest of the way through was pure gold.

I love how different your Angelina is from mine!! It's so neat to see her as 'one of the guys'. I also loved seeing somebody other than Ron having friends over to the burrow -- in canon we sort of get the impression that Hermione and Harry are the only friends that ever get to stop by the burrow. Lee and Angelina are two of my favorite characters (as i'm sure you know) and you write them in such a light and amusing way.

I'm almost jealous of how funny your George is. All that talk abut broomsticks and packages and such. Clever, clever. ;) I was a little surprised when Charlie asked Angelina to come visit -- I guess I hadn't realized that they knew each other well. And I was even more surprised that she has a boyfriend!! Ah. Poor Georgie.

Good chapter and I hope to read some more soon. :)

Author's Response: Hello!

*Fangirls* Hey, how are you? I wasn't sure if you would have been able to do a swap at all because I had noticed that your status update had been from a few days ago. I'd thought that you'd have been busy so I was like, "Well, I tried." Hahha. So, its great to see you back and this means I can go and read more of your awesome work!
I always have a rocky start making the first chapter of any of my stories but this one was really tough. Fred and George are so hard to write for and I was feeling a little under pressure to get them the way I needed. I'd hoped to have been able to get used to George by now since I've written him for another story but he's just so difficult! >:(
It angers me. Hahaha.
Ah! My Angelina and your Angelina are a bit different, I guess I always had seen her as more of a tomboy but I sort of just went off the fact that she was friends with the twins for so long that she had inherited some of their qualities. Hahah.
For better or worse? :D
I was sort of under the weird impression that the other kids were just hermits or something because we really didn't see them having friends over at the Burrow. But then I thought, that, since the twins knew Lee and Angie really well that it would make sense.
Much to Percy's horror. Hahaha.
Yay, Lee and Angie! I love those two characters too, I think you can just play around with them so much since we don't know much from them aside from canon.
Hahaha, I think I did okay with my George, like I said, he's really, really hard to write for. His jokes are more raunchy but I think I did it on purpose and he might mention it later. Either that or I'm thinking about Fred. :p
And I'm all for a dirty joke. ;)
Charlie was their captain for the Quidditch team at some point wasn't he? Or have I been reading too many FF's? I just sort of figured that he and Angie knew each other all right to speak to one another but it is sort of surprising that he asked her out. But, then again, I'm making Charlie a flirt so it may or may not make sense. Or something. :p
Yes! The big surprise with Angelina in this chapter was the fact that she had a bf, much to George's annoyance. But he's going to feel stupider for not saying something about how he feels about her later. :D
Poor Georgie indeed.
Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by and feel free to come back whenever you like! I'll be looking at your work soon!
Much love,

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Review #13, by CassiePotter Imposter

8th December 2012:
I told you I'd read and review today, so here I am, as promised! Gabbie, this chapter was amazing! But I don't like Terrence... He seems mean, and I don't think he's right for Angie! She needs to be with George, of course! And Fred just wouldn't quite teasing George or Percy! I can see why George was starting to get annoyed with him! I just feel so bad for George because he was so excited to see Angie and then he had to find out about her new boyfriend. Poor Georgie! I'm interested to see how the lunch turns out, but I have a feeling that it isn't going to go very well! I really love how you write everyone, especially the twins, because you make them so different from each other. Everyone expects them to be exactly alike, but they're different people, so they have different personalities! This was a great chapter and it was really fun to read! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Welcome back and what's this? Reading and reviewing? How dare you! Hahaha. I hadn't updated for this story in a really long time and I was really afraid that I hadn't gotten it right. It took me a long time to get the flow back and I think I did a pretty decent job, considering that it had been MONTHS.
Hahaha, I didn't think that you would like Terrence. I sort of wanted to delve into his character a bit more but I decided to cut the chapter short. Hahaha, you sort of get the sense that he isn't good for Angie, don't you? Hahah. But you know she and Georgia end up together anyway in This is Angelina so no worries, right? Right?! Hahah.
Fred is sort of annoying and I think I based my James on him, with how obnoxious he could be. But he's alot more outgoing than George is and sort of insensitive, especially when it comes to how he feels about Percy.
Oh, poor, strange little guy.
But that's for This is Audrey Tang! Hahah.
Moving on!
I do sort of feel bad for George because he was really excited about seeing Angie and then, sadly, he met her AND Terrence. I did it on purpose, just to play with his emotions, the poor guy. >:D
I've already got the next chapter finished and that lunch is, well, interesting. Hahah.
I tried so hard to make George and Fred into different people. Alot of people favor Fred over him in fanfiction just because we know him better in the actual books. Can't blame them, George is sort of hard to write when you get no sense of his character. But that's what fanfiction is for! :D
I'll be updating for this as soon as Abandon gets up there. Please, God, let it be up there today! D':
Much love,

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Review #14, by Casper Imposter

22nd November 2012:
Terrence seems pretty awesome...poor George! I love this story so far, this was an awesome update. You've managed to do really well with the characterizations, I find people have a tough time writing Fred and George, they're usually too one-dimensional. Great job!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for stopping by! The Weasley twins are really hard to get right, but I think I managed to do it all right. To give them their own personalities was something that I wanted to emphasize really clearly. I never liked having them so much alike! Real twins aren't like that (I've known a few) so it sort of always annoyed me. Hahahah. But yes, Terrence is pretty amazing and George is going to realize that he probbaly should have paid more attention to his own feelings where Angelina is concerned. ;)
Thanks for reading!
Much love,

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Review #15, by teh tarik Imposter

22nd November 2012:
Hellooo...I did say I'd come by and read your story after you mentioned it on the forums, and I have :)

I love Fred and George, and Fred/Angelina or George/Angelina are some of my favourite pairings :D Your story's hilarious and I think you capture the essence of the twins well. Poor George is rather grumpy, isn't he!? And wow, he's jealous! I think it's rather interesting that the way you show his relationships with his other family members, too. I'd imagined Angelina as somewhat fiercer, but I like her nice easygoing manner in your story as well.

I'm not sure what Muggle cuisine is; I thought wizards and Muggles pretty much eat the same food?

But anyway, I've really enjoyed reading! Hope you update soon :D I'd love to see how George deals with Terrence!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for coming to read this story, it means alot! I hadn't updated for it in months and I wasn't sure if it would come across any better when I started up again. :D
I'm a Georgelina shipper for sure, I really love the pairing and decided that writing fanfiction for them is too much fun! :D
This story I suppose is more funny than it is angsty at the moment but I tried to keep the humor in. I couldn't have a story with the twins without it! It would have been weird.
But yes, George was rather grumpy, wasn't he? And he was really jealous but he won't admit that to himself at all though. He's sort of stubborn that way. ;)
Yeah, I wanted to show his realtionships with all of his family, not just Fred. I think its unfair that its never played around with more in stories becuase I'm sure he and Fred weren't together ALL the time!
Ah, Angelina was supposed to have a bit more bite but I'd decided not to do that. I'd sort of played around with her being really fierce in "This is Angelina," my other fanfic with her. I thought I'd try something different in this one!
Muggle Cuisine I guess is a mistake on my part but I picture it as more of a foreign food place but I probably should have put in more detail. :p
I'll try to update soon! Stay tuned!
Much love,

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Review #16, by Lumos_x Changes

29th August 2012:
Hi again! Yes it's nice to meet you too:). I'm glad you saw my other review and that I made your day! :D As you can see I did decide to check out more of your work, as well as the other Georgelina you recommended. It's very good.
OKAY. I really like the way you write George. I think that in a way, he's quite a hard character to understand, because he's one half of the infamous Weasley twins. Fred and George are very alike, and from what Rowling writes, you only get a small hint of their differences. I really like how you emphasize those differences. Was that intentional, by the way? Or just my interpretation? Haha:) The ending is quite abrupt, but not necessarily in a bad way.
Lumos_x...aka Ellen :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Well, well. I see that you have come back for more of my work! I'm actually a little surprised, I usually don't get much on any of my stories so I was like, "Oh, how nice." Hahaha.
Yep, I gave you a good recommendation didn't I? That story is one of my favorites of course and its an amazing read. And not quite done so there's still plenty more chapters in store! :D
Thank you for liking my George! Even without Fred, he's still a very hard character to write for, I think because we don't know much about him, like you mentioned. I tried to keep him the way I had always imagined him for "This is Angelina" but without all the angst and such. :D I know that he and Fred are twins but really, its no fun having them the same! There has to be something about them that is different from the other! :D I'm glad that that came across though, it was intentional and very important to me for you to get a feel for George and Fred as seperate peple with their own thoughts and emotions. I'd wanted to go a bit further with the ending but I couldn't quite grasp what I wanted so I ended it there. I'd originally planned on updating this story rather quickly but then my laptop died and I had other stories to update and I sort of forgot! Oops! Ironic, no, when the story is called "Memories"? Hahahahah. I have a bad one...just so you know. Hehehe.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by again! This story is going to take ages for another update so uhm, you might want to check out something else of mine or hop along to something else until I come back to it. Let's hope that it isn't in another two months! D':
Much love,

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Review #17, by MadamePuddifoot Changes

9th June 2012:
Just me back again!

Oh my goodness, I am loving this! Fred and George and Angelina and Lee and Percy all in one chapter?? YES! You write the twins so well that I was in stitches throughout this chapter. As much as I do love Percy, the twins' teasing of him was really funny; I can just imagine him and Penelope sniffing parchment together! I'm really interested to see how you continue with this, and can't wait for the next update.

Angelo and Georgia forever!

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm so glad that you love this! It was a spur of the moment thing and I thought, "Why not? Georgia forever!" and so, here it was. It was a pretty hilarious chapter to write, all of my favorite people in one place! It blew my mind to pieces and I'm glad that you laughed too, this isn't supposed to be taken too seriously. I mean, its not a "This is..." so its actually free of all that delicious angst we like! :D
Who doesn't adore Mr. Weeeasley? He's fun to write and I'm quite sure that he and Penelope sniffed parchment, made itchy sweaters and talked about politics. Boring! :D
I shall continue with the updates then, I wasn't sure if this was going to be very popular or noticed. You know how it is with George/Angelina stuff! But yes, I shall post more as soon as my laptop decides to come back from the dead (It died on me, sadly) and so it might be a while but I haven't forgotten you!
Indeed! Long live Angelo and Georgia!
Much love,

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Review #18, by GirlOnTheSidelines Changes

6th May 2012:

So I finally came to check this out and man was it good. Poor Georgia though, having his brothers checking out the girl he blatantly fancies... even if he doesn't realise it yet. Some bits are horrible, like the time he mentioned that one day he and Fred would sell their jokes at a Quidditch Cup, because we already know what is going to happen and that that will never be.
Isn't Fred mean! When he told everyone about Perce and Penelope (which I kinda already guessed), poor Perce, even if he is a stuffy git.
Got another chapter of DoF posted, it's only a short one though and Paradox is in the queue. Please update your stories soon, they are all addictive!


Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks so much for checking this out too, it means alot! It was just a spur of the moment thing for me but I had had it in my mind for a while and thought, "Why not? I love Georgie" and so, this was the result! :D
Poor Georgia indeed! You know how he is, though, he won't say a thing because he overthinks and stresses too much. Its why, in fact that Angie calls him Georgia in the first place, hahaha.
I made alot of intentional things like what you meant with him talking about the Cup. :(
Its going to get worse because in this story, we don't know what's going to happen and that's what makes it so sad!
Fred is mean! :o I wasn't trying to make him out to be but when I read the books I always sort of wondered a bit more about him. Sure, he's amazing and funny but there's a bit of a jerky quality about him too but I don't know if that was just me. Or my imagination lying to me. Hahah.
Yep. Perce and Penelope broke up but the why doesn't really come until later, it sort of gets spoken about in "This is Audrey Tang" too at some point. I hope. Gulp.
Gonna check out DoF in just a sec (Yay!) and I'm salivating over Paradox, you know that one is my favorite!
I will try to update as soon as I can. I have a one-shot up with Draco Malfoy and Astoria but I might put the hold on that one to post another chapter of something else up. Maybe. But hold on because I'll post as soon as I can, I promise! "Growth", "A Force of Wills" and "Albus Potter etc, etc" are all updated at least by a chapter or two. So you'll have plenty to read, I just have to get a good flow on "This is Audrey Tang" going and I'll update for that as well. Thanks so much and your stories are quite addictive as well!
Much love,

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Review #19, by CassiePotter Changes

22nd April 2012:
Ooo I really like it so far! I love how you write George, I got sucked into his character right away. The flow of the story is awesome, and I love how it parallels This Is Angelina. This was just so good, I don't really have much to say about it! I totally lied and haven't finished the next chapter of TFD yet, and want it to be longer than the last one, so you'll have to wait a little longer. I also have some ideas for new stories that I might start after LMT is finished! Can't wait for more of your stories! Growth is next right? When's that coming? 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks so much for the review! Our dear, beloved Georgie has his own fanfic cause he's awesome like that! :D And, as of today, you've given me my 100th review! Yay, *hug* but that's not what's important here, I'm so glad that you liked this, it was easy for me to write but I have to think more on what I want to do for it. This technically takes place during Goblet of Fire so I was like, "Hm..." and that's alot of work to get through, you know. Hahah.
Why did you lie to me about TFD?! Naughty. Hahah, its totally fine. Ooh, can't wait to see what you do next after LMT, I'm sad that it might be ending though! :(
Growth is next, I swear to you! "This is Audrey Tang" was going up first but I was like, "They've waited for Benjamin enough." Hahaha.
I'm posting that up now and it should, hopefully, be up by Wednesday!
Much love,

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Review #20, by Loopy456 Changes

18th April 2012:
Hey again :) I thought I would check out another of your stories. I haven't read This Is Angelina as you advised, but never mind, I still enjoyed this!
Literally, so cute. I love your characterisation of George. It seems funny to say that we don't really know much about the twins but apart from the fact that they are jokers, what do we know? I also liked the fact that you gave Fred and George differences. Very believable. I think my favourite line has to be this: 'Their mother took one look at the dress robes and frowned disapprovingly and George wondered if she didnít like the color'. Brilliant. How exactly are you going to continue this? As a series of one-shots?
I read all of your replies to my reviews btw, and I am always so happy when me reviewing their work makes them so happy. You mentioned that you might check out the story I was refering to as having similarities with yours. If you did want to, then I was refering to 'Memories of Hogwarts', which is the sequel to 'Journeys on the Hogwarts Express' but, like with this piece, you can read one without the other. I would obviously love to hear from you, but don't feel obliged!

Alex :D

Author's Response: Hey!

Like, aren't you the most fantastic person on the face of the earth?! You've given me my first review for this and I like, can't believe it. This little story is a bit of a prequel I guess to "This is Angelina" and I'm so not mad at you for not reading that one first. Its really angsty and has quite a lot of blood but thank you so much! :D
Ooh, thank you so much for liking how I had George and you are right, we don't know much about the twins other than that they play alot of jokes.
But thank you so much for liking their differences too, I got a bit weary of reading the same sort of story with them. So, they're twins, okay? Big deal. They're not exactly the same! I didn't think so...and those other stories weren't bad but I just wanted to play off the fact that we don't know George as well as we do dear Freddie. I don't know why...but he never came off as very strong in my mind, I sometimes forgot about him. And then I found out he married Angelina (Whom the lovely JK says dated Fred) and I was like..."Wait..." but then I did "This is Angelina" after I became a fan! Not a popular shipping you know.
My favorite part of this I think was when George was talking to himself and Angelina came and made fun of him. "Georgia, Georgia, Georgia" hahahaha.
This is currently going to be a short story, but I'm going to think hard on developing it. It takes place during The Goblet of Fire but I'd rather leave all that plot to itself. Hahha...lazy!
I can't thank you enough for reviewing on my story, it really means alot and I always make sure to check out other people's work! I was very curious about it yesterday when I was online but sadly, I ran out of time and had to go home. :( But now, happily, I can loiter at the library all I like! So of course I'll be checking out your fanfic! :D
Much love,

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