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Review #1, by Live Life Large Safe And Sound

22nd June 2012:
Hey Sly(: LiveLarge here.

I really liked this chapter, and it aligned very well with the song too, which I decided to listen to as I read this. I felt like you really captured how Hermione felt throughout DH; determined, panicked, just plain scared. You portrayed them all beautifully in this chapter.

I loved your scene with Harry and Hermione. I've never been a Harry/Hermione shipper myself, but I think they have such a brilliant friendship, and it really showed in this chapter.

I definitely enjoyed this chapter, and will be reviewing the next as soon as I can.

Live Life Large(:

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review! :D

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Review #2, by slytherinchica08 Safe And Sound

11th May 2012:
Your description in this was wonderful! I thought you did such a great job with this piece and describing the horrors of war and how it can affect a person even years later. It made me happy to see the happy ending, her finally being able to sleep with Ron at her side. I felt so bad for Lavender in this piece. She really was a brave girl for staying and fighting only to lose her life to that horrible werewolf but the fact that she tried to run and put up a fight says a lot about her character and honestly I feel bad that shes always shown as an airhead kind of. Again I felt that this was really well done and flowed so well together, even when it came to changing the scenes they flowed well together! Great Job!

Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #3, by LunarLuna Safe And Sound

9th May 2012:
aww... the ending made me smile :) So sweet^^
Taylor SWift is one of my guilty musical loves, and Safe and Sound is one of my tops... so sweet and gentle :)

This was a great One-Shot! I really love the concept of it, kinda like seeing Hermione in a different light, I thought you portraied her well. We all know she's a really though girl, but no one's perfect and I think you did a great job showing it!^^

I thought the story was slightly confusing at parts, For example at the begining of the fight scene, I had to re-read it a couple of times before I fully grasped what was going on. At first I was under the impression you were talking about the scene in the room of requirement and it didn't quiote make sense, took me a while before I understood it wasn't THAT fire xD

Other than that, it was great!^^ I thought you did an amazing job making the emotions clear and realistic even through third person (I kinda marvel when I see an author capable of that feat! For me it's pretty much first person or die xD)

Great one shot! :)



Author's Response: Thanks so much for the wonderful review :D

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Review #4, by LovlyRita Summertime Sadness

2nd May 2012:
Hi! Well I absolutely loved this, of course I did!

I loved the descriptions in the beginning, I really felt like you set the scene well and I felt like I could really feel what she felt. I know this must have been such a transitional time in her life with everything going on, becoming head girl and such. And i don't know about you but I just am not ok with the thought that the last time that the two of them ever spoke was after 5th year.

I think you did such a great job capturing this tender moment between the two of them, where barely a word was spoken but you could really tell that they meant something to each other. Even if their relationship had been broken 2 years earlier, you did a great job of depicting the fact that they still had that closeness and the connection.

And the kiss! Aww it was so sweet, but I liked the description of the hug and the way you described how is face pressed against her hair, and also that afterward he kissed her on the forehead. It was so sweet, but also so sad, because this is probably the last time that they will truly meet and be alone.

Thanks so much for the dedication. I loved this story very much, you've done a brilliant job with everything and I'm honored! I am always in the mood for a good Snape/Lily!


Author's Response: Thank for the amazing review Ash! I hope i did it justice! I've never written either of them before so it was new territory. I do plan on turning this into a podcast as well so hopefully that goes as well as the writing of this did :D


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Review #5, by EverDiggory Safe And Sound

24th April 2012:
Review swaaap:D

Alright, I may ramble, but only because I have so many things I want to tell you at the exact same moment, so beware!

The beginning was quite sad; I could feel her heartbreak. It was different than in the movie(of course) because you wrote it in a way that...dug much deeper into the reader then any movie could possibly do. I think you wrote this particular part well; I could feel the ache in her chest, that awful lump in your throat, etc.

I've never been a big fan of Ron, but I'm trying to be a bit better about that(: My mind just kind of fizzles and goes out for a few moments when a writer makes me like him;D

You described the battle well, I could practically feel my heart beating a bit faster thinking about the panic/anxieties Hermione was having. Ron was so cute, and strong, and helpful *brain explodes*

The ending was quite sweet, I think that was a lovely technique, I guess you could say, to have so much grief, and anxiety, and emotional aching just to relieve it with an ending that is short, sweet, and leaves the reader satisfied!

Ultimately, I think this was a strong, emotional peace that really left me with a great story, that I won't be forgetting anytime(!!!)soon!

I loved this, thanks for the brilliant read!



oh, and by the way, this is a 10/10, undoubtedly!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the wonderful review! I'm really glad you liked it :D


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Review #6, by Gryffin_Duck Safe And Sound

18th April 2012:
This was so sweet! The emotions came across really well. I especially like how you started it when Ron left because I can only imagine how Hermione felt at that point. Then the jump to the final battle was really fitting because that's when they finally admitted their feelings for each other. And the end was so adorable. I love Ron and Hermione. Great one-shot! :)

Author's Response: thanks so much! I'm not usually a R/Hr shipper, but lately they've invaded my plot bunnies lol

thanks again Ducky!


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