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Review #1, by seekers_destiny Chapter 5

14th May 2012:
You didn't say why Voldemort suddenly knew who he'd been fighting. Is this really not finished? Are you going to have them start the laughing ninjas? Have a big party?

It might have been funnier to tell some of the pranks going off form the point of view of the Death Eaters. I did like Voldemort's end though. Sometimes sarcasm doesn't work out. ;-)

Author's Response: When he got knocked down he was uncovered. I didn't cover that well sorry. It is finished but I'm planning another story, it's just not written yet. Glad you liked Volde's end. Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by seekers_destiny Chapter 4

6th May 2012:
There were more typos in this chapter and you seem to be in too much of a hurry. Also Moody was right about their appearance in the great hall, it was a little too theatrical. I expected a bit more reaction from the Weasley brothers to the Harry/Ginny pairing but I guess when the new boyfriend is a ninja, you don't want to be too pushy. I still like where this is going but this isn't the best chapter of the lot.

Author's Response: Sorry about the typos I'll look it over again. Not only is her boyfriend a ninja but it's Harry who they've known and considered a brother for five years. I think at the end of the fifth book Ron still wants Harry and Ginny together. The twins are always good with anything Harry does (silent partner). Glad you are enjoying it.

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Review #3, by seekers_destiny Chapter 3

30th April 2012:
I loved the ending and the score was even better than I'd guessed. It was worth 100 points.

I have just one nit to pick:
Ginny appeared before Neville who yelled and jumped back pulling his want as he did
Even without the typo, this could be a very "adult" scene. I don't like the Neville/Ginny pairing though. (just kidding)

Author's Response: Thanks, I thought I fixed that typo, must not have saved it. Glad you liked the ending. I had a LOT of fun writing this story.

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Review #4, by seekers_destiny Chapter 2

24th April 2012:
Attempted suicide should get them some extra points - how about a 90 or a 95?

Author's Response: I forsee an answer in the next chapter.

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Review #5, by Kshitija Chapter 1

17th April 2012:
Pretty goodo(^▽^)o

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review.

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Review #6, by seekers_destiny Chapter 1

17th April 2012:
This is an interesting story idea and potentially very funny. Apparently, Harry and Ginny decided to start with Umbridge. I think Harry should have been more freaked out being kidnapped and not so quickly accepting of the Laughing Ninjas. On the other hand, I am impressed with how quickly and easily Harry and Ginny worked together to pass their test.

Author's Response: Convincing happens in another story that I'm still writing. This one is basically just the funny. Thanks for the review.

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