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Reading Reviews for Sixth Year at Hogwarts
16 Reviews Found

Review #1, by mashforever Being Neville

21st November 2011:
The part about Neville was adorable, but he deserves better than Harry; if I were to slash Neville with anyone, it would be...Seamus. And the SAG seems a bit far-fetched to me. But overall, a nice installment.

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Review #2, by Ollie Runes?

18th October 2005:
hmmm this is interesting...

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Review #3, by ExLyN99 It All Began With...

12th July 2005:
hmmm... interesting choice to make Bill Hermione's crush... that's actually really creative! Great story! *9*

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Review #4, by MelissaMoony Reunions

12th May 2004:
Ok...? How's that possible, is Sirius alive or is it some sort of ghost? I'm confused, but I'm sure you'll clear it up next chapter, right?

Author's Response: well... you'll just have to wait and see! Hopefully, will have time to update today.. so keep reading and reviewing.

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Review #5, by Melissa Fashion Street

8th May 2004:
Ok, cool. Good chapter.

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Review #6, by Melissa Of Pixie Pods and tea

7th May 2004:
Hmm ok... That's sort of funny. The hebology techer is Professor Sprout, by the way. Update soon!

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Review #7, by Melissa DADA Class

7th May 2004:
An interesting class to say the least! Good chapter.

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Review #8, by wolfawaken Of Pixie Pods and tea

7th May 2004:
very good cannot wait for more of the story

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Review #9, by wolfawaken Hogsmeade is so uncool!

6th May 2004:
enjoy that chapter. please keep it coming I am quite looking forward for reading the rest of the story

Author's Response: Hi wolfawaken.. your reviews are really helpin my keeping the story going.. thanks for that

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Review #10, by wolfawaken DADA Class

5th May 2004:
excellent chapter , will gladly look forward for the rest of your story

Author's Response: Wow.. thanks for your short and sweet review :).. hope you like the new chapter i've added

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Review #11, by DANADDICT The prophecy

3rd May 2004:
its interesting, but i wouldnt say it was very, exciting. no offense but really. i like it though. it makes me think :)

Author's Response: well, thinking is what I aim for really. Maybe excitment could come in later? I don't know.. this is only my first fan fic!

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Review #12, by Melissa The prophecy

29th April 2004:
I like it, more please!

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Review #13, by Melissa Owl Mail

27th April 2004:
It's ok, not the best, but ok nonetheless. I liked the part where Crabbe and Goyle were smoking the weed... somehow that was not a surprise!

Author's Response: Thanks for your input...all reviews are welcome

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Review #14, by Melissa It All Began With...

27th April 2004:
Right, Hermione and Bill? I dunno about that... Better than Hermione and Snape, though (eek!). Good first chapter.

Author's Response: Well.. she has a crush on him.. but I'm not saying whether they wind up together! keep reading to find out!

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Review #15, by Acidtears Being Neville

25th April 2004:
Wicked story! Write more please!!!! Jessi xx

Author's Response: Hi Jessi! Thanks for your review.. i've added another chapter.. would like to see what you think..

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Review #16, by Kira It All Began With...

15th April 2004:
cool!!!! i like it a lot!!! well done!!!! if you have time could you check out my first fic, Harry Potter and the Castle of Adril??? i think you might enjoy it.

Author's Response: Hi.. thanks so much for reviewing.. i've added some new stuff.. will post a review on yours as well!!!

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