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Review #1, by JilyPotter The End

10th December 2016:
I came across your story while searching for some Marauder era stories. And I must say that I completely agree with you that there are no Regulus/OC stories at all. Ever since I read the books I absolutely loved Regulus even though he was scarcely mentioned!

Anyways I read Star Crossed in one go and it was on of the most beautiful and sad stories I have ever read. The way you have portrayed Regulus and Adrienne's love is just perfect. Even before starting to read Star Crossed I knew I would probably end up in tears if I went through with it because the summary suggested so and this is one of the few stories that actually made me cry.

Everything about Star Crossed is so perfect; their fights, Regulus' protectiveness, Adrienne's principles. Though I did feel bad for her when she got lonely after Lucy left her. And Gracie is the sweetest child ever. I loved the way Regulus and Adrienne were reunited in the end along with her parents and Marlene.

Lastly I would like to appreciate your writing skills. You are really talented and I look forward to reading your future work ;). Keep writing!!

My best wishes,

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Review #2, by Ravenclaw_maraurderette The End

21st March 2016:
I legit sat in the ground and sobbed. SOBBED. When Regulus died

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Review #3, by LittleMissAutumn The End

24th June 2015:
Oh my gosh, I just read your entire story and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! I was so heartbroken when Regulus died and when the others started acting like Adie was a traitor but they're finally together! For eternity! This ending chapter was wonderful and super creative; I love how Miss Hufflepuff is having a contest with Godric Gryffindor. 10/10 story!

Regulus and Adrienne forever!

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Review #4, by good story The End

29th December 2014:
Just writing to say I really enjoyed you story. I don't think that there are enough good regulus/oc good stories. Thought you wrote it really well and please write more.

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Review #5, by Millie-Reg Reality

24th August 2014:
Just wanted to share after having read the review that they had found it from a recommended forum that that is how I found it too! You must be doing something right! Still enjoying the read. I like that each character is complicated. I admire that you are not skirting around making things awkward or exploring themes and issues to make Addie a complex character and not just a boring, perfect Mary-Sue. Good job! I have a crush on your Regulus btw...if only... haha

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Review #6, by Natalie Caught

24th August 2014:
Great plotting. Didn't feel like a filler chapter what so ever!

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Review #7, by Natalie Hogsmeade Part Two

24th August 2014:
So happy i stumbled across your story. Have been reading it for the last hour. It has been a great foray back into the world of hp fanfics (of which I use to read all the time years ago). Your characterisation of Regulus as been one of my absolute favourites. You blend the line of recognising the arrogance that he probably would have had in the canon while still making him a three-dimensional character. I love the way you write Regulus being a tease. Well done! Also I'm usually not a fan of the OC Regulus is involved with also having some romantic (however unrequited it is) with Sirius but I am enjoying the way you have played it out. Thanks for the nostalgia hit! Looking forward to reading the rest of it. Definitely the best Reg/OC story I have come across.

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Review #8, by Jenniferkt Trouble

5th June 2014:
Love this story so far! I would love it even more if regulus figures out a way to not become a death eater. Yes I know obviously that doesn't match what we know from books... But I know I would prefer it! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I do like to match the books so I'm afraid it might not live up to your hopes, but I think you'll like the ending anyway! x

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Review #9, by Tanith The End

8th December 2013:

I know that you have completed this story a few months ago, but anyway ;)
I came across ist when I searched for a good Regulus story. You really did a great job, your story is one of my favourites on this site, a brillant mix of drama and romance without being cheesy - and I love that they got their happy ending in a way after all :)

Author's Response: It's good to see people are still reading it!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it, I loved writing this fic so much as I have a real soft spot for Regulus and would love to know more about him!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments :)

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Review #10, by Shannon The End

25th September 2013:
Won't lie. I cried. This story got to me. I loved it. Well done you're an amazing writer!

Author's Response: Really? Wow, thank you so much! I'm glad it moved you, I tried so hard with this story to improve my written style, so I'm glad to hear somebody thought it worked :)

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Review #11, by Fay The End

23rd August 2013:
Oh my... I cried so much, and I haven't cried over a story in so long, I rarely cry at all actually. I don't usually read romance stories and honestly the amount the both of them were interested in one another annoyed me but when I finished I realised that the story was SO GOOD. Wow it really is amazing and the scene with James and lily and sirius gave the story some closure. Amazing :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! What a compliment! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it in the end, I know the cheese-filled bits aren't for everyone :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the ending, it was my favourite part to write as I'd had it all planned out from the moment I came up with the story really.

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Review #12, by WumpsQuill The End

25th July 2013:
Such a terrific story!! Seriously, you made me cry and really feel Addie and Regulus's love.

Author's Response: I made you cry?! Wow!

Thank you so much for the huge compliments, I'm so glad you enjoyed reading :)

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Review #13, by 1_madeline_3 The End

8th July 2013:
Here goes my longest review EVER.
1. I only ever read Jily or sometimes next gen fics. Because we don't know anything about those eras. So it's cool and amazing how people make up stories. Because they can go horribly wrong with dates and names, ect.
2. I only ever read stories that are completed because I never have the patience to wait months or even years for it to be done.
3. I never really review because I never know what to say besides "that was good." Also I know sometimes authors don't always reply. So I hope you see this and reply...because
YOU JUST MADE ME BAWL MY EYES OUT. OH MY GOSH. I just have so many feels. I started this stories because I saw how it had Jily in it. I always hate reading those stories because I know how it ends but I like to think how it started.
BUT ANYWAY, after the first chapter I was like well this could be cool. I read it in five hours. I couldn't stop. You like hypnotize me or something. I FELL IN LOVE WITH ADRIENNE AND REGULAS! I hated that I knew how it was suppose to end, but I was hoping you would do some kind of twist or something. (I normally hate those too!) But you did something so wonderful. Thank you so much for this story. It was so different and amazing..I just want to put this as my number one favorite and show the whole world. But seeing was there is seven billion of us, I can't. BUT ANYWAY... You did a great job...and Im going to go and read your other stories now. Keep up the great work, yeah?

Author's Response: Thank you so so so so so so so much for your amazing review!

I'm so glad you felt that way about my work, especially considering it's not really your thing!

I love how you fell in love with them too, it's something I couldn't help doing myself.

I totally agree with you about twists and dates etc, I find it difficult as a well-read and knowledgeable fan to come to terms with things that don't fit J.K. Rowling's world. So instead, I added a little extra that was inspired by another story I read about that time.

I'm so so so glad you enjoyed it, I hope my other fics are your sort of thing too!

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Review #14, by dobby88 The End

11th June 2013:
Aww I can't believe it's the end !!! Each chapter has been so exciting and I've been wondering how it was going to end for a while seeing as we knew the fates of Regulus and the McKinnons but it lived up to expectations and I thought finished nicely (well obviously not as nicely as if you had ignored canon and made them run away together :P ) I just can't believe it's over :( I also loved the bit about Helga Hufflepuff having a competition with Gryffindor lol! Thanks for writing such a great story and I will definitely have a look at your other story :)

Author's Response: I know!! thank you so much for sticking with this story, your name has been a constant throughout - so I really want you to know how much that means to me :)

I'm really glad that you liked the way it ended, I'm a canon-lover, plus I kind of wanted to write something a bit more dark, but I couldn't stand for it to be an unhappy ending!

And thanks, that literally just somehow came out when I was writing, but I thought the idea was pretty hilarious. I really hope you enjoy some of my other stories! Keep an eye out as well, as I have quite a few ideas milling around in my head right now :)

thanks for the lovely reviews x

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Review #15, by naflower05 The End

10th June 2013:
Ahhh! This story was so good! I love how there is somewhere for them to live after they all die. This was an amazing story and I loved it! Great writing, and amazing plot! Keep up your hard work! =] 10/10!

Author's Response: I can't say it wasn't my own idea, I've read one or two fics where there is a place witches and wizards go to when they die, and I figured it was quite plausible seeing as they're magic!

Personally, I really like the idea and may even explore it in a fic of my own... but no promises! haha

Thanks so much for the absolutely lovely reviews throughout the course of this story x

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Review #16, by flagurl1_j The End

3rd June 2013:
Aw this was lovely! Thanks for writing a really great story! Tied up these loose ends nicely :)

Author's Response: I believe I should be thanking you instead, for leaving such a nice review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #17, by crimson-creamcracker The End

31st May 2013:
perfect ending, beautiful story.

Author's Response: short, but sweet. That review really did put a smile on my face, 'perfect' and 'beautiful' are very meaningful words :')

thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #18, by naflower05 Flash

28th May 2013:
OH MY GOD! I can't even. holy crap! I cried so much when she found out that Regulus was dead! It was so sad!

And then this chapter!!! Noo!! she's dead! How can she be dead!?!?!? I know in canon her sister dies too, but she can't right!?!? She has to live now! And so does Grace!!! You can't let them die too otherwise Addy will have died for nothing!! And how are Sirius and James going to react? They were suck jerks to her but she proved she was good! And poor Lily! Oh my god! This review probably makes no sense at all, so sorry about that but I just can't even believe it! You HAVE to update again like... NOW!!! I need to know how it ends! This has been an amazing story, it's sad that it's gonna be over! 10/10 =]! ~

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your emotional review!

I hate to point it out... but in the canon the whole McKinnon family were wiped out - so there was really only one way it could go.

The ending adds a bit of sunshine in though, I promise :)

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Review #19, by batsoulini Flash

26th May 2013:
This is so sad! I really loved that she came back for them despite the fact nobody trusted her!

The only thing i'm concerned about is the ending chapter and Marlene's faith along with her daughter! I remember the Marlene's storyline from the books! Travers was involved in her murder! She was killed along with her entire family. The Mckinnons were mentioned several times throughour the books as great wizards!

I really hope Addie didn't die in vain..

I loved this story! I first noticed it from the magnificent banner (Tom Sturridge WILL ALWAYS BE the ideal Regulus). The story was exciting, passionate and dramatic! I'm really interested in the Mckinnon family in general and i liked how you pictured Marlene as well as the Original Mckinnon Characters you created for this story!

Addie's and Regulus love was epic! I hated when Moody erased Regulus' memories of Adrienne! This was cruel!

Looking forward to your next and final chapter
-Love from Greece

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely review :)

It's so nice to meet someone who's interested in the McKinnon's too! I wanted to know more about them, so instead I created my own version :)

Tom Sturridge is the PERFECT Regulus. He is just perfect in every way anyway. Mmmpff.

I'm glad you love their relationship too :)

Hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

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Review #20, by flagurl1_j Eternity

27th April 2013:
NO! Did not see that coming. Good job!

Author's Response: and that was the exact response I was looking for! enjoy the rest of the story, and thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #21, by KOKOKOKOKO Eternity

24th April 2013:
Such a sad ending :( one of my favourite stories though

Author's Response: sorry! :'( it will get better - I promise. But it's based on a dark time, so something bad had to happen, right?

thanks for the review, hope you enjoy the rest :)

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Review #22, by RegulusBlackIsAHero Eternity

23rd April 2013:
This is the chapter I've been waiting for since I started reading this! And it was really sad! I knew it would be, with the whole star-crossed thing, but I was really hoping that that would be because of how Regulus died in canon, not because of this!

Sorry, that was me rambling. I've calmed down now :). I loved the emotion in this chapter. It was great, and it made it seem so real. I would have loved to see more depth on the Order's reactions, especially Sirius. They trusted Adrienne, and in their minds, she betrayed them.

Please update soon!

Author's Response: I hope I did it justice then! Yeah, I definitely went down a Romeo and Juliet theme - but it gets a bit better than some of you might expect.

Don't worry, I am keeping to canon - it just made the story work better in my mind, as this way helps the story to keep to canon more - you'll see!

Thank you though, I'm glad I got the emotion there -I was worried it was going to be all wrong and people were going to be disappointed! I know I didn't really focus on their reactions - I was kind of in a massive hurry to get the chapters out - but it is covered a little bit more in the next chapters.

Updates already up, m'love :) enjoy!

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Review #23, by batsoulini Eternity

16th April 2013:
Just one word! Brilliance.-

Author's Response: just a few words in reply then - thank you :)

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Review #24, by dobby88 Eternity

16th April 2013:
Whoa... My heart was beating so fast through this chapter- we all knew everyone was going to find out sometime but now?! In front of literally everyone?! I thought Sirius might have committed murder, lol, It was looking so hopeful as well- they were going to run away and live happily ever after :'( I think that the mark of a good author is one that can make you feel emotion through the story and get attached to the characters and you have done both :) I can't believe this has only got a few more chapters to go- it's been such a great story, the quick updates are good too!!! :D

Author's Response: Yeah, I like surprising you all ;) I love writing dramatic scenes as well - so I really enjoyed this chapter - although I was worried it wouldn't meet everyones expectations. You seem to be positive though!

thank you so much though, I really appreciate hearing that I'm actually writing well enough for readers to feel those kind of emotions :)

Yes, I know! Really not long now! hope you enjoy the last few chapters, and thanks for such a lovely review :)

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Review #25, by mrsdeanthomas421 Eternity

15th April 2013:
OMG. That's all I have to say. And that it made my day when I saw you updated. I was trying to come up with a ship name for Regulus and Adrienne but I am stumped! Pleaaasse keep updating!!!

Author's Response: aw, thank you :) glad you liked it!

I know, I've tried, you've tried, every other reader has tried - we just can't seem to do it! Maybe it will come - but with their names it seems unlikely!

Regulus likes to be proper and use full names anyway - maybe it's for the best ;)

Updates are on their way :)

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