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Review #1, by MissMdsty I Miss You

23rd November 2012:
You truly have a gift at breaking my heart! This made me tear up, I can't even think what would be in my soul if that ever happened to me.

I've noticed that you have a very mature way of analyzing people's emotions, especially in times like these when they are heightened.

I like that you keep the story short and to the point, you don't add unnecessaty detail to it. And I found the scene between Ginny and Teddy incredibly sweet!

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Review #2, by Harry I Miss You

2nd November 2012:
OMG! I cryed during that!

Author's Response: Haha, I take that as a good thing then since that's what I wanted to happen :p

Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by daretodream I Miss You

27th August 2012:
Hey there!

Wow, this piece was really powerful!

Even though it seems really morbid, I always am a fan of after death fics, even if the narrator isn't dead. There's just something about the power of the emotions that death leaves in its wake that make for some truly beautiful pieces.

I felt so so badly for Ginny in this fic. I love love LOVE the Harry/Ginny pairing, so I knew from the beginning that this piece would hit hard because I was already attached to the characters.

I think you did a good job of keeping all of the people in this fic in character. Your Ginny, though she did cry, wanted to stay strong. She had to show emotion because the most important thing in her life was gone, but still, underneath it all remained the person she truly is, the one who likes to keep things to herself.

I also liked the added touch of going back through their relationship within Ginny's speech. It really reminded me why I was so invested in this ship and how they got to where they were today. It also helped to demonstrate where you were cutting their relationship off, especially because Harry died young.

The last few lines were my favorite, because they did a nice job of summing up the piece and bringing it all to a conclusion.

Good work!


Author's Response: Hi, I have FINALLY got round to replying to this and reviewing (well, I'm half way through the review) your story. I'm so sorry it took so long!

Same, I love love love Harry/Ginny! And writing this hit me hard too!

Thanks again and I hope you read more of my work!

~ Eilidh xx

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Review #4, by SlytherinXPrincess9 I Miss You

18th July 2012:
Oh my god, I don't think I have felt so sad in my life. This story has touched me greatly. I feel like crying. Poor Ginny being left on her own.

It is wonderfully written and the description is amazing. I'm really lost for words :D

Author's Response: Really? Never felt so sad in your life! Well, in a way, that's good for me :) At least I know I've conveyed the emotions I wanted well :)
I hope you read some more of my work, I've a few other sad one-shots x

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Review #5, by luciusobsessed I Miss You

19th June 2012:
I actually teared up while reading this! I've always loved Harry and Ginny, and I think it's so so cute how she's liked him since she was a little girl. I was genuinely sad after reading this.

Ginny's speech really warmed my heart. It reminded me of all the Harry/Ginny moments in the books and movies, especially Chamber of Secrets!

Once again, a wonderful story with amazing description and superb flow. You really have a gift! I love reading your stories! Do post more requests! :)

P.S. I'm going to watch Chamber of Secrets now!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I had actually forgottan I had requested this review, so I got a pleasant suprised! :) I'm glad a carried out the emotions I wanted and that the flow was good, I was worried about them.
I'm so glad you enjoy reading my stories and I'll be posting more requests, I can be sure of that. I just love your reviews!
Thanks again.

p.s enjoy the Chamber of The Secrets

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Review #6, by DracoFerret11 I Miss You

5th June 2012:
Hello there! This is DarkRose from the forums here to review for you! :D So, let's go over things:

Characterization: Okay, I always like to start here. I think that it's very important for characters to translate well, and I definitely think you pulled that off for the most part. I liked that you mentioned that Ginny is rarely weepy, but this was definitely an occasion for her to lose that. She wasn't weak, though, and I liked that. Overall, I think you did a great job with her.

Descriptions: I definitely think you showed us the setting. I loved your emphasis on the color black and how empty everything seemed because of it. I recently attended a funeral (the only one I've ever been to), and I think you grabbed the atmosphere well.

Emotions: Okay, this was one of your concerns. I think that, on a basic level, you captured what you were trying to. I could see that Ginny and the other funeral guests were upset. That was obvious. I think, though, that you could have delved further into those emotions, especially with Ginny. It could really help the story if you emphasized her feelings of aloneness, grief, and really deep loss. Try putting yourself in her shoes. If you can feel what you want her to feel, it will translate to the reader.

Pacing: I think that the story in itself wasn't rushed, but I agree that the ending seemed very abrupt. First off, I'm not sure she would have accepted letting him go so quickly or easily. And secondly, it seemed very sudden that she decided to move on. There wasn't much of a build-up if you know what I mean. I think you could easily draw this story out to delve more into her emotions and explain the ending better through that.

Flow: The only thing that I noticed that disrupted the flow of this story was the switch between the funeral and the Burrow. I was surprised that the funeral was over so quickly and that we were already switching settings. It was a little jarring.

Okay, so, all constructive-criticism aside, I think you did a very good job with this story. Keep up the good work!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! This review helped so much and really made my day. I agree about the flow and the pacing, and the ending is kinda abrupt as you said. She would never let go of him but she wants to move on. It said somewhere in it that she would never fall in love with anyone else bacause her heart remains with Harry.
Emotions, yep I agree that I did carry it out well but I could have done so much more and so much better.
I'm so glad I got Ginny right and I'm glad the descriptions were good.
Thanks again, this really really helped :) xx

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Review #7, by Calypso  I Miss You

9th May 2012:
Aw!! You are so good at capturing emotions, especially the kind of dark, grief-y ones here! I really liked how closely you went into Ginny's feelings and all her perceptions of everything around her. I loved the beginning passage in particular, with the list of all the black things; it really set the tone and got us into her mindset and it was a great way of introducing the rest of the story.
There were a couple of places where you flickered into the past tense whilst Ginny was giving the eulogy which you might want to have a little look at and I would have loved to have heard more from Ron, Hermione and all the others who were there and close to Harry, but all in all I thought you managed to put the sentiments of the story over to the reader extremely well :)
- Calypso

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! This really means a lot to me. And thanks for pointing out the mistakes with the tenses, I'll have a look at that soon.
The reason I didn't write more on Ron, Hermione and all the others was because this was really a story about Ginny's loss and I know they all cared so much about Harry but Ginny was his wife and I wrote it so she wasn't very aware of anything around her apart from her pain, greif and love so to have their feelings would just make it a bit messy, if that makes sense. Anyway thanks again and feel free to check out my other stories! :)

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Review #8, by Anonimous I Miss You

8th May 2012:
This was really beautiful.
It made me cry.
Thank you for writing this!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #9, by snowyowl5367 I Miss You

7th May 2012:
THIS IS SO FILCHING SAD! I cried the whole way through, your writing is amazing! Congratulations, you have huge talent!:')

Author's Response: Thank you so much, you just made my day!!

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Review #10, by worship the nargles I Miss You

23rd April 2012:

Author's Response: Thank you so much, you just made my day!!!

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Review #11, by potterfan310 I Miss You

20th April 2012:
aww, i am in tears, this is so sad but all the emotion she is feeling is there, it's horrible to lose someone you love so much wether it be a family or a partner (i know from personal experience) and you have captured the feeling and raw emotions really well
ginny loved harry so much and you can tell

i would have loved to have heard ron,hermione, Mr+Mrs weasley and professor mcgonagall's speeches
it is a really touching story, and you did a good job writing it

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This really made my day.
I wrote this at about midnight last week and really couldn't be bothered to write the others speeches, but I may add them in at some point.
Thanks again!! xx

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