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Review #1, by blue_splash Library restriction

20th April 2012:
We'll I didn't hate it but it is kinda short, nevertheless it was a good second chapter. I'm curious to see where you go with this story and see what happens. Again with the grade thing, I'm not to sure if you notice that its wrong or not? Anyways you keep updating and ill for sure keep reviewing, I like your writing (:

Author's Response: Thank you. (: Yup, my second chapters always end up really short and not so good, but it will improve later on.

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Review #2, by blue_splash "I am... fine?"

20th April 2012:
Hmm its interesting and sounds different. I'm not much of a gramatical person so I'm not to picky about mistakes but there is one, when mentioning Lorcan and Lysander you said last year in fifth grade, I think you meant fifth year. That's all I saw that really mattered. Good first chapter, can't wait to keep reading.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!
Both seem correct to me, now that I googled it, apparently American English uses the word "grade", while British English uses the word "year". Because my mother tongue is neither one, my English is probably a combination of both, though I am doing my best to go towards UK English. (:
I hope you will keep reading and enjoying it ^^

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