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Review #1, by MagicalInk Paper Cut

14th May 2012:
Wow. This was great.
The changes between second and first person were brilliant, and I loved that the metaphor stayed as second and the story first. I loved the imagery of that metaphor by the way, and the fact that you kept it until the end.
When I first read Sydney, I thought you were talking about a boy (I'm currently working on a Cyd myself). Then, I felt the descriptions were more delicate, and having read the warnings (which I ususally don't :S), my mind was racing into a completely different story. It became clearer to me though through reading it all, that Sydney is a girl (I even suddenly thought of her as Trelawney) ^^ and I really liked her characterization, such as not accepting Lily's kindness at first.
Which leads to this point. It would've been great to learn a little more about her relationship with Lily, why she suddenly have her light after seven years of suffering, probably less. And I might have gotten it wrong, but I felt they had already interacted yet Sydney had been hurt.
I'm also extremely glad you treated this subject, I support equality and this was a wonderful reminder of what bullying does to people.
A hope touch is always great these days, and as always, I loves your writing!

Author's Response: Eek, thank you and I'm so sorry for taking forever to respond. I wanted to play around with second person as I had never written that before, so I'm glad you liked it. I'm so glad you liked the imagery. The metaphor came first, actually, and the rest of the story just followed :P Oh, haha, I didn't even think that Sydney could be interpreted as a boy :P I'm glad you were able to get that she's a girl, though :) Ahh, yes, I've gotten so many comments on that that I think I'll go back and fix it. Basiclly, I imagined Sydney as being a loner and not really letting anyone else see her pain until her secret got out. If they had interacted before, Sydney would have been too hurt to see it logically. I should definitely go back and rework that part, thoigh And thank you gain for this lovely review! So much love ♥


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Review #2, by Slytherinlover Paper Cut

26th April 2012:
Wow, that was really good! The poor girl, you properly feel her pain, it was very well written. :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I aimed for it to be well written, so that means a lot ;) Thank you! :D

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Review #3, by maskedmuggle Paper Cut

26th April 2012:
Woah Naida - WHY HAVE I NOT READ ANY MORE OF YOUR FICS IN RECENT TIMES??? This was just so.. amazing!! Honestly, I just loved all of it - the depth of emotion and feeling was just so powerful, especially those italicised sections - such a brilliant idea of falling into darkness and then finding light and really effective at conveying Sydney's situation. I liked how it was Lily who came to her, and how Sydney is initially well, hateful towards her, because of how she's been treated. The one thing that I would love to know is why Lily just suddenly went up to Sydney now, when it seems like the bullying has been going on for awhile? But I suppose it fit in with the plot? :P Oh, and also how it kind of jumped from the beginning to the ending was nice, but I'd have loved to read even more of the middle bit of exactly how Lily helped Sydney? But it was fantastic nonetheless! I loved being able to see the change in Sydney!

I absolutely adore your writing! - gahh it's so wonderful and beautiful - i just love everything - the roses and gum thing was so clever, and I liked the paper cut and caterpillar idea too! I also strongly support equality and anti-bullying so I think you did a fantastic job expressing the impact it can have on someone. And though you don't mention it - I also liked how Sydney was like - how had she managed to be a gryffindor - when it becomes clear to the reader towards the end why.

Super congrats on TA status by the way! :D
And I just wanted to mention that I happened to get a paper cut today :P Oh, and getting first review is always cool :P

Honestly, this is just such a wonderful story - your writing is just so wonderful, all the ideas in this make it so clever and deep and really convey all the emotions so strongly. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and I hope I get more time to read some of your other fics soon! :)
- charlotte :)


Ahh, thankyouthankyouthankyou. I'm so so glad you got a good idea of Sydney's situation. Those italicized sections came first, actually, and the rest of the story just sort of filled in the blanks because I can't write second person all the way through xD

Ahh, that part. It was first of all, yes, me just wanting her to be lonely for an extended period of time, but I do see where you're coming from. I have all these little head canon things when I write and I'm terrible at getting them down into paper. Thing is, Sydney had been getting bullied for a while, but she was only depressed for a couple days as she's pretty good at hiding it. I don't think I made that clear at all though so I shall edit.

The jump, though, was because Sydney made a bit of a jump. Like when you're sobbing so hard it feels like you'll never stop and then all of a sudden you see something and it's like you were never crying at all? Idk, maybe it's just me that's had that emotion. But thats what that was.

Gahhh, thank you! Lots of metaphors, yeah. I like metaphors :P Ahh, I'm so glad this made an impact! That was my primary goal. Yes, Sydney is a true Gryffie.

Thank you again! This was the best review I could have asked for on this story and I'm just awed that you like it.

Oh, and this stemmed from me getting a paper cut. So for once, I suppose it did something useful.


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