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Review #1, by ceci Chapter 28

23rd March 2015:
Can't wait to read the next story. It is soo good I can't stop reading it even tho I have homework haha. U r a really good writer please continue writing.

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Review #2, by HPDawn Chapter 28

30th September 2012:
This is amazing!!! Can you tell me when you think the next storywill be completed. Your so talented in writing that you give J.K Rowling a run for her money. Do way more stories. Keep in touch with me!!! I'll be waiting. Oh I have an idea if you are running out of ideas: Draco and Jade should talk to each other. Talk about the conflicts about Lucius and Snape and all that has happened and they get really close. then draco does something that upsets Jade. Thats al i got but its amazing! Give me updates!

Author's Response: The next story is started...but don't expect it to finish for a while. Not because of the long waiting time, but because it is a much longer story. Right now it's looking at around 50 chapters.
I know generally how the Jade/Draco relationship is going to pan out. At least for 5th year. 6th year isn't completely finished.
They are in fact going to talk to each other. I know so many people are waiting for it and want to know what happened between those two.
I have been thinking of other stories, mainly little side ones related to the Jade Lestrange world. Who knows, I may post them if people are interested enough. They'll be much shorter though. Only a couple chapters.

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Review #3, by HPDawn Chapter 28

30th September 2012:
This is amazing!!! Can you tell me when you think the next storywill be completed. Your so talented in writing that you give J.K Rowling a run for her money. Do way more stories. Keep in touch with me!!! I'll be waiting. Oh I have an idea if you are running out of ideas: Draco and Jade should talk to each other. Talk about the conflicts about Lucius and Snape and all that has happened and they get really close. then draco does something that upsets Jade. Thats al i got but its amazing! Give me updates!

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Review #4, by Lunar Moony Chapter 28

5th September 2012:
OMG...I have read the first two stories TODAY and all I can say is "LOVE,LOVE,LOVE THEM." I am so excited for more. Love Jade and Fred. Can't wait to find out what happened with Draco. Just great reading!!!

Author's Response: Thanks :o
I'm just starting the next story but keep a look out for regular updates. And thanks for the review

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Review #5, by lauraf68 Chapter 28

25th August 2012:
Hello Dazzle,
Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while but between watching the Olympics each evening and regular life issues I have not been able to get onto HPFF in a while.

Wow!! What a tangled web you weave. Snape is in Jades mind and Jade is in Snapes mind. Fred either won't talk to Jade or Jade is avoiding him (that part was a bit confusing). And now Jade is off to Bulgaria to hide or maybe heal?? Goodness gracious you have me on the edge!! LOL!

I look forward to the next installment, Happy Writing!
~~ Lauraf68

Author's Response: I was watching the Olympics too :o yeah, that took up a lot of time where I should have been writing. But I'm glad you're back (b'-')b
Jade is avoiding Fred, issues will be discussed early on in the next story. We don't really need to drag that out.
And uh...you should read the first couple chapters of story 3 to see how Jade's summer is going xD

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Review #6, by KxxDxx Chapter 28

19th August 2012:
Love this chapter :D
Love how you ended it, perfect :D
Can not wait for the next story :D I'll be keeping an eye out for it :D
You are a fantastic author :D

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad you like it. Look for story 3 to be out soon (b'-')b

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Review #7, by Half_Empty Chapter 27

17th August 2012:
Excuse me whilst I rant:
First of all I LOVE this story! Well.. and the one before this... It's really well written and the plot is AMAZING!
And second: You don't get nearly enough reviews, you deserve MORE! Just saying... there are absolutely ridiculous stories who get more recognition... That is NOT fair! :D
And finally: I LOVE this story!
Wait.. did i already say that bit? :P

Author's Response: Aww, well thanks. There are quite a few views (well I consider it a lot, it's not like I'm expecting thousands lol) and I'm guilty of not reviewing stories either so I don't mind that much. More feedback is always nice though! I have a few dedicated reviewers and they seem to enjoy the story. Nice to there are others out there who enjoy it too xD

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Review #8, by KxxDxx Chapter 27

15th August 2012:
Nice chapter :)
Looking forward to the next one :)

Author's Response: The next one is the last one D: look for it in a few days (b'-')b

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Review #9, by KxxDxx Chapter 26

11th August 2012:
Fantastic :D
Love it :D
Looking forward to next chapter as always :D
One note, you told me there wasn't anymore Fred/Jade, but there was, it was implied and talked about... I loved it :D

Author's Response: Well there's no more face to face with them. Snape and Jade will mention him once or twice more.
Next chapter coming in a few days. After that only one more chapter and it's done. (b'-')b

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Review #10, by KxxDxx Chapter 25

11th August 2012:
Fantastic chapter :D
It was predictable. Ok, well to me it was... I'm very good at seeing where a story is going, in books, movies and fanfiction :P
Well, I'm going to read the next chapter now :D

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Review #11, by Silver Cat 777 Chapter 25

7th August 2012:
I like this. You gave readers enough information to be interesting but not too much that we'd forget by the time it became meaningful.

Author's Response: Thanks, but now I'm self conscious about part two with random little things being explained. Still you'll have to wait a bit longer for the Jade/Snape link until the next story. Wow, I've been dragging that one out for a while

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Review #12, by KxxDxx Chapter 24

4th August 2012:
Absolutely loved the little adventure thing she had to go on, like a maze! It's a brilliant idea!! :D
The person at the end HAS to be Snape, it is him! Guarrenteed :D
Looking forward to the next chapter :D x

Author's Response: God, am I that predictable? lol.
The next chapter should be soon, hopefully within a few days. I'm itching for 4th year to be over so we can begin 5th year.

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Review #13, by Ariana Chapter 23

4th August 2012:
Wow your an amazing writer!can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: thank you :o
next chapter is already up actually (b'-')b

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Review #14, by KxxDxx Chapter 23

1st August 2012:
Wow this was really intense, I feel bad for her x
Post soon x

Author's Response: Not nearly as bad as you should D: lol

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Review #15, by shadowbella987 Chapter 4

24th July 2012:
Very good chapter. I love how you explained Legilimency and Occlumency because I sometimes get confused with how they work. You explained it in a way that's completely believable and easy to understand.

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm not even sure if that's how it works to be honest. Snape never explains it well enough, well the blocking out part anyways. I sort of made it a mental shield that keeps others out but hey, I could be completely off.

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Review #16, by Silver Cat 777 Chapter 22

21st July 2012:
Good, I do hope that this goes further away from canon.

Author's Response: Some things will be the same (there will be the DA and Umbridge in the next story). But trying to drift away from the book's other parts though. Also trying to bring Draco into a bit more focus. He is going to be important, maybe not so much for the end of this story, but certainly from now on.

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Review #17, by KxxDxx Chapter 22

21st July 2012:
Great chapter :D
Now they know :D
Looking forward to next chapter :D
Can't wait for more Jade/Fred :D

Author's Response: Actually there's no more Fred/Jade. Well not face to face. Jade's going to wallow over Fred some though. Next story we'll pick up on them again (b'-')b Rest of this is...hmm...well you'll see

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Review #18, by Silver Cat 777 Chapter 21

21st July 2012:
That was good. It seemed slightly rushed like a few previous chapters, but it's not too obvious. Update soon.

Author's Response: Sorry you thought it was rushed. There just wasn't much to add during the month before the task so i just went straight there. As for Snape being a bit rushed. He knew he had to get to Dumbledore quickly (that's the excuse I'm using)

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Review #19, by KxxDxx Chapter 21

16th July 2012:
Fantastic Chapter :D
The most intense of yours I've read to date :D

Author's Response: Glad you liked it so much :o

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Review #20, by lauraf68 Chapter 21

16th July 2012:
WOW!! OH MY!! Poor Jade! So glad Snape got to her, but hope it all worked. Hope Weasley's & Granger fair well too. Waiting on pins for next chapter-LOL! 10/10

Happy Writing! ~ Lauraf68

Author's Response: Hmm...well she won't be taken over by her father. That was the main goal. still another chapter from mostly Snape's view before you learn what happened to Jade.

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Review #21, by KxxDxx Chapter 20

13th July 2012:
Fantastic chapter :D x
Love the end bit :D x
Looking forward to the next chapter :D x
Hope Jade is going to be OK :D x
10/10 :D x

Author's Response: Hmm...ok physically is a lot different than ok mentally.

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Review #22, by lauraf68 Chapter 20

12th July 2012:
Hey there, sorry I'm slow at reviewing again. I actually did review since last one I left but somehow didn't send correctly so I hope this gets to you.

I LOVE your story and am glad for the filler details you have been including. Although either I missed the details or you haven't quite explained why Jade has such a large reactionions to some things and now what is happening in the maze and the Goblet of Fire. I feel like she has "adverse reactions" to dark wizards, am I understanding correctly or did I miss something?

I'm so-o-o glad Jade warned Fred about how she may act strange and that he followed her when she did! I feel bad how Ron/Harry/Sirus feel like she may be acting sinister, but am glad that Hermione and Albus are defending her.

Looking forward to next chapter!! Keep up the good work!! Happy Writing!! ~Lauraf68

Author's Response: CERTAIN Dark Wizards. (maybe reread what happens between her and "Moody" after she runs into him?) Over the next few chapters you'll learn which ones and you'll understand why she's acting the way she is during the third task. She doesn't always realize how she's acting odd though, usually not until someone points it out. Like when Snape questioned why she helped Harry get gillyweed.
As for the rest of the third task, it's virtually the same as the book. Victor is the first taken out, despite Harry hearing Fleur scream.
I think Sirius is probably going to be the worse about suspecting Jade. He was a bit of a hypocrite about Snape. I think the same feelings will be transferred over to Jade since she's Bellatrix's daughter (looking like Bellatrix probably doesn't help either)
Side note(slight spoiler...sorta): Sirius is very hard to make likable during the next story. It's bothering me quite a bit. But when you're writing from someone like Jade who is loyal to Snape, I guess Sirius would come off as a jerk. I don't want him to be though, because he is a good person but argh...must work on making Sirius Black likable.

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Review #23, by KxxDxx Chapter 19

8th July 2012:
Love this chapter :D
I love how Jade is a suspect, I wonder what's going to happen with that and looking forward to this storyline developing :D
Post soon x 10/10

Author's Response: A few days late responding but yes, Jade is a suspect, especially by Sirius. It was bound to happen eventually. Especially since she helped Harry with the second task so much.

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Review #24, by KxxDxx Chapter 18

3rd July 2012:
I love how you update so reguarly!
Good Chapter

Author's Response: Well now I feel guilty that I can't update for a few days while the staff is on break. Well when the 8th rolls around I'll start submitting again. Less than 10 chapters to go for this story as well :O

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Review #25, by KxxDxx Chapter 17

30th June 2012:
Great chapter :D x
Love it :D x

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