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Review #1, by Lululuna The Hufflepuff Method

14th April 2013:
Hello, here from the forums review tag! :)

I absolutely LOVED this story. It was cleverly ridiculous and slyly hilarious (if you know what I mean). First of all, I enjoyed the whole concept of former serial killers being forced to attend therapy, it's very entertaining. The idea of the Hufflepuff method is also great-kill them with kindness, eh? I can see how Voldemort would find that very disturbing.

I laughed out loud when he was absently killing birds, and that he tried to do it on Harry Potter dolls. First, the idea that the wizards made HP dolls did not surprise me one bit, and it fit perfectly that Voldy would use them as his own personal punching bags.

Loved the characterization of Bellatrix: the words and metaphors that you used to portray her put clear and amusing images into my mind. I especially enjoyed this line: "Bellatrix hissed and clawed her way to freedom, but before she managed to jump from the window and make a break for it, the nurses hit her with Petrificus Totalus." Too good.

It also made sense that Narcissa would threaten Lucius with an expensive divorce, so typical of our favourite wealthy Death Eaters. I also felt a little sad for the poisoning old ladies, although I have a feeling they're going to play nice and then go right back to poisoning people.

Another stand out was poor Voldy's bad breath. Now that I think of it, the revival potion must have been pretty disgusting. That was a great touch. I can tell that you put a lot of thought into crafting this masterpiece, and I really enjoyed it! :)

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for such a lovely review! =) Truth to be told, I didn't plan this much, just wrote it straight up. I guess my imagination is bit overactive, and there was some serious sugar rush going on as well. =P

I'm glad you enjoyed a bit different view of such classic baddies. It was super fun to imagine what they would do in such an odd situation. Plus it was interesting to write something where a designated Hufflepuff isn't a total wuss.

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Review #2, by Flavia The Hufflepuff Method

9th April 2013:
Oh my goodness! Laughing so hard right now! Like literally out loud uncontrollable laughter! There were so many brilliant one-liners in this, I can't even begin to quote them all, but I have to say the bit about the potion made of his father's bones and Harry's blood giving him bad breath? Genius!

Ah, thank you, that's just made my day :)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you had so much fun. =) It was pretty hilarious to write as well. =P

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Review #3, by alicia and anne The Hufflepuff Method

15th March 2013:
Okay the idea that all of the most feared death eaters are at a rehab is just hilarious!
Even more hilarious is the fact that they had their wands removed from them and were given fluffy unicorns or a princess blanket.
This was so funny, especially when Voldemort seemed to have his breakthrough and broke down. They way you wrote that made me think of the Voldemort from a very potter musical.
I loved that Malfoy was there or he'll be getting an extremely expensive divorce, it's great that Narcissa would threaten him with that, it's all about the money :D
This was such a funny one shot, and I loved reading this! You wrote it perfectly!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for the review! =)

It was so fun to write. It's good to know, that it makes people smile. I haven't got around to check out a very potter musical yet, but it sounds fun. I'm glad you loved to read it, there will be prequel about the Malfoys and sequel about dear rehabbed Voldy coming some time in the future. =)

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Review #4, by patronus_charm The Hufflepuff Method

13th January 2013:
Hey it's patronus_charm from the review tag!

I love Voldemort comedies so I was so glad to find that you had one, as they're just so funny as somehow they can be quite believable despite the fact you could never expect 'Mr V.' to actually behave and attend these!

I love Voldemort straight away and I think that's one of the few times I can say I love him! Just the way he gets told off for using avada kedavra on the birds outside and rubbing the slits on his notes. He's just perfect! The way he described his upbringing you can really imagine that being the cause of his evil life!

The Hufflepuff method as well, group hugs and talking about your feelings. I doubt Voldemort ever had to do things before attending this rehab! I thought the sweet idea was great, I think the best has to be when Voldemort's say that if Harry's army was just Hufflepuff's they would have won a lot sooner.

As for the other characters I thought they were all great, but the best has to be Lucius I love the way you portrayed and I didn't want it to be AU I wanted it to be real.

I thought this was really good, and you should seriously consider making a sequel to this possibly exploring their lives after therapy! Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for the review. =) So sorry that it has taken me a while to answer.

It was so much fun to write different kind of Voldy for a change. It was fun to imagine what would be his biggest fears, and since his twisted childhood has affected him somewhat, this was what I came up with. He definitely would hate the idea of the Hufflepuff method. =P

I've plans for both the prequel featuring Lucius, and the sequel with Voldy. Both should be rather fun in their own silly way. =)

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Review #5, by MargaretLane The Hufflepuff Method

1st January 2013:
*laughs at "group hugs and talking about your feelings"* The thought of Voldemort in a group hug!

I was honestly half expecting the counsellor to be Umbridge. The general ethos of the place would fit her demeanour.

*laughs at the comment about the pesky urge to kill people fading away*

And the thought of Voldemort holding a unicorn toy. He did kill unicorns though, so it's kind of apt.

*laughs at the old ladies poisoning people because they liked funerals and the flower arrangements*

I like the adaptation of Dumbledore's quote.

Very funny story.

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for popping in and leaving the review! I'm so glad you found it funny.

I do believe that Umbridge might need some counselling herself. Even I wouldn't dare to unleash her in the midst of my bunch of Death Eaters and the nutty old ladies. :P

I actually didn't even remember Dumbledore's quote before you told that this reminded you about it. But I bet that saying is valid with both socks and cookies. =)

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Review #6, by Santa Claus; the one and only, of course! The Hufflepuff Method

24th December 2012:

No! I mean : Hohoho!

That story was brilliant! I laughed so much through out my read, my boyfriend actually came into my office to ask what was happening!

*snort* Lord Gurdyroots! That's what started it all for me! I just loved imagining Voldemort explaining that he's an addict and really not an evil person. Mostly, the Hufflepuff method was just hilarious! Group hugs and talking about their feelings; what a perfect way to cure Voldemort!!!

I didn't spot any errors but I was laughing and enjoying it so much that I honestly wasn't paying that much attention. Great story, I kind of wish it was the original script so we could see it on film!!

Happy hollidays!!

Author's Response: Hi dear Santa! =)

So cool to hear that I got you to laugh. Lord Gurdyroot and the Hufflepuff method will make its return this spring, and it's going to be a blast.

It was quite fun to write very different kind of Voldy for a change. In a way I agree with the Weasley twins, who invented their constipation product just to defy Voldemort. Once you laugh at him, he's not half as scary. =)

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Review #7, by Gaius Scipio The Hufflepuff Method

12th December 2012:
So I wasn't sure what to expect from this story but I am a a big fan of MissMdsty, so when I saw her review I felt ok maybe this is something I have to check out, and I must say I was not disappointed. I have always enjoyed satire but never thought I'd see the day when it could be applied to the HP Universe, Voldemort especially. But from the moment I read the line "evil wears pink" in the intro I said this is so crazy it has to be funny, and it was ^^

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for the review! =)

I'm glad you found my stories and enjoyed them. I guess I have bit twisted sense of humour, but then again it's pretty fun to go against the type. Voldy parodies are so fun to write!

Since you enjoyed this, I'll recommend for you to check Cassius Alcinder's work. He likes to write humorous Voldemort stories as well.

Happy holidays! =)

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Review #8, by Athene Goodstrength The Hufflepuff Method

9th December 2012:
Ho ho ho! Here’s a Holiday Review for you!

I wasn’t going to read another humorous fic this evening, having reviewed a couple recently, but then I clicked on this and... Oh, CherryBoom. You had me at ‘Lord Gurdyroot’.

I write notes as I’m reading something I plan to review, and I’m not lying when I say that most of the paper is covered with “Ahahahaha!” -s. So I apologise if this review isn’t particularly coherent. It’s basically going to be a list of things that made me laugh most.

I love the idea that Voldemort wasn’t necessarily *evil* - he was an addict! He was ill! That said, I can see how the power rush you’d get with using an Unforgiveable Curse might be a bit of a thrillseeker’s delight.

The image of the Dark Lord ruefully rubbing his nose slits was just brilliant. And the fact that he’s trying to wean himself off killing by using Collectors Edition Potter dolls... haha! I wonder what Harry would think of someone making a doll of him :P

The Hufflepuff Method! I was wondering what that was, and you didn’t disappoint. Group hugs and talking about your feelings... just brilliant. I feel sorry for Voldemort, that meeting sounds hellish, haha! Probably worse than Azkaban as far as he’s concerned.

I was thinking that it was odd and dangerous that Voldemort is still allowed his wand! So I’m glad the counsellor deals with that quickly. I truly laughed *heartily* when Voldemort was handed a little unicorn. And again when he was hugging it.

I’d really like to see a remake of DH2 just so that I can see glitter cannons and Hufflepuffs smiting their foe with tummy rainbows.

Your take on what would happen if you gave Bellatrix sugar was great! I’m definitely thinking of Helena Bonham-Carter’s Bellatrix here.

The two elderly poisoners were hilarious - the bit about ‘liking flower arrangements’ cracked me up. That bit of humour seemed quite JKR-ish, actually!

And then... it all got a bit real! If Voldemort was actually capable of introspection, much less talking to a counsellor, this may well be his tale of woe. The line, “I feel like I never had a chance to be good. Like I was damaged from the start.” was actually quite touching.

And then you made me laugh again with Helga’s cookie proverb.

Can you tell I enjoyed this? :) It’s silly and funny and even a bit sad. Well done!

Athene xo

Author's Response: Yay, so glad you liked it.

I had so much fun showing people the other side of Voldie. After all, he's just another weirdo (with murderous tendencies) if you strip off his fancy name, take his wand away and he has no followers. After that, he's pretty harmless, and noseless.

I've been thinking that Hufflepuffs rarely get enough credit, even though they have very nice qualities. So this is kind of tongue in cheek ode to Hufflepuffs. It would be epic movie ending, if there were glitter cannons and Hufflepuffs were the ones saving the day. Badgers are quite fierce animals after all. =)

It's interesting how some people laugh really hard when Voldy cries and others see it as touching. Well, clearly it has something for everyone. =)

Thank you for the review. Happy holidays!

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Review #9, by Aphoride The Hufflepuff Method

8th December 2012:
Hahaha! Hufflepuff Method! Voldemort in rehab! Bellatrix on a sugar high! Little old ladies poisoning people in order to go to funerals and reminisce over the good old days...

Ah my, this was a wonderful, wonderful story. I'm so glad you wrote this - I think now, after reading this, my life is finally complete, lol.

Of course it's AU, of course it's completely insane - but, you know, that's what I love about it. You're not trying to be serious or sensible or keep the characters normal and in line. The whole point is that it's a completely bizarre world where Harry Potter has now become a rap star and Hermione works for MI5 or something. So just on it's own, it's just... gah, the characters are all so perfect. They all have their own good/bad/ugly reasons for why they do what they do - not all of them have sob-stories, which is great - and they're all... relatively normal.

Also, I loved all the references to the things we know in the Potterverse, to keep it there: like the quotes at the end from Helga Hufflepuff, the mentions of the war and how he'd lost, the mentions of Narcissa and Draco and Harry Potter dolls Voldemort's instructed to fire curses at to stop him from killing the wildlife (ah, that did make me laugh). Plus, the whole rehab centre was really, really well done. I've never been to one myself (and don't ever plan on it), but from what I've seen on documentaries and the general ideas about it, it seemed fairly realistic and really good. Kinda like a wizarding version of AA. Just... for murderers.

I thought it was great how, even in this, you managed to show some kind of progression and character development. I loved how you made it so that Voldemort didn't even really know what crying was when it started, before the tears fell, but it was such a nod to his real character in the books that it really rounded him out. Also, somehow you made it feel... right and almost acceptable for him to start crying and talking about his childhood and his feelings. I dunno why, but it just did and it worked.

Maybe, you know, the Hufflepuff Method is something governments should try for real, lol...

Aph xx

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it. =)

It was so fun write, since I didn't have to worry about believability. Because if there ever was an alternate universe, this probably would be right on the far side of it.

My knowledge of rehab is pretty much based on movies and such, so if it felt realistic, then I guess popcorn flicks are finally useful for something. I'm pretty sure that if I'd have to write a rehab story in more serious vein, it would fail so hard.

Yay for character development. Although, my Voldie is still pretty far from model citizen. =P

Thank you for stopping by and leaving the review! =)

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Review #10, by Toujours Padfoot The Hufflepuff Method

6th December 2012:
This story is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to come across in the holiday review swap! I loved every single bit of it. All I want to do is quote everything, but will try to restrain myself. A couple of my favorite parts:

"Mr. V.? Your wand, please?" He gave it away with a sigh and the counsellor handed him a stuffed unicorn toy to hold instead of it. It was velvety soft on his arms and its horn sparkled with all the colours of the rainbow.
- I snorted so hard. I love nothing more than humor stories that bring Voldemort down a few notches, so to see all of these formerly-terrifying Death Eaters sitting in a circle, subdued by pink, glittery toys and sugar, was hilarious. Voldemort's exasperation at his lot and where he's ended up - reduced to Avada Kedavra'ing birds outside his window - was quite amusing. Gurdyroot. Heh.

To think that she had been his second-in-command during the war, Voldemort thought. No wonder that whole thing went to the pits.
- Ha! So true. Bellatrix had so few marbles to begin with that it took no time at all for her to lose the rest of them. Voldemort's dry thoughts directed towards her were so funny. I also loved Lucius's reasoning for being there, choosing it over the expensive divorce. Elf/leprechaun crossbreeds! lol! Genius.

And then the two little old ladies who, as it turns out, poisoned people merely because they could enjoy the social gatherings at funerals. I am just in stitches. How did you think of all this? It's so hilarious! I can imagine the two little old ladies buzzing around funerals, admiring the flower arrangements and catching up on old times with their victims' families.

Harry totally should have just armed himself with a glitter cannon. Could have shaved off a lot of time and won the war years sooner than he did. :)

Fabulous story! I'm so glad I read it.

Author's Response: Oh, wow. *blushes* Such a nice review. I'm so happy that you found out what you were looking for, and enjoyed it as much as you did.

I love to hear about favorite parts! I giggled while writing this, so it's fun to see that it entertains other people as well.

Unicorns and Voldemort are such a classic combination, so I just needed to put a little spin on it. It was my pleasure to make terrifying Death Eaters as docile as possible. Although Bellatrix still ended up being the nuttiest of them all, but then again like you said, she didn't have much marbles to begin with. =)

I have no idea where most of this silliness came from. I guess I just have an overactive imagination. =P My two old ladies are my personal favorites. They will make cameos in other stories as well. I have a whole backstory written for them.

Thank you so much for a review!

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Review #11, by MissMdsty The Hufflepuff Method

6th December 2012:
Hey there!

I love stories like these, where the bad guys get redeemed by therapy and fluffy unicorns. I love unicorns. *hearts*

This was very funny, a nice idea and very well executed. I liked how you named the therapy method the Hufflepuff method and then proceeded to just give all the bad guys sweets and toys in order to make them realize the errors of their ways!

And Voldemort crying! My God I was laughing so hard my side hurt!

Nice job on this! Very good story!

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so glad I got you to laugh. =D

Sometimes even Voldemort needs hugs and a happy ending. So here it is. Admittedly, my methods might be bit unorthodox. =P

Thank you for the review!

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Review #12, by AC_rules The Hufflepuff Method

6th December 2012:
So lovely to be here!

First, you had me at "Lord Gurdyroot?" Honestly. Wonderful start that had been grinning from the first word :D

"We use the Hufflepuff method: group hugs and talking about your feelings."

Dying. Genuinely. This is hillarious. Please write more spoof stories about Lord Gud - sorry, Voldie.

Well, I could genuinely sit here and quote my favourite lines at your for a significant amount of time, but I've got to say I really think you have a talent for this sort of parody writing. It takes quite the person to stop something like this becoming ridiculous and actually being funny, and bits and pieces about winning the last battle with glitter cannons were really quite something.

I really loved it, especially with Voldemort breaking down in a way that actually made me want to give him a hug, and the bits about the unicorn and... ack, basically I really really enjoyed it and I'm so glad I got a chance to come here and read.

I know this is a one shot, but for one I would absolutely love to read the continued rehabilitation of the other addicts (I have least hope for Bella... and poor Lucius, lol), or any other oddball parody death eater stories you write :)

Happy writing!


Author's Response: Wow, thank you for your kind words. =) I'm really glad you stopped by and decided to review this particular story.

I had a big, goofy smile on my face when I read your review. I had hopes that you might like it, but I didn't certainly expect such high praises. =)

It's so nice to read about your favorite lines. The opening line just popped up in my mind and then I just jotted all this silliness down.

I love to write comedies, darker the better actually. I have plans and some writing done for prequel which will be about Lucius's dark ploys and sequel with Voldy. So more of this silliness will definitely see light some day.

Thank you for the review! Happy holidays! =)

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Review #13, by that Ravenclaw The Hufflepuff Method

19th November 2012:
really great!!!
I like the tittle ^^
Voldy needs a hug...

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for the review. =)

I'm glad you enjoyed it. And yes, Voldy so needs a hug. =)

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Review #14, by Phoenix_feather123 The Hufflepuff Method

16th November 2012:
Hi! Phoenix here from the review tag!

When I first saw this, I thought it was super funny and original. I loved how Bella got sugar high and how Voldemort got a unicorn. I was really cute and I thought you did a great job.

Then the ending... how do I put it? It was emotional. I almost cried when Voldemort said why he was bad. The last sentence finished it off really well.

Though I think you could of added more detail, but maybe that is just because I want to read more. :P

I think this was a really good story and I think you should write a sequel.

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for the review. =)

I'm really glad you liked it. There will be sequel for this with Voldy and a prequel about Malfoy's dark ploys. I'm not sure when either of them will be ready, but I have done some writing for both. Those stories are sort of on the back burner at the moment.

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Review #15, by Tashi Lupin The Hufflepuff Method

6th November 2012:
This right here is why we Hufflepuffs are the best. He can make Voldemort melt his heart out while holding a stuffed unicorn.
In all seriousness, this was hilarious and heartwarming. I loved it.

Author's Response: Hi and thanks for the review!

I do love Hufflepuffs, can't deny it. =) Voldy and a unicorn is such a classic combination that I had to have fun with it. Glad you had fun reading the fic. =)

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Review #16, by adluvshp The Hufflepuff Method

4th November 2012:
“We use the Hufflepuff method: group hugs and talking about your feelings.” - Hahaha I literally laughed out loud here!!

Ahem, Review tag by the way xP

I loved this little one-shot. It was absolutely hilarious. Voldemort talking about his feelings, and his puny little heart hurting, LOL. Bellatrix and her sugar addiction was superb. This was one awesome plot idea and a well executed one-shot. I loved your writing - it was all so seriously narrated but it was so funny. I really liked reading this. I wish this could be canon, hahahaha.

Great work anyway! 9/10


Author's Response: Hi and thanks for the review! =)

I'm glad that you approve my Hufflepuff method. ;)

This was really fun to write, my AU Voldy tends to be a bit different kind of baddie. =P I'm actually plotting prequel about Lucius's dark ploys, hopefully that is going to be hilarious as well...

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Review #17, by Lady Asphodel The Hufflepuff Method

19th October 2012:
Lol, wow. This was truly good to read. I'm glad I chose this one.

I like how... you went about this. Whenever I searched for a fanfic and I came across summaries where Voldemort is a softy... I thought that it would be humorless. I couldn't imagine a... sentimental dark lord. You know? And Well, you did a perfect job of this. No grammar errors or spelling mistakes that I read.

Really enjoyed this, thumbs up for changing my view on Tom Riddle and with the others too. I enjoyed how the nurse stunned Bellatrix.

And I found Lucius Malfoy's very amusing. :)

From the review tag,


Author's Response: Well, my Voldy is a bit of an oddball. =P I'm glad you had fun reading it and that it changed your mind about him.

I'm actually planning the one-shot dedicated to Lucius's dark ploys, which should be just about as silly as this one was, so stay tuned for it. =)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by Veritaserum_Girl The Hufflepuff Method

6th October 2012:
Wow! I love this!
It's so funny! And the thought of Lucius wrapped in a pink snuggie really made my day! But, you have really good imagery and descriptions within the text. I think that the way the story is written gives it a really nice flow. Your characterization was really good, as well. I love how even though the old ladies, Bellatrix, and Fenrir didn't speak, I could still have a great idea of what they would have been saying and doing.

I really do love this one shot! c: 10/10

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for the review!

Lucius in a snuggie is quite heartwarming thought to be sure. =)

So cool that you enjoyed the fic and that my characters made impression. I feel like I barely scratched the surface with many of these characters, but of course that gives good fodder for other one-shots. =)

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Review #19, by No_oneKnows The Hufflepuff Method

3rd October 2012:
This was a very cute story! I really loved the part where they replaced Voldemort's wand with a fluffy unicorn. It was so adorable!!! Hahaha! I really like seeing this side of Voldemort, no matter how AU it is because it's always just so interesting!!!

You have a really nice way of writing and it's not over the top with detail, so it was balanced pretty well :)

I can't say that any of it is canon but the way you portrayed all of your characters was imaginable. Very imaginable indeed! Hehe!

Kudos on writing it! :D & thanks for the review swap!

Author's Response: Hi and thanks for the review! =)

I'm glad you liked it. I guess this one-shot is as AU as the story can go. I've been planning a sort of prequel to it for a while now. It will be about Lucius and his dark ploys. I'm hoping it will be a fun romp as well.

My imagination tends to go to overdrive, but I guess for this type of dark comedy it works pretty well. =P

It was fun to swap reviews. Thank you for it. =)

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Review #20, by Jchrissy The Hufflepuff Method

28th August 2012:
Hi darling! I thought I'd stop by for a birthday review!

This was so funny, I absolutely loved your use of some of the darkest characters in the series. I think Bellatrix might have been my favorite part, it's so like her to snarl over a sugar quill! Haha! Seriously though, you kept her crazy but just refocused it and it seriously made me giggle.

The part where Voldemort just started breaking down about his family, about never having a chance from the start, HAHA! I don't even know how you didn't die writing this, I was nearly in laughter induced tears.

This was such an enjoyable piece and so much fun to imagine the characters like this, especially while hugging sparkly stuffed animals ;).

Great little one shot!!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Author's Response: Thank you darling! =)

I really love to write black comedy, darker the better. You should see the next one which I'm working on about Lucius's dark ploys. The Malfoys as you have never seen them before.

It was real nice for you to pop by. =) Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by Riopurple The Hufflepuff Method

10th August 2012:
The image of Voldermort holding a sparkly unicorn plushie made me laugh a bit like Bellatrix on her sugar rush. xD I really liked this one-shot as it seriously made me laugh x)

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! =)

My sole intention was to make people smile with this silly one-shot, so I'm very happy that mission is accomplished. =)

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Review #22, by hp481516 The Hufflepuff Method

7th August 2012:
Great story! It was hilarious, especially the beginning where Voldemort was rubbing the slits where his nose used to be. Awesome job!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!

It's great to see that so many of you have found my little one-shot and got bunch of laughs out of it. =)

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Review #23, by shadowycorner The Hufflepuff Method

2nd August 2012:
Oh lordy lord. This was amazing. A-maz-ing. I laughed the whole way through. And I'm going to be embarrassed right now, because I usually leave long and thoughtful reviews, but not today! i can just praise you over and over, because this made me laugh so much. It was wonderfully silly and perfectly written and it was so so funny. I loved it and it's going straight to my favorites.

I'd pick some good bits from the story, but then I could just copy the whole thing down. Most of all I think i loved the imagery of Voldemort holding a stuffed unicorn toy. It's painting-worthy, really.

Great job at such effortless and great humor. I really, really liked this. :D

Author's Response: Thank you darling fellow Gryffie! So sorry, it took me so long to respond to you.

I'm so happy that you found a new favorite and it was really lovely of you to mention me in your blog. *hugs* I'm really honored that you mentioned this fic there. =) I had the goofiest smile on my face all day when I read your entry.

Thank you for the review. =)

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Review #24, by MrsJaydeMalfoy The Hufflepuff Method

27th July 2012:
Haha! I laughed so hard at this! You definitely have a way with comedy, dear! I've read a couple of fics similar to this; where Voldemort learns the error of his ways and whatnot, but this is the first time I've read anything about him going to rehab! HUGE kudos to you for originality! Everything flowed really well and it was a quick read; I was actually sad to see it end so soon. I think you did a fantastic job with this, dear, and I'm really glad I got to read it! Well done!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for stopping by for the review! =)

Thank you, comedy seems to be my genre, since all my stories have funny elements here and there. =)

Don't worry about it ending, I'm planning the one-shot about Lucius's dark ploys that should be extremely silly as well. Just wait and see... ;)

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Review #25, by TyrannicFeenix The Hufflepuff Method

20th July 2012:
Absoulte cracker. I love AU fics because it's so much fun to see where the authors here will run off to. And this is as clever and AU as I have ever seen.

Ok time for picky Feenix. Noticed one or two things that feel alittle off or need fixing, listed below:

Should say "'The' Daily Prophet had had a field day..."
'Our clinic specialises in hopeless cases, like yours' would likely run a little better.
Instead of 'the nurses hit her with petrificus totalus' might be better to say, 'the nurses hit her with a full body bind'
'I feel like I never had a change to be good' should be chance

And now the super positives:

Must say I love sugar-dosed Bellatrix and the glitter cannons and care bear tactics. Maybe you should do an AU final battle where they do just that.
Also the graveyard breath... hilarious. Where do you come up with this stuff???
It was really funny to hear such language from what initially seemed such a polite and friendly witch, but it was nicely to the point. Gave VoldyShoes a good rerprimanding.
Whole thing was even funnier because I got Bellatrix in the picture at the top. Looks like she was laying around grumpy because she lost her sugar quill.

Overall a REALLY good fic, might have to go read some of the others soon too. Great job.

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for stopping by for the review. =)

Thanks for catching the errors, they are so sneaky ones, that fresh eyes were surely needed. Happily I just got a beta for this story, so I'll get it edited very soon!

Lol. It would be an epic battle to be sure. I'll think about it.

I have no idea where the half of this stuff comes from, I just type and there it is. I guess my mind is pretty silly place. =)

That Bellatrix picture is pretty grumpy one. She most certainly needs some sugar in her life. =)

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