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Review #1, by Bluestreakspirit Prologue Part Two: Diabolical Little Brothers, Giggling, Man-Steak and Shock

21st June 2012:
Well, I do really like what you have so far, but why did you give away the ending? Usually, when a story starts with a prologue, it's either previous (chronologically) to the story, or it's a tension-filled, everything's-falling-apart moment from the climax or denouement. I'm just curious as to why you started with this.

I am definitely excited for your next installments, though - I just got the feeling that Noah and Olivia are such a perfect couple. I was seriously so confused until I got to your author's note, because I was like, "what's the problem? They're perfect for each other and they're already together, sooo..." They were adorable, especially Noah :) (I want a boyfriend like that.) But I am disappointed to know that during the whole rest of the flashback, there will be unresolved tension between Rhys and Sarah. Darn.

Thanks for posting! Oh, by the way, NEVER worry about chapter being too long. I think these two chapters would have been perfect as one, actually.

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Review #2, by hetty Prologue Part One: Lobsters, Overgrown Doorknobs, Blackmail and Toast

11th May 2012:
This is really interesting! I love how you began with the sort of argument between Sarah and Rhys, it was really fact, I think Rhys might be my favourite character :) I like how you did it in third person, I don't usually read third person but I think it worked really well.

I'm interested to know what happens next and I can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Sorry for the delayed reply! Work sucks >.<
Thank you very much and I'm glad you like Rhys! He's also one of my main favourite characters (all my characters are my favourite :P )
I haven't really written third person before and I'm trying out the waters in this fic and my other fic, Soliel. I hope it turns out alright :P :)
Prologue Part 2 will be up in a week or two as my muse was kind of killed for a bit O.o

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