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Review #1, by Seacoastmuggle A Parting Well Made. Part Two

4th November 2012:
That Hermione, she is so damn stubborn :)
I usually am not a giant fan of kids-after-cannon fics, but this was pretty good and a really nice idea.

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #2, by Miss Haggan A Parting Well Made. Part Two

5th June 2012:
Awk that was really sweet, bit sad that he missed the birth of his son. Again a bit random with the Malfoy scene, in my opinion it would have been better with Ron.

9/10 again, excellent ending.

Author's Response: Thank you once again.

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Review #3, by maskedmuggle A Parting Well Made. Part Two

17th May 2012:
Well, this was a nice sequel :) I think you got most of the Harry/Hermione story right, and I did like your plot here too. Again, a few doubts about characterisation, unless you were aiming for them to be a little less canon. I thought there could have been more of an emotional response from Ginny when she found out about Harry + Hermione - that whole conversation felt a little bland, just back and forth words. I think there were a few lines of dialogue of Harry and Hermione's that didn't quite manage to capture the essence of their character, but for the most part, it was great. I also found it just a little bit unrealistic for Hermione to have twins they/nurses didn't know about, and for Harry to make up the name of Jason spontaneously.

Other than that, it was great to read this follow-on from part 1, and I did like the progression throughout the story, from Harry's proposal, telling Ron/Ginny (Ron's reaction and conversation was much more believable), the slightly odd yet interesting Draco moment, and to the happy ending. Nice work :)

Author's Response: I always try to make the characters a litlle (sometimes a lot) different to canon. I like to imagine how they would be if something in their lives happens that changes them, or if they were just slightly different. As a rule I try not to get too far away, for example, no matter what I do with Hermione, she will always be highly intelligent.

As for the twins, let's assume that Hermione skipped her ultrasound appointment.

Ginny's reaction was muted because she was carrying her own load of guilt because of Neville.

I'm glad you enjoyed both parts. Hope I'll hear from you again.
Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #4, by amsev A Parting Well Made. Part Two

27th April 2012:
aw, Twins! Very nicely done!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind comment and taking the time to leave it.

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Review #5, by Scriptie A Parting Well Made. Part Two

15th April 2012:
This much SOOO much cuter than the first one!!! I loved it!! This was sooo beautiful :') You're such a great writer. Can't wait to read the rest of your stories!

Author's Response: Gosh *blushes*.

Thank you once again.


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Review #6, by auror_snape A Parting Well Made. Part Two

15th April 2012:
That was so adorable! I'm sure Harry would be a great father! Malfoy surprised me, though, and I'm glad Ginny didn't cause problems.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. Malfoy surprised me too! I'm still not sure how he got in there.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #7, by Mariano_Pingitore A Parting Well Made. Part Two

8th April 2012:
I liked it! It was, perhaps, a little bit too "pink and fluffy". Hmmm I'm not sure about that description but it seemed a little like a fairy tale. I'm hoping for the next in the series to see how will Ron react to the births and to get some light on Malfoy's strange attitude! Keep it up! (I'm still waiting for the next chapter of Rolling Stone! =D)

Author's Response: Hello again. I'm not planning to take this one any further. Sorry.

You're still waiting for chapter 15 of RS. Sadly, so am I. It's slow going, I'm afraid.

Did you register on the forums yet?

Thanks for your comment.

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Review #8, by clairevampiress A Parting Well Made. Part Two

7th April 2012:
Hehe what was with malfoy? I loved part two!! It was easier to read than the first one. But i loved both.

Author's Response: I don't really know why Malfoy appeared in there. It seemed like a good idea at the time!

Glad you enjoyed it.!

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