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Review #1, by potterfan310 Enchanted

16th April 2012:
oh my god i am in tears, this is beautiful and very well written the ending is so sad but then so is titanic with jack and rose, i would have loved to read about when hermione met the huge weasley family and joined in with their 3rd class party

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I enjoyed it that much, I would love to write another based on the Titanic! Love Livvy xxx

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Review #2, by house elf Enchanted

11th April 2012:
I went to watch the Titanic for the first time today, so when I saw your story I just had to read it. :)

It was an enjoyable read and well written with, of course, a rather tragic ending. :(

Author's Response: Thank you very much, the ending is really sad :( So many people lost their lives. Thanks for reviewing!xx

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Review #3, by Becky Enchanted

11th April 2012:

I'm sorry but you have to find another hobby than making people cry! That is one amazing story but, next time try not to make it too sad!!

Might see you on Friday!

Becky xxx

Author's Response: Haha, aw thank you! I like making people cry, so I don't know about that ;) Love Livvy x

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Review #4, by ewsoucf7 Enchanted

7th April 2012:
My review as promised... I'm hpfan2309 on the forums.

Firstly I would just like to say that your authors note at the end made me laugh...will the it used to belong to the White Star Line.

I thought this was so well written, and so beautiful too. I think you dealt with some very sad issues, but I think you've made it an easy, enjoyable read. I don't know whether I'm sad or happy that they died. I would have liked if they both lived...but sadly I think history shows us that hardly any men survived. I would have felt worse if she lived and he didn' perhaps you came up with the best option. Still, I'm sad.

I did notice one mistake in it, apologies if people have already pointed it out...
"the closest being was a boy of about fifteen, how just sat there silently"
I think it was meant to be who.

That said, it was the only mistake I spotted, and is definitely an easy one to make.

Overall, I think you can tell by the uber long review that I loved it. I am very glad that you decided to write something like this. It definitely was subliminal, especially as it is a difficult topic to write about. Good luck with the challenge (which I have entered too.), I think you'll do well with it. =]

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your uber long review! I will fix the mistake and I'm very glad that you enjoyed it, I had fun writing it! Good luck too with the challenge! Love Livvy xxx

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Review #5, by magicmuggle01 Enchanted

5th April 2012:
Usually I can't manage to read mature stories on my mobile. But I was able to gain access to a computer, so was able to read it.
A wonderful piece of writing. I love how you've pretty much kept to the story line with this plot, and have also managed to keep the romance side of things which the Titanic was designed for.
It was a very inventive storyline and though the ending was sad (I had an impression in my mind that the Weasley family would have just apparated away since Ron said that everything would be alright).
A wonderful story and 10/10. Also adding to favs.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review, and I never thought of that, they could, couldn't they!? :D Thank you for the 10/10 it means a lot!

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Review #6, by Janner Enchanted

5th April 2012:
I thoroughly enjoyed this read. An unususal setting and a neat twist at the end.

Just one thing, when you get the chance change 'sister-in-laws' to 'sisters-in law'

Good stuff. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Your my hundredth review, woo! *Dances* And I'll change it as soon as I can, thanks :)

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