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Review #1, by ScorRose Behind the Mask

15th March 2013:
Great chapter! Continue writing!

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Review #2, by ScorRose Behind the Mask

22nd February 2013:
THANK YOU! FOR UPDATING! I honestly really appreciate it! Great come back! You don't disappoint. All my love

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Review #3, by Sam Behind the Mask

5th February 2013:
I love love love this story! So happy to see an update. Keep up the good work, great chapter

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Review #4, by ScorRose Battle Lines

27th August 2012:
I miss your story!! Please update!! Loads of love! Well written!

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Review #5, by charm_the_stag Battle Lines

23rd August 2012:
Love this story!
Okay, maybe what she did was wrong but I still like Johanna a lot and maybe I feel really sorry for her. So, yeah she is one of my favourite OC. Alex is a cute kid. Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

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Review #6, by missclaire17 Battle Lines

8th July 2012:
i dont like how jo refers to james as the one he's now and "her james". i cant see any difference between that and how james thought of jo before al told him he should stop seeing jo as two different people.

but im glad she knows that everything is her fault.
i feel bad for her but i dont think she should think of this as a battle.
to see who was on her side, who wasn't
because you cant put that sort of thing into words and divide everyone up because theres ALEX.
they all want to see him, get acquainted with him, have him included in their family.
which means they'd have to accept jo back.
jo may have been a strong part of their family before, but there's james.
for the people who've been around him for the last 7+years and the people who share his blood, thats not going to be easy.
i dont think jo should be unconsciously asking them to all choose a side because its complicated and not easy like that.
of course there are people like molly weasley I who clearly does not like jo.
but i mean, thats mrs. weasley. for the others who might not hate jo that much, but does not exactly like her either, it's harsh and rude and ridiculous.

if i were her, i dont think i can bare to divide up that family, all because of me.
have them choose sides? and potentially choose a side against their own flesh and blood?
i'd rather shoot myself first than do that to a family

Author's Response: She thinks of "My" James and "New" James much the same way he thinks of her as "old" and "new" Jo. If you pay attention, they actually have a lot in common with the way they are handling that.

She doesn't think of it as a battle, not really. In Jo's mind, she expects everyone to act like Mrs. Weasley even if they don't think that way. After all, they are HIS family.

But once she realizes that some are not taking that stance, she thinks that there's some hope that the family that was as close as her own, didn't ALL hate her.

It does hurt her that she is drawing a line between them, but that's not the way Jo thinks. She thinks in terms of what can and can't be done.

It's not that she's trying to split the family apart, it's that she sees that some division is inevitable given the circumstances. She does try to keep it as minimal as possible. That's why she doesn't blame those that do hate her.

I don't think the Weasly family as a whole is a lot more forgiving than you think. I mean, after all that with Percy they just accepted him back like it was nothing.

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Review #7, by imacullenpottergirl Interlude One: Damage Control

24th June 2012:
this is amaze-balls.
every bit of it.
my god.

I could not stop. so i didn't. sorry!

for amaze-balls stories i either write a really short or really long review, so lets see how it goes.

This story is bloody fantastic!! Its amazing.
From the very first paragraph, i was hooked. I love the plot and the whole idea. Its amaze-balls.

I just don't know how to describe the feeling i have right now. This story made me remember why i love writing and reading so much, it brought my passion back, and it inspired me to continue writing my own story.

Every little bit of this story just works. It just fits together so perfectly. All the characters are so well described and thought through. Each and every one has their own back story, and personality, and I'm in love with it.

just make sure that you check your spelling. I found a few mistakes, but forgot to write them down. oops. sorry. but just to clarify, why did you call fred frankie in one of the chapters? I was a bit confused, but is that one of his nicknames?


god. i don't know what to say.
everyone, this stuff right here is amaze-balls, and all you people who stuff it and scroll down the page to the next story, may as well shove it. because, you are missing out on A LOT.

im in love with Al. And James. they're just awesome sexy potter boys. The way you have captured the personality and soul of each one is just perfect. Most of the stories I've read just talk about how both james and Al are great brothers, and both of them are equally famous blah blah blah. But if you really look at it, that wouldn't be the case. James would feel the pressure of proving himself because he is harry's first born son, and Al would always be overshadowed by both his father and older brother, therefore wanting to be different and worthy. And you have addressed this perfectly. and i love you for that.

Jo is awesome. She is so funny and witty, and she just does her own thing, and its perfect. I love that she is fiery and sarcastic and she stands up for herself. She personally is exactly the kind of person i want to be. I love that she can handle herself, and she isn't afraid of anyone.

Jo's background kind of caught me off-gaurd, but I'm glad that it is how it is. Lots of stories are exactly the same, and her background is what makes this one different. Having two dads? AWESOME! Having a adopted older brother? I.AM.JEALOUS. Jo stands out, and she is herself, and i love that about her.

Now, moving on to Alex.
.. squeal
... double squeal
. triple squeal
I WANT A KID LIKE THAT!!! HE IS SO ADORABLE AND CUTE AND SMART AND INTELLIGENT AND AWESOME!! he is just perfect. and i want a kid like him someday. he is just so mature, and chill, its so cute!! I just can't say enough good stuff about him. Lets hope that i get blessed with a son like him. HE. IS. ADORABLE.

I love your plot. the whole idea is just so different and amaze-balls. (am i saying amaze-balls to much? stuff it. it is.)

I can't say enough about this story. It is the best I've ever read, and don't you deny it. It has such soul in it, and i can tell that it means a lot, as you have put so much love into making it this awesome.

i just..argh.
its amazing, and you are amazing.
Please read this!! I want you to feel amazing!! Because you are!!
i love you.

i am going to follow this story with all my heart, because truly, it is the best I've ever read, and i hope that other people feel the same way.

I loved every word of it,

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much. You said 'i love it' so much i thought you were going to ask me to prom. lol.

You have no idea how much your praise means. Especially since I am using Fanfics to hone my skills before setting out to write a real story... or at least one real enough i can make a living off of...

The funny thing is that, when i first started, it was just supposed to be just a ten chapter novela with a pretty predictable plot: James meets kid, gets pissed and goes after custody and then the end. In that story Alex was little more than a prop.

Well one day, about three chapters in, i was petting a different plot bunny in my head (the basic premise for how Alex is different) and my muse snuck up behind me. "Why not combine the two stories?" he whispered quietly in my ear. It took a minute for me to recognize what he was trying to tell me...

...and then my brain exploded.

Holy Merlin's sweaty ball sack, bat-man! This was going to be EPIC. I can't say anything about double or triple sequels, but I do know that there is enough that has to be crammed into the one i have planed that it's going to be LONG. Like split me into two or three movies long.

I know i have issues with spelling. I blame learning to read through hooked-on-phonics when my teacher had one of the worst southern accents known to man. I have a beta and we're working on going over all the stuff i missed. We're only a few chapters in right now and i kind of figured you guys would rather deal with a few mistakes than wait a few months for me to revamp everything. And yes, the Frankie thing was a typo. thanks for pointing that out.

Funny you said that about the characters. I hadn't planed the background for any of them except Jo and James, but they kind of wright themselves as i type. Case in point Isa. she was originally supposed to be a random ditsy bound but i guess she wouldn't have any of that. lol.

Jo is cool. She's heavily based off of Emma Stone in "Easy A." I'm curious about how her past cough off guard. I'm guessing it's just because it's not the kind of thing you see every day, even in the fanfiction world, right?

I'm jealous of Conner too. I guess that's why i keep having Jo beat him up; it's what i would do with a big brother. My mom keeps talking about having another kid, but i can't help thinking "i'm almost twenty, lot of good that does me!" oh well, that's life, right?

I had never thought of James and AL like that. It had just seemed natural given the last chapter of DH that that's how they would be. Of course their life is going to be under a microscope I mean, their Dad, Aunt, and Uncle practicably saved the entire world by themselves AND went on to have successful careers.

the way JK Rowling described James (and she may have used these words almost exactally) i got the impression that he was a lot like Ron in the emotions department: latches on to one emotion at a time and feels that almost compleatly while ignoring everything else.

Al, on the other hand, seemed more like Harry. He's better at seeing other peoples points of view. That, combined with him being in Slythern and his father's fame, means he would be the kind of person to work more behind the scenes; if someone were to look at his life, it would seem almost nothing compared to those around him, but in fact he may have done more. But all of that was pulling strings and such to help those he cares about.

A bit like a less smoocher version of Slughorn.

I'm glad everyone likes Alex, it's going to make reading the comments for what happens latter rather But seriously, i would love to do a chapter from his mind, but i can't. not until the sequel. it would tip his hand too much and i'v been careful to make sure our little poker player keeps his cards close to his chest.

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Review #8, by ha ha  Hard Truths and Accusations

22nd June 2012:
story's creepy i liked the idea at first but it's so twisted you have issues

Author's Response: For some reason that made my day, so i guess you may be right about the issues. lol.

Keep in mind though, Alex is probably the most complicated character in the story. Don't make too many assumptions about what may or may not have happened when James was least not till the story gets fleshed out a bit more.

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Review #9, by a fan  Hard Truths and Accusations

21st June 2012:
Love your writing so much!
I am thrilled:)
Hope this is a long story.
Plus can you make the James and Jo relationship history a little more detailed?

Author's Response: Thanks. So far it's roughly outlined (and i mean very roughly) to be somewhere around 30 chapters or so, or about 150,000-200,000 words and I have a sequel planed so there's plenty of story left to tell.

Unfortunatally, i don't think there's going to be much more detail about their past, Sorry. That's why chapter 8 was so long, to cover everything i knew about their past. It's just not as important as their present or future.

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Review #10, by ScorRose A Rock and a Hard Place

20th June 2012:
great great great story! don't ever stop writing! please update quickly! i love it!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it. And i have no intention to stop writing. Ever. I will be old and wrinkled and won't stop, even if i'v finished this one by then. lol.

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Review #11, by Aqua Sulis Questions and Answers

13th June 2012:
Yep, I was right. Blew through that chapter. Uh, my emotions! I don't even know. What to say. What my reaction is. My heart just hurts a little.

I'm kind of like James. I really want to know what is going on in Alex's head. He is one interesting little boy, and I look forward to learning more about him. Well, I loved the chapter as always and I look forward eagerly to the next one.

Author's Response: Oh yeah, Alex is interesting. Even thinking over the plains for the sequel, I'm beginning to realize that he's probably THE most complex character in the story (and given just how he's different--he'd have to be).

That does mean, however, that I probably won't be writing from his POV... not until the sequel. There's just no way i could do that without really tipping my hand.

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Review #12, by Aqua Sulis Bets, Potions, and Going Pro

13th June 2012:
Well, I missed this chapter when it was posted which is why I am just now reviewing it instead of when it was posted. Sorry to keep you waiting. I want to thank you for the length of the chapter. I was able to take my time reading it and made it last for the entire day which was very nice. The next one I will probably blow through rather quickly so you may or may not get another review from me tonight.
Anywho, I loved the chapter and was very happy to get to know the entire story instead of relying on my conjectures. I really liked Jo's character development in this chapter and how we got to see so much more of who she was before everything happened. I don't know if I like or dislike little Jo not because of the whole James thing but because of her personality. She is a very smart and complex character which I like about her. I kind of wish there was more of Albus in her story just because I want to know what they were like together in Hogwarts, but I understand it was not pertinent to the story she was telling. Anywho, I loved it and am very excited for the next chapter which I am going to start reading right now.

Author's Response: Thanks!!

I had actually thought about dividing the chapter into two or three parts but then decided against it because it was mess up my James/Jo POV pattern.

I'm glad it turned out well. I wrote the last half in one night with the help of a pot of coffee and three monsters and all because my best friend wanted to read THE chapter 8 before we went our seprerate ways for summer. I was compleatally burnt out.

I knew pretty early that i was going to have to have a "flashback" chapter but i wasn't going to just throw them in there haphazardly. Maybe i take writing fics a bit more seriously than most, but it anoyes me when people just head a section as **Flashback** and then rattle off. There are so many other ways to frame it... oh well... besides, as i have said many times before, what happened in the past is important but not as important as effects of it and i knew that, had i told that part of the story too soon, it would have became what the whole story was about in the minds of many readers.

I'm at the same point with little Jo. I mean I don't really dislike her, but I don't like her either. She's just not as interesting as big Jo (maybe Alex has rubbed off on her, lol).

Don't feel so bad about Al not having a bigger part--there really wasn't much for him to do then. Now, however, he's got a big part and I even have at least one "interlude" chapter planed entirely in his POV. That one was fun, and if you really pay attention (and i mean SUPPER closely) you might just pick up a bread crumb or two for the sequel.

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Review #13, by ScorRose Questions and Answers

12th June 2012:
i loveeddd this chapterrr!!! Please keep writing! You have done an amazing job!!! THANK YOU! :) Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #14, by missclaire17 Questions and Answers

11th June 2012:
lol i left that really long review that first time i started reading.
i apologize for not being here lol
havent been reading much and havent been posting much reviews.

and actually, in hindsight, i think this is a good place for me to leave a reivew LOL
considering i knew everything now, and that LAST part really sort of affected the way i think.

SO! im gonna start at the beginning.
wait. before i do, im gonna commend u on ur superb writing skills again. just saying. u should publish ur own novel and i'd totally buy it haha

anyways. so what i was gonna say.
you're right. hearing everything did make me a bit more sympathetic to jo, considering last time i really hated her. and i still sorta hate her.

LOL that might not be the answer u wanted to hear from me, but i mean, i feel sympathetic towards her. i do. i totally get that she would have to give up everything if she went through with the first pregnancy. and she said she hated kids. but its sort of hypocritical, looking back at how she had alex and honestly, james's family is so bloody big. they have so much friends. its impossible for her to not have found a way to keep the baby and continue to finish school. i mean, even adoption! or something! im completely against abortion, which is why i REALLY hate the fact that she did an abortion.
and the fact that she didnt think about it. i know jo said that she said that she would have kept it if james asked and she would hate him. but i mean... she couldn't have thought about it longer? she found out, she made the potion, it took an hour, and she was done? like, thats another life!

and i dont blame james for being angry at jo for them falling apart.
if james had a ring picked out and everything, honestly, for any boy to do that, i think he'd have to be pretty damn in love with her.
thats like the ULTIMATE betrayal. jo may not have known that he had that all picked out and stuff,
but if they were together, and she knew that the both of them genuinely loved each other, then she should have known that this would be the ultimate betrayal, whether she knew that james was gonna propose or not.
which was why i still dont like her attitude about that she was disappointed at james for letting ONE of her mistake dictate his life.
which, i think it dictated only half of his life and it makes sense why he would.
if you find out that the girl you love to death that you were gonna propose to hid not only a pregnancy from you, but also that she got rid of it without even consulting you and that the entire process took an hour? i'd be pretty effed up too.

james not finding out about alex...
it was his fault but i cant blame him for that. like, i think THAT is one of those situations where you cant really blame anyone. although i still think jo could have let him know somehow within the span of 7 freaking years.

all in all, i have more sympathy towards jo but i really still sorta hate her.
LOL im not sure that you were hoping i'd get that response but i do.
maybe its partly because she got a freaking abortion, didnt tell the dad, didnt consult him, got rid of it within an hour, and didnt tell him afterwards anyways till rose accidentally dropped the bomb.
i know she feels rly guilty about the abortion which is why i have sympathy towards her
but everythign else after that... like the breakup, her attitude towards james, everything, i still sorta hate her for that.

but despite that, would it make u feel better if i told you that im sorta sad that they have yet another fight after this? after they are trying to fix stuff up? like, what the convos in the beginning and the first chapter are about?
that makes me sad D: i just want them together, even if i hate jo... i mean, james clearly loves her. she clearly does too, even if i think shes WAY misguided in her attitude about him.

and connor needs to eff off, imo.
honestly, if i were him, i'd give my support to jo because shes my sister but i wouldnt exactly hold james in any fault.
i may be bias, but i mean, he didnt really do anything wrong towards jo imo, besides getting her pregnant twice. which, it also takes two to tango.
connor may not know what james did to help save his life, but looking at it from the view of a reader, it makes connor look even more of a jerkass.

and ALEX! i dont even know if i can comment on him! Lol he sounds so cute! yet he's seriously quite far too knowledgeful for his own good.
my sister is 8 so i understand what a 7 year old kid is supposed to be like.
the way that he stands up for jo reminds me a LOT of james and the way that he'd stand up for his family no matter what. but the fact that he's still sorta cold to james makes me sad D:
he is a momma's boy, i cant deny him that lol
alex's attitude makes me confused too. i mean, alex may seem completely indifferent james but then again, you see that he really does care about having a father.
maybe its just bc he's such a momma's boy that he is cautious about getting close to james because of jo and her attitude towards james.

i dunno... i wish alex would just try to have a relationship with james and really not let the adult stuff get in the way.
because i think thats whats amazing about kids.
there may be all of this adult drama but the kids are oblivious. they want to be friends with everyone. they want to play with everyone. they want to love everyone.
the fact that alex doesnt have that makes me sad.
he may be a kid but he's completely missing the point of being a kid. the days when you have such an optimistic view of everyone.
it makes me sad that alex doesnt have that kid spirit, even if he's one hell of a boy in a good way

that makes me sad D;
personally, it always makes me sad whenever the dad and son have such a strained relationship.
if anything, all i want is for alex and james to have a good and happy father-son relationship.

Author's Response: I'm glad it made you more sympathatic. Given the tone of your other review, i kind of figured you would never be compleatly on team Jo, but at least now you don't want to chase her down with a pitchfork (maybe).

I don't see her keeping Alex as being hypocritical. I see it as her learning from her mistake and you have to keep in mind that, for years she was sure Alex was going to be the only part of James in her life.

I made the potion easy to make on purpis. I wanted it to contrast the weight of what she was doing. If it was difficult and drawn out, she would have more time to think it over. It seemed to me like what she did was out of panic. Jo's a girl of action--she saw a problume and thought she had to fix it right then instead of actually thinking it through.

I like that you still want them together even though you hate her. It makes me feel like they are well suited and not just because i said so, if that makes any since.

Conner doesn't know that James helped and honestly, I don't think it would matter too much. All he sees when he looks at James is the Jerk that broke his sister's heart. The rest of it doesn't really matter to him.

I get that you think she was compleatly wrong, but that kind of judgement lies on a spectrum. Everyone will blame her (or him) to different degrees, and i'm not just talking about readers, i'm talking about characters too. If everyone agreed compleatly either way, then they would just be cookie cutter characters and the story wouldn't be near as much fun, now would it?

And about Alex, I'm glad you mentioned that he doesn't act his age. KEEP THAT IN MIND. I can't go into too much detail, but that is a big point that i'm trying to make.

I wouldn't exactally say that their relationship is as strained as it appears. Keep in mind that the entire story so far takes place in the span of just a few days and that Alex is a smart boy. He's going to gather as much information as possible before making any judgement.

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Review #15, by Harry_Potter_345 Bets, Potions, and Going Pro

10th June 2012:
wooow... nice chapter

Author's Response: Thanks, i try. lol.

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Review #16, by CloakAuror9 The Surrealness of Reality

19th May 2012:
Alex is awesome, I really like the way he isn't so oblivious to things and he's very acceptable of the fact that James is in fact his dad, like had seen it coming. though I don't think he completely trusts James, maybe its got to do with the fact that he grew up with only his mum for seven years. In any case, he is doing a great job of acting so mature about the problem.

I can't wait for the next chapter! Things are beginning to heat up, and I just really really want all of this figured out. Why did Jo leave? Why does James hate her so much? Why did James ignore all those letters? So many questions to be answered! I hope the next chapter will answer some of them because I have a feeling it would be rather long. :D ♥

Awesome writing, by the way! This chapter made my day :D

CloakAuror9 xx
Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: He did kind of see it coming. After all, Al was introduced to him as his uncle and his mom only has one brother. He put the pieces together from that. It wasn't exactly child's play but he got his Sherlock on. lol.

The relationship between James and Alex is rather interesting. At this point I think Alex knows that because of the tensions between his parents, he is in the perfect position to be hurt and used by one to hurt the other (even if they don't realize that's what their doing).

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Review #17, by Aqua Sulis The Surrealness of Reality

17th May 2012:
Okay, so theory time. This is my guess about what happened and I want to get it out there before the next chapter, so I can see if I am right or not. Jo found out she was pregnant and created a potion that would abort the child. Rose spilled the beans to James and then all hell broke loose. Jo flees to America only to find out that the potion didn't work and she is still pregnant and three months along which explains why Alex's birthday would be in December because Alex doesn't seem to be a preemie and that would be the only other explanation I can think of for his birthday.

PS My love for Alex grows more and more every time I encounter him. If you watch Once Upon a Time, I imagine him being kind of like Henry who I absolutely love.

Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Really, really interesting theory but I don't understand what you mean by he doesn't seem like a preemie. Correct me if I'm wrong but often you can't always tell if a kid was a preemie. A big part of Jo's character is that a potion by her always works (a bit like Snape) and why Alex is the way he is has a lot to do with how he is different.

As for Alex and Henry being a lot alike, I compleatly agree. I had to start watching it when you said that (i'm about five or six episodes in--just finished the one about the mine shaft) but be careful. Don't think their interchangeable because there are some facets of Alex that won't mesh at all with what i'v seen so far of Henry.

Can't say anymore than that but I think you are going to enjoy what comes next. After chapter 9 we start the next arch and it is focused on Alex and his diffrentness.

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Review #18, by Skyler315 The Surrealness of Reality

17th May 2012:
I really like this story!!! I am really interested to see what she did to make James hate her so much! Alex is freaking adorable by the way!!! Just had to throw that in there;)

Author's Response: Most people seem to have guessed at least part of what happened between them and don't worry, there's lots more Alex cuteness coming up.

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Review #19, by hufflepuff lover The Surrealness of Reality

16th May 2012:
love this chapter! I am happy that you updated!! Thank you :)

Author's Response: of course and there's a short que for THE number eight so all is well. enjoy.

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Review #20, by ValJinx The Surrealness of Reality

16th May 2012:
I Love Alex!! Nobody's going to fool that kid, not his hot headed father and not his bad decision taker mother. Go Alex! I Love your story. Waiting for THE chapter 8. Keep it up.

Author's Response: You're right. No one fools Alex and he even manages to pull a few over everyone else. I'm glad you like him though because he seems to take over any chapter I have him in. Oh well... he'll make the next twenty or so chapters interesting.

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Review #21, by ValJinx If It's Not One Thing, It's A Brother

12th May 2012:
I'm really enjoying your story. So... Keep it up! What happened??? What did Jo did and hid??? I of course have a theory of my own, but I don't want to be a spoiler. Update soon.

Author's Response: Most people seem to have an idea and most of them would be at least mostly right (could I possibly use 'most' in a sentence anymore without managing to make it mostly redundant? lol). But the story isn't about that; not at the heart of it all, and that hasn't even really been touched on yet.

After chapter eight I do want to hear your theory though. It will be fun to see how close (or far) everyone was.

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Review #22, by EmilyChristine If It's Not One Thing, It's A Brother

12th May 2012:
SUCH AN AWESOME STORY. I just read all 6 chapters and I love it (: I just really love Jo and Al and I feel desperately bad for James and whatever happend (cant wait for chapter eight!!) Also how is Alex different :O I wanna know. haha. Cant wait for the next chapter (: I really think you've done well with this story so far!

Author's Response: You know, you're the first one to mention that line about Alex. It's funny, because it kind of took over the story far more than the court case.

Oh well...

I'm glad you enjoy it.

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Review #23, by Aqua Sulis If It's Not One Thing, It's A Brother

11th May 2012:
The line about the teddy bear was by far one of the cutest things I have ever read. Alex is such a sweetie! I loved the chapter and eagerly await the next one.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like Alex becouse he has kind of taken over the next chapter and if you think the teddy bear thing was cute...he he he. He's an interesting kid and i have a lot of fun writing him.

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Review #24, by BlackOrchid If It's Not One Thing, It's A Brother

11th May 2012:
This story is progressing nicely. I think you were right to build up the reasons for the break up and focus more on the characters and what they're like. Excellent job!

Author's Response: I'm glad you see it like that. I was kind of worried i would make people too frustrated by drawing it out but the story is more about them picking up the pieces than what shattered it in the first place.

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Review #25, by Aqua Sulis All the Right Moves

7th May 2012:
I absolutely love this story line! I have been wanting to read a story like this forever, and it's so awesome. I can't wait for the next chapter. Like literally can't wait. I may check my HPFF account each day just to see if you updated that's how much I love it. Anywho, I love this story.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the storyline, i like this kind of drama heavy stuff too (take a look at Delicate on this sight. it's Rose/Scorp and really good). Hold on because I have a few things planed that i know you won't see coming.

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