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Review #1, by Courtney Dark The Sound of a Hat

30th June 2013:
Hey there!

Okay, I'll make this review short and snappy as I have this tendency to drone and waffle on about absolutely nothing. I think some people get a little sick of me sometimes:)

Okay, this chapter was a great! I actually liked it a lot more than the first - although I'm not saying the first wasn't great, because it was - and I loved your use of the quote! That one is actually one of my favourite's from the books - Jace is just so amazingly perfect!

I like that we're beginning to see the development of Eun Ae's personality and I LOVE that Fred and George were inlcuded! They have to be my favourite characters!

Nice job!

Author's Response: Haha, no worries on waffling! (I love that term by the way!)

Is there a way to blush online? :O) I'm glad you're really enjoying this so far! :) By the way, I totally bought the series because of you! I'm loving them so much right now! :) Jace is pretty hilarious, so I'm glad I used the quote well. :)

Fred and George have always been my favorite, and I realized I have never written anything with them in it (not as main characters anyway). While they won't be the stars of the show, I hope to make them best friends of Eun Ae so we can see them a lot! :) They're loads of fun to write!

Thanks again for stopping by and reviewing! I'm glad you liked it! Sorry it took so long to respond, though!

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Review #2, by Courtney Dark I'm Deaf

30th June 2013:
Hey there!

Thank you so much for entering my challenge. First, I just want to apologize for how long it has taken me to reading and reviewing this story. Real life has suddenly decided to be a pain, and I have had virtually no time to read or write fanfiction.

Anyway, I really liked this chapter. I could see that it definitely had a prologue format and I think it gave us an interesting introduction to Eun Ae - who, by the way, is a very interesting character! I don't think I've ever read about a character who is deaf before!

I didn't see the quote in this chapter, so I'm assuming it must be in the second? I'll get on to reading that then, should I?


Author's Response: Hey! Sorry I sort of disappeared there for a while! :( Real life, right?

I'm really glad you liked the chapter, though! :) Eun Ae is a lot of fun to write, and it's almost easier to write her without all the dialog lol. I read a story once years ago written by a partially deaf girl who wrote about a deaf student at Hogwarts. She did such a wonderful job, and it was an amazing story. Years down the road, I guess I just decided I would take a crack at it.

Yep! The quote is in the next chapter! :)

Thanks for your review, it means a lot! :) Again, sorry it took so long to respond!

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Review #3, by marauderfan The Sound of a Hat

21st May 2013:
Hello! It's me again :p So, I really like this. A lot. Eun Ae is a great character so far. She's been through a lot - and with a hard life already, Hogwarts must be a difficult place to find yourself. I can't wait for her to get more adjusted and hopefully learn to like magic soon. I do understand it would take her a while though - what she went through isn't easy to forget/forgive. I hope the mystery man in South Korea will show up again (you know what I mean. I don't want him to kill anyone else but I hope the mystery is solved - who he is, what his motive was, does Eun Ae get her revenge, etc.)

And I think it'll be cool to see Harry and co. from an outside view - another perspective on what Hogwarts is like during that time. And it seems she has the typical perspective that much of Hogwarts had - that Harry is mad. It's understandable.

One thing I did wonder is why wasn't she sorted with the first years? Yes, she's older, but she's also new and I would have thought she'd be sorted then. The room by herself can't be any better- that sounds awful in fact. The last thing she needs is to be alone - from what it sounds, she's been alone her whole life.

Lastly, I love that she is Korean and deaf. Yay for diversity! There really aren't enough stories like that.

Author's Response: Hey! :D OK, well to answer your main question right off the bat, this story was written for a challenge: The Misfit Housing Challenge. The point is that she cannot be placed into a House. :) So I made up the excuse that McGonagall and Dumbledore wanted her in the office in case she freaked out, like she did. It saved her a lot of embarrassment and confusion for everyone else.

I actually hadn't thought a lot about the man in South Korea besides what he did, but it was you and another review that reminded me that actually is a bit of a plot, and it makes me think that it gives it somewhere to go other than just where I'm taking it. :)

I'm really glad that you are liking this though! It's really growing to be one of my babies and it's so much fun! I'm loving the fact that I can write for Eun Ae! I can't wait to show you some of her impressions on her 'friends' :).

Thanks for the lovely review and for reading! Makes my day! :D

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Review #4, by Lululuna I'm Deaf

21st May 2013:
Hello my dear, so I know you have a request waiting for Seven Years and Counting, but I couldn't resist coming to check this out and letting you know what I think.

And I really like it! Eun Ae has such a great voice as a character, and I think she comes across as very dynamic and genuine. Her story is so interesting, and the way the introductory chapter progressed was very smooth and had the perfect mix of plot and context. It's interesting to see how this story, and the 1st person POV, differs from your other story! :) I also like how Eun Ae addresses the reader directly, it gives her a lonely feel, though she seems like a positive and likeable person despite all her hardships.

I thought it was so interesting how Eun Ae hates and fears magic because of how it killed her parents: all she's seen is the horrible side of it, and not how it relates to her life. I also enjoyed the detail of the Ministry not wiping her memory and how they handled the situation, it was a really nice touch. I'm very interested to find out who the man with the wand was, and how he'll relate to the rest of the story or not.

She seems really original, being both South Korean (I'm assuming) and deaf. The second is particularly unique, and I'm sure is both challenging and rewarding to write, since pretty much every description and interaction has to be written taking that into account. I was wondering: what's Eun Ae's principle language? If it wasn't English, was it harder for her to learn sign language or not? Where did she learn it, and to lip-read, and did her Gran learn to sign as well? Since she had her hearing in the past, can she speak aloud if she so chooses? How was it for her to learn in school without her hearing? Also, how did her Gran end up living in England, is there a story there?

These are just some questions that popped into my mind while reading, but I'm sure you've already considered and answered them all! :) This is a really great start to a story, and I'm very interested to see where it goes! :)

Author's Response: Oh! Hey there! It's really nice to see that you ventured off to another one of my stories! :D I'm really glad that you like it, too! :D I'm really working on my first person pov so I can relate to my character a little easier, and I'm glad to see that it's working so far! :D

You know, you actually just sort of gave me a direction. I mean, it probably should have been an obvious one, but I didn't put much thought into who exactly the man was that killed all those people. I'll have to make that a point at some point ;). Thanks!

Yep! Eun Ae is South Korean! (The only other language and country I know relatively well).

Eun Ae speaks English AND Korean. I'll have to bring a reflection of her parents up at some point soon, but her mother is English and her father is South Korean. Her Gran is her mother's mother, and that's why she's in England. :)

Her Gran (again, through memories or something, I'll bring her past up) did know sign language, but she liked to just speak a lot because her old hands got tired ;).

Yep! Eun does speak English (though very rarely because she finds it weird that something is coming out of her mouth, but she can't hear it).

I think those are all good to answer with for now, since they're not exactly the main focus of my story. I'll try and add it in a future chapter though so everyone can learn ;). I'm really happy that you read it and reviewed! It was a pleasant surprise! :D

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Review #5, by AlexFan The Sound of a Hat

19th May 2013:
I don't think I can say this enough but this fanfiction is awesome! That being said, you slipped up on your verb tense a lot throughout this. Half of it was in past tense and then you would switch to present tense and you stayed that way for the rest of the chapter while slipping into past tense some of the time.

You definitely need to look out for that and I'd personally suggest reading the chapter over a couple of times before sending it to your beta or leaving it for a day or two and then coming back to it (I know it works for me).

I definitely love where the story is going so far and I'm excited to see what happens during the MC's first day at Hogwarts. Obviously, she's not going to loosen up around the place and I'm betting it's going to take a while for Eun to start relaxing and realise that not all magic is bad.

I felt so insulted when she called Harry bonkers for claiming that Voldemort was back. I know that she wouldn't know any better but it's like a reflex reaction with me now.

My last CC is that you had a few grammatical errors throughout the chapter but other than that you did an awesome job and I enjoyed reading the chapter!

Oh, and you can definitely come back and re-request for other chapters if you want.

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so much! :) Yeah, I really worry about my verb tense a lot. With so much worry, you'd think I would know it better by now, but I think with all of the going back, and the rewriting, and the editing, it gets mixed in from when she is telling a bit of something from the past (no matter how long ago) to her talking presently. I do know the first quarter of the challenge was technically the past, and her getting out of the carriage was present, but I know there were many slip ups even there.

I'm really excited to start out with chapter three! :D I should be writing it soon, too. It's planned anyway. You'll get to see just exactly what it is that she does once school is in session.

I felt as though I were betraying myself when she called Harry bonkers xD. Though, I had to since it is based during the fifth Potter book and everyone who didn't believe in him thought he was. So, being deaf and absolutely knew to the magical world, I thought it was the only believable route to go with her. :)

I'm really glad that you like the story! It makes me happy because I'm falling in love with it as well! (More so than when I started it a while ago). I have so many plans for Eun, and I'm super excited to reveal them! Thank you for the read and review! When chapter three is up, I'll definitely be by to re-request! Thanks again!

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Review #6, by AlexFan I'm Deaf

17th May 2013:
Hello! I'm here with your review!

There were some slip-ups with your verb tense here and there. You did with sticking with past tense for most of the chapter though. It's just those little things like "I'm" and such.

I actually think that you've got a great idea for a story here. It's definitely unique and I've never read anything like this before. I think it'll be awesome to read a story that's told from the point of view of a deaf person and I like how you've written it so far.

I also like your character. Besides the fact that she can do magic and she's deaf she seems like an ordinary kind of girl and you can tell by the way that she thinks and sees things that that's exactly of how she thinks of herself.

Anyway, I think you did an awesome job on this first chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for coming by and reading! I just got a beta for this story so I hope to take care of all the slip ups soon! :)

I'm glad you like my idea! :) I really enjoy writing for it and I like where I'm going with it. Even though I wouldn't call this one my current 'baby' I'm terribly more excited about getting some of the ideas down for this one than I am for the others at the moment. :)

I'm really excited to delve into Eun Ae's magical ability at the school. Since she's older, but not quite old enough to start learning non-verbal magic, she's going to be stuck with having to learn the hard way. She is pretty ordinary, and I think it's pretty normal for her to be pretty mad at the situation she's in right now. I'm glad you like her as well! :)

Thanks! Would it be okay to re-request since a chapter two is up? :) Thank you so much for the review and stopping by! It made me super happy! :D

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Review #7, by Pheonix Potioneer I'm Deaf

14th April 2013:
I really like how Eun Ae is speaking directly to the reader almost as though she is sitting next to me telling her story. I really like that.

I can actually understand her hatred for magic after what happened to her parents she should know, though, that not all wizards are like that.

I really like that you made her deaf- you don't read about many stories with deaf people on here.

Good job with this! Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for coming by to review! I hope to have another chapter written for this sometime soon, but I'm a little stuck on a chapter of one of my other stories at the moment, but I don't think you'll have to wait too terribly long. :)

Yeah, I want to make the reader feel somewhat involved, or else it will be a little harder to convey her thoughts or what she is really trying to say because of the fact that she is deaf.

I got the deaf idea from a story I read years ago. A friend of mine made her character deaf, but unlike mine, hers was born deaf, so the dialog was a bit different. It was interesting, and if I remember correctly, the friend who wrote it was actually deaf as well. So, I really hope Eun Ae does it justice ;).

Thanks for the lovely review!

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