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Review #1, by Owlpost68 One Year Later

27th May 2012:
hmm, I'm very glad you're focusing on the love everybody shares, some writers go into a storyline that has a lot of angst, and of course there is since everyone died, there's overwhelming love and happyness too, it's really important to focus on that :) I have a story that covers the same time period, only mine isn't moving as fast lol. I need to work on that. The only thing I'd have you look at is if the writing sounds like something that's normally said. I had started out similarly, but then looked at the dialogue and found that I was making everyone's lines too long. Just something to think about. Very interesting cliffie!! hmmm...

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! That's definitely something to take into consideration. I'll have a look...

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Review #2, by 19ginny81 I Thought You Were My Best Friend

28th April 2012:
its good, but im pretty sure that ron wouldnt attack harry. Can u review my chapter please once it is past validation? Thanks x

Author's Response: Of course I can, I'm honoured you asked. Usually Ron wouldn't attack Harry, I agree, but I think that where Ginny is concerned, he goes a bit overboard. In HPB, he is extremely overprotective, and now he would be even more so, partly because sex is involved, and partly because he lost Fred, so his siblings are even more important to him.

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Review #3, by potslicker Preface

2nd April 2012:
Not a bad start, you got Harry & Ginny back together without a lot of dumb stuff in between. It will be interesting to see where you go from here. What kind of relationship they develop and skills, magic etc. the door is wide open.

Author's Response: Thanks, I didn't see the point in having loads of stuff in between cause they were obviously still in love in DH so it seemed pointless. I figured that they would have lots of challenges as they grow older; family, their relationship, their magical skills, etc

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Review #4, by Aurorofthelight Preface

2nd April 2012:
Nice start to your story! I hope you keep to it to a conclusion! I've seen too many good stories started then abandoned without a finish! Don't be one of those! You have a good style and a potential winner here if you stick with it! Good Luck!

Author's Response: Aw thanks that's really nice to hear! I'm not planning to abandon it because I'd like to see it finished x

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Review #5, by homerHarris Preface

2nd April 2012:
please do all you can to get more chapters together as I like this story

Author's Response: Thanks I'm uploading for validation now x

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Review #6, by clari_tries_writing Preface

2nd April 2012:
It looks like an interesting start to a story and I look forward to reading more.
Just a quick thing, I found it quite hard to read because of the lack of spaces between the lines, so maybe that is something you could sort out for the next chapter?
Can't wait to see what happens for Harry and Ginny next

Author's Response: Thank You, yeah I'm sorting the spacing issues don't worry. Thanks for the review x

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