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Review #1, by soufflegirl99 {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

30th October 2012:
For a first attempt: WOWSAS.
The quotes work really well in this piece, adding to the amount of pure awesomeness.
"Only his words could make her cry," I love that!!
I suppose it sums up a lot of heartbreak and emotion that Hermione went through, and this one shot gathers the worst and best moments of every relation ship, the ups and downs, and warps them neatly up in a present with a nice bow on the top (which is the quotes).
Brilliant first attempt at Romione - you'd never have guessed - you write it like a pro!!
The originality of the sequel too, just blows ma mind, man!!

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Review #2, by GrangerDanger76 {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

6th June 2012:
Sorry, I just had to. Anyways, this is really unique and I really enjoyed it. I liked the whole progression and such, with the subtitle thing. I was a little slow with catching on for a bit, but it's good.
I also really liked how you incorperated cannon while also keeping your unique flair :P

This is GrangerDanger76 for TEAM BLUE! :)

Author's Response: Hehe yay, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! And yeah, I think it does take a while to work up to the main plot, but I just needed to set the scene and couldn't really cut it down any more :/ But yay, thanks!

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Review #3, by UnluckyStar57 {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

30th May 2012:
I love how you went through all of Hermione's various problems with Ron throughout Hogwarts, and getting her perspective was very nice.
And at the end... Aw. :)
Sometimes I think Romione can be hackneyed, but this story definitely wasn't!!

Author's Response: Aww thankyou so much! I'm really glad you liked them, since Ron must have provided so much emotional scope that it was hard to choose :P But I'm happy that you liked Hermione, since if she wasn't right, then this would all fall apart. And yay, I'm so happy that you thought I wrote them well! Thankyou so much!

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Review #4, by lily_evans_ginny_weasley {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

13th May 2012:
Oh. That was lovely. Heart-wrenchingly sad, but lovely. You really got inside not only Hermione's emotions, but also Harry's, and more so, Ron's. I think you did a really good job of writing their relationship and the way the three of them fitted together as a group.

And I agree with you when you say that heart-breaking sadness is a sign of love. Gorgeous! Thanks!

Author's Response: Aww thankyou so much! I'm really glad you could see the three's emotions, and that you thought they worked together - it was odd to write them, at first, since we already know so much!

And yay! I've often thought that that must be how Hermione saw it, anyway, since her and Ron were such a mess for so long. Thankyou so much! :3

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Review #5, by maskedmuggle {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

3rd May 2012:
Aww this was fantastic! I really loved this - initially I was hesitant about the flashback-through-the-past-years thing you had going on, but the way you wrote this made it just great, and how well you managed to get Hermione's perspective was especially amazing. I just loved the idea of weeping you used to tie every scene together, and how it all connected to this: "Only he had enough power to lift her high enough that she felt she could fly, and knock her so low she felt smashed to pieces."

I loved the {USE OF THESE} that was pretty creative and great. You wrote each scene so distinctively that it was easy and quick to figure out what was happening, and I just loved how well you managed to capture what Hermione was thinking. It's just a really lovely story, the development of Hermione/Ron is great! Well written, I really enjoyed it! :)

Author's Response: Hehe thankyou so much! Yeah, I was worried about the transitions for that too - but I'm so glad you liked it! Eee I'm glad you approve my Hermione, too. And the weeping was almost an accident at first, since I wrote it into the two scenes I had planned before realising I wanted to bring it out as a theme since it seemed to suit them so much :3

Aww thanks - I was wondering if it seemed too stilted at first, but I'm glad you found it easy to tell what was happening! Poor Hermione, I'm happy you could get in her head, though, and that their development made sense! Thankyou so much :3

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Review #6, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

23rd April 2012:
Hermione liked to learn, and when books were your only friends, real people shouldn’t matter. But that didn't mean that she didn’t feel the words as they flew through the air, like arrows and bullets casually fired, and finding their target.

OH! I CRIED HYSTERICALLY ONCE I REACHED THAT PART. Hermione holds a special place in my heart because I'm just like her. Well, maybe not as bossy. But I'm a nerd and people used to make fun of me because I raised my hand so much so I stopped because I thought that would help me but it didn't because then they made fun of my bushy hair and my skin and everything you could imagine.

This was beautiful. Such strong emotions. It really gave me a new insight into the mind of Hermione and just made me connect even more to her.

YOU ARE SO AMAZING. Seriously. Wow...just wow.

Author's Response: Eep thankyou! I know exactly what you mean, since Hermione's just so adorable and made me really sad to have to write that :( Aww, that's really cute - I always identified with Hermione's problem, same as you! But it felt good to splurge it out as Hermione, y'know?

I'm really glad you liked it/her though :3 Thankyou so much! :D

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Review #7, by MandyBrocklehurst99 {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

18th April 2012:
Amazing, tears literally pouring down my cheeks. So skilled and such a talent with words, it's hard to describe the emotion that it created. Just amazing. You're seriously such a talented writer and I look forward to reading more of your stories. Thank you so ugh for this uplifting story it's made my day!!

Author's Response: 8O Thankyou so much!! Eep, I'm really really glad that I managed to evoke that much emotion; hehe, I'm really glad that you like Hermione enough for that :) Thankyou!

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Review #8, by Ravenclaw_Charm {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

17th April 2012:
Wow. You are an amazing author. I absolutely love this! Amazing job :D The way you capture Hermione's character and your style and everything... Arugh so jealous! You are fabulous! 10/10

Author's Response: Eep thankyou so much!! I'm so glad that you liked it so much, and that the style worked okay for her; it was sort of difficult to add anything to Hermione, since she's already so canon, but I'm really happy that you think I managed her okay :D Thankyouuu!!

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Review #9, by MercyWaters {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

17th April 2012:
Oh my gosh. I'm honestly completely floored by this. I'm so in love with this story. It's excellently written and the emotions portrayed are perfect. I was sucked in from the very beginning. Hermione is my absolute favorite character and the fics I read are nearly exclusively centered around her--and I must say your portrayal of her is spot on. One of the best I've read. Better yet, you've made me like this pairing more. I've never been a big fan of Romione but this was just so excellent I may have to give it a try.

I applaud you on this excellent piece of work. Keep writing.

Bri xx

Author's Response: Aaah I'm so glad you had such a response to that! I tried hard with it, so I'm really glad that you can feel Hermione and the atmosphere :) Ooh I love Hermione too! I'm so flattered that you like my portrayal of her so much, and bringing in Romione shippers? 8D Hehe I'm so happy that I managed to write them convincingly enough!

Thankyou so much! :D

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Review #10, by TenthWeasley {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

16th April 2012:
I've heard a lot of brilliant things about this one-shot, and, being such a fervent Romione shipper myself (one true pairing!), I knew I'd have to come and check this one out. And quite honestly, this went above all the expectations I'd had for this -- I think you did an absolutely amazing, brilliant job in this story! I'm really quite impressed.

I loved how you told the whole story, and you left out virtually nothing. It really allowed me to get the whole scope of Ron and Hermione relationship on a broad level, yet one that was surprisingly easy to wrap my head around. I don't think anyone's ever written the entirety of their relationship in so compact and accurate a one-shot, and I've really got to commend you on that! It really allowed me to see their progression, and I just... That's such a genius move.

And your writing style is so lovely. ♥ I've got a massive amount of appreciation for people who don't write in a straightforward way -- of course, there's nothing wrong with that. That's simply the way you tell a story, after all. But you used italics and brackets and parentheses to your advantage, perfectly melding your narrator's voice with Hermione's. I read this over a span of two days (once late at night, in bed on my phone, and now a day later after working on a research paper) and I never once got lost or confused. I cannot enthuse enough about the way you chose to write this, and I really think it was a stroke of brilliance.

Ron and Hermione were spot on as far as characterization goes, too! You clearly know these characters, and that's such a treat for us as readers. I couldn't find a single fault with how you wrote either of them. :) And having read and written a lot of Ron and Hermione in my time, I'm not always the easiest to please on this front. You totally nailed it, though, and I just cannot get over how much this entire thing was. Words cannot convey how much I enjoyed it!

This was an incredible story, Lottie, and I'm so glad Helen and Sarah pointed me to it. I really owe them for that. :D I loved this story and I think you did a really, really fantastic job with it! Thank you for sharing this with us, and I'll definitely have to creep back this way again very soon!

Author's Response: Hehe I feel so honoured by all the attention that OW&W is getting! Ahh thankyou so much - Romione are one of my OTPs and so I'm really glad that you think I did them credit :D

Yay, thankyou! I wanted to show how they developed right from the start, but it was sort of difficult to shorten a relationship that took 7 books to develop to 5000 words! Hehe I'm really glad you think it worked, though - and thankyou so much! I just didn't want to try to build them up any other way. Baha I feel flattered by the 'genius move' :D

Aww thankyou so much. I've developed into a rather florid language over my time at HPFF, but am aware that I can definitely overuse the description at times! So I'm really happy that you liked my author add-ons, since I just sort of indulged myself with them! Ooh yay, I was worried about possible confusion, but I'm so glad it's not too hard to return to :) Aww thankyou so much!

Eee yay! I wanted to keep them IC so badly, since badly-written Trio are just annoying, and I'm so glad that you liked them and could feel the in-canon-ness :D Hehe ahh Jane you're just being too lovely to me! I'm just so happy that you enjoyed it and liked my Trio :D

Hehe thankyou! :3 Ahah I'm so glad you liked it - thankyou for such a wonderful, inspiring review! :)

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Review #11, by NaidatheRavenclaw {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

14th April 2012:
LOTTIE LOTTIE HI! :D I've just watched a super emotional Doctor Who episode (The Girl in the Fireplace) so apologies if this review is super spazzy. Oh, who am I kidding, it will be super spazzy no matter what I do.

So you're incredible. It's honestly a crime that I've never read this one shot before. My inner Romione shipper was missing out on so much. HOW DO YOU WRITE SO PERFECTLY? :D Whenever something is this hyped, I have to read it, and the hype was so well deserved for this. Probably the best Romione one shot I've ever read. Hng.

I'm majorly in awe of Hermione in this. She was like /perfectly/ in character. People never seem to get Hermione right but you DID. I mean, whuteven? It was like JK Rowling was writing this. No joke. It was like OMG THIS IS HERMIONE. People always make here too concerned about studies or else not concerned at all, but you had the perfect balance. Out of the trio, I actually think Hermione is hardest to write, but guess what? YOU WERE PERFECT.

I'm close to tears right now. I don't even know whether I'm happy or sad or just in love with this story and homg let me marry it, okay? I'm going to save it and print it out and hang it on my wall so the ENTIRE WORLD CAN REVEL IN ITS AWESOMENESS. Except that would be creepy. So I'll settle for sending you infinite amounts of love. And Hermione because she deserves it.

I think one of my favorite things in this was the way you set it up. With the "i won't cry" and the progression through her life and the way she loved Ron even when he was being a complete idiot to her. GAH. The transitions in this were so pefect and I loved {THE CAPITALIZED BITS IN BRACKETS} Just keep writing forever and ever, okay?

OH AND THIS LINE: "Weeping meant heart-wrenching sobs that made your heart feel cracked in half and lying in pieces at your feet, pain shooting through you while your mind cried out for help." Um. Breathtaking writing right there. Read it people. This is how you WRITE. Yeah. Characters that cry in books always seem to do it "prettily". You know what I mean? Like they cry but it's glazed over and then someone will come into the room and comfort them and it'll all be over. They don't legitimately WEEP. And this has to be the best description of that I've ever seen.

So much love right now ♥ ♥ ♥

YOU ARE AN AWESOME PERSON LOTTIE. Hng I'mma read this again now. And again. And maybe again :P


Edit; I just realized how long that got *hides* Oooops. Sorry love.

Author's Response: HI NAIDA 8D Hehe I often find that Dr Who makes for chaotic reviews too - but they're the most fun to read too, and this is just lovely!

Eep THANKYOU SO MUCH! I'm just so happy that I managed to write Romione canonly enough, but I feel so flattered that you like how I write them! It was hard to stay true to my inner Romione shipper, but I wasn't going to settle for annoying myself with bad writing ;) if that makes sense? Aww everyone's been so lovely about my baby!

Eek thankyou so much! 8D JKR? Lolno but I guess that I've always identified a lot with Hermione (like A LOT a lot) but I wasn't sure if that would translate well to writing! Especially since I totally agree that she can be so difficult to get right, as the boys just have a simpler relationship. Well, not necessarily Harry as he is quite unpredictable... but yeah, it took me a long time to write because I wanted to get Hermione right! And the whole studies-imbalance has always annoyed me, because it's not like some defining label that has to be /the most important thing ever/ about a person. She just wanted good grades!

Aww I'm glad that Hermione (and Ron) provoked feels! Hehe it's a strange honour to know that I've managed to write them that canonly :) But if course you can marry OW&W Naida, though maybe don't hang it on your wall because I agree that it would potentially cause creepy-problems, and Hermione is very pleased with so much love :3

Aww thanks! It was a bit of a pain putting in the link at first, but it was how I'd come by all the different moments so it felt like betraying Romione love otherwise

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Review #12, by LittleWelshGirl99 {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

13th April 2012:
Um, um, um, um, um can I just grovel and scrape all over the ground? Because this story is just...


'The boy who’d knocked her down so many times had picked her up so many more, and here he was, raising her up again.' So nominating this for a best quote! I was in tears too when I read this the first time, and the second time, and the... Well, I've sort of been reading this over and over all day 8D

I've nver actually benn a Romione fan, but this is the best one-shot I've read about them...ever? Yep.

The relationship between the three is perfect. I could never write the trio like this! Hell, I could never write the trio! Lottie, you are officially dubbed as the awesome-trio writing-golden kneazle-agent-wjalisycuu-romione-lovely-wonderful.person!

So I promised you a lengthy review. I'm going to try and make this as long as possible (because I'm so bad at long reviews).

What else do I love so much about this?

{OH YES}. I love the structure, and the aesthetics! The brackets are such a brilliant way to have added stuff in, and they just made me feel all squirmy. I'm literally desperate to copy your style now and write a bracketed one-shot! (but I won't because I couldn't do it as well as you) I think it /could/ become a new style :P


Annon xx

Author's Response: aaah thankyou sooo much!!

Eeep! That line was actually one of my first ever inspirations for this fic, and I'm so glad you like it!!

ahha thankyou! I am too much of a Romione fan, but never really read them much either :P

Hehe it was quite odd writing the trio, when they're already so done, but I'm glad you think they worked okay! And I bet you'd write them amazingly, Annon :D I LOVE THAT NAME. I will call myself that with pride!

I'm far too bad at long reviews and long responses, despite motormouth tendencies -hides-

Yay for random bracket breaks! I'm really glad they came across okay, I was worried they seemed a bit random, but somehow couldn't bring myself to get rid of them. And I'm definitely not the first person to do this brackety thing, so you should go ahead and try it! Ahh that would be so cool, a bracket style :D


Lottie :3 xx

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Review #13, by Toujours Padfoot {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

11th April 2012:
dsfjdfkjdf This story ripped open all of my tightly-wound nerves and emotions that I went back and forth with while reading the Harry Potter series. I really, really felt for Hermione and it's just wow, you understand her so well. You understand her relationship with Ron so well and I'm just completely blown away by the power of this one-shot. I can't believe this is your first Romione! You should definitely consider writing more, because it was really beautiful. I'm just going to sit here for a while now and love what you've done with this ship and how you told their story. Hermione and Ron are my OTP and they are /so/ canon here, and how you wrote about their relationships with Lavender and Viktor and how they could never seem to be on exactly the same page at the same time...every single sentence packed a punch. I just. I can't even. Gah. You're a brilliant writer.


Author's Response: Aah thankyou so much! I'm really glad I managed to GET Hermione enough to write this, though trying to establish her and Ron's relationship was pretty difficult - thankyou so much eep!

I do really want to write them more after this one-shot; there're still some ideas I have for them, and I'm really happy that you liked it so much! Hehe, Romione are just so wonderful, and thankyou! :D They always seem to be just out of each other's reach in the books, so I'm really glad that impression came across here!

:O eep! Thankyou!!

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Review #14, by Snapdragons {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

11th April 2012:
Helen had been recommending this so I figured it was worth a look and oh my goodness I am so glad she did! I'm so glad I found this gem because this is honestly so wonderful.

Ron/Hermione is my OTP and this story basically sums up why. I loved how you went through all the years at Hogwarts and you both stuck to and expanded the canon. Seeing her grow up and her emotions change was lovely.

I thought it was neat, how you started off with the I-will-not-cry and we sort of saw that repeat through the story. It was a nice way to tie it all together!

Your Hermione was wonderful. You could see her progression as she got older and gahh you got into her head so perfectly! She was really three-dimensional, not all flat and one sided as we sometimes see her. She was really the backbone in this, holding it all together.

And there's no possible way I'll be able to give a completely coherent review so I'll just end on this - you did a wonderful job! Ron/Hermione will always be one of my favorite pairings to read. I LOVE THIS -flails- They are so, so perfect and eep! Very well done!

Author's Response: Hehe oh thankyou so much!!

I love Romione so much too, but I've never been able to properly write them until now. I also couldn't stand just repeating canon events, or completely veering off from them; they provide adequate emotion for Hermione, but it's never been fully experienced before.

Yay, I'm really glad you liked it! I was sort of dubious about it, but otherwise, what's the significance of Hermione's tears?

Aah thankyou! I just really tried to get in her position, and I'm just really glad she turned out REAL enough :3

Haha it was such a lovely one, thankyou so much! I love them too, and I'm so very happy that a Romione OTP-shipper approves of this :D

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Review #15, by momotwins {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

11th April 2012:
I love this SO MUCH, I can't even tell you. LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I wish the kiss had been in it, though, but I can't even think about much because of THE AWESOME. Sweeping, epic, romance. LOVE. Totally speechless. Fabulous job.

Author's Response: THANKYOU SO MUCH! :D aah I'm feeling so very flattered and happy, hehe - and I really want to write them again! I'm wondering about including the kiss in another one, since I just overlooked it at the time, and it's a brilliant idea ;) THANKYOU 83

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Review #16, by ariellem {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

11th April 2012:
I'm not logged but that doesn't matter, I just couldn't wait to tell you how much I LOVED this story and how AWESOME you are for writing this. :) This has got to be one of your best pieces EVER!

Author's Response: Eep THANKYOU! 8D I really enjoyed writing it, and I'm so glad you think that - I'm just so happy with it! :3

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Review #17, by AC_rules {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

11th April 2012:

I don't think I can explain how much I loved this. So first off, I'm crying. I'm not entirely sure why or when it started happening, but I got to the end and there are physical tears so there we go.

I loved everything about this.

So, homgosh. Did you have to read the whole books before you read this? Because it felt like you'd literally refered to all of the different part of the books for this and I loved it so much. The very first bit wasn't as strong as the later bits, in my humble opinion, but the whole I-won't-cry was such a lovely set up and ahhhidaoosa. I'm adding this to my favourites and going on a recomending spree because i hoenstly loved this.

Hermione was just perfect and all her emotions and everything was just like -droll drool drool-

I'm sorry, this isn't going to be very coherant.

The last bit as well, I don't know, I just think you were so very nearly perfect when you were sticking really close to the canon bits (serious kudos, because canon things take serious skill to pull off this will) that it wasn't quite as good - still excellent, mind, but not quite as like FABULOUS.

But, hoommyygoosshh I loved it Lottie!

There were a few bits when the transitions threw me a little, because it seemed like you did a certain thing for each transition then in one of them you didn't, but that was a tiny little thing compared to how much I joined it... I feel like I'm being over critical considering you had my shipping heart going crazy and I LOVED IT.

So yeah, it was wonderful :D


Author's Response: Is it really bad to say I'm glad you cried? Because I am honestly over the moon that I've managed to evoke so much emotion in anyone, and at the same time I'm scared, but THANKYOUUU

I did have to read them quite a lot - at least, search for different chapters and source them, because I was trying to give her side of what really happened and all. I guess I just really wanted to give Hermione her say in everything, and show how relationships don't spring out of the ground perfectly; she had to come a long way to love Ron, and this was part of their journey.

It was kinda difficult to write the first bit, since I wanted to show the significance of her crying, as well as the reasons for why she was so obnoxious at the beginning of the first book (since that's what this started out as; a recount of the troll incident. Which didn't even make it to the actual story, lol).


Thankyou so much! I'm just really glad I managed to characterise Hermione, since she's already so in-depth, but this was something not really touched upon in the books.

Yeah, I do know what you mean - that bit in particular was the reult of a frenzied midnight finish before I went away, and I just wanted my closure... since otherwise this would have gone on forever! Hehe don't worry, this is such a GORGEOUS review, and you've done so much and AASDFGHJ THANKYOU!


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