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Review #1, by Bella dacastro Dead Ends

3rd December 2014:
Can you please continue with this story it is my favorite fanfiction I've ever read (and I've read A LOT of them). I love how you portray lupin and I can really picture him and the other characters in my mind. I really hope you continue with this story because it is amazing and you could be a professional writer. PLEASE UPDATE!

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I really appreciate the review. I am so sorry for the delay in updates. I have by no means abandoned this story. Trust me, if I had the time I'd be writing away at it! But the Christmas holidays are coming up, I hope to have a few free hours to work on it then! I will update as soon as I can. I promise!

Thanks very much again for the review. I am so glad you like my story!

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Review #2, by Brightpaw Dead Ends

19th May 2014:
Yay! You're still writing this!
I love that McGonagall flies, that's great! I wonder about that broom Remus chose, hopefully we'll find out more. What they need is a detention in the trophy room if they want to find out about Riddle... Super great chapter per usual!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am glad you liked it!!! I loved that McGonagall flew too, according to Pottermore she was a Quidditch player in her day.

You're right with the trophy room, that is where they will find out about Riddle, but it won't be for a good while yet (I have big plans for what happens when they do find out. *Spoilers*).

Thanks again for reading and reviewing, I really do appreciate it! Sorry for the long delay, I promise it won't take that long for the next chapter! :-)

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Review #3, by bella decastro Fear of a Name

1st May 2014:
please upload again i miss this story

Author's Response: Next chapter will be up this evening! I SWEAR! I am so sorry for the long delay!!! I hope it will be worth the wait! Check back this evening :)

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Review #4, by MusicOfTheNight Fear of a Name

2nd April 2014:
I love this fanfiction. I feel like all of your characterizations are spot on. Dumbledore is so in character which is hard to do in most fanfictions because of his depth. Also I really love your portrayal of Snape-I really see how Snape and James were enemies and James wasn't just a bully (which Sirius says in books but for some reason people portray Snape as a victim). Lily is wonderful and I love her already. However, Remus is my favorite. You have made his story come to life and its wonderful and heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. I am so excited to see what you do with this story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I really do appreciate it. I am so pleased you think that Dumbledore is in character. I was panicking when I was writing him because as you said, his depth, I worked so hard to get it right because it didn't want to destroy the character as a lot of fanfics tend to do.

I am also glad that you like Snape and James. I wanted to explore that in more detail, show that nasty side to Snape that Harry saw in school, while at the same time trying to show the nice boy Lily was friends with. With James I was trying to show him as good, but just a big pig headed and full of his own cleverness, but that will die down as he gets older.

I am so glad you like Remus. He is my absolute favourite character. I want to do him justice because I was so angry at how much the films pushed him into the background as if he didn't matter.

I know I haven't updated this story in months and I do apologise for that, I have just been very busy in school, but Easter is nearly here and I plan on getting more chapters written and up then! :-)

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, check back for more soon :)

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Review #5, by adoranymph Fear of a Name

21st February 2014:
So sorry it's been a while since I've reviewed, life is a busy thing, as you know. I've been behind in my fanfic WRITING too so that needs some doing. But I really liked this chapter. It was kind of a quiet one but it was a really clever way of working slughorn into the picture. And I felt so bad for poor Remus too! :( looking forward to more, and I should have more moonlight up soon, it's coming close to the end after all.

Thanks again for posting another awesome chapter :D

Author's Response: Thanks a million, glad you liked this chapter. Yeah, I know it was kinda a quiet one, where not a lot happened, but you can't have action packed chapters all the time, can you?

So sorry I have not been reading Moonlight lately, just do not have the time, but it's Easter holidays now, which means I can update this fic with a new chapter and catch up with Moonlight - win, win! Yay! :-)

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Review #6, by GinnyWeasley_13 Some People Just Can't Be Friends

5th January 2014:
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this story so far. Something I have found myself really appreciating in your writing is the spot on characterisation for all the characters, you have really managed to bring them to life. Your depth and detailling with Remus is wonderful and I find myself eager to read more as this story presumably stretches out through later life. I really enjoyed the way you wrote Lily, very warm and friendly but also moral like Remus is, a truly caring individual from a young age. I like that you have made her and Remus friends, in many fanfics I have read possible friendships between them are ignored, which I find a bit ridiculous because they have so much in common. I applaud you for showing Snape's early jealousy and bitterness. Dumbledore was also written very well. I am impressed with your writing style and am finding your story very readable. I shall look forward to reading the rest of this story and have plans to check out your other stories after this. Overall I'm very impressed, Remus is probably my favourite Potter character and I have enjoyed your characterisation of him immensely!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I am so glad you are enjoying this story. I do feel really bad that I haven't updated in a good while now, it's just that I am having a bit of difficulty writing things in order. I'm currently writing bits between Lupin and Tonks further down the line and I'm just in the zone with it and I don't want to stop because once you get out of your routine with a story, it is so hard to come back to it and I'm afraid of losing some of my ideas and stuff.

I am so glad that you like the way I did Remus. He is my favourite character in the books and my favourite fictional character in general (him and The Tenth Doctor).

I agree, I always saw Lily and Remus as friends, especially since they both become prefects in 5th year, it also sets up some interesting material with James that I want to explore later on, not that I am saying Remus had any romantic feelings for Lily or anything, but that does not mean that their friendship does not go unnoticed.

I am so glad you find Snape and Dumbledore believable too. It is very important to me to get the characters right, I mean JKR wrote the most wonderful characters and it would be just criminal to get them wrong, or to have them do something that is so completely out of character, you know?

Anyway, thank you so much for your review, it made my week!! I hope you enjoy the rest and I swear to you there will be another chapter added soon, promise! :-)

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Review #7, by sarahe Fear of a Name

4th November 2013:
This chapter is great! There is so much going on, I love it! The Death Eater thing is big, because that will be going on for a while. I almost feel like it is a little early, because they're only 1st years, but I'm sure you know what you're doing :)
I loved the birthday part too, because it really shows Remus' character well with the birthday present thing. And then how you tied it all back together with the part in Slughorn's office, that was excellent!
But when are the James, Sirius and Peter going to find out Remus' is a werewolf!? I know that will be big, but I feel like its coming up. (Then again, I'm probably wrong and it's in like 10 chapters..) THAT is was I'm really excited for!
But anyway, thanks for the amazing chapter and keep up the good work!!!

Author's Response: I know what you mean about it being a bit too early perhaps, but the war did start in the early 1970s after all. I wanted it to be something that was always there, always stalking the marauders, because that will play a big factor in them wanting to join the Order of the Phoenix. I am also using it as a strong factor in Frank Longbottom wanting to become an Auror as well, I have a lot planned for that character see and he is nearing the end of this school days and I just want the war to affect him in such a way that it turns him into an Auror, you know? I hope I know what I am doing, I have a plan and I am sticking to it, we shall see, hopefully it will be alright!

I'm glad you liked the bit in Slughorn's office, that idea just came to me out of nowhere and I really liked it so I ran with it and never looked back!

With regards to the marauders finding out Remus is a werewolf. That will be during the first term of second year. I already have that whole section written. They find out in two phases really, first that he is a werewolf, and then later on in second year what being a werewolf really means (that bit it actually quite dark, I will admit that).

There is not much left of first year about 3 chapters I would say, then one chapter on the summer, then we are into second year! Happy days!

Thanks so much for the review, I really appreciate it. I am so glad you like my story! :)

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Review #8, by bella decastro Fear of a Name

3rd November 2013:
ya new chapter I've been checking every week

Author's Response: I really do apologise for the long delay! Thank you for sticking with the story though, I really do appreciate that. I do hope you enjoyed the chapter when you read it!

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Review #9, by Brightpaw Fear of a Name

1st November 2013:
I was so happy to see the new chapter!! It was great. I think seeing Slughorn thinking about Tom Riddle in this way is very interesting; I always love the little links to what we know happens in the future. And you're writing Slughorn really well!

Thanks for updating!!! I know it's really busy this time of year.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I am so glad you enjoyed this! It was a little bit forced if I am honest, so I wasn't sure if it was up to my usual standard or not. Better chapters are coming though, I promise! Thanks for sticking with my story though despite the long delay between updates, I really appreciate it!

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Review #10, by sarahe Whispers and Lies

22nd October 2013:
Yes! I'm so glad your are going to keep writing this story! And I'm actually pretty happy that you're not planming to skip ahead at this time because I' m excited to see what come next! Thank you and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I am so glad you enjoyed this and that you like my decision not to skip ahead. I will have the next chapter up by the end of the week! Hope you enjoy!

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Review #11, by sarahe Whispers and Lies

5th October 2013:
Dont give up on this story! Its one of my favorites ever! You would be making so many people so happy if you keep writing; youre an amazing writer! I cant wait to read more, even if it isnt exactly chronological. If your having problems with the next part, maybe you could manipulate the story to fit your needs. Skip ahead in time or do a flashback/future moment or just tell us time is passing and pick out the most important brief moments to write about until you get somewhere you can handl! Just please PLEASE keep writing!!!

Author's Response: Oh don't worry, I am not, nor will I EVER give up on this story, I love it too much and I enjoy it too much too! Never fear, it will not be abandoned. It is just that my time is very restricted at the moment with school, and I am having a bit of difficulty writing chronologically, I'm jumping around a lot when I new idea takes hold. I'm writing a lot about Lupin during the first Order of the Phoenix at the mo see, and a good bit about him and Tonks too.

I like your idea of flashbacks and skipping, but I don't really want to do that, because I've a lot of stuff I want to explore with Remus at the minute. I've the bones of the next chapter written, let's just say it involves Slughorn and Lily, won't say more. I just need to find the time to flesh it out and add proper detail. But hey, on the bright side, the mid-term break is coming up at Halloween, so I will have a week of freedom from school, in which to write hopefully the next 3 or 4 chapters (going chronologically). Just hang tight, and I am terribly sorry for the big long delays, but by no means has this story been or ever will be abandoned.

Thanks so much for the review! Really appreciate it :)

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Review #12, by imy Whispers and Lies

13th September 2013:
great whens the next one out?

Author's Response: Hi there, I am so glad you like this story. With regards to the next chapter, I am just finding it difficult to write this story chronologically. I keep jumping ahead and writing bits in the middle and at the end. I've about twenty seven chapters written in the middle, some with Tonks, some around the time James and Lily die etc. I won't stop writing, don't worry, there just may be a bit of a wait between chapters at the minute as I am working on the middle of the story! I will try and have the next chapter up by next weekend if I can, I've got the bones of the chapter written, I just need to flesh it out! :)

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Review #13, by bells decatro Whispers and Lies

12th September 2013:
I absolutely love your stories keep writing and never stop making this fanfiction. You put so much detail in you're writing it is as good as J.K. Rowling her self if not beater, i didn't now you could bring that much life into lupin. KEEP ON UPDATING PLEASE!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, don't worry, I won't ever stop writing this fan-fiction, I love it too much! I'm just finding it difficult to write it in chronological order, I keep jumping around the place, I've about 22 chapters written in the middle of the story see, that's why there is such a delay between updates, it's not that I've given up! Don't worry, I won't ever do that!

I am so just so happy you are enjoying this fic, and that you think it is as good as JKR's writing, that comments leaves me at a loss for words really. Just thank you, thanks so much :)

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Review #14, by Alisha Whispers and Lies

10th September 2013:
This Is Really Good, Good Job!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I am so glad you like it! :)

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Review #15, by adoranymph Whispers and Lies

4th September 2013:
wow this chapter was taking a turn i didn't expect, but it makes sense all the same. with lily hanging out with severus, of course there would be a point where they might suspect that she wasn't all she seemed? first impressions aren't always correct, as usual, and at the same time they can be, which is what can make things so confusing and uncertain. :)

but i really liked that scene where lily gave him the cake that was sweet and something lily would do unreservedly. poor remus though, and even severus was contrite after remus lost it for a second. i particularly liked the line about remus feeling like he was being strangled by his own web of lies, very good imagery.

can't wait for the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Yeah, I just wanted to put a question over Lily here because we are in a way defined by who we befriend an hang out with, and if she is friends with a suspected dark wizard, she becomes guilty by association if you get me. Obviously Lily is good, and in the end what finishes her friendship with Severus is who he hangs out with and the views he has. She realises that he is no longer who she thought he was, if that makes any sense. But don't worry, Lily's integrity will never be in question in this story!

Anyway, thanks so much for reading and reviewing, I really appreciate it. I will read Moonlight soon and I'll try my best to have the next chapter up as soon as I can :)

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Review #16, by adoranymph Respect and Disrespect

4th September 2013:
Again another excellent chapter, although I just got confused at the one bit where James rescued Remus from falling out of the tree--was he already climbing up there and reached him in time that way or did I maybe miss something? I just wondered how otherwise he would've gotten up there so fast to pull him up.

Regardless, the scene where James was trying to tell Severus which tankard to pick was just as good as the bit where Severus saved them from the grindylow earlier. Very dramatic, and of course I'm glad little Pete's okay. :D

I look forward to the next chapter, and btw what's the new rule about chapter length? I was looking through the site rules and I still only found the old rule about the 500 word minimum.

Author's Response: Sorry about the discrepancy there. I just meant for James to start climbing up to help as soon as Remus fell, but now you say it, there is not enough time for James to reach Remus as quickly as he did. I think a little re-write is due in that part. I will look into that! Thanks for pointing it out.

With regard to the rule of chapter length, I never read about it anywhere, but when I went to post my chapter, they told me it was too long and could not exceed a certain amount, resulting in me having to split it, to my dismay, because I'd never been caught out like that before, and I know you've posted 10,000 word chapters and it's been fine, so I figured it was a recent change there, though they did not inform us of it...

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Review #17, by adoranymph Water Demons

4th September 2013:
So sorry I've been MIA for a while work has been insane, and I've had several other projects going. But I've finally finished my own next chapter in Moonlight and will be putting it up soon so now I finally have a chance to read more of your story. :D

That was excellent! Oh, poor Peter though. I know he'll be okay but still, he's so scared!!! But I really enjoyed the interactions between Remus, Severus, Sirius, James and Peter in these detention scenes here, so well-done.

But, it's on to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I am very excited for the next instalment of Moonlight - I will read it as soon as I get a chance. I am just super busy at the minute, have no time to do anything!

I am glad you liked this chapter, it was a split chapter, so I didn't know if it would work or not, but I am glad you thought it was okay.

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Review #18, by immy Whispers and Lies

31st August 2013:
brilliant !! when will the next one be out??

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I am glad you liked it! I will try and have it up as soon as I can, things are just a bit mad with me at the minute and I'm super busy, but it will appear soon, I promise.

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Review #19, by Brightpaw Whispers and Lies

27th August 2013:

That was fun to read. :)

I loved the cake, though I wondered about chocolate smarties... and how you introduced the war and the death eaters was neat. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm glad you thought it was good. I'm working on the next chapter as we speak, so hopefully it will be up soon. I don't want to rush it though, because I want to make sure it's the best I can do! Thanks again for reading and reviewing, much appreciated :)

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Review #20, by immy The Quiet Before All Bad Things

23rd August 2013:
oohhh mmmyyy gggooodnnneeesss I can't stop crying.

Author's Response: I'm sorry you're crying (even if that was sort of my goal with this chapter), but thanks for the review all the same, much appreciated

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Review #21, by immy The First Scar

23rd August 2013:
sso beautiful, I think I am crying.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I am glad you think this story is good! :)

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Review #22, by MissesWeasley123 Whispers and Lies

23rd August 2013:
Just like you promised :)

Oh, the feels this one gives me. It's so emotional in every way. Poor Remus. He was always my favourite Marauder, but the way you write him just makes me love him so much more.

"Fine, FINE!" Remus shouted, his voice trembling. He couldn't take it anymore, all the eyes boring down on him.
Oh goodness, that was agonizing to read, mainly because I knew it was coming, I knew he was about to break. And then there was this:

Remus voice had shaken so much it sounded like he was about to cry. He didn't like that. He wasn't allowed to cry anymore.

That was so prefect in a dark and poetic way. Also, there was a typo in that, I just noticed as I was copying that quote out: It should be Remus' or Remus's People have different preferences as writers, so I guess you can fix it accordingly, it's very minor though :)

I love how Snape just shut up, and looked ashamed. Serves him right for being nosy!

And Lily! She's just so nice :) And I also love James, Sirius, and Peter's help towards him. Peter is easily most dis likable, but you at least make it possible to see that at least in his childhood he wasn't that bad.

I also enjoyed how in the end you included that scene about the Death Eaters... It was clever and you're easily exposing the Marauders to the war outside of the safe walls.

I love you as an author, I think you're doing a fabulous job! Keep on writing, and even if you do take long I won't mind any more because at least you're producing great chapters that are fulfilling my hunger for this story.
Great chapter!

Author's Response: I there, thanks so much for always reading and reviewing, I really appreciate it and I am so sorry for the long delay as well.

I'm glad you found this chapter dark, because that was sort of what I was going for - the dark secret Remus carries and the constant fear of being found out. It's a lot for an 11 year old to handle, and I just tried to capture that in this chapter.

I am very sorry about the typo, I've fixed it. It's just so hard to spot them all, no matter how many times you read it over.

I'm glad you liked Lily and her gesture, I did too, and the help that James, Sirius and Peter gave too. I am glad you like Peter. I've read a lot of fics that has him being bad and dark, a reflection of who he was to become, but I don't think the Marauders would have accepted a friend like that. James and Sirius were very clever, and they hated the Dark Arts, so they were never going to become friends with a bad wizard, you know? So I just wanted to show him as a normal, shy kid, because in the end that will make his betrayal all the worse - I was going down the line of "it is our choices that determine who we are, far more than our abilities". That's the vein I'm taking with Peter anyway.

I'm glad you like the bit about the Death Eaters - I just want to build up the war, and the darkness outside the castle, because that will have a bearing on their decisions after school - do they apply for jobs or head into the Order?

Thanks so much, I am glad you think my writing is somewhat decent. Don't worry, I won't ever stop, I love writing this too much. I am so sorry about the delays, because I am finding it so hard to write this fic in order. I'm jumping and skipping to various different parts of the story, so while there are no new chapters up, it doesn't mean that I have stopped writing or anything, it just means I am working on other parts of the story. I aim to have the next instalment up within the fortnight, so keep an eye out.

Thanks so much for all your kind words, they really are much appreciated :)

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Review #23, by MissesWeasley123 Water Demons

19th August 2013:
Well hello there!! I hadn't noticed you'd posted new chapters! I'm glad I stopped by to check! Anyways, on with the review...

Phew! That was good! I love this story... I don't always read Marauder fics, or at least not often. This is so well written though.

Remus's characterization is flawless. JKR recently released his story on Pottermore, and I think I like your version even better than hers. You just make it seem so... believable. It's brilliant really.

I love Frank! I don't think I've said that before but I honestly do! He is, so awesome. He's everything I want him to be, and mwah! Perfect!

I really like how you manage to incorporate Severus into this.. It's beautifully woven into the story and just so out of this world. I love his "greasy" (haha) character, it's exactly like how I imagined him. Good job on that!!

Mind if I offer some CC?
I think there was one mistake: It should be " 'cause you're* not!" while you wrote "your" instead of "you're". Oh well, that was so minor and a small typo. We all make them ;)

I cannot wait to keep on reading because m'dear, you are so talented!
Nadia :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I really appreciate you sticking with me and this story (despite the long gaps between updates). I am just finding it really difficult to write this one chapter after the next. I've spent the last month writing two chapters from Remus's second year, three from his seventh year, then about 6 chapters relating to him and Tonks. It's all a bit mad. I am just afraid I am annoying readers as I am not updating often, well in honesty I am working on the story, just not in any sort of coherent chronological order. All that said, I'm nearly finished the next chapter and I will have it up on Thursday.

Thanks so much for reading the story. It really means the world that you enjoy it and think it's worthy of a review.

I have read Remus's bio on Pottermore (very VERY moving/sad). It has sort of put me in an awkward position because I am a stickler for canon, what I write must be canon, but when I started this fic I wasn't privy to all that info on Pottermore, so obviously my story is no longer canon. But what can I do? I've already written so much of it, and I love it the way it is and don't want to change it. I think I will just keep going where I am going and stick to my pre-Pottermore plan. The fact that you think my version is better than JKR's just leaves me utterly at a loss for words. No idea what to say, but thank you.

I am also glad you like Snape, I actually enjoy writing him and getting into his head and seeing what makes him tick and everything. But Remus is the one I just love to write, I love stepping inside his skin and walking around in it, it's just brilliant.

I am glad you like Frank. I do too. I just wanted to include him, and how popular he is and what a great guy he is too, because I want the world to feel a loss when what Bellatrix does to him and Alice happens. I have that all planned out, and I just wanted it to effect Remus and the other Order members, and the whole community too. You will see why when we make it that far in the story.

I love CC, I love getting it, so if you ever feel like you need to give it, please do, even CC that is unrelated to typos. Incidentally, sorry about that typo, I will fix it straight away!

Thanks so much for the review, check back Thursday evening for the next instalment. :)

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Review #24, by Voldy Needs a Hug The First Scar

13th August 2013:
Hello! It's Voldy Needs a Hug with your (very late) review.

Portraying Remus as a toddler is certainly an interesting concept, which I don't believe I've read before. You did an excellent job with Remus' characterization, allowing readers to see the world through a child's eyes. He seemed so young and innocent at the beginning of the chapter, yet he seemed to mature towards. His loss of innocence was painfully evident as he came to terms with his actions. Writing from the perspective of a young child is certainly not easy, but you managed to pull it off.

You also did a wonderful job writing the dialogue between Remus and his father. Death is one of the most challenging topics to explain to a child, but his father provided a good explanation. Remus was clearly confused during their conversation, but managed to grasp the concept later on in the chapter. He caught on fairly quickly for a three-year-old.

Creativity was evident throughout this chapter, especially because it was almost entirely written about gnomes. Most stories focus on Remus' illness, but this chapter occurred before he was bitten, making it unique and original. Poor Remus is already convinced that he is some sort of monster for killing the gnome.

This chapter flowed very nicely, transitioning smoothly from one event to the next. Even though it was on the longer side, the plot moved quickly, capturing and holding my attention for the entire chapter. I'm very curious to see what stage in Remus' life will be featured in the next chapter.

On the other hand, my one main complaint was the spelling/grammar. I understand that this chapter is written from the perspective of a three-year-old, but I found it a bit challenging to understand several sentences. I found myself rereading these sentences in an attempt to determine their meaning.

Overall, terrific job!

Author's Response: Hi there, thank you for taking my request.

I am glad you think I managed to pull Remus off as a Todder. I am sorry that you found the spelling/grammar difficult to understand. I was just trying something out, and I was trying to do something a bit different and outside the box. I wanted to not only write about the three year old, but write in the voice of a three year old.

I am glad that you saw some sort of development in Remus in this chapter - I wanted to capture a certain type of loss of innocence. The whole fic is based around Remus's experiences with death, and how death, all his life, takes things from him, things that mean a lot to him, you know?

I am happy you thought the dialogue between Remus and his father was good, and that you liked the explanation of death. I put a lot of work into getting that right, I'm just glad it seemed somewhat realistic.

I did want to explore Remus's life and when he gets bitten is a major part of that, but I just couldn't resist writing at least one chapter from BEFORE his life was changed by that event.

Thank you so much for the review, I really do appreciate you taking my request, I just hope it was worth it, despite the difficulty with the spelling and grammar (sorry about that).

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Review #25, by Brightpaw Respect and Disrespect

8th July 2013:
I was so happy to see new chapters!!! This one was as good as ever ( = awesome + amazing)! I'm not sure I followed James logic with the stinksap... I also kinda don't want Remus's friends to find out about his furry little problem yet... I'm sure it's going to be a really cool scene when they do and I kinda won't know what to look forward to then... I'm also kind of worried about his thoughts at the end of chapter 22. He needs to stay friends with Lily! Hmm it'd be kinda cool if they kind of got together (in later years) and James got mad. Crossing my fingers they'll be a new chapter when I get back from jamboree in 3 weeks!

Author's Response: Thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed it. I was a bit unsure about the latest chapters, but you have put my mind at lease a little.

With regards to James's logic, it was this game show riddle my uncle taught me. If you google it you can get a better explanation. Basically, when you choose first you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting it right. Then when the host reveals one of the incorrect choices, and asks you if you want to stick with your choice or change to the other option. You should always change because when you first chose you had a 1 in 3 chance of getting it right. Then when one of the incorrect choices is revealed you have a 50:50 chance, but when you choose the one you picked, you only had a 1 in 3 chance, so to increase the odds you should change to the other option, as the odds have changed to 50:50. I am not explaining it very well, I'm sorry!

Don't worry, Remus's friends won't find out about his furry little problem until 2nd year (as that's canon) so no need to worry yet. With regards to Lily, I've got lots planned for her and Remus. When they both become prefects things get interesting, especially when they are old enough to attend one of Slughorn's parties.

I will do my utmost to have the next chapter in 3 weeks. Enjoy your Jamboree and thanks again! :-)

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