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Review #1, by my_voice_rising You Only Live Once, so why live it perfect?

2nd October 2012:
Haha, I really like that your main character has CDO, or OCD in alphabetical order. That was very clever! Followed by "bitch off." Too funny. The cliffhanger is a good idea but it's almost too vague--we have to assume that somebody is talking to Lily and not one of her siblings. But saying something like "a cool voice" or "an excited girl's voice" would add a little more suspense :)

Some constructive criticism for you:

I'm a little confused by the sentence "If I was 18, I would at least have a flat somewhere else. or I would stay here. I AM the youngest." Maybe if you could clarify that a bit better.

Also, I don't think that Harry and Ginny would do things like drive a car or buy iPods. Harry, because he was ecstatic to leave the Dursleys and his muggle life behind, and Ginny because her family is Pureblood and her father, for example, didn't know what a rubber duck was for.

I think finding a beta reader on the HPFF forums would really help out here. :) There are a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, which may turn readers off and unfortunately cause this story to not receive much recognition.

Lastly, I feel like Harry and Ginny are more level-headed than being the type of parents to let their children wear pumps to Kings Cross or swear at the breakfast table. Not to say you should change Lily or her siblings' behavior, in fact it would be funnier to read if Harry and Ginny had more of a presence. Harry is extremely awkward at confrontational situations, in my opinion, and Ginny has a really fiery personality so I think she'd do more than just storm away.

But all in all, it was a very entertaining read. Nice work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) it means the world that you not only like it, but are trying to help me

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Review #2, by Must Be The Nargles You Only Live Once, so why live it perfect?

5th April 2012:
It's a good idea, but there are many spelling and grammatical errors, which take away from the appeal of the story.

Author's Response: sorry, I use a program that doesn't have spell check, I should be getting one soon, and then I'll edit it(: but thanks for reading!

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