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Reading Reviews for In Need of a Hero
7 Reviews Found

Review #1, by axfs27 Arguments

8th June 2014:
I really really love how you transition in the character POVs so smoothly :) the story is going well so far! Cant wait to find ouf what hermione has done. Please update!

Author's Response: Thank you! you're review means so much seriously. But i will update soon. I've been trying to catch up on Supernatural lately and my tulmbr so it'll be sometime at the end of this month or sooner.

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Review #2, by elena Home

14th August 2012:
thanks your story is great! i am really looking forward
to next chapter!:)

Author's Response: thank you elena!!!

jaz xoxo

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Review #3, by Charlotte McPherson Home

19th July 2012:
Really good chapter, and I'm thinking this is your first fan fiction? Well it's great and it's also really creative because there isn't that much dramione at first, I hope it keeps going like that, I'm kinda sick of reading all the same type of fanfictions about how Draco and Hermione fall head over heels for each other without any real reason or story and start doing all sorts of "stuff"

Author's Response: Charlotte McPherson,

Thanks! This is actually one of two fan fictions I'm in the middle of writing. My other one is also a dramione, called Uncovering Truths.

Thanks, it really means a lot to see that someone likes my stories because I don't get a lot of reviews.

There won't be much dramione for a while, because Draco currently hates everyone. :p He's really mean in this one as opposed to my other fic. But he does get nicer... eventually.

They don't really 'fall in love' till the end, and even then, not confessing it every five minutes like some of the fics I've read.

hope you continue to read and review,
jaz xoxo

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Review #4, by Charlotte McPherson Dark

19th July 2012:
Woah, that's exiting now isn't it? I'm gonna keep reading this story:) I love it

Author's Response: Charlotte McPherson,

thanks for your reviews! and for reading my story!

jaz xoxo

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Review #5, by SlytherinXPrincess9 Dark

18th July 2012:
I seriously love this story. I love how you have done the relationship between the two of them :P

keep up the good writing :)

Author's Response: SlytherinXPrincess9,

thanks! XD I'm really happy to hear that!

will do!

jaz xoxo

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Review #6, by ilove_HP7899 Dark

5th April 2012:
I love this story so far! I wonder how Draco's going to give her the schedule... or more importantly, what just happened.

Author's Response: ilove_HP7899,

thank you for reviewing :D

oh draco... we shall have to wait and see what he does. lol.

and as for what just happened.. you'll also have to wait. ;)

more coming soon,
jaz xoxo

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Review #7, by thehpyears Dark

31st March 2012:
keep writing! i'll favour it

Author's Response: thehpyear!

you're my first reviewer! :D Don't worry, chapter two is almost finished, and then I'll have to proof read, and then validate and then you can read. lol

more soon,
jaz xoxo

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